Divinity: Against The Godly System Chapter 53

Volume 5: Return Of God Chapter 474 470: Janus Arrives

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A crimson portal appeared between Ryder and Luke. Initially, nothing was visible throughout the portal except the crimson, which seemed like blood. Soon, a person stepped out of the portal.

It was a young boy. The boy had beautiful blonde hair and smooth skin, making him look out of this world.

The boy stepped out of the Portal as he muttered to himself, "So this is the world where the distortions in time happen. I felt the effort to manipulate time once again."

As he stepped out, he looked around. His gaze soon fell over Ryder, who was lying on the ground. Looking back, the young man saw Luke as well.

Luke was paused in time. His breathing, as well as his movement, had stopped. Fortunately, he didn't seem like he was harmed despite being unable to breathe. It was as if the entire world had stopped in time.

"Interesting. You can still move," the young boy let out as he observed Ryder. Even though Ryder wasn't able to move his body yet, his pupils and his gaze were still moving, which made the young man know that he could move.

"Very interesting. How can you move? Could it be that you're the reason for this distortion?" the young boy declared as he started walking towards Ryder.

"Who are you?" Ryder asked curiously. He might have thought that the person was Janus who was messing with him, but the voice was different than Janus.

'Who am I? Hmm. You're the one who should tell who he is. Not a single person in this world can resist time. But you are clearly doing it. Who exactly are you?" the young boy let out as he stopped a few centimeters away from Ryder.

It was at that moment, Ryder finally felt some movement in his arms. His body had finally decided to listen to him again as he gained back the control of his body. The itching of his right arm had stopped as well.

He placed both his hands on the ground to propel himself upwards.

"Interesting. Not only your eyes and your mouth, but your entire body is free of bounds. Very interesting," the young boy kept repeating his words. The more he observed Ryder; the more fascinated he became.

Ryder stood tall and asked the young boy, "Did you stop time?'

"I thought I did," the young boy muttered as he rubbed his chin. "Maybe not entirely."

Ryder understood what he was implying.

"You answer me, and I'll answer you. Who are you?" He asked softly.

Even though Ryder was talking to the young boy, he didn't stop moving his hands. He brought a gun out. He wanted to utilize this opportunity. The time was stopped. If he could kill Luke right now, that was going to save him a lot of trouble.

He aimed the gun towards Luke's head. Luke was already paused in time. He had no way to oppose Ryder as even his thoughts had stopped in time.

After taking a nice aim, Ryder pressed the trigger. A bullet left his gun, which soon found its way into Luke's head. A hole was left behind in Luke's head. Strangely enough, Luke didn't make any noise.

His eyes remained open as if his body was still paused in time despite his death.

"Cheh, You're really a petty human, aren't you?" The blonde boy asked Ryder as he smirked wryly. "Here I am talking about something so important. And there you're busy in something else entirely?"

"Didn't I tell you already? I'll only answer you if you answer me. Who are you," Ryder responded with a carefree gaze.

" I am known by many names. I don't think you'll know even if I tell you my real name. I'll tell you my title to make it easier for you," the blonde boy nodded his head as he replied.

"The world knows me as the Lord of Time. Who are you?" he inquired.

'Lord of Time? The person Janus warned me about?' Ryder thought as he frowned.

Janus had warned him against excessively using the bracelet of immortality to go back in time just for this guy. According to Janus, Ryder was going to be in trouble if this person found him. He couldn't believe that the person was actually standing before him.

Also, why was this person a young boy? Ryder had imagined the Lord of Time to be an a.d.u.l.t, not a kid.

"From your expressions, it seems like you know about it. You're increasing my curiosity more and more," the blonde boy let out as he grinned.

He observed Ryder from top to bottom to find what was strange about him. His eyes soon fell on Ryder's bracelet.

Ryder noticed the boy looking at his bracelet of immortality. He subconsciously moved his hand behind his back to get the bracelet away from the boy's view. Unfortunately, it was too late already. The boy had already seen the bracelet.

" That bracelet... I can't tell you how long it's been since I last saw it. I never thought I'd see it again after that day. So this is the thing that's creating so much commotion," the boy let out as he nodded.

"I told them that we shouldn't throw this place in a random corner of this world. See? Someone but only found it but also got it to work. It's such a hassle," the boy let out as he frowned.

He raised his right hand towards Ryder as he commanded, "Give me that bracelet!"

Ryder squinted his eyes as he heard the orders. Who did this boy think he was? So what if he was the Lord of Time? The bracelet belonged to him. How could he just ask for it like that?

Also, even if Ryder wanted to give the bracelet of Immortality to this boy, how could he even do it? That bracelet was impossible to be refused. If he could, he wouldn't keep that double-edged sword on his wrist always.

"Give me that bracelet. We can talk about the rest later," the young boy told Ryder.

"I'm sorry, but I can't give this bracelet to you. It's stuck in my hands. How about you leave it just the way it is?' Ryder asked as he smiled wryly.

He only had two ways he could deal with the situation. One was by fighting the boy using all his abilities. The second option was to tread with care and solve problems through words.

The first option was thrown out the window since the boy was the Lord of Time. According to Janus, he was literally the god of time. Ryder didn't even think that he could face this boy who was an actual god.

That only gave him the option to use his wits.

"This bracelet is stuck. I can't remove it. Be a little considerate, Mister Lord of Time," Ryder told the boy.

"I'm sorry, but that's not an option. The thing that's in your hand is too powerful. It can't be allowed to be in your hand," the boy answered. "See how much you disturbed my precious space already?"

"As for not being able to take it off, I have a solution for that as well. What I need to do is simple. All I have to do is go back in time to the moment you got the bracelet and prevent you from taking it. That's all. So tell me, when did you get this bracelet," he further added.

"Or you can stay silent and refuse to cooperate. In that case, I'll have to follow an even simpler method. And that is to kill you right now."

"Can I say that both options sound bad?" Ryder inquired as he frowned.

"If this guy goes back in time and takes the bracelet, the future will change. Without the bracelet, I would be dead many times already. I can't let that moment be changed. And I can't die now either,' Ryder thought as he frowned.

'Janus, it would be the right time to help if you want to!'

"You must choose one. I'll count to three. If you don't, I'll go with the second option since that's the one which is easier for me," the young boy replied as he smiled subtly.

'Sigh, it Looks like I'll have no choice but to try to kill a god. He is too stubborn,' Ryder thought as he frowned.

The blonde boy opened his lips as he started his countdown.


The boy had spoken the first word itself when a clapping sound filled the room.

With a curious gaze, the boy looked back.

"Of course, you would prefer to kill him. It won't be the first time you'll do it after all."

As the blonde boy looked back, he saw another person standing there. A silver-haired boy stood behind him.

"Hahaha, Janus. It's you. What are you doing here, little boy?" The blonde boy inquired with a curious gaze.

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