Douluo Dalu: Opening Sign To The Flame Princess Chapter 563

Chapter 558: Wedding End Of Douluo Chapter

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In a small city in the Destiny Empire, a stunning girl cast her eyes high in the sky, and at the moment that the aura of the gods that made countless people tremble in the sky dissipated, she was completely relieved.

Zhao Ming won, and he will be the master of this world in the future.

Xue Ke was wearing a white sarong without any decoration on her body. After she faded her identity as a princess these days, she lived in seclusion here. She did not worry about eating and drinking. Although she was no longer an imperial princess, she was also happy.

However, she still couldn't stop thinking about him. Zhao Ming, this man who has left a deep impression on her heart.

"Niu, I was born so handsome, come to play with my master?" A long voice sounded, and Zhao Ming directly hugged Xue Ke from behind and wrapped her slender waist.

"Let go of me, rascal, rascal, I'll call someone if you don't let go." Xue Ke said angrily, never expecting that someone would dare to be so frivolous. Although she is no longer an imperial princess, how can her innocent body be tainted by others?

"Sell, call everyone here." Zhao Ming looked at the girl in his arms, turned her head around, and kissed her red lips heavily.

"Zhao Ming..." Xue Ke's body trembled slightly, and two lines of tears flowed down her delicate cheeks. She did not expect Zhao Ming to come to her.

"Okay, now let's get rid of your anger, go back with me." Zhao Ming smiled happily, and before Xue Ke answered, he hugged her and wanted to leave.

"No, I won't go, I won't go back with you. I have nothing to do with you." Xue Ke flattened her mouth, and she still feels aggrieved even now. Stinky Zhao Ming, when she ran away, he didn't know to chase her.

"If you don't leave, then I will rectify you on the spot. Taking the sky as the blanket and the ground as the bed, anyway, I don't think it's a big deal."

"You, shameless..." Xue Ke looked at Zhao Ming in embarrassment. He didn't expect that Zhao Ming was already so powerful and still so shameless. A giant who waved his hand and suppressed the gods, even had to say such shameless words.

Humph, it's easy to change, but it's hard to change your nature.

But after a brief tsundere, Xue Ke still let Zhao Ming hold her in her arms and head away.


A week later, Zhao Ming reshuffled the positions of the entire God Realm. Ning Rongrong, Zhu Zhuqing and other women, as well as Emperor Tian, Xiong Jun, and the Deep Sea Demon Whale King, were all canonized as gods.

At this time, a burst of news came out, the Emperor God Zhao Ming, a generation of great emperors was about to get married, this news caused the entire God Realm and the entire Douluo Continent to shake.

Before Zhao Ming became a god, the love story between him and many confidantes circulated throughout the Douluo Continent. Everyone knew that this extremely stalwart existence had been merciful everywhere in the mainland, and forged many good relationships.

Now that Zhao Ming is about to officially marry all the confidantes, it naturally attracted the attention of all residents of Douluo mainland. All the residents of Douluo Continent rushed towards Tiandou City frantically, they wanted to see the faces of Emperor Zhao Ming and many imperial concubines. However, Tiandou City had already closed its gates, and only allowed to go out and not to enter.

And only those who received Zhao Ming's invitation are eligible to participate in this extraordinary wedding. This wedding is absolutely unprecedented in the Douluo Continent, because the owner of the wedding is the Emperor Zhao Ming, and his concubines are also extremely large. The Emperor Zhao Ming left a lot in the Douluo Continent in his early years. Love debt, it seems a lot more now to be married at the same time.

"Dean, dear teachers." Zhao Ming slammed into the hall. Dean Flanders of Shrek Academy and many teachers gathered here, looking at Zhao Ming with a smile on his face.

"Well, you kid, although you are already an emperor, you are still a student of our Shrek Academy." Flender laughed and said, patted Zhao Ming on the shoulder, a flush of red appeared on his face. God, since Zhao Ming became a god, he has to deal with the friendship of the major forces, various drinking and dining, but he has eaten enough, sometimes he has to eat more than a dozen meals a day. But he also enjoyed it.

After all, Zhao Ming is a student of their Shrek Academy. Their Shrek Academy has cultivated an existence that can wave a hand to Destroy God, can he be unhappy? Gods are already in sight in the hearts of ordinary spirit masters like them, but Zhao Ming is able to slap the existence of the gods. This kind of existence has long exceeded their imagination.

"Haha, that's natural, no matter when, Shrek Academy will always be my home and Xiao Wu's home." Zhao Ming pursed his lips. Zhao Ming has now given Flanders the official position of their priests. Although the priests are not strong, they can also guarantee their immortality.

"Okay, come on, our teachers offer you a glass, and wish you can pass the customs today." Flender and many teachers raised their glasses and drank them, then looked at Zhao Ming with a smile. And Zhao Ming naturally drank the wine in the cup. He naturally knew what Flanders meant by them. It's just that there are a lot of married wives today.

Come one by one, you can't stop halfway, and leave the beautiful ladies behind.

But to be honest, now with the physical strength of his Emperor God, he is really not afraid of anything.

"Xian-in-law, congratulations. Today is your day of great joy. We don't have to drink you too much. You can do it yourself." Behind Zhao Ming, Zhu proudly said with a smile, and some others came by his side. The people watching the ceremony looked at Zhao Ming respectfully. They all knew what a terrifying position the seemingly young and shameless person in front of him had in this world.

"Well, I'm not welcome. When the wedding is over, I will accompany my uncle to have a good drink." Zhao Ming smiled, looking into the distance. At this time, dozens of terrifying beasts arrived outside Tiandou City.

The huge beast did not scare the residents of Tiandou City. After all, today is a day when the Emperor God is overjoyed, but no one dares to make trouble.

Zhao Ming is the patron saint of Tiandou City. With him, who would dare to be presumptuous?

And they also knew that the Emperor God himself had the identity of a soul beast. Regarding whether the Emperor God is a human or a soul beast, since the Emperor God became a god, the human race and the soul beast race have been arguing. However, in the end the two clans jointly accepted a final statement, the Emperor God Zhao Ming belongs to both the human race and the soul beast race, and he can dominate the two races.

Only with this kind of status can we truly disregard the other and take care of the common interests of the two races.

"Di Tian worships the Lord."

"Xiong Jun worships the Lord."

"The Scarlet King pays homage to the Lord."


Dozens of voices sounded, and those dozens of terrifying beasts turned into human forms outside of Tiandou City, and saluted Zhao Ming respectfully.

Today's emperor Zhao Ming has the supreme status in the hearts of all soul beasts. It was Zhao Ming who gave them the hope of the soul beast clan becoming gods, and it was Zhao Ming who made the gods a place jointly managed by human gods and soul beast gods.


In the palace at this time, lights and festoons were everywhere. The ground was covered with red carpets, and even for the entire Tiandou City, the whole continent was full of lights and festoons at this time, wanting to burst into the emperor's joy.

In the hall at this time, dozens of beautiful ladies were standing at the end of the red carpet, all wearing red hijabs and red wedding clothes. They couldn't help being a little shy, but more of it was a sense of happiness. From now on they have only one identity in common, that is Zhao Ming's concubine.

And they still have some worries, can Zhao Ming bear it? But who made him provoke so many people at once? If he gets tired ahead of time, that's what he is doing.

Zhao Ming looked down, UU Reading www.uukanshu.com divided into six columns with 38 brides.

Xiao Wu, Ning Rongrong, Zhu Zhuqing, Zhu Zhuyun, Bai Chenxiang, Ye Lingling, Zhier, Meng Yan, Dugu Goose, Xue Ke, Tang Yuehua, Liu Erlong, Bibi Dong, Qian Renxue, Hu Liena, Purple Pearl, Posesi , Huo Wu, Xue Wu, Shui Bing'er, Shui Yue'er, A Rou, Gu Yuena, Wang Qiu'er, Brigitte, Zi Ji, Ice Emperor, Xue Di, Xiao Bai, Dong Qianqiu and many other women also have Flame Ling Ji, Tu Shan Yaya, Medusa, Yun Yun, Angel Yan, Luo Li and other eight puppet wives are already ready

At this moment they were slowly walking towards the center of the hall, with an elegant posture. At this moment, everyone was eye-catching and everyone couldn't help but exclaim. I heard that the Emperor God still has many goddesses serving in the God Realm.

The Emperor God is worthy of being an Emperor God, he actually has so many concubines to serve, but even the emperor of the lower realm has countless concubines in the San Gong and Six Courtyards, and the Emperor God is not too many.

Keep everything simple, when Zhao Ming and the brides paid each other's husband and wife ceremony, and then the girls walked into their new houses one by one, waiting for Zhao Ming's luck tonight.


This day is destined to be long and beautiful.

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