Douluo Dalu 4: Ultimate Fighting Chapter 1736

Chapter 1744: Dragon God, you shameless!

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No, it's not like that! Lan Xuanyu screamed crazy in his heart, Dragon God, you shameless! Didnt I say that this is my assessment? Just now, why did you say these words at once, as if your divine consciousness had been taken over by this opening? This is definitely not what I said, it was what the Dragon God said at the beginning!

And as soon as this statement came out, all the gods present at the scene worshipped in his direction, "Be careful of the Lord's decree!"

Lan Xuanyu's heart twitched violently, and the control over his body returned. However, the words have already been spoken, do they have to take them back?

Yes, it is to take it back. So he spoke again. then

"Ang--" The fierce dragon roar suddenly burst out of the dragon god's mouth with an unparalleled strong fighting spirit and confidence. The roar of the dragon yin seemed to cause the entire God Realm to follow suit. The ten dragon kings present were drawn by the breath of blood, and suddenly raised their heads at the same time, and raised their heads to the sky and issued a long dragon chant to make peace with them.

Dragon God..., you...

Lan Xuanyu wants to curse, can't stop it? Don't you let me stop? I don't even have the power of a dragon god. What should I do when the ceremony is held?

Lan Xuanyu was helpless. He really didn't know what to do. And he has stood up and walked out in a stride.

All the gods present on the scene spread to both sides of their own accord. As he moved forward, the top ten dragon kings first followed him, and then the other strong men of various races accompanied him to go out together.

At this moment, Lan Xuanyu's divine consciousness was a little dazed. This is undoubtedly the true history that has happened. And according to the changes at this time, the ceremony is irreversible. This is probably the ceremony that caused the collapse of the entire Shenlong realm must be held.

How to do? What should I do now?

Lan Xuanyu was a little at a loss. What will happen next? Has the breakthrough to the **** star failed?

Just when he was in a trance, in the next moment, he had already discovered that he had appeared on a huge high platform.

He didn't know how high this high platform was. What he could see was the thick and dense fairy clouds around it.

Numerous fairy spirits rushed from all directions to his body. This is Lan Xuanyu's real body. He can feel that his body, which was greatly strengthened during the previous breakthrough, is being filled with this huge fairy spirit, and his cultivation base is increasing sharply every moment.

What is even more bizarre is that standing on this high platform, above his head, is the endless starry sky. Countless stars are shining all over the sky, and he seems to be able to grasp these stars just by raising his hand.

Do you hold the sun and the moon and pick the stars?

His heart throbbed and trembled. On this high platform, there were a total of eighteen existences accompanying him. Among them are the ten dragon kings, and there are eight other powerhouses who are also at the level of **** kings.

At this moment, Lan Xuanyu even had a weird feeling in his heart, how could this resemble the eighteen dragon knights on Sky Dragon Star.

It's just that, now this is not the eighteen super **** level powerhouses, but the eighteen **** king level powerhouses! What a formidable existence this is, this moment should also be the peak moment of the strength of the entire Shenlong realm.

There were doubts and wanderings in his heart. But he can feel how supreme he is on this high platform.

Is this the feeling of dominating a realm? His heart was full of shock. Of course, more fears.

The high platform at the foot is covered with various **** patterns, inlaid with countless magnificent gems, and the energetic colored light exudes higher levels of aura fluctuations. The huge energy keeps rising upwards.

Lan Xuanyu could even feel that the sky full of stars and countless existences were all under his control. And among these stars, they all have invisible feedback to themselves, and they are constantly injecting their strength into this side.

The top ten galaxies, this should be the top ten star regions controlled by the Dragon Realm.

Is it really that difficult to become a god? With such a powerful force in the Shenlong realm, did the eighteen kings and the blessings of his supreme **** king eventually fail? Did it lead to the defeat of the Shenlong Realm?

By this time, it was unstoppable. Lan Xuanyu also understood that the Dragon God would not let himself prevent the ceremony from happening.

At this moment, even the three dragon kings who had opposed opinions before had a glow of excitement and determination in their eyes. Since they have to do it, they must go all out.

Make star, how did make star come into being?

Lan Xuanyu had a strange thought in his heart, perhaps, this is also the precious wealth left by the Dragon God. It can be said that it is very rare to be able to try to achieve the existence of a **** star.

Come on, come on!

"Om!" A powerful breath suddenly rose from under his feet, the entire platform instantly turned into a color, and all the stars in the sky became brighter and brighter at this moment. The fairy spirit rushed towards the platform frantically.

Lan Xuanyu didn't know when there was an extra scepter in his hand. When this scepter was in his hand, he immediately discerned, isn't this the Dragon Pillar?

The rising dragon pillar in his palm continuously burst out dazzling light, and the 18 **** kings around his body burst into deafening dragon chants.

Long Yin roared, and the sky trembled. The incomparably powerful aura is climbing crazily.

The rising dragon pillar in Lan Xuanyu's hand was slowly lifted by him, and none of this was under his own control. The existence of the eighteen **** king levels all raised their own divine tools. Among them, Lan Xuanyu suddenly saw that the head of the human race was raising a blood-red long sword.

He was very impressed with this blood-red long sword, because it was the Shura sword of God Shura! This is naturally the **** of Shura.

The two human **** kings on both sides of the **** Shura's body each released a black light and a white light. The two lights merged together, exuding strange emotions, and shot in the direction of the dragon pillar at the same time.

The power of the eighteen gods gathered together, so huge, Lan Xuanyu only felt that his body was about to burst. However, the rising dragon pillar in his hand was still extremely stable, and the faerie aura in the air crazily filled and transformed his body and became a part of him. His breath also soared upwards exponentially.

This is not just an assessment, it also seems to be the feeling that I am becoming a king of God! However, this is only an illusory world. Why do I really feel the increase in power?

At this moment, his body slowly floated into the air. Above the high platform, the thousands of stars were projecting light, and they were also converging towards the rising dragon pillar in his hand.

"The Supreme God King, the heaven and the earth live together! The sun and the moon have the same glory! There is no me in the world! Shenlong Wushuang!" Lan Xuanyu spit out word by word. And with the appearance of every word of him, the Shenlong realm under him violently shakes. The dazzling rays of light converged from the thousands of stars, madly injected into the realm of the dragon.

And this injected point is the rising dragon pillar in Lan Xuanyu's hand. At this moment, he has become a medium. The power he radiated was covering the entire God Realm, and the God Realm began to undergo drastic changes under the convergence of the energy of these thousands of stars.

The surface of the realm is filled with layers of illusory light and shadow, and the huge energy contained in these lights and shadows is rapidly fusing with the dragon realm itself, making its aura more powerful.

At this moment, Lan Xuanyu felt that his body seemed to explode. Even though his body was already at the Divine King level, such a huge power still made him unable to bear it, even if it was only used as a transit, it was equally unbearable.

However, this is not under his control! It was put on the shelf by a duck! It was the original Dragon God who guided everything and completed this ritual!

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