Divinity: Against The Godly System Chapter 55

Volume 5: Return Of God Chapter 476 472: Silencing Ryder

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"Killing him is the best option as that would make sure that the Bracelet of Immortality is lost again. I didn't want it in our hands, and I still don't want that. So that's the only option I can support," Janus told the blonde-haired Lord of Time.

"But killing him with the conventional methods is useless. We can only kill him properly by destroying him from his core. And only you can do that with your abilities. Reverse the time of his soul until it's destroyed. Problem solved," he added.

The Lord of Time rubbed his chin as he fell on deep thought. "What you say does make sense. Getting rid of the bracelet is the best. But isn't that what you said last time as well?"

"We got rid of it last time as well, and this guy found it. What's stopping it from being found in the future! Aren't we only delaying the problem? It's better if we keep the bracelet," he further explained.

"No! The bracelet won't be found. And even if it's fine by a mortal, that's still less dangerous than this thing being in the hand of the gods!" Janus let out sternly.

"We already talked about this last time. You know why we can't possess it. It's already rare that a mortal managed to find the bracelet and fragment. But the chances of this happening again are even less. Destroying this boy and lodging and bracelet forever is still the better option," he insisted.

"Hmm? You're still as passionate about it as last time. But you suggest that I kill this man. So I think I was wrong about you. You didn't have a hand in the boy finding the bracelet," the Lord of Time nodded his head as he accepted.

"But there are more parties that should have a say in it. You said you found out because I stopped the time of this world. Other gods should be getting here soon as well. It's better if we all decide how to deal with it. They should have a say in it as well," he continued.

Janus looked back and forth between the Lord of Time and Ryder before he nodded his head. "If that's what you want."

Ryder was standing in the back, not believing his ears. Janus was actually suggesting his soul being destroyed.

Not only that, but he even exposed the powers and told the Lord of Time that he couldn't be killed normally? Just what kind of betrayal was it? To save his own skin, this guy was pushing him off a cliff?

'This Bastard! He is getting me blamed to save himself! He is getting me killed! I won't let him get out scot-free as well! I'll expose him that he knows me and that he helped me. Maybe both of them will fight and kill each other. I'll survive and rid myself of both of them. That's best!'he thought as he decided to do something incomprehensible as well.

He was going to betray Janus and expose him as this guy had exposed him! This guy was a bastard who deserved no pity or help from him. Why should Ryder be the only one who died?

He opened his lips as he exclaimed, "Wait a minute!! This b-"

Ryder had not even finished his sentence when his head started spinning. Everything turned dark before his eyes as he dropped to the ground, losing consciousness.

"What did you do," the Lord of Time asked Janus as he watched Ryder drop to the ground.

"Don't worry. I just made him unconscious. He was making too much noise," Janus answered casually. "Now, he won't disturb us."

The Lord of Time nodded his head as he walked towards the window. He looked outside the window.

He could see a bird stopped in its place mid-air. It was neither going forward nor backward.

The clouds were also not moving. Trees and leaves were also as it is. They weren't moving as if no wind was moving in this world.

A person was seen on the streets. One of his legs was in the air as if he was taking a step forward when he was stopped in time.

"You're right. It looks like I don't underestimate my abilities. I thought I controlled my ability enough only to target the source of distortion, which was this house. How unfortunate. I guess spending so long inside a relaxed environment created by the Lord of Space made me rusted," the Lord of Time smiled wryly as he looked outside.

"No wonder you noticed me," he further added.

"Hahaha, Lord of Time! You are finally out of your seclusion. How have you been?"

A manly laughter filled the room. Lord of Time turned back as he watched the person who was laughing.

As he turned back, he saw a bulky man standing behind him. The man had four arms with sharp Claws. It seemed as if the top half of his body was made from magma, blazing in flames. Each of his arms was thicker than Ryder's chest itself.

"God of War... You're the second to arrive here. Honestly, though, I expected the Goddess of Destiny to come before you," The Lord of Time nodded casually as he recognized the man.

"Hahaha, I guess I should apologize for disappointing you here. But what could I do? I saw the level of disturbance and realized that there is only one person who could do this. And that one person is the Great Lord of Time himself. After knowing about it, I couldn't stop myself from coming as fast as I can," the God of War said.

Another portal appeared in the room.

"Hah, I guess she is here as well," the Lord of Time let out as he saw the Portal.

A beautiful woman stepped out of the portal. The woman seemed to be as pretty as a goddess. Her eyes seemed to encompass the universe itself.

"I guess I'm a little late in welcoming the Lord of Time. Please forgive me," the woman said as soon as she stepped out.

She greeted the Lord of Time.

"It's not a race. Don't worry. But I am surprised," The Lord of Time muttered.

"May I ask what surprised the Lord of Time so much?" The God of War asked the Lord of Time.

" I'm not surprised that Janus was the first person to arrive here. But it was unexpected that the God of War would be second. I also mentioned this to him before you came here," the Lord of Time muttered as he acknowledged.

"May I ask what brought you out of your seclusion?" The Goddess of Destiny asked curiously.

"The Bracelet has returned," the Lord of Time said softly.

"Bracelet? What bracelet?" the God of War asked in confusion. What bracelet was he talking about?

The God of War pointed back without even looking. His finger was pointed straight towards Ryder's hand that had healed by now. The bracelet of immortality was also visible on his hands. It had returned.

Both God of War and Goddesses of Destiny looked where the Lord of Time was pointing. Their eyes fell on Ryder's hands which had the Bracelet of Immortality.

Their lips opened wide in shock, along with their eyes as they recognized the voice.

"This bracelet... I never thought I'd see it again after we placed it inside the box of anonymity. Even though it's been so long, but to see it before my eyes, it makes me remember the events that happened because of this bracelet like they happened yesterday," the Goddess of Destiny muttered.

The Lord of Time was about to reply when he turned to his left at the sight of another portal appearing.

A handsome middle-aged man stepped out of the portal. The man sported long white hair. His pale eyes gave a mysterious feeling to the man.

"Old Friend, you have returned," the man muttered softly.

"Lord of Space, You have returned as well?" The God of War exclaimed in surprise.

'Both, the Lord of Time and the Lord of Space, went into seclusion in mysterious spaces created by the Lord of Space after the last great war. To see them both come out, it's surprising,' he thought.

"But this makes sense..." he muttered as he gazed back at the Bracelet of Immortality of Ryder.

The bracelet had appeared once again. It was such a special item. It made perfect sense.

"You're here as well. I didn't expect you to come. I not only stopped my rest but also made you come out. I should apologize to you," the Lord of Time answered as he smiled wryly.

"Don't worry, old friend. Also, stepping out once in a while is good for health, especially when I get to meet my friends," the Lord of Space replied.

Three more portals appeared nearby as more people stepped out. Portals kept appearing from which the gods kept stepping out one after another. Soon, the room was filled with tens of people.

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