Devils Son-in-Law Chapter 536

Chapter 539 Eve

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Chapter 539: Eve

The Dark Moon. The purple moonlight above Town Dico was obscured by the clouds. The thick haze in the sky was like the gloomy expression of someone in the army tent below.

Tomorrow was the date of the decisive battle, but the capital coalition army commander, the Fallen Angel Empire’s Regent Obsidian. Lucifer had a sombre expression. It was not because of the tension, but because of the great changes that had occurred in the past few days.

It meant that the opponent had inflicted consecutive setbacks to him before the battle had even started.

Firstly, 2 days ago, a staggering news hit the Royal Highness Obsidian who was confident to conquer the Dark Moon.

The capital of the Fallen Angel Capital was conquered by the joint army of the Warlock Fortress and the White Feather Estate led by the First General George. Wales!

The elder families and the remaining royal families surrendered! The second general, Doren. Rus, was killed, and the Red Devil Legion was wiped out! All confidant families were uprooted!

In an instant, Obsidian almost thought that there was a problem with his ability to judge. After confirming it over and over again, the intel in his hand was burned to ashes by the uncontrollable [Dark Flame] .

George! Sicali! The elder families! The guarding royal families! Obsidian gritted his teeth and cursed the name of every traitors. The entire command center almost turned into powder by the raging power.

Compared with General George, who had always been on the opponent’s side, Obsidian hated the shameless villain Sicali of the White Feather Estate more. On the surface, he pleased the capital and used tricks against the Warlock Fortress, but he secretly surrendered to General George and colluded to conquer the capital. Those royal families and elder families who stayed in the capital actually united with outsiders to give him the most deadly backstab!

No matter how rich and threatening the Dark Moon is, it is only an estate, but the capital is the most important foundation of the entire empire!

However, it is already difficult to stop halfway in the current situation. Whether I stand still or withdraw the army quickly to reconquer the capital, I will be attacked by both the Dark Moon and the capital. The only way to do this is to destroy the Dark Moon as quickly as possible, then rush back to give the rebels in the capital a thunderous blow.

When news of the fall of the capital came, only Obsidian, Josh, and a handful of lords and generals knew about it. Josh immediately offered to seal the news before the decisive battle so as not to affect the military morale.

Josh’s reaction and loyalty made Obsidian a little relieved. This suggestion was just what he wanted. He immediately ordered Josh to personally lead a team to monitor and inspect each estate in order to prevent the spies from spreading rumors.

The distance between the capital and Town Dico was quite far. The channels that the intel passed through were all through the exclusive communication towers which weren’t accessible to the ordinary people. Under the various means of containing the information, the soldiers in the dark did not know that the capital had been conquered. They were still gearing up for the arrival of the decisive battle.

However, just before the heart of Royal Highness Regent was completely relieved, he received another slap in the face- Just this afternoon, the news that the capital was conquered by the rebels suddenly spread quickly throughout the coalition army!

What a jinx! Tomorrow is the decisive battle, and something went wrong at this crucial time. There is no time for buffering or comforting!

Obsidian became furious and kicked Josh, who was in charge of monitoring, to the ground. He condemned Josh for negligence and severely punished him with the military law.

Josh quickly explained that for the past 2 days, he had been leading the inspection team to personally inspect the barrack. He placed spies in every barrack, but he had not noticed any commotion beforehand. According to the inspection, this afternoon’s news spread from 2 sources, namely General Amsty of the Dark Incubus Cavalry Legion and the elder family’s Demon Overlord, Lagraross. These 2 people were precisely those who were present when the Obsidian burned the intel.

Josh then deliberately explained that there was no conclusive evidence that the information leak was at the instigation of Amsty and Lagraross. It was probably a trick of the enemy.

Obsidian was a suspicious person. After the capital was conquered, he became suspicious of all the people around him. He was most afraid that the elder families and royal families in the coalition army betrayed him like those in the capital. The news leak incident now was like a fuse which ignited Obsidian’s repressed rage. He ignored everyone’s plea, and he directly captured Amsty and Lagraross and beheaded them in public.

Killing the general before the decisive battle was quite unfavorable, but in this sensitive and extraordinary period, Obsidian had made up his mind to never to go without accepting the shoddy option- The truth of the capital being conquered can no longer be covered. The morale is severely dampened. Ordinary methods won’t work now. Only the fastest and most effective bloody means can be used to calm the people and the military morale. From this point of view, these 2 people are punishment examples to warn the others. Whether they are innocent or not, they must die.

The executions of Amsty and Lagraross caused quite a stir. Obsidian hurriedly made promises of unrestrained looting to all soldiers after defeating the Dark Moon, and he barely stabilized the situation.

Obsidian knew in his heart that this kind of stability was only on the surface. Only a big victory could really stabilize the military’s morale. In any case, I must win the battle tomorrow. I must defeat the Dark Moon Army. Otherwise, if this delays, once George leads the army to the south, the coalition army will be in danger of being attacked by the enemy.

On the other hand, there was still no news about Gerant who ambushed the western part of the Dark Moon. Sometimes, no news was also a kind of news. By now, Obsidian was prepared for the worst. However, even if Gerant’s entire army was annihilated, it could also indicate that there was a considerable part of the defense force at the west of the Dark Moon. Then the Dark Moon Army at Town Dico should be lacking, so there was a higher chance of winning in the decisive battle tomorrow.

Royal Highness Regent might not even realize it. Since when did he have to calculate carefully for the initially sure-win war?

In Town Leith at the south of Town Dico, Shea stood quietly alone in front of the hanging military map in the central military tent of the Dark Moon Army. Her mind was unsettling. At this time, studying strategies and tactics were superfluous. Everything would depend on the battle tomorrow.

The news of General George’s conquest of the capital had already spread in the Dark Moon Army. The soldiers were all high-spirited. As Shea said in the mobilization meeting before the decisive battle during the day, the battle tomorrow would regain the glory of the Red Blood Flame Flag and rewrite the history of the Fallen Angel Empire.

In addition to the good news of the capital, good news came from the west. Athena successfully disintegrated the ambush of the third general of the empire, Gerant, at the Walan Fortress. Gerant himself was captured alive, and 2,000 Saber-toothed Tiger Legion soldiers were imprisoned. The favorable factors that could be used currently had basically all played a role. The key was the battle tomorrow.

If Obsidian could be defeated in this battle, then her father’s dream for many years, which was the heavy mission that she had been carrying would all be realized; if it was a defeat, not only would the army be destroyed and the vitality would be greatly injured, but the capital and the observing forces in various places might also rise, and the previous plan would all be destroyed. The Dark Moon would also fall into desperation under the tighter pressure. Whether for her, for Obsidian, or for the Fallen Angel Empire, it was a real decisive battle.

This battle was long awaited by her father, the former Crown Prince Grimm. Lucifer of the Empire. After she took over as the lord, the Dark Moon had been in the difficult stage of being sanctioned and suppressed by the Obsidian, but she still did not give up this faith.

She had imagined this battle countless times, but when the extravagant hope miraculously became a reality now, there was a surreal feeling in her heart. It is all because of that man, that miracle creator.

Without that man, the Dark Moon would never have achieved what it is today, perhaps I would still be the struggling princess. Without the Dark Moon, with that man’s extraordinary ability, he could also create dazzling glory in other places.

All the past appeared in front of her eyes like a picture scroll. Shea’s turbulent emotions gradually calmed down. Only the faint warmth lingered in her heart, showing an unprecedented tranquility.

It was different from the excitement when Isabella deliberately stimulated her fighting spirit previously. This was a kind of true tranquility.

There is no turning back. No matter the outcome of the battle of tomorrow, I will not regret it. It was like when the man rushed to the Red Spirit Estate’s 100,000 army while shouting “For Princess Royal”; it was like when a “foolish woman” opened up to him for the first time in a secret room.

I miss you very much.

I just miss you so much.

Shea closed her eyes gently.

At this time, in the north of Dark Moon City, a black horse crossed Town Jumo in the dark and hurried in the direction of Town Leith.

The speed of the black horse was extremely astonishing, even surpassing the speed of demonic beasts flying in the air. There was a black figure on the back of the horse who seemed to be asleep. This black horse was extremely mystical. Although it was fast, it was much more stable than a normal mount. No matter how steep the terrain was, it just made the master behind it shake gently and would not fall down the horse.

This person was Chen Rui and the little black horse. After Chen Rui settled the matters in the capital, he learned that the Dark Moon and the coalition army had set a decisive battle. As both of his star points of the [Star Gate] were set in the capital when he stole the Sword of Fallen Angel, he could not rush back to the Dark Moon, but he still had a shortcut, which was the Rainbow Valley on the outskirts of the capital.

Chen Rui was now a veritable male master of the Rainbow Valley. With his eyes closed, he could enter the valley and avoid those magic circles. At this time, Zola was no longer in the Rainbow Valley. Obviously, she went to Town Leith to participate in the decisive battle. Chen Rui used the space passage of the Rainbow Valley to quickly return to the flower garden of his Dark Moon residence.

At this time, the wyverns and flying demonic beasts of Dark Moon City were basically all shifted to the front line. Fortunately, Chen Rui also had a little black horse that had been raised in his yard. Although the ground route had a lot more detours than the air route, the speed of the little black horse should be able to make up for this shortcoming as much as possible.

Chen Rui was not falling asleep on the horseback because of fatigue. Instead, he had entered the training ground of the Super System. It was not safe to enter the training ground in this state, but the time was running out. He could only make use of every minute and every second.

For a long time, in Chen Rui’s cognition, the Super System was just similar to a smart computer. This “computer” could be upgraded and its functions could be realized, and he was just a user with such unique benefits. Alkaid state, Mizar state… until the current Phecda state. As the level increases, more functions had been developed.

After experiencing the “inheritance” of the ancient alchemy civilization under the impact of Demi-God-level soul power, he had a new perception of the Super System which had nothing to do with the “functions”, but the Super System itself.

From the chaotic space to the sun to the formation of the solar system, the whole process was the evolution of a universe, especially the animals, plants, and humans on the planet. It felt like a living existence, not digital virtual beings.

In other words, the Super System was a life. A living entity that was constantly evolving and nurturing.

What is life? Is it just a meaning of “existence” in the universe?

This is a big topic, and it is also a topic without a standard answer.

In the universe, the moment of life creation means the beginning of death. Whether it was dragons that could live for tens of thousands of years and hundreds of thousands of years, or the corpse necromancer who was known as the immortal, and even the legendary gods, in the face of the vast universal truth, they were nothing more than moments of beauty after all. Any immortal life had a moment of decay, including the universe itself.

Chen Rui didn’t think too much about such matters in a broad sense. As a human, he thought about life in a simple sense, such as himself. Human life could be continued from generation to generation through bloodline. Even if it couldn’t be continued, it would turn into the soil or dust of the earth after death, which would then give birth to plants that existed as a new life. Life and death, destruction and creation, cycled continuously. This was the essence of life and the ultimate truth of the universe.

To live is to exist. One has always been existing before it perished.

Existence is the reason and meaning.

Don’t give up on life easily, don’t give up your own possession easily, cherish everything that exists. These were the meanings of life as he understood.

With this conceptual change, Chen Rui seemed to have found a breakthrough in a certain bottleneck and entered a deeper state that saw beyond the surface. For example, he could truly appreciate the principles and mysteries contained in the same celestial trajectory instead of seeing it as the “boot screen” or “programs and formulas”.

When Chen Rui used the meaning of life that he understood to perceive and contact the life entity of the Super System, incompatible conflicts and subtle fusions occurred. In this contradiction and fusion process, a trace of realization, that was previously untouchable, was deepening, and the degree of compatibility with the Super System was also slightly increasing.

A day in the training ground was equivalent to 100 days. As time went by, the Phecda Experience Value in the status bar which had always been stationery started to increase at an alarming speed, but Chen Rui didn’t know this. He had forgotten time and himself, completely immersing in the mysterious realm of this fusion.

Not only that, in a long bag wrapped in black cloth behind Chen Rui, a sword that could not be stored in a storage warehouse was also rapidly changing with an unknown light under the analysis of a certain skill.

As the little black horse ran like the wind, the first light of the day gradually became brighter under the mist.

😵what a philosophy lesson I have taken. I think therefore I am🤔? Can Chen Rui decipher the seal on the sword in time?

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