Devouring Phoenix Technique Chapter 12

Chapter 12: A perverted Geezer

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Chapter 12

Phoenix composed himself and asked "Anyway, tell me what you obtain from the fragment. Since it is such a big one, it must be extremely good. That particular Memory fragment that you absorbed must have belonged to a supreme expert."

Ron smiled at him and nodded " It is the alchemy experiences and medical skill of a person named Bran Jaques"

Phoenix furrowed his brows and cursed " Kiddo, that brat Bran, still wet behind his ears once sneaked into my dwelling with his little bit of God King cultivation to obtain one of my fallen phoenix feathers so as to concoct some heaven defying pill."

" I was so angry at him that I ate him in a single gulp. But his body in my stomach caused me diarrhoea. How dare he sneak in and cause me to suffer from diarrhoea.... Ufff.... Ufff..... Do you know how much pain I had to suffer from diarrhoea?"

" I hate him so much that if I find someone with his appearance, I would make him do a naked dance in front of millions of people and then beat him up but I won't eat him because I don't want to have a stomach ache again."

Ron was completely dumbfounded and was speechless. He did not know how to react to it.

It took some time for him to calm down.

With a detestable look, Ron asked " You just ate a man just because he sneaked in to pick a fallen feather and you are angry at him for causing you diarrhoea whom you ate willingly."

On hearing this, Phoenix blurted out spontaneously without thinking carefully " No.. No... he saw me kissing the painting of the Mystic Celestial goddess which made me angry."

Instantly, Phoenix trembled after speaking those words and his mouth twitched. He felt like smacking his forehead.

Ron wanted to bang his head on the wall.

He was ashamed " Geezer, I think I need to go and cultivate."

Ron recalled his consciousness without waiting for a reply.

Within the pearl, Phoenix snapped loudly " Hey, how can you call me Geezer. Pay more respect, kiddo. By the way, your soul strength must have improved after absorbing that soul fragment."

Ron's room.....

The Sun dusked in the sky and the shadows got long and hard.

Ron moved out of the room after hearing some noise. He saw Tara walking around the hall nervously.

Tara heard a sound behind her. She turned her head and saw Ron smiling at her. A smile arose on her face.

She said "Master, I was worried about you. I saw you cultivating in your room, so I restrained myself from disturbing you."

"Master, what happened to you? How can you cultivate without attending Martial spirit testing ceremony."

Ron uttered, " I don't know how but somehow, my body started to respond to the spiritual energy and now I could cultivate."

Tara was very happy and jumped into Ron's embrace and she melted in his warm and comforting embrace.

"I always knew that my Young master is a Genius."

"Young master, The Martial spirit testing ceremony begins in a few days."

Ron accompanied her for some time, had dinner and then returned to his room to try out his new cultivation technique, The 'Devouring Phoenix Technique'.

He sat in the meditative position and started running the Devouring Phoenix technique. Soon, the spiritual energy of heaven and Earth started flowing towards Ron and entered his body.

He moved it along the prescribed energy channels and finally after purification, it entered his energy field centre or simply called dantian in the abdominal area.

Ron could feel his dantian slowly filling up. When it gets fully filled is the moment when he will have a breakthrough and his dantian will expand.

His cultivation was progressing rapidly due to the large amount of spiritual energy entering his body.

If it was someone else using the Devouring phoenix technique and absorbing this much energy, the body of that person would swell and would be blasted.

The reason Ron could use this technique without his body swelling up while absorbing so much spiritual energy is because of the Meridian opening pill which opened all the primary meridians in his body.

The pill also helped him in expanding the energy paths in his body.

Ron opened his eyes and pondered "I should use the first region of time dimension for faster cultivation. I have already wasted few years of my cultivation time compared to the geniuses of powerful forces of the Sky fortune world."

The powerful forces of the world have their own means to make children awaken their Martial spirits and begin cultivation even before the age of seven.

So, those geniuses of such forces always had the head-start.

"I need to reach up to the top geniuses of the Boris clan and those from other clans of the city within a few days."

If there was someone who passes by and hears these words, then he would have been shocked to the core.

A mortal who never cultivated before says that he needs to just cultivate for a few days to reach the level where he could compete with those geniuses of the clans.

This would shock many and then making them laugh without a break; it would become the joke of the century.

Ron felt that his Soul strength and Will power has improved a lot after merging with the Soul memory fragment of the cultivator after going through that painful torture.

This caused his soul strength to reach the peak of the Soul perception realm from the Soul force realm.

Now he felt as if his soul was in shackles and he needs to break it to reach a higher level Soul Sense realm in Soul cultivation.

In the Celestial Universe, Soul cultivation was classified as Soul Force, Soul Perception, Soul Sense, Divine Force, Divine Perception and Divine Sense.

Soul perception can only be performed by Core formation realm cultivators. They can use the soul perception to view and sense using the soul.

Alchemists, Blacksmiths, Array masters all need higher soul strength in their field of expertise.

Ron entered the first region of the time dimension and could feel the time flowing differently.

He started cultivating without considering the passage of time.

Hours passed by in the region. Ten hours..... Eleven hours..... Sixteen hours....Twenty two hours passed.....

Suddenly, there was a sound of something cracking from within Ron's body. He broke through to the eighth stage of the Body Tempering Realm.

Ron slowly opened his eyes and a glint of light shot out from his eyes.

He expected this breakthrough since what he practised is not an ordinary technique but instead a powerful supreme technique.

The first rays of sunlight pierced the clouds and banished frosts and mists of the night away.

Rays of sunlight entered Ron's room. Ron appeared in his room in a blink. Only a night passed outside.

The fresh morning wind flowed in through the window.

Ron took a bath, got fresh and entered the hall to take a look at Tara. He saw her cooking; as if feeling a tender gaze on her, she slowly turned towards those gazing eyes. "Young Master, are you feeling hungry?"

"Nah, I am going to take a walk through the city. Do you want to come with me?" asked Ron.

A beautiful smile crept on her face as if a flower bloomed. She nodded without any hesitation.

They walked together and left the clan.

As they crossed a clothing store in the main street, Tara looked at a beautiful red frock with golden embroidery displayed in the store and her eyes sparkled.

Ron saw that she was interested in this dress, so he asked the shopkeeper "how much does this dress cost?"

The shopkeeper on seeing a customer wearing a Boris clan uniform replied without any disrespect.

"Sir, it costs seven gold coins and it is the only piece available in the Green plum city. This cloth is costly because of the Golden Embroidery and those red gems on it."

"This young lady would look so gorgeous in this dress that she would captivate the hearts of all geniuses. This is the right dress for her to bring out her enchanting beauty."

Ron's face twitched. He only had around forty silver coins left.

He used all his gold coins for the purchase of materials for the pill but the cost of the dress was in the range of gold coins.

Thousand silver coins are equal to one gold coin. The cost of the dress was seven gold coins which in turn is equal to seven thousand silver.

That was the amount same as that of his yearly expense he obtains from the clan.

It was god-damn costly.

Upon hearing the actual cost of the dress, Tara was disappointed. She knows how difficult it was to earn that much.

She lowered her head and muttered, "Young Master, let's leave. This does not look as amazing as the shop keeper said. I have no interest in it".

Ron understood her intention and he slowly clenched his fist.

He could not buy something for the person he cares about. His feelings and emotions have mingled with that of the dead Ron, so his feelings are genuine towards Tara.

Ron decided that he would become rich so that the people close to him can have all the happiness they wanted and buy all the things they like.

He would make sure such a situation never happened in his life.

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