Douluo Godly Choice System Chapter 609

Chapter 609: The Queen Of Xue Ke Xinshuhaige.com

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After returning to the Blacksmiths Association, Lou Gao and the others tauntedly did not ask about Qi Ling. For everyone, Qi Ling and Tang San went out tonight, and just simply took a break in the city of Gengxin. It's just a step.

And early in the next morning, news of the destruction of the main hall of the gods spread throughout the city of Gengxin, but everyone in the city felt that Bishop Miles must have been summoned by the main god, otherwise it would not A miracle came.

Lou Gao looked at the boiling news in the city, and couldn't help but said to Qi Ling: "Now the city is arresting you everywhere, don't you need to escape?"

Qi Ling smiled and said: "Huh? Catch us? Why do you want to catch us? Bishop Miles felt the call of God and was taken to heaven by God, but it has nothing to do with us."

From the sacred court, Qi Ling and others also brought back a large amount of finances and rare metals. These things were exactly what Qi Ling and the Blacksmiths Association needed. When everyone added up and got what they needed, they divided up these things. clean.

And when Qi Ling and others were leaving, Lou Gao asked Qi Ling specifically how to make his thing. Qi Ling said helplessly: "Senior Lou Gao, you have also seen the drawings, the size of the drawings. Congratulations, it is not something that can be built at will. Even if there is the existence of the Soul Guidance Device, it needs a fairly wide and hidden place."

"So I can only start construction after I go back to my site, and the time required should not be short, so I can't show it to you."

"What's this! Why don't you see it? I can just go with you!" Lou Gao said, "Anyway, I have handed over this blacksmith association to my apprentice. There is nothing wrong now, just to go out and experience the long-lost experience. Blacksmith life!"

In order to take care of the height of the building, his two disciples also decided to go together. As master-level blacksmiths, they are undoubtedly rare talents.

The whole group embarked on the way back again, rushing back towards Tiandou City, and when they returned to Tiandou City, there were still a few days before Xue Ke's enthronement ceremony.

After returning to the Tiandu Palace, after seeing Xue Ke, she who had never known what was nervous, was also a little flustered at this time, so when she saw Qi Ling, she immediately greeted her with joy: "Teacher, you are finally back. ! I am still worried that you will not be able to catch up."

"Why? This is your most important day. Why won't I come back?" Qi Ling smiled, "Well, I'm going to become a queen. Do you feel excited and nervous?"

"I'm almost nervous, if Sister Bibi Dong had been teaching me how to do it, I wouldn't know what to do." Xue Ke said.

Bibi Dong on the side also smiled and said, "It's okay, Xue Ke, what you have done is better than you thought. You will become a qualified king."

Regarding Xue Ke's enthronement ceremony, Qi Ling was actually not worried, after all, the Tiandou Empire had sufficient royal family background and would not mess up because the king was a woman.

The only thing that worries Qi Ling is whether someone will make trouble on the day. Although the relationship between the gods and the empire is tense, as the representatives of spirit masters, the empire cannot easily completely break with the gods, only Only when Shen Ting reveals his ambition can the world know his true face.

Therefore, on the day when the enthronement ceremony came, Qi Ling played twelve minutes of spirit, always paying attention to the surrounding situation, but fortunately, until the ceremony began, there was no abnormality.

When Xue Ke, wearing a crown, came in front of everyone and officially became the new king of the Heaven Dou Empire under the auspices of Prince Xue Xing, all the residents of Heaven Dou City cheered enthusiastically, and Qi Ling watched Xue Ke, who is pretending to be calm, has the feeling that her child has grown up, and she even feels that she has a vaguely bibi Dong style.

"Presumably Xueke will become a Mingjun." Qi Ling smiled, "After all, he is my student!"

After this, Qi Ling immediately returned to Longhua City and started his own casting business. In the past few days in Tiandou City, he was almost annoyed by the old guy Lou Gao, and every day he urged Qi Ling to start work as soon as possible. .

When Lou Gao came to Qi Lings workshop for the first time, even as the president of the Blacksmiths Association, he was shocked by this super-scale workshop. He couldnt help saying, "Your place is used for Its too big, right?"

"Wrong, it's not for ironing, here, it's for creation!" Qi Ling said, spreading the drawing on the table in front of him, and said, "And this is my first creation. !"

On that drawing, the thing that can't even be understood by the height of the Godsmith's building is a human-shaped Gundam! No matter from the appearance or the inside, they are almost the same.

Of course, it is impossible for this tall internal structure to be so sci-fi. After all, this world doesn't even have electricity. It should be said that this is a very large soul guide puppet.

Seeing this drawing again, the height of the building is still frowning. After all, for him, problems that cannot be solved with a hammer and flames are indeed problems that cannot be solved.

"Okay, Senior Lou Gao, I'm about to start casting the parts of this thing. After the casting is completed, when it comes to the specific assembly process, you can help me again." Qi Ling said.

When Lou Gao heard Qi Ling's words, he suddenly wondered: "Boy, you are fresh enough. Like your brother Tang San, he hands all the parts to others for casting, and the final assembly must be done by himself. "

"It's good for you, it's completely reversed. The parts must be made by yourself, but the final assembly does not hide from others at all. What is the truth? Are you afraid that I will learn it?"

Qi Ling smiled slightly, and said: "My practice is different from Xiaosan, of course because our situation is completely opposite! The most ingenious method of assembly of Xiaosan's hidden weapons is his method of assembly, and the most important thing about me His parts!"

The incomprehensible height of the building had to wait for him to finish making the parts according to what Qi Ling said. During this time, he was not idle, but was carefully studying the hidden weapon drawings that Tang San had given him.

As for why Qi Ling made these parts alone, the reason is actually very simple, because he doesn't know how to do it at all!

Just kidding, how could a person like Qi Ling who have never wielded a hammer be able to do something that is difficult even for the height of the building, so he didn't plan to do it from the beginning.

"System! I have collected all the materials you need, should I be able to give me the parts I need?" Qi Ling said to the system after taking out all the materials from the infinite space.

[Ding Dong! It is detected that the host is facing an exchange option, please choose whether to exchange the following: provide all the metal materials to the system, and obtain all the parts for manufacturing Gundam]

"Do you still need to ask? Change it!" Qi Ling felt sincerely that it is really convenient to have this system.

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