Douluo Dalu: Opening Sign To The Flame Princess Chapter 561

Chapter 556: The Last Time To Check In Become The Emperor God

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Heaven Dou City,

Star City.

Countless people who knew Zhao Ming were completely speechless when they heard this voice. Has Zhao Ming come to this point now? What kind of existence is the Emperor God, can he also canonize and dismiss the right of the God's Mansion?

"You make a lot of money. I know that Zhao Ming will not let me down." Star Luocheng, the Zhu family, and Zhu Pride trembled with excitement when they heard Zhao Ming's voice. He knew that Zhao Ming's future would be bright. Can Zhu Qing and Zhu Yun become gods with Zhao Ming? Zhao Ming was able to make Qian Renxue a god, and according to Zhao Ming's character, he would never treat Zhu Yun and his sisters wrongly.

"From now on, our Zhu family will probably become a Protoss." Zhu said proudly, and could not help but straighten his back. Protoss is the supreme existence.

Shrek Academy, Flander and the other teachers couldn't help tears in their eyes, what a terrifying existence their Shrek Academy actually produced.

The women listened to the panic with joy, and flushed their faces. With that voice just now, Zhao Ming seemed to have become an emperor in the world, making everyone want to surrender.

"It's impossible, it's absolutely impossible." Qian Mo, the original angel god, looked at this scene in amazement, his divine power was fading fast, and instead, endless divine power emerged from Qian Renxue's body.

"You actually occupy the body of the god, you **** it." Qian Renxue's pretty face was full of majesty, and three pairs of white wings waved behind him.

And Qian Mo screamed violently and was killed by Qian Renxue. The body that really belonged to Qian Mo hidden in the Wuhun Hall also exploded directly, and was wiped out in smoke.

Qian Mo, die.

Poseidon and Rakshasa watched this scene in shock. Just ten seconds ago, Qianmo stood beside them and fought side by side with them. But how long has it been?

How many seconds, tens of seconds?

In this short time, Qian Mo died?

This is simply outrageous. Anyway, it is also a first-class god's residence, is it so weak?

And what is the thing in the hands of the Emperor God, can it be able to canonize and dismiss the Divine Mansion, can the same method be used to dismiss them?

"Emperor God, we are willing to serve you. Be your subordinate." Sea God and Raksha God said almost simultaneously. Facing death, they began to fear. In the God Realm, they are the existence of giants. After being domineering for so long, where are they willing to die?

"I just want to beg for mercy now? It's too late." Before Xu Ran could speak, another beautiful figure appeared. She was holding a long sword densely covered with magic patterns. The aura on her body was both noble and majestic. Zhao Ming couldn't help but was stunned. Now Bibi Dong has obviously inherited the Shura Divine Mansion.

Now she is strong enough to match the **** king. Bibi Dong was originally a twin martial soul, and when he was a soul master, his soul power was stronger than a normal soul master. Bibi Dong was meant to kill the gods, and it is reasonable to inherit the throne of Shura.

"Are you the **** of Shura?" The gods of the sea and the **** Raksha looked at Bibi Dong in horror. The **** of Shura has fallen, and it is normal for a new **** of Shura to be born now.

But Bibi Dong did not respond to them. Instead, he raised the Shura Demon Sword in his hand and snorted softly, "Asura, judge."

Endless blood flowed from Bibi Dong towards the Shura Demon Sword, and a terrifying sword light slashed away.

And Qian Renxue also took the opportunity to make a move, the golden spirit ring on her body flickered, and she blasted towards the sea **** and Raksha **** beside him.

"Ah." The defense of Rakshasa **** was first broken by Bibi Dong. Rakshasa **** and Asura **** are disliked by each other in the **** realm. It is because the judgment power of Asura **** is too severe for Raksha god, and it is far stronger. The Judgment of God Yu Xiula on other divine residences.

At this time, Bibi Dong used Shura's divine power to cause a devastating blow to the Raksha God.

"Not good." Seagod's face changed wildly, Qian Renxue and Bibi Dong shot at him at the same time, and he quickly defeated.

"Die." Upon seeing this, Zhao Ming shot the Sea God directly. Bibi Dong went to destroy the Rakshasa god. After the death of God Rakshasa, his body turned into a dark red beam, which contained the breath of **** Rakshasa, which was absorbed by the Book of Gods.

The sea **** was condensed into a sea-blue energy group in Zhao Ming's hands, which was rich in the power of the sea god. Zhao Ming directly penetrated this group of Seagod's divine power into Bo Saixi's body, and then flew toward Seagod Island with Bo Saixi.

"You go to Tiandou City first. Wait for me to come back. I'm one step away from becoming a god." Zhao Ming's voice sounded from a distance, reaching Bibi Dong and Qian Renxue's ears.

Bibi Dong and Qian Renxue glanced at each other and smiled at each other. They didn't say much, but they all understood the identity between the two and Zhao Ming.


Poseidon Island, Poseidon Temple.

Zhao Ming placed Bo Saixi in the Seagod Temple, directly breaking the divine power of Bo Saixi's body seal, at that moment Bo Saixi's breath was soaring. She did not dare to hesitate, and directly opened the road to becoming a **** for herself. The surging sea god's divine power slowly calmed down after experiencing a brief madness.

And Zhao Ming saw that Bo Saixi had no problem absorbing these Seagod's divine powers, so he let go of his heart.

"I clocked in for the last time." Zhao Ming said, looking at the Sea God Temple in front of him.

"Ding, congratulations to the host for successfully clocking in."

"Ding, congratulations to the host for obtaining the ninth puppet~wuxiaworld.online~ The Ruthless Emperor."

"Ding, because the emperor Ruthless is on a very high plane and the strength of the ruthless emperor is extremely strong, far higher than the host's current strength, it is temporarily impossible to summon her out."

"Ding, it is detected that the strength of the host has reached level ninety-nine, and the spirit ring position on the host is full. The host has unified the forces of the Douluo mainland humans and spirit beasts, and meets the requirements for becoming a god, and the inheritance of the emperor **** begins.

As the last sound of the system sounded, a brilliant golden beam of light rose into the sky, and the terrifying emperor appeared on Zhao Ming. Zhao Ming's black hair grows madly, a crown of hair is tied behind his head, and his black robe is embroidered with endless and mysterious patterns. At a glance, he can see endless years.

Under Zhao Ming's body, the two gold, seven red, nine spirit rings all began to sublimate, and all became golden million-year-old spirit rings. A golden spirit ring that was several times larger than the nine golden spirit rings also appeared in Zhao. Behind Ming.

"Is this the Emperor God?" Zhao Ming muttered, feeling the breath on his body. He could feel how terrible the breath in his body was. If he is the self before him now, he can explode with a single blow.

"Destroy the God King, the Evil God King, it's interesting, even my concubine dare to be imprisoned." Zhao Ming whispered and raised a glance, as if he had seen through the sky, every move of the God Realm was under his nose.

The goddess of life and the goddess of kindness were imprisoned, and he naturally saw it.

"That's it, wait until you come to catch it all. But now you are probably not even Yan Yan and the others." Zhao Ming hides all the aura of the emperor.

The opening sign of Douluo Continent is signed to Yan Ling Ji https://

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