Douluo Godly Choice System Chapter 610

Chapter 610: I Want To Build Up

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He couldnt figure out how Qi Ling turned a pile of materials into so many complicated and delicate parts overnight, even if the most skilled blacksmith did it, it would take at least three. Only possible in months!

"You..." Lou Gao said with a frown, "Qi Ling, are you going to become magical?"

"Almost, Senior Gao Gao, don't care about that much." Qi Ling smiled, "Now let's assemble this thing."

The reason why Qi Ling is not afraid of stealing from the height of the building is actually another reason, that is, when assembling the Gundam, there is one indispensable thing-fire!

This kind of fire is not an ordinary fire, but it must be a dragon clan with enough age to emit dragon flames! And if you want a dragon that is more than a hundred thousand years old, willingly to be yourself a furnace, you can imagine how difficult this is.

For Qi Ling, this was not difficult, because he himself would breathe fire, and he was still a very pure Long Yan, which couldn't be more pure.

As a result, the height of the building could only watch Qi Ling stunnedly as he breathed fire while joining two or more two pieces together, and the final shape was even stronger than the original one!

And the height of the building on the side is naturally a person who does not believe in evil. He does not believe that so many materials cannot be melted by ordinary flames?

In the end, the building had no choice but to accept it. He tried all types of flames. No matter how high the temperature of these flames, he couldn't melt these materials, and he couldn't even deform them.

It can also be seen from this that how strong and unshakable these materials are. According to the estimation of the height of the building, materials of this strength are already sufficient to withstand the attacks of Title Douluo level.

"Qi Ling, you study such a thing, but it will really turn the world upside down!" Lou Gao said in shock as he watched the gradually taking shape of Gundam.

"If I'm not mistaken, you can absorb the spiritual energy in the space by yourself and supplement energy, and it is also equipped with backup energy, which is enough to support a war!"

"More importantly, almost anyone who has spirit power can manipulate this kind of machinery! This, this is completely unimaginable, with this thing, even a first-level spirit master can still compete with the title Douluo is fighting!"

Qi Ling also slowly smiled and said: "Well, Senior Lou Gao, you are right, but the quantity of this stuff is destined to not be too much. The materials I have on hand are only enough to make three sets at most!"

"And one more thing, it takes too much time to make this thing, and the requirements are too high, it's not worth it! Otherwise, just use this thing, Shen Ting will not be able to eat it."

The height of the building could not help but nodded. Now that half a month has passed, this machine is only one-third assembled. This speed is indeed too slow.

And there is one more thing. This thing can only be done by Qi Ling, or that he is indispensable. With so much time, how strong can Qi Ling become?

It took another month for Qi Ling to finally assemble this Gundam. Although it took him a month and a half and spent countless materials and energy, Qi Ling thought of the tall and mighty Gundam in front of him. The pride is not a little bit.

After all, there was another boy who had never dreamed when he was a child and longed to have a robot of his own.

"Oh, this is really a consummation in life, but there is no place for me to test drive, it is a pity." Qi Ling said with regret, "After all, this kind of thing is of course a good secret weapon, but it can't be advanced. Let others know."

The tall building next to him looked at the nearly thirty-meter-high Gundam in front of him, and couldn't help but sigh with emotion: "Boy, it's not too much to make you a master craftsman with this thing alone!"

"Hahaha, you can really make a joke, Senior Lou Gao, I can't do it, it's far worse." Qi Ling smiled, "Well, it's been such a long time, in my opinion, we should go out too. The activity is active."

So after putting the Gundam in the specially-made storage ring, Qi Ling came outside, and after some inquiries, he finally found everyone in the Qibao Glazed Glass Sect.

Everyone at this time was listening to Master and Sword Douluo explaining to them about Sea God Island. After Qi Ling heard the name, he immediately became interested!

finally coming? Poseidon Island, he is finally about to start contacting the top power in this world!

When I was in Dragon Valley and was tested by the Dragon God's Inheritance, the little dragon once gave him a dragon-shaped key, but after returning to this world, Qi Ling has been unable to find a way to use this key.

Thinking about it now, since the Seagod Island has the inheritance of the gods, will anyone know how to use this key?

The crowd heard the master explain to them the Sea Spirit Master on Seagod Island and the various dangers there, and they all felt longing for it, and they were even more surprised when they heard that there was an Extreme Douluo on the back of the Seagod. .

"So in this world, is there any other Extreme Douluo? I thought that there was only Qian Daoliu from God's Court." Tang San said in surprise.

And Ma Hongjun said to Qi Ling: "Boss Qi, if you face Limit Douluo now, can you make it through?"

Qi Ling thought: "It's hard to say, if it's a simple competition, maybe I'm really not an opponent, but if I work hard, it's definitely not me who will die."

A soul sage actually said that if he tried his best, he would definitely win the Ultimate Douluo. If he changed the individual, no one would have detailed it. But this was from the mouth of Qi Ling, not only Shrek, but even Sword Douluo felt very good. may.

And the master said at this time: "Qi Ling, don't be careless, you have to know that at the level of Limit Douluo, you can completely use the surrounding forces for your own use. The limit Douluo on Seagod Island cannot be judged by common sense. ."

Qi Ling also smiled and said, "Don't worry, Master, we are not going to work hard with others, we are going to cultivate! It's okay, why do we have to work hard with them?"

"Qi Ling, you must not take it lightly when you go this time." The master said, "Seagod Island is not a place that can be judged by common sense, and even the gods have suffered a loss on Seagod Island, without getting the slightest benefit. ."

Qi Ling nodded and agreed. Indeed, the power of that place is not something that he can fully comprehend. It belongs to the power of God. If you don't pay enough attention to it, you may suffer a big loss.

Before heading to Seagod Island, everyone naturally needed to make some preparations. Tang San and Qi Ling were not only going to go this time. After all, this was a rare opportunity. The more people who went naturally, the better.

"If this is the case, I will pay for Xiaosan to go to Clear Sky School first, and then I will see Uncle Hao." Qi Ling said, "I don't know how long it will take to go to Sea God Island. Everything that should be done is done well."

Returning to the Haotian School again, Tang Xiao and a kind of elders, looking at Tang San's two bright red spirit rings, didn't know what to say.

"Also, elders, we have all done the ten titled Douluo heads that promised you." Qi Ling said with a smile, "But if there is no spot, you should assume that you have already received it."

Regarding Qi Ling's statement, the elders of the Clear Sky Sect were naturally convinced, because even if they were closed like them, they had heard of what Long Hua had done over the years. The ten titled Douluo heads were indeed nothing to say.

"As for the last requirement, become a Title Douluo," Qi Ling said, "I guess it will be soon too! Please also ask a few elders to wait."

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