Demon Change The Earth Chapter 649

Chapter 644: Opened 1 Sample

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It is said that the times make heroes, Zhang Jing was just a small role in Ma Liang's administration.

But he is the city lord of Jiangcheng, one of the several giants in the Jiangzhou City Federation [Commonly discussed], the [Lingzhi Scholar] of Sequence 6 (Sower Path, the promotion of Sequence 7 Elixir Master).

Such a person who emerged from the grass and has passed the test of life and death, and re-lead Jiangcheng to victory and glory, is naturally not a sloppy.

He quickly calmed down and stared at Li Qingshu coldly, as if evaluating the truthfulness of his words.

Li Qingshu felt the tremendous pressure. If the Lord's examination was substantial, his cold gaze seemed to see through his inside and outside.

"What did you say to him?" Zhang Jing asked suddenly.

"I, I, I just said something well-known."

"Oh!?" Zhang Jing sat down steadily, "What do you say?"

The cold sweat on Li Qingshu's forehead, two battles, one-to-one answer, did not dare to think carefully.

When he finished the narration, Zhang Jing's eyes softened a lot, and the pressure on Li Qingshu dropped sharply.

This is a smart man!

Zhang Jing thought.

What he said to that man was the advertised version.

Yes, history is always written by victors.

The truth is naturally not as simple as what is said in this version.

"You said... he went to the unicorn group!?"

"Yes, yes, it's been two or three hours, now, I'm afraid, already..."

Zhang Jing laughed suddenly, picked up the teacup, slowly dialed the hot tea, and blew slowly, and said, "Then let him go. The words of the suffering master are better than those of a person with vested interests. Trustworthy."

Li Qingshu and his boss laughed.

Zhang Jing took a sip of tea, put down the tea cup gently, glanced at the two uncomfortable people, sighed, and said: "Most people are conspiracy theorists. Even if the truth is right in front of them, they must be overly interpreted. , Give full play to Lenovo, and believe what they are willing to believe...even if it is rumors, slander, or slander!!"

Li Qingshu and the two were stunned when they heard it, and they quickly bowed their heads.

"This is human nature, no matter how overbearing I am, I can't control what people are thinking!"

As soon as the voice fell, Li Qingshu couldn't stand the heavy pressure, and knelt on the ground with a soft knee.

His boss's complexion changed a few times, and he fell to his knees along with him.

"What are you two doing? I didn't say anything about you!"

"My lord!" Li Qingshu raised his head tremblingly, his face twitched slightly, and he was very excited when he looked at it. What could not distinguish sweat from tears dripped from his chin, "It's you, it's yours!"

This is endless, and it almost didn't scare the boss to death.

Zhang Jing squinted his eyes and waited for the following.

"At the most critical juncture, you are the one who turned the tide, and you led us from failure to victory... In this cannibalistic world, or you sheltered everyone, Jiangcheng, under your governance and leadership, has become more prosperous. The more prosperous...Everyone sees all of this. Only the wolves will ignore all this, only for their selfishness and benefit."

"Even if that person comes back, what about Jiang Cheng is not his alone, that unicorn group is in the past tense long ago, it is because they themselves failed to hold onto this foundation..."

Zhang Jing finally laughed. He stood up, helped Li Qingshu, and said mildly: "You are a sensible person. I am very relieved. People only see the scenery from high places, so how can they realize the difficulties of my position!"

"8 million people, 8 million people, a Jiangcheng has such a large population, let alone the entire alliance."

"With so many people and so many mouths open, it is not easy for them to live with dignity and security!"

"Big, my lord!!" Li Qingshu was choked with tears in his eyes.

Zhang Jing patted him on the shoulder and sighed again. He turned around and waved his hand slightly, "Those who have merits will be rewarded, and those who have done it will be punished... Go down, the City Lord's Mansion will not treat you badly, Jiang Cheng The 8 million honorary citizens will not treat you badly."

In this way, the excited Li Qingshu and the "unspoken" city guard squad leader retreated.

Zhang Jing stayed alone for a while, suddenly he smiled, and muttered: He is still an acting school, interesting.

Li Qingshu didn't leave the city lord's mansion until the afternoon, and the reward would have to wait a few days before coming down, but he didn't show any excitement, as if he was still immersed in the righteous indignation for the lord of the city.

It wasn't until returning to the tavern that the color eased.

"Will it be too late?" said the tavern owner, the captain of the city guard.

"The Lord of the City needs an attitude, and I didn't expect to fool him!" Li Qingshu said with a wry smile.

The boss sighed and looked at the sky outside the window. "It's going to be windy. How long will it be stable?"

Li Qingshu did not answer.

In fact, part of what he said in the City Lord's Mansion is true.

No matter whether it is right or wrong, no matter how much hidden and nasty the truth contains, at least it is good now, for most people.

Facts have proved that the three-chamber system is out of date, and the result of the decentralization of power will inevitably lead to serious internal friction. The vast majority of people have short-sightedness. The truth of com is always in the hands of a few people.

Mistakes are allowed without foreign enemies, peace, and order, but now they are not. The result of mistakes is danger or possible overthrow.

Nothing is more important than a stable, safe, and worry-free environment and order.

Even if it is unfair, enslaving, retrogressive, it serves to maintain the privileges of a small group of people.

In the City Lord's Mansion, Zhang Jing was busy in the underground secret room.

With a sound of "Om!", the spirituality flowing from the spiritual stone lit up the cumbersome spiritual lines.

A beam of light projected from the eyes of the dome, outlining the outline of a man in a black robe.

"What's the matter, so urgent!?"

City Lord Shuzhou, another giant of the Jiangzhou City Alliance, said at a distance of several hundred kilometers.

Zhang Jing was silent for a while before saying, "He's back."

City Lord Shuzhou: "Did you find Jing Tian and the others?"

"It's not... it's that person!!"

City Lord Shuzhou: "...He!?"

"Yes, I just confirmed it."

City Lord Shuzhou: "...Yes, it's time to come back."

"What happens next? That thing..."

City Lord Shuzhou smiled and said: "Don't worry, just tell the truth, that person is still reasonable, and we must always stand on the side of "reason"."

Zhang Jing breathed a sigh of relief and said, "I know, it's... I feel a little flustered."

"Understandably, if my life is between the joy and anger of others, it will be the same."

"Damn, did that matter? My potion was digested early, and I have been waiting for news from those bastards."

"Shaoan, don't worry, how can a miracle be so simple?"

"But what about him? I didn't know if there was no comparison before, but now I understand it, and it's just like opening up..."

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