Divine Beast Adventures Chapter 579

Chapter 579 - Demons on the Move

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A huge battle broke out in the thick forest.

Fortunately, Zhang Che’s luck was decent. Although many powerful exotic beasts were attacking him, the strongest of them were only at epic-quality, and they were few in number.

Given Zhang Che’s strength, in addition to his army of beasts, although he wouldn’t be able to completely dominate the battle, he was able to handle it relatively easily.

Of course, even if he could, Zhang Che didn’t dare waste too much time here. If he dragged it on for too long, heavens knew if stronger exotic beasts would be attracted there. At that time, it wouldn’t be easy for him to retreat!

As such, Zhang Che didn’t commit fully to fighting, nor did he find it a pity if those powerful exotic beasts weren’t killed. He led his pets and subdued beasts, fighting and retreating intermittently. When he saw an opportunity, he would immediately break out from the exotic beasts’ encirclement and make his escape.

After fleeing from the area after much difficulty, Zhang Che wiped off the dried sweat on his face, feeling mixed emotions.

Although this trip was a short one, it was full of ups and downs, like a long time had passed.

Zhang Che had originally prepared himself to stay here for a long time, at least a week. After all, finding a suitable beast card armor for Huang Tielan wasn’t an easy task.

Huang Tielan’s beastmaster tier was neither high nor low. Being at Tier Six was considered an expert among most beastmasters, but it was weaker than the true experts.

There was simply a qualitative difference between mid-tier and high-tier beastmasters. The difference wasn’t something that could be made up for with just a few powerful subdued beasts. One needed to improve in all aspects.

As for Huang Tielan, what she lacked most was her defense. She sorely needed to improve that aspect.

However, how many beast cards at six-stars and lower, especially armor-type ones, were truly extraordinary?

Zhang Che had never seen one before today. That was why he had planned to stay here for a long time.

However, what had happened today was very bizarre. Even now he didn’t dare believe his luck was actually that good, obtaining the Scarlet Comet Armor, a six-star legend-quality armor that rivalled the best epic-quality armors!

As a result, after successfully killing the Scarlet-Scaled Comet Beast, Zhang Che wanted to ride on his luck and stay in this area for a period of time to hunt other powerful exotic beasts and fill his inventory with spare beast cards.

Alas, things took a turn for the worse.

What happened afterwards made Zhang Che remember that this was an area deep in the beast world, where powerful exotic beasts might appear at any moment! Even though he was much stronger than in the past, and he didn’t have to be afraid of an epic-quality exotic beast or two, he couldn’t act as he pleased here.

“Since this place is filled with danger, and my objective has already been achieved, I should just leave and return home quickly.”

Zhang Che wasn’t a stubborn man, and quickly thought things through. Since his main objective had been met, there was nothing to be regretful about. Moreover, things had gone much more smoothly than he had anticipated. Thinking of things this way, weren’t the circumstances actually not bad?

As such, Zhang Che didn’t linger around any longer. After he carefully left the core of the area, he flew off in the direction he came from on the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon.


Not far away from the spatial gateway, the men who were originally planning on ambushing Zhang Che didn’t wait any longer. On that day, a series of changes had happened across the globe. The Bei Mei region was no exception.

Perhaps it was due to Zhang Che killing one of the supreme demon’s clones, but the other clones who had originally planned to keep hiding on Mercury suddenly started an uprising. They led the human beastmasters under their control and launched fierce attacks on important figures or units.

Chaos descended suddenly when most people had their guards down.

With that, how could General Mihill spare any attention for Zhang Che? After he received the news, he immediately sent someone into the beast world to recall the forces stationed there to suppress the upheavals in his territory.

The clones of the supreme demon had laid dormant in Mercury for a long time. Although their uprising was a little sudden, the forces they could mobilize weren’t small.

All of Mercury was in turmoil. Crazy and aggressive beastmasters were everywhere. Caught unprepared, many people were killed. Some of them were even powerful beastmasters. Many important departments were breached, and large numbers of personnel were either injured or dead. Not only that, a huge amount of information was either stolen or destroyed.

More importantly, the cities, which were thought to be the safest places, suddenly became like the wild, perhaps more dangerous then when exotic beasts roamed about. All of society was in unrest.

As for people who had kept their evil thoughts in check due to societal rules, they erupted and fanned the flames of chaos. They followed the beastmasters led by the demon clones and wreaked havoc in the cities, committing arson, robberies, and even murder!

Zhang Che felt the difference in atmosphere as he walked out of the spatial gateway. He didn’t have to ask around. The highly alert military guards and the grave expressions on their faces tipped him off that something extremely serious must have happened.

An hour later, Zhang Che found out everything that had happened during the past few days.

“Those demon spies actually didn’t choose to continue hiding themselves and started an all-out uprising instead? That shouldn’t be!” Zhang Che furrowed his brow. He clearly understood that the demon spies’ ultimate objective was to connect Mercury and the demon world’s planes of existence, allowing their powerful warriors and their top combat forces to descend upon Mercury without restriction to conquer this world.

However, them causing chaos like this suddenly was simply exposing themselves, wasn’t it?

In that case, what would they do next?

Zhang Che couldn’t understand, but he knew the current situation was much worse than before. No one knew what those demons would do next.

“Forget it. This isn’t something I should worry about alone.” Shaking his head, Zhang Che no longer bothered with the matter.

As for whether the chaos caused by the demon spies would affect Hua Xia too much, Zhang Che wasn’t worried about that. Before this had happened, Hua Xia already had sufficient understanding of the demon spies, and with Zhang Che’s help, they had cracked down hard on those main factions. Zhang Che had even killed one of the demon spies’ masterminds personally.

With that, Hua Xia would definitely have strict plans against something like this!

Even though the demon spies’ sudden uprising was truly unexpected, the Hua Xia military and government would react to the situation immediately and do all they could to contain the damage, keeping it to a minimum.

“But, even so, many innocent people will lose their lives in this chaos” Zhang Che sighed. He left the camp and headed into the wilderness without leaving any traces behind.

He didn’t come to the Bei Mei region on Dijiang-hao. Zhang Che could only return on the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon now, but obviously Hanming couldn’t appear in the eyes of the public casually. As such, he could only find a remote place before he flew off.

As the sky was about to turn completely dark, Zhang Che finally arrived at a desolate area by the sea. He observed his surroundings carefully, and made sure there weren’t traces of any human activity within dozens of kilometers. This was the most suitable place to have Hanming take off from.

“Time to go home” Zhang Che sighed softly. A blue figure shot off from the skies above the beach like lightning, flying off into the far west

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