Devouring Phoenix Technique Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Nine Lotus Sacred Body

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Chapter 13

Phoenix was shaking his head in disappointment.

"Kiddo, why are you such a fool. You have the alchemy memories of a supreme expert and you are doing nothing with it. You really are a disappointment."

"Alchemy is the richest profession in the entire Universe. You should not lose your intelligence just because I am not beside you." Phoenix voice was only heard by Ron.

" I know you care a lot about me and want me to be beside you but you need to be a little bit practical as I cannot leave the pearl in present condition but don't worry as I will continue mentoring you from within the pearl." Phoenix went on blabbering.

Ron just wished he could find a silent mode switch on the pearl so that he can turn off the audio output from pearl but he truly accepted the fact that he should use the alchemy skills he obtained.

Just as he was planning to bring Tara away, there was a laugh coming from outside.

"Brother, What a coincidence to meet you here."

It was none other than Louis leading two of his henchmen.

" Yah.... what a coincidence" Ron smirked.

He always felt someone following him and Tara when they left the clan.

When he sensed the aura from one of the henchmen, he was sure that it was him following them. He must have notified Louis.

Louis turned to look at Tara with lustful eyes "This must be your personal maid Tara who was brought in by your parents before their disappearance. Young lady Tara, we have met once before. I did not know you were brother Ron's maid at that time."

"The day I met you, your beauty mesmerised me."

Ron could now easily link all the facts.

'The reason for my death is to make a clear path for Louis to prey on Tara and satisfy his lust on an innocent girl like Tara who would be heartbroken at that time because of my death and she would easily fall into Louis's clutches.'

'But he would not take action against a clan member just to satisfy his lust. He could have looked for other mortal girls in the city and wouldn't take such risks to kill me.'

'There must be something special about Tara. I should ask Grandpa Phoenix to take a look at her after returning home.'

Ron was extremely angry and a sudden killing intent rose from the bottom of his heart but he kept a straight calm face in front of Louis.

Louis did not know that he just awakened a dangerous beast.

Tara felt the lascivious glare of Louis staring at her body, unbridled. She was scared and hid behind Ron.

On seeing such a move from her, Louis adjusted and controlled himself and looked at the red dress Tara liked.

" What a lovely dress. Tara, you would look amazing in this outfit as if you are the most beautiful flower. It will really suit you".

"Let me buy this for the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my life."

Tara quickly replied fearfully "Brother Louis, no need; I have no interest in it."

She was not a fool who knows nothing. How can she not know the true intention of Louis?

She knows what would happen to her if she falls into his clutches.

She has heard a lot of rumours about Louis raping many young innocent servant girls or those mortal girls in the city, destroying their beautiful lives.

He always escapes from the clan punishment because none dares to complain against him as they were too weak to go against Boris clan's grand elder's son.

" How dare you a puny servant girl reject Brother Louis's kindness" shouted one of Louis's henchman.

Tara shivered and tears welled up in her eyes.

Ron spoke without any concern "How dare a puny dog bark in front of his master".

Louis and his henchmen were so shocked as if they were electrocuted.

Not just them, even Tara was stunned and then tears of happiness streamed down her face. Her young master protected her.

She was brimming with happiness but suddenly realised that her Young Master in order to save her is presently in a difficult situation.

It was the first time Ron ever reacted to other youngsters of the clan in such a way. To them, Ron was always timid and full of flattery of others. But such a person now spoke back.

Louis and his henchmen were angered.

"Tara already said she is not interested, then why pester her. Don't think that I am afraid of you because of the Grand elder as your support. I think it would be better if you remember that my grandpa is the seventh elder of the clan." Ron shrugged his shoulders and spoke lightly.

Louis was enraged. His face darkened and his expression was a bit gloomy whereas his henchmen shuddered when they realised that Ron's grandfather was an elder.

Most of the clan members do not remember about the seventh elder since he left the clan a long time back.

Though he later became the Chief military commander of the Seven Cranes kingdom but he never returned to the clan.

" I will deal with you in the Martial spirit testing ceremony" Louis snapped and then left with his henchmen.

Ron rolled his eyes and sneered "You would be disappointed".

Ron pulled Tara's hand and brought her away.

As they were walking, Tara spoke with a trembling voice "Master, I think it is better for us to return to the capital city to be with Grandfather".

Ron replied "We came to the clan to participate in the Martial Spirit ceremony as per Grandpa's wish. So how can we disappoint him? Also, Grandfather would be attending the Ceremony to encourage me."

Then Ron had a conversation with Grandpa Phoenix about Tara.

Finally, they reached their dwelling.

As soon as they reached their dwelling, Ron asked Tara to sit in a meditative position.

Tara was confused by such an abnormal request from her Young master but still, she followed his orders.

Ron as per the orders of Grandpa Phoenix placed his right hand palm on Tara's back.

Suddenly, Tara started trembling and she was blushing.

Tara hurriedly said "Young Master, we are very young and it's even day time."

Then she murmured in a very low indistinct voice "If young master really needs to do that with me, then I..... I can..... I can do it, I am ready... to.... do it with you"

After saying this, Tara turned red so much that her face appeared like a red apple.

Now it was Ron's turn to be stunned. After a moment of silence, he laughed heartily.

He used his left hand and knocked on her head.

"What improper things are you thinking? I am using my strength to check your body constitution." Ron laughed.

Tara started blushing even more after hearing it.

Phoenix made a move as soon as Ron's palm came in contact with Tara's body.

He used his Divine Sense to understand her body constitution.

Soon Phoenix was ecstatic and immediately informed Ron about the cause of his happiness.

"Kiddo, your little maid has a special body constitution called Nine Lotus Sacred Body. No wonder, that bastard was lusting over your maid" Phoenix lamented.

Ron enquired "What is so special about this body?"

"Kiddo, this body constitution will always appear only in females and the person having such a body will have a very slow cultivation progress in the Body tempering realm and Energy condensation realm."

"But as soon as she breaks into Core formation, she will have an exponential speed rise in cultivation progress and will have faster cultivation in the higher realms as her body releases all the stored energy which were stored in her body during her cultivation in Body tempering and Energy condensation realms. Thus she will never have any obstacles in their breakthroughs."

Ron interfered "But this does not give any benefit to Louis."

"Phoenix snapped "Let me finish it, Kiddo. This body constitution is unique because these benefits would only occur if that person is a virgin until she reaches Core formation stage."

"But if she loses her virginity before reaching core formation realm, she loses her special benefits as she lost all her stored energy. The person who took her virginity gains all her stored energy and he would see a huge improvement in strength in a short time."

"A person is called Cultivation cauldron when he or she is being used by another person for the sake cultivation progress. Here, Louis was planning to use Tara as a cultivation Cauldron."

Ron was clenching his fists tightly. He was so angry that his eyes turned blood red.

"That bastard wanted to use Tara for his cultivation. I must kill him no matter what."

Phoenix uttered "I am sure that kid Louis does not have the strength to detect Tara's body constitution. It must his father who informed him to do it so as to improve his second son's strength."

"Hffff.... Like father like son. An elder bastard and a younger bastard planning to hurt my disciple's maid, how dare they?"

Phoenix snorted and then looked at Ron's face.

He was astonished to find Ron with a composed and calm face but Phoenix was sure that Ron was extremely angry at the moment and was suppressing his killing intent.

Ron commented with a nonchalant shrug "Both of them must die".

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