Douluo Godly Choice System Chapter 773

Chapter 773: , Easy to make a relief xinShuHaiGe.CoM

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If the sound has a shape, then in the mermaid temple at this moment, the shape of the sound must be a dragon!

The majestic voice of the dragon's roar spread to every corner of the temple, directly overwhelming the chorus of the sea-monsters, and only this kind of sound remained in the entire hall.

All the Sea-Monsters just felt like they were facing a huge dragon, as if they were about to swallow them in one bite. The huge sense of oppression almost made their minds collapse!

Qi Lings spirit ability has evolved in many previous adventures. His first spirit ability now has almost a devastating blow to these weak enemies, and can even cause them to lose their own directly. Fighting spirit is at the mercy of others.

The Dragon Souls suppression of these weak and weak made the siren seem to be severely attacked, but for all the mermaid tribes, it seemed to have been healed. Not only did they get rid of the sirens singing, the will Also recovered more sober.

The mermaids who were originally suppressed by these sea-monsters were all freed, but when they wanted to do something against their enemies just now, they realized that they didn't need to do it by themselves at all. The sea-monsters themselves were already shivering and could not move.

At this time, the Sea-Monster Patriarch's heart was also desperate. From Qi Ling's body, he felt an invincible strength, such a powerful level, even he had only seen it on that adult, and it was suffocating.

If it was just a difference in power, then the Sea-Monster Patriarch would not feel so desperate, and Qi Ling really made people feel that he could not produce a trace of resistance to the will. It was his aura, the kind of absolute surrender that seemed like a natural king. majesty.

"You, who are you!" The Sea-Monster Patriarch said tremblingly, "How can a character like you appear here!"

"Huh? Why can't someone like me appear here? I can go wherever I want, you can control it." Qi Ling said, "Okay, be honest, you guys ugly, automatically give I stand aside! Don't force me to do it!"

The Sea-Monster Patriarch felt a huge humiliation under the threat of Qi Ling! I am the dignified Sea-Monster patriarch, the leader of all Sea-Monsters, and even a powerful Title Douluo. If you ask me to stand aside, I will stand aside?

"Patriarch, we..." The Sea Monster behind the Sea Monster Patriarch asked worriedly, but not so much worrying about the safety of the Sea Monster Patriarch, it was more like worrying about whether he would be affected.

"Don't move!" The Sea-Monster Patriarch shouted, "I will go by myself!"

Afterwards, the Sea-Monster Patriarch took his clan members to one side obediently, and then squatted down with his hands on his head, because they had heard that in the human world, if you want to survive, you must maintain this posture.

Qi Ling glanced at these sea-monsters with satisfaction. They were still acquainted. In that case, he didn't deal with them anymore, and he would directly hand them over to the Mermaid Clan later! But for the two races who have always had feuds, this may not be a better choice.

Afterwards, Hai Weier assisted the mermaid patriarch Hegel and came to Qi Ling. He was injured in the previous battle and was inconvenient to move, but she still insisted on coming to thank Qi Ling personally.

"My lord, thank you very much for saving my race in the crisis! If it weren't for you, I'm afraid we would face annihilation this time." Haigel Ziling said.

Indeed, as Hagel said, if Haiwei'er came back alone, it would definitely not be the opponent of the Sea-Monster Patriarch. In the end, it was just a food delivery. The Sea-Monster Clan was also prepared for this for a long time, but unfortunately met Qi Ling.

"Patriarch Haigel is welcome, it's just a little busy, it's nothing." Qi Ling smiled.

Hagleton smiled helplessly when, for Qi Ling, it seemed to be a little busy! Because from the beginning to the end, Qi Ling seemed to have just thrown two shells, and then yelled, which resolved all the situation here.

For his own clan, the crisis of extermination has allowed Qi Ling to resolve it so easily. This is the absolute suppression brought by strength! Even if Qi Ling doesn't do anything, just stop there, his strong momentum can solve many problems.

Afterwards, the mermaids took the Krakens down, and when they were about to take Hafs away, Qi Ling stopped them.

"Patriarch Hagel, don't blame me for being nosy. I have no problem with how you treat the sea monster. That is your way of survival, but what do you plan to do with this traitor?" Qi Ling said.

"This..." Hegel hesitated, a trace of unbearable flashes in his eyes.

And Qi Ling looked at Hegel and knew the answer, so he said: "If I didn't guess wrong, you probably intend to educate and probate, and then supervise the detention, right? IMHO, Patriarch Hegel, you are like this. It won't work."

A person who is obsessed with power like this, after seeing the power that can make him surrender, his stubbornness and ignorance are unimaginable, and it is impossible for him to reflect on himself.

"But, Master Qi Ling, Hafeis, he is our compatriot after all, I..." Hegel said painfully.

"I know you people can't do this kind of thing. If that's the case, how can I help you deal with it?" Qi Ling said, "Give him to me, don't worry, I won't kill him. ."

Hearing Qi Ling said this, Hagel hesitated, and then Hai Weier said: "Dad, you believe in Qi Ling, since he said he won't kill Hai Fei Si, he will definitely not start! "

With the assurance of Havril, Hagel finally relieved his mind and said that Hafs had been handed over to Qi Ling: "If this is the case, then leave it to Master Qi Ling, and leave it at your disposal."

After everyone in the temple had left, Haigel took Qi Ling and Haiwei'er to his room and asked them what they were coming from. After all, Haiger would not think that Haiwei suddenly came back to visit relatives when he was a child. of.

Regarding her purpose, Hai Weier had nothing to conceal, she directly stated her purpose, and speaking, her purpose was the same as that of the Sea-Monster Patriarch, and it was also the divine tool kept by the Mermaid, the Heart of the Sea.

After hearing Havril's purpose, Hagel couldn't help showing a pensive look, frowning, and seemed to hesitate very much.

"What's the matter, father, can't I be recognized by Heart of the Sea?" Hai Weier couldn't help but say.

"No, Weier, it's not like that. It's better to say that if you can get the approval of the artifact, it will be the thing I want to see most, and it will be the blessing of our whole family!" Hegel said.

"But you have to know that a divine tool is alive, and only those who are approved by it can become its owner! And if you want to be recognized by the divine tool, it is full of danger, and you may even die at any time! In this way, you have to persist. ?"

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