Douluo Godly Choice System Chapter 772

Chapter 772: , Song of the Siren

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Hai Fei Si looked at the Sea Witch in front of her, that is, Hai Weier herself, and couldn't help but press her teeth and said: "Vil, are you really going to do something to me? You should join us and get the adult's approval with me. So that we can..."

"Haifes, originally no matter what you do, if your father intercedes for you, I can forgive you." Hai Weier said coldly, "but when you raise the knife to your own people, you For me, there is only one identity! You are my enemy!"

Looking at Hai Wei'er's determined eyes, Hai Fei Si knew that it would be useless to say anything more. All that was needed now was to take Hai Wei'er first, and then make plans.

Although Hai Weier is a titled Douluo, she is already the strength of a Contra, and she may not be equal to Hai Weier! And as for the human next to him, so young, where can he go? Having solved Hai Weier, he can solve him at any time by himself.

So Hafeis summoned his own martial spirit, with eight spirit rings surrounding his body, looking extraordinary. His martial spirit is a long-handled sharp knife, and its attack power is not weak. As a spirit master of the assault system, he has always been famous among the mermaid tribe.

Although Haiwei'er is a titled Douluo of the control system, her martial arts spirit, the magic flute, has a much worse attack effect on the same mermaid tribe, because they are born to attack such sonic waves. Have resistance.

"Does it matter, Sea Witch? Do you need me to help you? It's free." Qi Ling couldn't help asking.

"No, the traitor of the mermaid tribe must be solved by me personally!" Hai Weier said, and then she said to Qi Ling, "Anyway, you know my name, so don't call it that much. I'm just fine with Weier."

Qi Ling was about to say, are we familiar? Seeing that Hai Weier had already rushed out and launched a fierce attack on Hai Fei Si, for a while it was unclear who was the spirit master of the assault system.

Although the two of them have a gap in spirit power, considering all factors, their strengths are almost the same. This is also because Hai Weier gave up all of her advantages and used her own shortcomings to overcome her strengths. It is to personally solve the traitor, Haifes.

Although Hai Fei Si is equally brave, but when people's hearts owe something, they will hesitate and lose courage when they show themselves in the attack. Therefore, Hai Fei is gradually suppressed by Hai Weier.

Seeing that Hai Fei Si was about to lose, a cold light flashed in the eyes of the Sea-Monster Patriarch, and his martial spirit, a trident weapon spirit, appeared in his hand! Then hide it secretly behind him.

For the Sea-Monster clan, there has never been a fair idea. Once Hai Fei can't support it, then the Sea-Monster patriarch will immediately strike a black hand and send a thunderous blow to Hai Weier, causing her to die.

Under the sonic offensive of Haiweier, Haiweisi only felt as if he had been involved in the cascading waves, unable to escape, unable to launch a counterattack, and could only be slaughtered.

Finally, with a heavy blow from Hai Weier, Hai Weier's martial soul broke from the middle, and the whole person also vomited blood and flew out. At this time, Hai Weier exhausted her spirit power and was panting with a pale face. Breathing is the time when the next force is not connected.

And what the Siren Patriarch was waiting for was this opportunity! He immediately uttered a weird cry, and the whole person shot at Haiweier like a bullet, striving to take him down with one blow.

As for this cry, it is not meaningless, but contains the mental attack of their Kraken clan! Enough to make Hai Weier stagnate for half a second, unable to defend! And this time is enough for him to attack.

Only this time, the "ding" sounded again, and a shell began to whirl on the ground again. But this time, it was his own Martial Spirit in the hands of the Sea-Monster Patriarch that broke.

Originally, Qi Ling smashed a steel knife at will, the Sea-Monster still thought it was nothing, but now, with only a shell, he actually interrupted the Sea-Monster Patriarch's martial arts! This shows what? It shows that the strength of the two people is not in the same line at all!

The martial spirit was destroyed, and the Sea-Monster Patriarch was immediately hit hard. He staggered back and was supported by the two Sea-Monsters. Only then did he stand firm, but his body was already severely injured.

Hai Weier looked at the situation in front of her, knowing that Qi Ling had rescued herself once, and gratefully glanced at him, and then immediately went to rescue her father.

As for Qi Ling, he took a few steps forward slowly, looking at the Sea-Monster Patriarch in front of him, and said, "Well, it is really ugly enough. How powerful is the illusion technique to make others recognize you as handsome men and beautiful women? It's incredible."

"Hmph, you'll know it right away!" The Sea-Monster patriarch snorted coldly, and shook off his two subordinates, then opened his mouth and made a strange sound.

When the other sea-monster tribe heard this voice, they immediately knew the interruption of the sea-monster patriarch, and began to echo him, singing in a strange tone.

This is the charm technique belonging to the Sea-Monster clan. It achieves the effect of hypnosis through weird vagueness, and when many people sing in a chorus, it will increase exponentially in order to be quite scary.

But purely deceiving people's minds, the mermaid clan is far from being an opponent of the sea monsters, and the chorus like this is undoubtedly their strongest attack, in order to defeat Qi Ling!

The patriarch of the Sea-Monster had already understood at this time, the young man in front of him, where was the weak, was clearly a monster, strong enough to be boundless! If you can't gather the power of the whole family and knock him down, I am afraid that you will be unlucky in the end and it will still be yourself.

Listening to the chorus of the sea monsters, Hai Weier couldn't help but change her face. Not only could such an attack be unstoppable, but few people in the sea could resist it, and even the most powerful sea beasts would be charmed by her children.

What about Qi Ling? Although he can resist his Zhenhai Divine Comedy, can Qi Ling survive the charm of this completely different Sea-Monster?

"Oh, that's true, saying how good you are at fascinating people, I thought how good you sang." Qi Ling said with infinite regret while shaking his head at this time, "What happened? That's it? Yes, this can also be called singing?"

The Siren Patriarch looked at the song of the Sea-Monster that his clan was proud of, and Qi Ling had no effect at all. At this time, he didn't know what to do, because it had never happened in the past, and there were people who could resist. The charm of the Sirens Song?

"Really, let us teach you what exactly is a voice attack!" Qi Ling said, the first spirit ring on his body lit up, and the first spirit ability that hadn't come in handy for a long time was again activation.

"First Soul Ability: Nine Heavens Dragon Yin!"

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