Devouring Phoenix Technique Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Divine grade Technique

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Chapter 11

After merging together, the heavenly rune returned to the seal which in turn returned back to Ron's soul.

As soon as the seal returned to the initial position around his soul, he was enlightened whereas the talisman dimmed and was reduced to ashes.

As Ron was meditating, a cultivation technique appeared in his mind as if it was especially custom-made for him and only he could cultivate it.

After a few hours, he opened his eyes. He looked at the snoring Grandpa Phoenix who slept near him.

The edge of his mouth curled and then called out to Phoenix.

"Grandpa, Can you guess what I obtained from the Heavenly rune within the seal?"

Phoenix grumbled "How would I know? Stop keeping the suspense and quickly tell me."

Ron smiled "I think the Heavenly rune within the seal absorbed your symbols of Devouring Laws and turned it into a cultivation technique for me to cultivate."

"I have a feeling that only I can cultivate this new technique because the heavenly rune is within the seal on my soul and the rune is a must to cultivate the technique."

Phoenix was thrilled about it and asked "Explain the technique."

Ron narrated the technique method and other enlightened thoughts to Grandpa Phoenix.

Phoenix stroked his beard and remarked with a laugh "Yes... It is somewhat similar to what I cultivated using devouring laws."


"Kiddo, you have a heaven defying luck. Now you can cultivate the strongest technique of Devouring which I cultivated in my past. Let me be the one to give a name for your technique."

Ron nodded happily with expectation in his eyes "Sure".

Phoenix pondered "How about Heaven defying strongest Phoenix technique?"

" No...."

Again Phoenix started thinking "Super Almighty Phoenix destruction technique?"

Ron smacked his forehead "No.... stop. I think 'Devouring Phoenix Technique' is better. It is simple and fascinating".

Phoenix rolled his eyes and murmured "Boring".

" 'Devouring Phoenix Technique' is the technique that was created using my very own bloodline Sacred symbols and your Heavenly rune. Thus it can help you cultivate by devouring anything available in this Heaven and Earth directly."

" From the strength of your Heavenly rune and Devouring law symbols of my bloodline, I am sure that it would exhibit the strength beyond that of peak Celestial grade technique."

"Haahhaaaahaa..... It might be a Divine grade technique, a new grade way above the Celestial grade technique and thus it might be the one and only Divine grade technique in the Celestial universe."

Ron was dumbfounded upon hearing this. It was the strongest technique that can devour anything and turn it into one's own strength.

Phoenix knocked Ron's head causing him to snap back to reality. He looked at Phoenix who was now walking around.

" Kiddo, this pearl artifact is very special. It has three dimensions in it which have different purposes and this place where we stand is the first dimension. The purpose of the first dimension is to act as a Storage dimension with unlimited space in it."

"The second dimension is a Comprehension space where it is easier to obtain sudden insight or comprehend Heavenly Laws, fighting techniques and movement techniques."

"The third dimension contains a real Vital world where you can grow medicinal herbs, plants, trees, beasts, aquatic life and other living beings."

"You can also place a living human being in the vital world but the strength of such a person can be sealed by the laws of the pearl which is under your control."

"But the third dimension is a little bit different from other dimensions. The third dimension has varying Temporal Laws, that is, the time within the dimension runs different to that of time outside the pearl."

Ron was deeply pondering.

Phoenix gently said, "There are three regions in the Third dimension each with a different time change with respect to the time outside the pearl."

"In the first region of the vital world, the time ratio is 3:1, that is, three hours in the first region is only one hour outside and practising for three days in the first region makes only one day to pass outside."

"In the second region, practising for a month causes one day to pass outside whereas in the third region, the time change is one year within the region and one day to pass outside".

Ron was stunned after he heard these words from Phoenix and he started to imagine his possible superfast cultivation due to these temporal laws.

He murmured to himself and grinned evilly "By using the third room, I can cultivate so fast that no one can even compete with me. Holy shit... one year inside is one day outside. Hehe.... let's see who can take away the tag of once in a millennium demon level genius from me".

Phoenix could imagine what Ron was thinking by looking at the evil grin on his face.

He sneered " Kiddo, don't count your chickens before they hatch. Let me tell you something which may jolt you; you can access first and second dimensions completely but can only access the first region of the third dimension with your present strength."

" You need to reach higher cultivation stages to access other regions of the third dimension. The second region of the third dimension can only be accessed with the cultivation of Saint realm whereas the third region needs cultivation higher than Emperor realm which is way out of your league for now."

Ron felt as if someone poured a bucket of cold water on his head. He shook his head and smiled bitterly.

" Kiddo, you may not be able to cultivate in the third region of the time dimension but I have a big surprise for you. Consider this as my first ceremony(wedding) gift from me."

A ceremony gift is usually mentioned for the wedding gift.

Ron's face darkened " Wedding gift?????? Holy sh*t, What the hell. What am I, a bride? Master, I think you need to wake up. I know you are a pervert geezer but you don't have to prove it to me always. At least you need to know the difference between a woman and a man"

Ron moved a little away from the Phoenix and tried covering his body with his hands as if protecting himself from a pervert's lecherous gaze.

These words and Ron's action made Phoenix embarrassed.

He said "It was slip of tongue.... I really didn't mean it. How can an esteemed expert like me be a pervert? It is all a misunderstanding."

"For you, I can even take the heavenly oath that I am not a pervert... oops.... wait... I can't. I did take a peek at celestial maidens of celestial moon palace taking bath but other than that, I never did such things."

"I am a dignified expert, maybe I was under the influence of some pill or may be under the illusion and did such disgusting things. Yes, that is the truth." Phoenix blabbered.

Ron gazed at phoenix sharply with a serious look.

On seeing this, Phoenix suddenly blurted out "Yes I remember that when I was a child, I once tried to add an aphrodisiac pill into a beautiful woman's drinks during a gathering, but was caught and later beaten up badly. Trust me, only these two times.... nothing else... I am decent."

" It was really a slip of tongue, I meant to say Disciple accepting Ceremony gift and not the other one." Phoenix felt awkward.

Phoenix finally felt better when he saw Ron nodding and then he lifted his hand and waved. Many white spheres of light of different sizes started gathering before them.

" Hehe, kiddo, these are the soul fragments of the Supreme cultivators of Godhood realms whom I devoured. They contain memories of their skills and techniques they used to practice."

" Some fragments contain their alchemy skills while some contain weapon forging skills whereas others contain array mastery, fighting and movement techniques etc. These will help you in developing your secondary occupations and martial skills and would be useful in your martial way."

"There were Godheads containing the comprehensions on supreme laws but I used them for myself" Replied Phoenix.

Ron's eyes were on the nearby large glowing sphere fragment. Before Phoenix could warn him, he raised his hand to touch it.

Suddenly he felt a soul wrenching pain in his head. He fell and started twirling and rolling due to the immense pain.

Phoenix was stunned. He could do nothing other than wait because the big memory fragment entered Ron's consciousness upon his touch.

Ron continued to agonize in pain. He bottled up his emotions and began to persist. He slowly started adjusting to it by not making any noise but instead clenching his teeth.

As a mercenary assassin in his past life, he had suffered tortures.

After a long time, the pain calmed down and Ron slowly opened his lusterless eyes. One could feel how much torment he suffered just by looking into his eyes.

Ron calmed himself.

" Kiddo, you really are lucky to survive this. Why do you have to be so eager to touch it? Your soul strength is too weak to absorb such large soul fragments."

"You are too greedy. You should be trying the smaller ones instead of such big ones. As your soul strength progresses, you can try them." Phoenix lamented with a sigh.

Ron shrugged his shoulders and nodded gratefully.

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