Divine Cultivation System Chapter 4422

Chapter 4423: Brother Qin

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After all, the Seven Elders are the one who dominates the strong.

He slammed into an iron bridge, and when he avoided the dragon's claws, his aura suddenly rose, and he forcibly used his aura to blast the blood worms that were about to fall on him.

The strength of the cultivation base broke out, making him like an arrow on the bowstring, and it bounced back again in a flash.

Look at Guan Shanqian coming towards him again.

The Seventh Elder's complexion changed abruptly, and then he backed away a few steps, shouting loudly: "Don't come over, everyone who has not been in contact with them, keep a distance from them."


Everyone was puzzled.

But they all knew that the face of the Seventh Elder had already proved too many things, so where would you dare to hesitate?

Even the few people who had just been in close contact with acquaintances were regarded as plagues by them.

"Seven elders, this...what happened to this?" Guan Shanqian asked suspiciously.

"In the wilderness in front, there are countless bloodworms. Even if most of you don't know what it is, you can still imagine that if this thing is present, even the old man will undoubtedly die." The Seventh Elder explained.

It's okay when he doesn't explain.

At this moment, it really almost scared everyone.

Even the Seventh Elder could not resist.

So...Aren't they all dead?

Guan Shanqian's face suddenly became bloodless.

He wanted to get closer, but found that a strong killing intent appeared in the seventh elder's eyes, as if he would be wiped out by a sword aura as long as he dared to get closer.

Guan Shanqian suddenly felt confused.

I hurriedly looked in all directions, but saw that the thousands of people who had just arrived, all staring at them as if they were watching the plague.

And everyone on their side turned out to be like him, already panicking like ants on a hot pot.

No, there was another person who didn't move.

Guan Shanqian turned around as if he had discovered a new world, and went to Qin Shaofeng's side. There was a little respect in his voice, and said, "Junior Brother, can you end the cultivation first?

He was obviously not in a medical emergency.

It was mainly Qin Shaofeng's shrewd mind before, which really proved too many things.

The only savior he could think of was Qin Shaofeng alone.

"I have heard it."

Qin Shaofeng slowly opened his eyes.

Putting away the spar that has not yet been absorbed, the corners of his mouth have been gently twitched, and said: "The seventh elder's worry is not groundless, but we don't need to be so scared now."

"What do you mean?" Guan Shanqian was unclear.

Dozens of other surviving people also looked over curiously.

"The person who just had a problem has been dead for a long time. If we also had a problem, I believe it should have happened long ago." Qin Shaofeng looked at everyone.

Everyone was relieved now.

Qin Shaofeng did not think that this sentence alone could impress everyone, and continued: "Of course, this does not mean that we are all fine. Those who are mixing poisons still have to continue, but you have researched out certain poisons. After that, we must start to mix the poison that will kill the blood worm."

"I don't know what blood worms are, so..."

As he spoke, his expression became very cold, and he turned towards the thirteen latecomers who had been isolated.

"Take them down!"

Qin Shaofeng suddenly ordered.

Although the thirteen people have been in contact with these people.

But everyone knew that Qin Shaofeng was obviously thinking about the lives of people like them.

All of them were of civilian origin, and no one had too close a relationship with those people.

Some people who were already close to those people had already shot them and captured them immediately.

"After the poison is deployed, we also need someone to test the poison first. Then we will send them into the wilderness and use them to test the poison." Qin Shaofeng's voice was extremely vicious and insidious.

The thirteen people were so scared that they couldn't speak.

Even the people who had already made the move did not expect that what he said would be so harsh.

"Boy, is it a bit too much for you to kill each other like this?" The seventh elder couldn't listen anymore.

Qin Shaofeng just tilted his head and asked: "Seventh Elder, you treat us people as bloodworms. Just now you almost killed Brother Guan directly. Did you treat us as disciples?"

The Seventh Elder found that he was speechless.

"Or, in your opinion, if we people are not sure about solving the bloodworm problem, we can still go back to the mountain gate alive?" Qin Shaofeng continued to ask.

The Seventh Elder remained silent again.

It's because he didn't say anything.

This time, Guan Shanqian and others all understood.

Although what Qin Shaofeng said was excessive, it was true.

I believe that even if they make great contributions during this trip, even if there are no problems for a year or a half, the Seventh Elders will never let them go back to the mountain.


Eight or nine out of ten, they will die in the hands of the Seven Elders.

Or as a cannon fodder for exploration, die on the way forward, right?

It makes people shudder to think about it.

"I support Brother Qin's decision. Anyway, we and 13 of them have all become abandoned people. Why don't we make a living on our own?" One person suddenly shouted.

"Brother Qin?"

Someone asked suspiciously.

"Senior Brother Qin's name is Qin Shaofeng, and one of my younger brothers personally took the person into the outer door."

The man hurriedly explained: "Even though Brother Qin is young, and the time to enter the mountain gate is short, but my generation of martial arts masters is a teacher, Senior Brother Qin deserves this name."

"It turned out to be Senior Brother Qin, and we also think Senior Brother Qin's approach is correct."

Everyone began to express their attitudes.

After all, if their bloodworm problem is not resolved, they will all die.

Even if he still doesn't take Qin Shaofeng to heart, he still has to flatter him at this time.

Dozens of people yelled out loudly.

Compared with the thousands of people on the opposite side, the number of them is indeed too small.

But they are all people who are working hard for their own survival. They shouted so loudly that they directly suppressed the voice of the individual opposite who felt that Qin Shaofeng was cruel, and thus quietly discussed.

The Seventh Elder still felt that Qin Shaofeng's methods were too harsh.

But after seeing everyone's attitude clearly, he had to choose acquiescence.

The identity of an elder is indeed powerful.

But he said what he didn't let these people live, and believed that dozens of people would do things that he regretted inexplicably at the first time.

It might even be necessary for him to personally behead those dozens of people.

The situation that can be caused in the end will never be better than it is now.

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