Douluo Godly Choice System Chapter 774

Chapter 774: ,Hospitality

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After hearing what Hagel said, Hai Weier did not hesitate at all, and replied: "Yes, father, I am willing to accept the test of the artifact and challenge the qualifications of having the heart of the sea!"

"Well, in that case..." Hegel said, looking at Qi Ling and said, "Master Qi Ling, are you the helper selected by Weier?"

Qi Ling nodded and said, "Yes, this guy has to pull me here, and I can't help it."

"Master Qi Ling, judging from the strength you showed in saving our clan before, it is undoubtedly very powerful! I have to admit that in my life, I have never seen a person as powerful as you, even Seagod Island. Its not as good as the great worship of Lord Bossi."

"However, you must not take the test of the artifact lightly because of this, because if you are not fully prepared, I am afraid that even you will be in danger."

Qi Ling suddenly asked in surprise: "Really? Even myself is in danger? Is the Heart of the Sea such a difficult artifact to obtain?"

In fact, this is Qi Ling's own full man who doesn't know that the hungry man is hungry. The artifacts he obtains are all obtained on Dragon God Island. It can be said that many difficulties have been removed by the Dragon God, so it can be so smooth.

And even when Tolia got the Sword of Oath, he only passed the test of the Sword in the Stone, and there was no other danger at all, so Qi Ling couldn't help but take it lightly.

But in fact, as the treasure between heaven and earth, every artifact is unique, and it is also something that needs to go through many difficulties and dangers before being able to obtain it. This is the case with the Heart of the Sea.

"Don't worry, Patriarch Hagel, I'm not a rash person. Since I promised Weier to help her in the heart of the ocean, then I will definitely keep the promise and will not take it lightly." Qi Ling said.

"Okay, since that's the case, then I will prepare to start the Holy Land, let you enter." Hegel said, "The entrance to the Holy Land has a seal set by Lord Seagod. If you want to open it, you need to worship for a day, please Master Qi Ling, live here today."

The residence of the mermaid is naturally in the sea. This is really the first time Qi Ling spends the night in the sea. Fortunately, as a dragon, he has no problem living in the water.

In the evening, Qi Ling received the warm hospitality of the merman tribe. The food of the merman tribe was the plants on the bottom of the sea. It was the first time that Qi Ling knew that there were so many kinds of plants on the bottom of the sea.

Another thing that made Qi Ling more concerned about was that when he was eating, there seemed to be many mermaid girls looking out the door, making Qi Ling quite concerned.

"Vir, what's the matter, what are they doing looking at me? Are the men of the mermaid clan already missing this point?" Qi Ling couldn't help but wonder.

Hai Weier laughed: "Hehe, there is no shortage of men, but there is no shortage of men like you! Don't you know, Qi Ling, you have become the hero of the entire mermaid clan now! As long as you speak, they will be there anytime I can give you a hug!"

"Um..." Qi Ling couldn't help but hesitate. They were really mermaid girls, with great variety and good looks, which made people dizzy.

Not enough Qi Ling was obviously not so exaggerated, and finally rejected the idea. After eating, he went to the room Hegel arranged for him to rest.

But after he walked into his room, Qi Ling looked at Hai Weier next to him in confusion, and said, "Why are you coming over with me? Why don't you go back to your room to sleep?"

Hai Weier said innocently, "The room? Where do I have a room? I haven't been back for a long time, so this was originally a room for me! Now that you are occupied by Qi Ling, then I too I have to come and get together with you!"

"Huh? You want to sleep with me?" Qi Ling looked at Haiwei'er, couldn't help but smile, "You are not afraid, am I afraid? Come on, if you have the ability, you can come up."

As Qi Ling said, he lay down on the bed, and set up a position beside him, obviously reserved for Haiweier.

Hai Weier didn't expect that Qi Ling would respond in this way, and she suddenly seemed a little caught off guard. She clearly remembered that Qi Ling should give her the bed to herself? Why not play the cards according to the routine?

But even so, Hai Weier was unwilling to admit defeat, and instead lay down beside Qi Ling. Not only did she not feel unpleasant, she even felt a little ecstatic in her heart.

"Don't get me wrong, Qi Ling, the reason why I came is not for those reasons!" Hai Weier said, "Although I am very grateful to you for saving the mermaid tribe, I have not yet planned to accept each other. To the point!"

"So, you are not allowed to move me! Absolutely not!" Hai Weier said, "At most...let you do it, nothing else!"

Qi Ling felt funny and said, "What, just do it? It's too stingy, isn't it? Other places make me move too?"

"No, no, you don't want to be too far, just do it, don't move anything else!" Hai Wei'er said blushing.

"Oh, okay, let's do it." Qi Ling smiled, but stretched out his hand in front of Hai Wei'er.

"Hey, you guy, didn't you just say it, you can only do it?" Hai Weier blushed, but didn't show too much rejection.

"That's right, I did only move my hands? Look, did I move other places?" Qi Ling smiled, "You said yes, just do it, then I will only do it!"

Seeing Haiwei'er's appearance, Qi Ling couldn't help but feel amused. No matter what, he would not be stupid. There were really beauties sent to the door, and he was still not in trouble.

And when Qi Ling's big hand was raging, Hai Weier suddenly suppressed Qi Ling's hand to prevent him from doing anything wrong, and then said: "I...I will tell you first, Qi Ling! I! It is only because, in order to successfully obtain the artifact, that is, you must gain trust and gain a tacit understanding with the people you cooperate with, so that you can promote the relationship with you! It's not because of anything else!"

"Huh? Really? It's because of this?" Qi Ling couldn't help laughing. Everyone could hear that Hai Weier was just making excuses, otherwise it would be absolutely impossible for a person like her to do this.

"Then tell me, is it because you like me or to get the artifact?" Qi Ling smiled, "Or if there is no artifact, would you come over?"

"Hehe, let you answer honestly." Qi Ling smiled, "I'll give you another chance. If there is no artifact, would you come over?"

"...Yes." After Hai Wei'er said this, she lowered her head desperately to prevent Qi Ling from seeing her completely blushing face.

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