Demon Change The Earth Chapter 650

Chapter 645: Tombstone

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To become a miracle, you must first defeat the miracle and then undergo the "miracle test" to become a member of the miracle.

Conquering miracles is naturally the process of obtaining the main materials of the potion. If this part can be passed with the help of external forces and resources, then there will be no shortcut to the "test of miracles".

After taking the potion, the first step is to overcome the consciousness of miraculous beings remaining in the potion and defeat it.

The second step needs to resist other characteristics of miraculous life, such as habits, such as cognition, etc., and finally use a long period of dormancy to complete the final transformation of life forms.

These three steps are indispensable. Among them, the first step is the most important. If you fail here, the miracle life will "resurrect" in the body of the promoted, and the promotion will naturally fail.

If you fail to step in the second step, although it will not cause promotion failure, it will make the promoted persons "temperament" drastically changed. Even the way of thinking, behavior habits and even past memories will move closer like a miraculous life. Died, because the subject of consciousness that constitutes a person has changed.

At that time, Ma Liang almost failed. Fortunately, there was a Willpower Crystal (the sun in the spirit world), which gave him extremely critical support at the most dangerous moment to get through.

It can be seen the difficulty of this "miracle test".

The promotion of sequence 8 to sequence 7 is a hurdle, but it has not exceeded the category of "human".

Sequence 6 to Sequence 5 are not in the category of "humans". Let you be astonished and stunning, let your power and resources be overwhelming, and treat them equally.

Hunting miraculous beings to obtain the main material is only the first step, and it is not difficult to pass with the help of willingness, divine grace, and sufficient resources and preparation.

What about taking potions?

You can only fight it yourself, and no external force can help, even the gods.

Of course, its too absolute to say this. Its mysterious and indescribable. There is no absolute saying. It may be ten, twenty, or hundreds of years. With the accumulation of experience, as the "monsters" follow up, this "miracle" "The Test" will also depreciate, and people will study thoroughly and formulate various cheats and secrets for customs clearance. But now it doesnt work. It is like an insurmountable moat, lying in front of all Sequence 6s, making them angry and making them Despair, make them crazy!

The original Big Three of the Salvation Army as "BUGs" have been corrected, and now no one can find them.

The only success, but also Xiao thinks that there is only one, the famous dragon transformer, the first person, the former honorary chairman of the Jiangcheng Lords House, the head of the Qilin group, and the miracle-His Excellency Ma Liang.

Under this circumstance, it would be a joke to say that Jiang Cheng had no prediction for his return.

On this day, the old Xie, who was guarding the gate of the Qilin Regiment's residence, woke up as usual, yawned, and pushed open the rusty gate.

Then the hunched old man took a simple wash and used a simple breakfast to start a day of inspection and cleaning.

There are full of dead branches and leaves, one after another decadent and uninhabited wooden and stone buildings, weeds and vegetation are interspersed, there are not many signs of activity on the periphery of this station, and all they see are loneliness and desolation. .

Old Xie slowly cleaned a path leading to the core area, and suddenly a lame gray rabbit popped out of the grass.

The gray rabbit's hind legs were stained with blood, and at a glance, it was known that it was injured in order to break free from the trap.

"These goddamn..."

Lao Xie is a soft-hearted, the small animals in the yard are his company, and he doesn't want to hurt any of them.

It's just that this area has become an expedition and playground for many bear children. Lao Xie, a widow and lonely old man, can't take care of it naturally. Such things happen from time to time.

Holding the gray rabbit hurriedly back to the house, found a bottle of medicine for treating minor injuries, treated the wound carefully, and then carefully bandaged it.

"Be careful next time, do you hear?"

He urged the rabbit very seriously, as if it could understand it.

Speaking of Lao Xie, this person is also pitiful.

The son, daughter-in-law, and grandson all died during the battle in the city, and the home that they depended on for survival was also scattered. The rest of them walked away and fled, leaving him alone, guarding this yard that no one cares about. Every day can only be company with these ignorant animals.

At the beginning, Lao Xie had also been generous.

At that time, his son was an expert in the preparation of Sequence 8, and his daughter-in-law was a cultivator of Sequence 8, and his family were all masters. Even in this yard, they were respected.

Don't talk about Muggles, even the family members of other sequencers, and even many sequencers, treat his old man with respect.

How many people point to his son and daughter-in-law living a life, they all have shares in the entire Qilin group.

Doom comes from the moment the real person leaves...

Old Xie was in a daze again. After a while, he wiped the tears from the corners of his eyes, sighed, and went out to continue cleaning.

"Those goddamn..."

While cleaning, he murmured so resentfully.

"Old man, may I ask..."

Lao Xie paused for a while, before the voice behind him finished speaking, he interrupted impatiently: "There are no treasures here, and there are no treasures of heaven and earth. It's just a waste garden. If you don't believe me, go and see it by yourself. Bother me!"

"Old man, I don't look for treasure, I'm looking for someone."

"Who are you looking for? There are no people here, only ghosts."


"When people die, don't they become ghosts?"

"Are they all dead?"

"It's not dead, it's better than a ghost... I said..." Lao Xie turned around impatiently, and stopped as soon as he saw the person's face~wuxiaworld.online~Old man, you know me! ? "

"Ho, ho...", the old man looked like he was about to die if he couldn't lift up in one breath. The visitor was startled, and quickly stepped forward, grabbing his arm and supporting him.

"Really, true, true...", the old man's trembling fingers and trembling lips looked at the person's face with difficulty, and the muddy tears opened the gate, "really, real person!!"

Ma Liang didn't know that after he left, Zhu Min and the others crowned himself with such a title.

He looked at the old man like a candle in the violent wind, which could be extinguished at any time because of excitement, and he had to comfort him with kind words.

Entangled for a while.

"Real person, real person, wow...", the old man was relieved from the huge shock and excitement, first knelt down desperately, and then cried loudly.

"The sky has eyes, the real person is fine, the real person is back, it's back!"

Ma Liang frowned, and when the old man was about to crawl over and hug his feet, he took a step back.

Who knows, the old man began to kiss the dirt he had stepped on.


"Real people, you want to avenge us, and none of those gods can let go... kill, kill, kill clean..."

"Real people, so miserable, we are so miserable, we are all dead, all dead, dead..."

This person can't communicate normally at all.

He was completely immersed in an abnormal state, venting his bitter resentment wantonly.

Ma Liang simply waved his hand to make him faint, and stopped the harsh screaming and howling.

He looked around, and he could hardly recognize that this was the place where there was once a busy, bustling and noisy place.

"No one!?"

After silently sending a spell, Ma Liang sent his voice out.

Half an hour later, he walked into a cemetery, looked at a black and white photo on a tombstone, and was silent.

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