Douluo Godly Choice System Chapter 608

Chapter 608: Babao Ruyi Soft Armor

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It's not that Miles and the others don't want to stand up, but in their minds, there is always a consciousness telling them that they must always kneel here. If they get up, something terrible will happen.

It wasn't until Qi Ling and the others had eaten the meal and left the restaurant. The few people in Miles fell on the ground like an amnesty, their faces were already sweaty, and they could hardly bear it anymore.

"Damn, what the **** is going on? Why did I kneel there just now?" Myers gasped, while wondering, "Damn, it must be Silong who made a ghost! Silong, I can't spare you! "

After leaving the restaurant, Silong went to prepare things for everyone, and then Tang San said, "Big Brother, did we just let them go?"

"How is it possible, Xiao San, didn't I say, there won't be anyone from the gods who will bring the news out from here!" Qi Ling said.

One day passed like this. In the evening of the next day, everyone, led by Sloan, went to the auction held by the Blacksmiths Association.

The venue of the auction is on the fourth floor of the Blacksmiths Association. Before entering, everyone must use a hood to conceal their identities to prevent their identities from leaking.

And just when a few people were planning to enter the auction house, Shenjiang Lou Gao also came to them and entered the auction house with them. Qi Ling knew that he was here for Tang San. After all, he saw Tang San yesterday. The torrential rain pear flower needle, that thing is fatal to the attraction of the building.

After entering the auction room, Lou Gao led everyone to the center of the front row. As soon as he sat down, he couldn't wait to ask Tang San about his rainstorm pear flower needles.

After waiting for a while, everyone's eyes suddenly lit up, and an old man in a tuxedo appeared on the stage and began to introduce himself.

The first auction item was a piece of mysterious iron. As a rare metal used by various institutions, naturally the more the better, so the price quickly rose to 200,000 gold soul coins.

For this thing, Qi Ling and others are naturally bound to get it. Seeing that fewer and fewer people continue to increase prices, Ning Rongrong said, "Three hundred thousand!"

This kind of price was almost beyond the price of this piece of profound iron itself, so after Ning Rongrong called out this price, the auction house was silent, and no one would do a bad deal.

Just as the auctioneer was about to announce the ownership of this piece of profound iron, a voice suddenly sounded from behind: "Four hundred thousand!"

Hearing this voice, everyone couldn't help but frowned, because this was Miles's voice. Obviously, he recognized everyone's identity and wanted to cause everyone a little trouble.

Seeing everyone looking at him at this time, Miles couldn't help showing a triumphant smile, as if to say to everyone, if you have the ability, continue to increase the price!

"Hey, it's interesting, there are people who actually plan to make more money than me!" Qi Ling smiled, "Senior Lou Gao, I would like to confirm one thing to you, this piece of mysterious iron, his owner should be from the Blacksmiths Association, right? "

Lou Gao was taken aback, and said, "Well, it should be. After all, this kind of metal can only be paid attention to by the talents of the Blacksmiths Association."

"Well, that's good, then I'm not afraid that the fat water will flow into the outsider's field." Qi Ling smiled, "Rongrong, increase the price with him!"

"Ah? How much to add?" Ning Rongrong asked.

"First add to half a million!"

After Ning Rongrong offered 500,000 yuan, Miles was stunned. The price of 500,000 yuan obviously exceeded the price of this piece of profound iron. What did they want to do?

Miles couldn't help but look at Qi Ling and the others, but he happened to see Qi Ling's disdainful eyes, and he couldn't help but be furious. My great bishop, can you even look down on me?

"Six hundred thousand!" Miles shouted, and everyone around him could not help but exclaim.

But before everyone was finished exclaiming, Ning Rongrong had continued to bid, "Seven hundred thousand!"

Miles patted the chair beside him, gritted his teeth, and continued to shout: "800,000!"

"Nine hundred thousand!" Ning Rongrong continued to shout.

This time, Miles hesitated, 900,000 yuan, no one would want to sell Xuan Tie at such a price, could it be said that they are really short of this thing?

"Humph! The more you want, the more I will make trouble for you!" Bishop Miles made up his mind and added the last price! Even if he couldn't buy it, Qi Ling had to pay an extra 200,000 yuan!

"One million gold soul coins!" Bishop Miles shouted loudly.

Hearing this price, everyone was shocked once again, and they looked at Bishop Miles, thinking that the gods really had a lot of money, one million gold soul coins, only to buy a piece of profound iron?

While Bishop Miles was proud of it, he was always waiting for Qi Ling and the others to increase the price, but he couldn't wait for the left and the right. Bishop Miles panicked. You are increasing the price. What are you doing?

"I will continue to add to you when I am crazy, isn't this guy's brain abnormal?" Qi Ling laughed from the side and shouted at the same time, "Since your Excellency wants this profound iron so much, we have to give in. This mysterious iron belongs to you."

"You!" Bishop Miles suddenly felt unable to come up in one breath, and almost closed his breath. How could he want this profound iron? Are you crazy if you buy a piece of Tegada for a million?

But the words have already been spoken, and Bishop Miles is too late to regret on the contrary. After all, as the Bishop of God's Court, he can't do such a shameless thing, so he has to suffer this loss.

Lou Gao looked at Miles and almost laughed out loud. This guy, who usually troubles the Blacksmiths Association, can see him deflated, which can be said to be a great pleasure.

The auction on the stage is still going on. With this experience, Miles dare not follow Qi Ling to bid at will, for fear of the trap set by Qi Ling.

When the auction went to the end, the old man on the stage suddenly became serious, and then a small cart was pushed up, under the cover of red cloth, it seemed that there were two people inside.

Naturally, the Blacksmiths Association will not auction people anymore. This final auction item is the life-long hard work of the gods, the eight treasures and soft armor, a real artifact-level lot.

The auctioneer introduced these two auction items to the crowd very seriously. The fact that they were cast by the high-level hands alone has made them invaluable, not to mention its various effects, which is irresistible.

"These two lots have a reserve price of 500,000 Gold Soul Coins! You can bid freely," said the auctioneer.

"800,000!" It was Miles who was still asking for the price, but this time, he was not fighting Qi Ling, but really wanted to buy these two artifacts. After all, this thing is powerful for him, but it will Has greatly strengthened.

Ning Rongrong looked at Qi Ling at this time, and Qi Ling smiled: "Follow! No matter how much Miles shouts, we will follow!"

So Ning Rongrong shouted a price of 900,000, and Miles immediately shouted a million. Seeing the posture of both sides, the others knew that they were getting stronger, so they all honestly didn't say anything. Waiting for a good show.

The price quickly rose to 9 million under the competition between the two sides! This has already been the highest auctioned product since the establishment of the Blacksmiths Association Auction House, and the auctioneer couldn't help but get excited.

"Ten million!" When Miles shouted the price, he felt his heart trembling, ten million, that's ten million! This will not only cost all of my own money, but also all the budget of the Shentian branch here!

But at the same time, Miles couldnt help but feel that he was very happy. With a huge sum of ten million yuan, he was already inevitable for this Eight Treasure Ruyi Soft Armor, and this thing, but the most precious treasure of the gods, himself But you must humiliate them well!

When Ning Rongrong was about to continue to increase the fare with Miles, Qi Ling suddenly stopped her, and Ning Rongrong said in confusion: "What's the matter, Qi Ling, have we not increased it?"

"No, I just think it would be too troublesome to add it bit by bit." Qi Ling smiled and took the sign in Ning Rongrong's hand, then raised it up and shouted, "I'll give one hundred million!"

Hearing this price, everyone seemed to be in madness and began to talk about Qi Ling. They couldn't imagine that they would actually see such an astronomical figure at the auction of the Blacksmiths Association!

And Bishop Miles, at this time, has also fallen into a sluggish state, one hundred million, he can not get the money anyway, this is not a question of pooling together!

"Damn, what the **** is this kid? How could he be so rich!" Miles said viciously, "Humph! In that case, don't blame me for being cruel, these darlings, and your golden soul coins, I want it all!"

But Qi Ling said disdainfully at this time: "Is this Miles stupid? The sellers and sellers are our people, even this blacksmiths association is our own, left hand to right hand. , How could he win?"

"Of course, Senior Lou Gao, we will hand over the money to the Blacksmith Association as much as possible. We are still making a lot of money when we buy these two artifacts with 100 million Gold Soul Coins." Qi Ling said to Lou Gao.

At this time, the height of the building is naturally too excited, and there is a feeling of meeting a confidant. After all, for a blacksmith, there is nothing happier than being recognized for his work.

"Of course, after all, the predecessors of Lou Gao saved us a batch of material money before. The price of that batch of materials is almost 100 million. Inside and outside, it is equal to us making 100 million in vain." Qi Ling smiled, "Yes. Thank you Senior Lou Gao!"

Lou Gao heard what Qi Ling said, and he didn't know what to say. After all, that was what he said. He didn't understand Qi Ling's drawings, so he naturally had to pay for his materials.

"Good boy, are you hitting my head with attention? But this kind of calculation, I am willing to eat! Hahaha!" Lou Gao said.

Afterwards, everyone returned to the Blacksmiths Association together. Qi Ling smiled and patted Tang San on the shoulder, and said, "Little San, I'll go for a walk. You can come with me."

Tang San looked at Qi Ling's eyes, and he immediately understood that Qi Ling was planning to go to the branch of Shenting to fulfill his promise today.

Seeing Qi Ling and Tang San walk out the door together, Lou Gao couldn't help looking at the Titan in confusion, and said, "Why, Titan, would you like to go with them? Just rely on them. Are they opponents of the court?"

After hearing this, the Titan laughed and said: "Hahaha, old man, this is the funniest joke I have ever heard today! I am indeed a Contra, but if you really want to fight, whether its the young master or Lord, I am not their opponent!"

"Especially the leader, I guess, today this Miles should be blessed, the leader will let him see the unforgettable picture!"

After leaving the house, Tang San asked Qi Ling: "Brother, do we need to pretend to go before we go?"

Qi Ling smiled and said: "The disguise is because you are worried about being seen by the enemy, but if your enemy is gone, do we still need to disguise?"

After that, the two sneaked all the way and came to the branch of God Court, but they happened to see Malles and others secretly gathering in the church, as if they were plotting something.

Needless to think about it, the two of them can also guess that 80% of them are planning to go to the Blacksmiths Association to snatch. Qi Ling couldn't help but smile: "It's really easy to get together. You all get together, it saves me. Up!"

"Since you are a church, you must be very religious, right? I don't know if you see such a scene before you die, will you feel that your Lord has come to welcome you?"

"Fourth Spirit Ability: Gaia Energy Cannon!"

In the future, according to the residents of the Metal City, many people saw the sun at night that night! Bishop Miles and others were also called by God and all went to heaven.

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