Douluo Dalu 4: Ultimate Fighting Chapter 1735

Chapter 1743: God star?

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After the ten dragon kings, everyone who walked in was all strong. Moreover, Lan Xuanyu saw human beings. The number of human beings is not a minority. It can almost be said that it is the second strongest group outside the dragon clan. It's just that when they face themselves as the Dragon God, they all have a low eyebrow and pleasing look, and they don't have any inappropriate emotions.

"Why are you not among these positions?" Lan Xuanyu asked the treasure hunter.

Treasure hunting beast said: "I am not qualified! Those who can worship you in the main hall are all leaders of our Shenlong realm. I am just your close minister, in charge of the nursery for you, unless you specifically call me You can't come here."


"Master, it's ready. The ceremony can begin at any time." The Dark Dragon King on the right took a step forward and said respectfully to Lan Xuanyu.

Ceremony, what kind of ceremony is it? There is no doubt that this so-called ceremony should be the content of its own assessment. He hurriedly asked the treasure hunter, but the treasure hunter was at a loss.

It is definitely not a trivial matter to be able to allow the entire Shenlong realm to participate in the grand ceremony with its own existence headed by the Dragon God, and to be so solemn.

"Lord." At this moment, the Bright Dragon King on the left stepped forward and respectfully saluted Lan Xuanyu.

"Say." Lan Xuanyu said lightly. He didn't know what the former dragon **** was like, so he could only keep himself as mysterious as possible.

The Bright Dragon King said solemnly: "Lord, I think we still have to think twice about the ceremony. Although we are fully prepared. However, as far as we know, within the scope of our current detection, it is still Makes have never appeared. Can we really succeed? We now have the power of faith in many galaxies. Should we accumulate more?"

The Dark Dragon King opposite him sneered: "We have waited long enough. Why are you still so timid? There is no reason to wait any longer. We have made such full preparations. This is our stepping into the next level. The best opportunity for the gods. Once the gods are achieved, the coverage of our gods and dragons realm will be at least several times larger. At that time, our gods will become more powerful. We have not discovered the gods yet, which does not mean that There is no makea. Once a makea comes, can we protect our people?"

The Dark Dragon King's emotions were obviously a bit agitated, and it was obvious that this controversy was not the first time.

God star? Is the ceremony to be a **** star? The former Shenlong realm has reached such a level code?

Lan Xuanyu suddenly recalled the multidimensional space theory that Long Tian raised to himself.

According to what she said, the entire universe is divided into one-dimensional space to ten-dimensional space. The vast majority of planets are in three-dimensional space, and can reach four-dimensional space, that is, very powerful planets, and they will surely have powerful intelligent life forms. And the four-dimensional space evolves to the five-dimensional space, or the ability to control a certain five-dimensional space is already the realm of the gods.

The complete five-dimensional space is an extremely powerful God Realm. At this time, the Shenlong realm was going to move toward a higher-level **** star. What does this mean? This means that this is the process of evolution from a five-dimensional space to a six-dimensional space! Is Shenlong Realm so powerful?

What is the concept of six-dimensional space? Even if the Crimson Mother breaks through to become the Crimson God King, her goal is only to touch the five-dimensional space while securing the four-dimensional space to establish the realm of the gods. The space differs by one dimension, but the difference is not a little bit! That is a huge gap in geometric multiples.

It is already possible to touch, or even completely transform into the six-dimensional space of the Dragon Realm, what level of existence is it to be!

Lan Xuanyu didn't need to think too much about it. I am afraid that this grand ceremony of advancing to the **** star should be the turning point of the destruction of the dragon clan and even the collapse of the **** dragon realm. The madness of the Dragon God should also come from this ceremony.

"The Dark Dragon King is right. We can't wait any longer. We are now fully prepared. Within the realm, the fairy spirit has expanded and stabilized, and it has reached the level of solidification. It is time to move on. "The Mountain Dragon King said with an urn sound.

The Water Dragon King frowned and said, "But what the Bright Dragon King said makes sense. We can actually continue to accumulate."

"Then what else will we continue to accumulate?" The Fire Dragon King interrupted without hesitation: "Tell me, tell me where we can continue to accumulate? The Lord has reached the level of the Supreme God King, we all know, This is the basis for the achievement of the **** star. Why continue to wait? Once the **** star is achieved, even the laws of the universe cannot easily interfere with us. It will make the entire dragon realm more powerful over the uncontrollable power of the universe. The ability to resist. If you stay firmly in the realm of the gods, everything will become better."

The argument began. The Ten Dragon Kings are clearly divided into two factions. No, to be precise, there should be three factions. Because at the last time, the Dragon King and Dragon Crown Prince did not speak. The dragon prince seemed to think their quarrel was very interesting, and he listened carefully, and suddenly looked over here and over there. Looks full of excitement. But the Dragon King of Time is always pleasing to the eye, and seems to have no opinion on this argument.

Among the eight dragon kings in dispute, the bright dragon king, the water dragon king, and the space dragon king are more inclined to slow down, while the other five dragon kings agree that they cannot wait any longer.

Lan Xuanyu was not eager to interrupt them at all. From their arguments and conversations, he was able to obtain more information.

Obviously, for this so-called grand ceremony of becoming a **** star, the Dragon Race should have made sufficient preparations. However, there are some hesitations.

In addition to the ten dragon kings, among the many gods behind, they also have their own tendencies. But they don't seem to have the right to speak here. Therefore, no one spoke.

Lan Xuanyu observed carefully and discovered that in addition to the top ten dragon kings, there are actually seven or eight powerhouses at the **** king level. Among them, the number of humans is relatively large. On the human side, three people have reached the level of the **** king, and two are also close to the level of the **** king. But they are standing a bit further behind.

In front of them, there are almost all sacred beasts, and among the sacred beasts, there are also a few powerful people of the **** king level, but they are not of the same race.

From the situation at this moment, it can be seen that the position of the dragon in the realm of the dragon is the supreme. With him as the supreme **** king, all other tribes respect the dragon, and the dragon is also the most powerful.

Whether it was other sacred beasts or humans, Lan Xuanyu couldn't feel any dissatisfaction with their gods, all he could feel was reverence. Obviously, the dragon gods of this period were loved by the entire realm of dragons.

Judging from the current situation, things continue to develop, the ceremony is bound to be held, and it will definitely continue. This led to a series of tragedies that followed. What exactly the tragedy is is still unknown. However, if this ceremony is not held, will it not happen? It must be!

Thinking of this, Lan Xuanyu was about to speak. If the ceremony is interrupted and the ceremony is not allowed to be held, the crisis of the dragon will certainly not arise, and the crisis of the Shenlong realm will also not appear.

However, when he spoke, he himself was stunned.

"Enough. Don't continue arguing. I have decided and the ceremony begins. To become a **** star, we are completely independent existences in the universe and have the power to determine our own destiny. Our accumulation has been long enough. The Shenlong realm is also Stable enough. Shenlong belongs to me, let me go!"

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