Devils Son-in-Law Chapter 538

Chapter 541 Undead Aerial Legion

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Chapter 541: Undead Aerial Legion

Facing the terrifying undead cavalry legion, the capital’s remaining light infantry in front was almost completely defeated under this round of impact. Commander Suda transformed into his combat form. The scythe in his hand drew a red light, and the nearby undead cavalry and skeleton war horses were slashed into several pieces. However, the undead were not living creatures. The broken half of the body still had lethality. An undead cavalry on the ground slashed Suda in the ankle.

Suda let out a muffled sound and smashed the cavalry’s head. The flames on his body burned more fiercely. The scythe slashed several half-moon-shaped light waves around in the air, and the nearby cavalry was slashed down by these flying light waves.

A terror knight appeared in front of the light waves, and the light waves were canceled with an unknown method. The terror knight urged the armored phantom warhorse to charge toward Suda.

In the blink of an eye, both sides had passed by each other. The phantom warhorse was turned around while the head of the terrorist knight suddenly fell with the helmet. Suda, who was still standing, suddenly had a severe wound pierced by a spear. Black blood was constantly flowing out.

Unfortunately, this was not a mutual death. When the terror knight stretched out its hand, the helmet on the ground flew back to its hand. After putting it on its head again, 2 red lights appeared in the center. Suda seemed to be in disbelief when he saw this scene. He finally fell to the ground.

The heavy infantry of Boulderstone Legion was also in danger. Facing the sharp spear formation with huge lethality, if it was Nesta’s Magic Shadow Legion, the direct charge with the largest casualties would not be used under normal circumstances. Instead, he would use methods like divided flank attack or riding and shooting.

However, the Boulderstone Legion faced the undead cavalry who were fearless and rushed directly into the dense spears. Not surprisingly, the cavalries hung on the spear. On the surface, it seemed that the tactical restraint was successful, but in fact it was not the case. Those cavalries including the skeleton war horses were all undead. They would not be dead because of this “injury.” What was even more terrifying was when tens, dozens, and hundreds of cavalries with the terrifying acceleration continued to charge into the spear formation one after another. Even the tailormade long spears and the well-trained soldiers couldn’t resist the powerful impact.

The spear formation just persisted for a while before it collapsed, and the heavy infantry behind was even more unable to stop the cavalry’s charge. At the same time, the heavy ballistae still indiscriminately fired the huge arrows that would burst. For the undead, the most powerful bursting arrows and poisonous mist had no effect at all; not to mention the arrows shot by the archers.

“Resist! Regroup the formation!” Longbottom ordered loudly, but it was difficult to prevent the defeat of the Boulderstone Legion. The formation was smashed by the cavalry, and the lives of many soldiers were relentlessly harvested. Once the infantry were unable to regroup into an effective offensive and defensive formation, they couldn’t resist the cavalry at all, needless to say the indestructible undead.

More than 30,000 soldiers of the capital coalition army were killed, and the Dark Moon only lost some undead cavalries. The army in this unit had no casualty at all. Of course, this was also related to the characteristics of the undead itself. Normally, the undead would attack everyone except the same kind, so it was not suitable for mixed combat with the other types of soldiers.

At this time, the wyverns’ howling came from the sky behind. The capital’s air reinforcements finally arrived. At the same time, the cavalry legion Dark Incubus Cavalry Legion and First Coalition Legion mixed with infantry on the ground also began to dispatch.

On the Dark Moon’s side, the ballistae were still launching its “poisonous tongue”. The Dark Moon quickly reacted to the movement of the capital army. Large groups of skeleton soldiers appeared behind the cavalry. At the same time, the cloud-like aerial legion rose from the middle of the Dark Moon Army to face the capital’s Dragon Rider Legion led by Salgar.

“What is that?”

“Dear Demon God!”

“Am I seeing it wrongly? Undead aerial legion!”

What appeared above the Dark Moon Army was not the Wyvern Legion, but the skeletons of a large group of flying demonic beasts. These flying demonic beasts consist of griffins, wyverns, and manticores. Their common characteristic was the wing membrane was formed by the special condensed matter which enabled them to fly freely in the air. The riders on their back were phantoms. The most eye-catching one was the “giant dragon” at the front which was made up entirely of skeletons.

This seemed to be the real skeleton of a giant dragon, and the gleaming bones were wrapped in a strange luster. In the 2 hollow eye sockets, a faint red light flashed, and the demeanor exuded from its body made the wyvern on the opposite side hissed in panic. They did not dare to come close. In contrast, the undead aerial legion, who were completely immune to fear and charming skill, were unaffected at all.

Dragon demeanor! Although it was not comparable to the real giant dragon, it was indeed the unique innate breath of the giant dragon race! This is the first time I see this kind of terrifying undead! Salgar was secretly horrified. He took the lead to face this terrifying skeleton dragon. The wyverns also barely suppressed the fear under the control of their riders to fight with the undead aerial legion. The capital’s Dragon Rider Legion all consisted of wyvern. In comparison, the undead aerial legion’s combat power was much inferior, but their number was 4 to 5 times that of the Dragon Rider Legion. Together with those phantoms that could also fly in the air, they suppressed the Dragon Rider Legion firmly with an absolute number advantage.

If the Flying Cloud Legion was here, this situation would definitely be reversed. However, they had no news of the Flying Cloud Legion since the ambush on Town Dico. No members including the leader, Rometty, fled back. Probably the entire army was wiped out. The Dragon Rider Legion suffered a heavy setback in the battle of the Moonlight Fortress, and now it was even more powerless. The bones of the wyverns and demonic beasts were constantly falling from the sky.

Salgar controlled the Wyvern King to approach the skeleton dragon. After learning from the previous battle with the black dragon, Salgar was more careful. After his magic power locked on the target, he shot a series of tentative [Continuous Fireballs]. The skeleton dragon didn’t avoid it, and it let the fireball hit its body. It only slightly shook, and the fireballs turned into sparks and disappeared.

This skeleton dragon was named “spirit dragon”. The raw materials were provided to Guradam by Chen Rui. The source was the complete dragon bones that Dodo used when posing as a ghost dragon in the black rainforest. Guradam received the dragon bones like he obtained some treasures. He finally succeeded in creating the most powerful undead in the history of the Demon Realm with the inspiration from Chen Rui. Although there were still some shortcomings, it was enough to be called the greatest masterpiece in Guradam’s life.

These dragon bones belonged to a red dragon at the peak stage of the Demon Overlord. After it was made into a skeleton dragon, its strength dropped by a small level. Although it lost the talent for controlling flames and was converted into an undead attribute, the bones still retained a considerable degree of defense against fire magic and even immune to fire magic. Although Salgar was an early stage of the Demon Overlord powerhouse who specialized in magic and martial arts, he couldn’t hurt the spirit dragon if he used the fire magic alone.

Salgar rode the mutated Wyvern King around in a circle, maintaining an effective distance from the skeleton dragon. Although he didn’t know the fire-immune attributes of these dragon bones, he had already judged that the strength of this undead skeleton dragon was quite terrifying. He immediately shifted his target to the terror knight on the back of the skeleton dragon.

He chanted a long spell. With Salgar’s strength, the magic that needed to chant must be quite powerful. The skeleton dragon that was attacked just now set Salgar as its enemy, so it fluttered its wings and pounced toward him without giving him any more time.

Although Salgar’s mount was a mutated Wyvern King, its speed and strength were inferior to that of the skeleton dragon. If it was not experienced in battles, it couldn’t stand the ferocious dragon breath alone. Nevertheless, the Wyvern King’s reaction was extremely fast. It glided sideways to dodge the incoming pounce. After circling back, it sprayed a highly poisonous liquid at the skeleton dragon. If it was Paglio’s breath, perhaps it could cause severe damage to the spirit dragon, but the poison of Wyvern King was not a threat at all. Salgar’s chant was finally completed. Several purple thunders appeared out of thin air and struck toward the skeleton dragon. This powerful thunder seemed to be ordinary, but it was composed of repeated compressions of magic and chant. The power that burst out was 10 times more than the ordinary [Thunderstrike]. In an instant, the huge body of the skeleton dragon was wrapped in purple electric sparks.

However, Salgar soon discovered that something was wrong.There seemed to be an intangible circular force field around the skeleton dragon. The power of the powerful [Thunderstrike] was repelled out of this force field. The center of the force field was the terror knight’s hand. That force field gradually moved upward and turned into a huge hand, holding the purple thunder. When the huge palm squeezed, the powerful thunder disappeared into thin air.

Salgar’s face changed drastically, not only because he felt that the terror knight was not inferior to the powerful strength of the skeleton dragon, but also because the trick to crack his magic was so familiar that he couldn’t help but blurt out, “Sir Pegasus!”

Pegasus. Lucifer, the famous royal powerhouse. The intermediate stage of the Demon Overlord who can kill the enemies of the peak stage of the Demon Overlord, but unfortunately he disappeared in the ambush on the Town Dico. His whereabouts were still unknown. I didn’t expect…

Salgar couldn’t connect the royal genius with the undead knight in front of him. While he was in horror, the terror knight’s giant palm that squeezed the thunder launched toward him. Before Salgar could react, the Wyvern King under him already felt the danger instinctively, it spread its wings and dived down. But unfortunately, it was still a step slower. Its left wing was shattered by the giant palm, so it could no longer maintain its balance and plummeted. Salgar teleported and floated mid-air. When he was about to cast magic to help his mount, the giant palm on the opposite side arrived again.

Salgar was forced to block, and his whole person was knocked away. The mutated Wyvern King with its broken left wing struggled to flap its wing, but it kept plummeting. It was hit by the skeleton wyvern flying from the back and fell into the undead army on the ground. Although Wyvern King still took down a lot of skeleton soldiers with its severe injuries, it was quickly swarmed in a sea of ​​undead.

“Leru!” Salgar yelled with sorrow. This mount had been with him for 100 years. It had a tacit understanding and a deep relationship with him. He didn’t expect it to die in the hands of the undead today, but he had no time to grieve because the skeleton dragon had flown over and launched a fierce attack.

The Dark Moon only dispatches the undead army so far, and the capital army is still defeated. Does Obsidian still have more elite soldiers to dispatch or secret weapons to use?

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