Divine System Of The Strongest Card Supplier In The End Times Chapter 6283

Chapter 3353: Missing

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At this moment, the public is gradually able to discover some other things.

For example, Fang Fan seems to be missing...

This person can't see it anymore. Is this... cold?

Is it cool? Is this the case?

"That Fang Fan can't even see a trace. Is this destroyed and turned into a fan?"

"I'll go...it turned out to be like this, this...this is simply not too dangerous!"

"Cool...Cool and cool moonlight is practicing to the end!"

"Crapped! Completely scrapped!"

"Hey... This time the purpose of the Dark Academy has been achieved!"

"Now that their biggest threat is removed, I am afraid that they can directly crush Guangming Academy!"

"In the first-year exchange competition, the Dark Academy will probably take the lead..."

"The situation is indeed such a situation, but this method is a bit too dirty..."

"Hehe...who says no? Damn...it feels a little disgusting when you look at it..."


The surrounding discussion immediately swept through...

The sense of oppression on the scene is also particularly sufficient!

"Brother Fang Fan... something happened to Brother Fang Fan?"

"This... how is this possible!"

"The shameless prince of the Dark Academy!"

Looking at the scene in front of him, Gui Sha couldn't help but start to tremble with his lips, and while talking, his breathing couldn't help but become extremely rapid!

"Impossible! How could my apprentice die like this! If so, I will destroy the entire Dark Academy to avenge my apprentice!"

Tai Shujie's eyes turned blood red in an instant, and the spiritual energy gathered on the whole body, as if he wanted to completely crush everything in front of him to pieces.

At this moment, the inner thoughts are particularly true.

That's how I thought about it in my heart.

"Husband... Your husband will be fine!"


Xiao Liuli shouted hoarsely, touchingly...

Murongyu, Xiangfei, Liu Jiayi and other women couldn't help but feel nervous...

Why did a good scene burst into blood?

How can... how can this be!

This is far from what was expected before!

"Brother Fang Fan, young hero, he is the proud son of heaven! The shameless young man of the Dark Academy!"

"I, Zuo Qiuyao, swear here that I will take revenge for Brother Fang Fan to the end!"

Zuo Qiuyao's eyes were blood red, and his body trembled unnaturally while speaking.

The various feelings in my heart at this moment are too clear!

"Can you calm down a little..."

"As for?"

"Did you see Fang Fan's body? Or did you see him killed?"

"If Fang Fan died so easily, he wouldn't be able to survive now."

"Where is this? What is this danger?"

"As for? As for such a fuss?"


"Just wait quietly, this kid may hide where to hide!"

Bai Piao shrugged, his face casual and calm.

At this moment, the corners of his mouth rose silently, with no apology...

All in all, it is calm to the extreme.

I dont have too many other messy thoughts in my heart, and I dont think a lot...

It's good to be clear about the specific situation here, and there is no need to keep getting involved.

After so many lives and deaths, Bai Piao knew Fang Fan very well.

"Brother Bai Piao, what do you mean? Brother Fang Fan didn't have an accident? Then...what about the other person? Now...I can't see him here at all..."

"This...Where is this person..."

"Is it possible to disappear out of thin air?"

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