Douluo Dalu: Opening Sign To The Flame Princess Chapter 562

Chapter 557: Ragnarok

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Spirit world.

The goddess of life was imprisoned in a cage of destruction. The aura of destruction made her look out of place, and her pretty face was pale. But at this moment, her pretty face bloomed with a brilliant smile.

"Under the crown of the emperor, are you coming back?" Two lines of tears flowed down the delicate face of the goddess of life. She has been waiting for the return of the Emperor God for a long, long time, is the Emperor God finally returning now?

She couldn't help thinking of the God of Destruction. She only felt that he was a bit sad and hateful. She betrayed the Emperor God and wanted to kill the Emperor God, but now he had no chance. Because the breath of the Emperor God came to her just now.

The good goddess was also imprisoned in the destruction cage, and she also felt the breath of the emperor. Although she did not have the same attachment to the Emperor God like the Goddess of Life, the surrender and attachment of her divine power to the Emperor God caused her to accept the fact that she would become a concubine of the Emperor God.


"Broken." The **** of destruction yelled, an extremely large space-time channel appeared, and the gods couldn't help showing a relaxed smile when they saw this.

They have been waiting for this moment for a long time, and the longer it is, the stronger the Emperor God's strength will be.

"Destruction, why do I always feel a little uneasy?" The evil **** couldn't help saying, he always felt a little worried.

"What are you afraid of, there are so many gods with us." The **** of destruction gritted his teeth and said, why is he not afraid? Suddenly, a terrible thought suddenly appeared in his mind, and the strength of the Emperor God had been restored.

This thought directly frightened his legs. But the matter is now, he, as the **** of destruction, absolutely cannot shrink back. I have done everything, and the Emperor God will not let him go when he comes back.

"The gods follow me into the Douluo Continent. After killing the Emperor God, we will be the God of Freedom," said the God of Destruction, stepping into the passage of time and space first.

Hundreds of divine residences heard the words, at the moment when the **** of destruction stepped into the space-time passage, they also entered the space-time passage one after another. In a moment, they arrived on the Douluo mainland plane. All the gods have ten terrifying spirit rings, and their bodies exude an aura that surpasses the cognition of all residents of Douluo Continent.

In front of that kind of breath, everyone felt that they were so humble.

It is as if these hundreds of people are beings who are above all beings.

Under hundreds of terrifying powers, almost everyone in Douluo Continent knelt directly on the ground.

Countless people watched this scene in horror, like the last days.

"What kind of existence is this? Are they here to find Zhao Mingmian?"

Countless people exclaimed, each of these people can be called the most terrifying powerhouse in the world, so many people shot together, can Zhao Mingmian really regain his glory?

"I didn't find the breath of the Emperor God, where did he hide?" The God of Destruction stood in the air, looking down, searching for Zhao Ming's figure. But he couldn't feel Zhao Ming's breath anyway.

This made him couldn't help being a little surprised. Is the Emperor God so powerful before he becomes a God?

"Go and grab the wives of the Emperor God one by one. The Emperor God should take the initiative to show up at that time," said the God of Destruction, rushing forward. The gods behind him are closely following him. Before the death of God Shura, he had passed the information of the Emperor God in Douluo Continent to him. He naturally knew that the Emperor God had many concubines in the lower realm.


In Heaven Dou City, all the women were waiting in the palace at this time, but the moment they saw the gods descending, everyone's hearts were mentioned in their throats.

Even if they knew that the strength of Yan Lingji and the others as Zhao Ming's puppets had increased too much, each of them was enough to be comparable to the **** king, or even stronger. But they still couldn't react. This is the natural fear of man and God.

"Haha, you deserve to be an emperor, I really know how to enjoy it. With so many wives hiding here, can the emperor alone bear it?" An evil God of Original Sin saw the girls in the palace and couldn't help but promote Some evil thoughts arose.

"As long as you can kill the Emperor God today, you can ignore the rules of the God Realm for one day." The God of Destruction said, looking at the girls below with a touch of disdain. It is precisely because the God Realm has its own rules that the gods dare not mess around, but now that the God of Destruction has forgiven one day directly, there are many things that can be done on that day.

Especially the imperial concubine below, made them feel itchy. They could see that the women gathered in this palace were the most beautiful women on this continent. These are all top quality!

More importantly, they are still imperial concubines. If they can enjoy an imperial concubine, it should feel very wonderful.

"Shameless, I dared to speak foul language in front of us. Be cut!" Angel Yan couldn't help it. Holding the long sword in his hand, the sword slashed towards a divine residence in the center of the gods.

"Ah." A scream sounded, and a divine residence was instantly knocked down, and that was still a first-level god, one of the seven original sin gods.

The space instantly became cold, and the gods watched this scene in amazement.

A first-level divine residence was easily shot down.

This is only the woman of the Emperor God, how could she be so strong?

At the same time, while the gods were shaking, Yan Lingji, Yun Yun, Medusa, and several other Zhao Ming's puppets all released a terrifying aura, and instantly killed them towards the gods.

"All the breath of the **** king level, all the **** king." The **** of destruction looked at the women in front of him in amazement, and a cold sweat broke out on his body. The imperial concubines in front of them are all the breath of the **** king level, has the emperor **** recovered?

If there is no recovery, how can they be so strong?

Not only the **** of destruction, other gods are also panicked.

"Emperor God, I am willing to submit to the Emperor God, as long as the Emperor God waits for our lives."

"I am waiting to come down."

The gods panicked and wanted to surrender. At the moment when UU read www.uukanshu.com, they dare not go against the Emperor God anymore. It was just that the strength of the eight imperial concubines in front of them were terrifyingly scary. How terrifying is that Emperor God? Eight imperial concubines alone could destroy them, let alone the emperor god.


"I will establish the order of the God Realm in the future. You can go on the road together."

Zhao Ming was dressed in a black robe, standing on the ridge of a distant palace, his palm stretched out, and a palm containing endless power rose in the sky. The palm of his hand obscured the sky, surpassing everything. At this moment, the entire continent was plunged into darkness, with only a little sunlight passing through Zhao Ming's fingers, bringing some warmth to the continent.

"This trick is called the Twilight of the Gods." Zhao Ming's palm fell, and the gods below could not move as if their bodies were imprisoned. They could only watch the huge palm fall.


"I don't want to die."

There were screams, and when those voices disappeared, everything fell into peace.

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