Douluo Dalu 4: Ultimate Fighting Chapter 1734

Chapter 1740: Colorful Dragon King

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The seven-color dragon is more than five kilometers long, and its terrifying aura continues to erupt. In its eyes, there is a looming red light flashing, bursting out a crazy smell.

The huge dragon claw suddenly slapped out, breaking the distorted space, revealing the crimson king's body.

"Ang", the elements full of the taste of nirvana surging crazily, and under the traction of destruction and creation, the nine elements merge. An unparalleled elemental storm erupted.

However, the light surrounding the Crimson Kings body was constantly distorted. Every time it was distorted, the glaring light and shadow flickered, disappeared, flickered again, and disappeared again.

All the power that attacked her disappeared completely in these distortions.

"Give it back to you." The Crimson God King yelled coldly, and a series of dragon pillars suddenly burst out of the distortion, shooting towards the dragon knights. Only the elemental storm that erupted from the colorful dragon had no feedback.

The colorful dragon suddenly opened its mouth, and a golden halo burst out from its mouth. Toward the Crimson God King shrouded in the past.

The golden halo suddenly changed into countless golden halos in the air, bleaching and falling.

The light around the body of the Crimson God King was violently distorted, not knowing whether she wanted to exclude her from this world or if she wanted to exclude the whole world. But a strange scene appeared. No matter how she rejected her, the golden halo fell out of nowhere, fell on her body, and merged with her body. Forced her to freeze there.

The colorful dragon fell out of thin air, and the huge dragon claws suddenly turned into brilliant gold, slammed it down, and slapped the stagnant Crimson God King fiercely.

The dragon claw of "Boom" was shot out, and the Crimson King was slapped and flew out without knowing how far, but it disappeared into everyone's field of vision in an instant.

And the dragon knights who were backlashed by the dragon force pillar also tried their best to resist the dragon force pillar who returned from the counterattack under the increase of the colorful flames.

At this moment, the eyes of these dragon knights looking at the colorful dragon are all strange. They can clearly feel that in the body of the colorful dragon, what flows through is a powerful bloodline that makes them want to worship. It is a powerful bloodline belonging to the dragon clan.

They knew that the strength of these two humans could be so powerful. In other words, they are not human at all! Compared with humans, they are more like dragons. King of Dragons!

The power of this colorful dragon king was not inferior to that of the Crimson God King, and it actually knocked her back on the frontal battlefield.

Originally, they were all powerhouses of all races who regarded death as home. At this moment, it seemed that the dawn of hope appeared, and for a while, he couldn't help but let out a thunderous dragon roar.

But at this time, the whole world was violently distorted. Everything around seemed to start to freeze. Only this area covered by the colorful dragon king's flames was not infested by that distortion.

"It seems that I underestimated you. But, how long can you stay in this state? Even if you are such an unstable force, even me, I don't want to swallow it."

In space, a figure slowly walked in their direction. With every step she took, her figure began to grow bigger, and every step she took, her breath also increased by a point.

The body of the crimson king also began to change. Behind her, a pair of huge wings slowly spread out. The wings are also purple-red, a bit like the wings of a bat, but layered on top of each other, carrying a piece of Phantom. As her body grows larger, this wing seems to be the back of the entire world. The attraction of horror also burst out from this huge wing.

All the beings present, even if they were enveloped by the light and shadow of the Colorful Dragon King, began to emit a mist of light. Even the space battleship is the same, and these mists are all converging towards the gradually growing crimson king.

"I came from Swallowing, and Swallowing is the most powerful ability in my talent. Perhaps you don't know how powerful the Devouring at the Divine King level is. If I want to, this galaxy will be completely swallowed by me. Its just that the abominable laws of the universe will repel me even more because of this, so that the power I absorb cannot be balanced. However, one day, when I have enough accumulation and strong enough power, I will take all of this Everything is destroyed."

The breath of madness is constantly rising, and powerful forces erupt in the air. The horrible devouring force even led the body of the Colorful Dragon King to begin to tremble slightly.

This is the power of the King of Gods, the foundation of the King of Gods is, dominate!

At this moment, she seems to have become the master of this world.

The body of the Seven-Colored Dragon King was trembling violently, and with each tremor, the blood red in its eyes became a bit more vivid. That is a sign of crazy backlash.

As the most important main force, he is under the greatest pressure, and the more he mobilizes, the weaker his own control will become.

The crazy will of the Golden Dragon King has been sealed for so many years, and it has just been released. It is the craziest moment when he wants to fight back. If the Dragon God Transformation was not completed when the seal was opened, and Tang Wulin took the initiative to hand over the control of the body to Gu Yuena, the situation would inevitably become even more dangerous.

But even so, the pressure brought by the Crimson King is really too great.

Her body has swelled to a moment that seems to be connected to the sky.

General Bai Ling, standing in the Seventh Fleet's general control room, waved his palm vigorously.

The four cosmic fleets that have long been charged have once again exploded with the strongest attack.

The terrifying attack power instantly bursts out an unparalleled powerful light, turning into a halo, light pillar, and triangle sharp, all focused on the huge figure.

The corners of the crimson **** kings mouth showed a trace of disdain, "You become bigger and become the dragon king. Dont you just want to make me bigger and use the power of this battleship to attack me? Its a pity that I am already the **** king. Its not the mother of Crimson. Its useless to me, and it can only be turned into my own power."

The power of the four space fleets to save and shoot, the next moment it fell on the Crimson King, it quietly disappeared in that distortion. Only lines of twisted electric lights appeared around the body of the Crimson God King.

"You try too?" The Crimson King suddenly raised his palm to the Colorful Dragon King. Suddenly, a huge twisted bolt of lightning burst out of the air, heading straight for the colorful dragon king to bombard it.

"Ang" Colorful Dragon King suddenly roared and roared, and for a while, the heavens and the earth changed. The many dragons behind him all released powerful dragon power into his body.

"Boom" dazzling electric light almost covered the entire surrounding airspace.

Although the Colorful Dragon King blocked most of the impact, many super god-level powerhouses were bombarded and flew out.

At this moment, the right wing of the Crimson God King suddenly twisted violently, and a black figure outrageously drilled out of it, and even pierced a hole in that wing. The black figure flashed away, trying to escape to the void.

"Where to go?" The Crimson King yelled angrily, and the huge wing that had been broken apart turned into a whirlpool, bursting out huge suction power.

And the golden-eyed Black Dragon King battleship, covered in black and halo, is like an insect struggling on a spider web, wanting to break free from it, but how easy is this to say?

Under the control of Ling Zichen, when the Golden Eyed Black Dragon King battleship relied on the two sides to fight, it attacked at the same time as the four major fleets attacked. Tang Sect's strongest battleship, after all, wounded the Crimson God King. The powerful corrosive power of the Black Dragon Cannon can't even be swallowed and absorbed by the Scarlet God King. However, it is also like throwing itself into a trap, and it can no longer break free.

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