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  • Genres : Fantasy -  Xuanhuan -  Harem -  Male Protagonist -  handsome male lead -  Beautiful Female Lead -  Mature Protagonist -  System Administrator -  Early Romance -  System -  Netori -  douluo dalu -  Fan-Fiction -  Harem-seeking Protagonist -  Lolicon
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Douluo: My Teacher Is The Pope summary:

Li Changan accidentally crossed to Wuhun City in Douluo Continent and became an ordinary resident of Wuhun City.He who wanted to live his life, first activated the strongest man’s front manifestation system when he awakened his martial soul, and then was taken as a disciple by Bibi Dong because of his awakening of the twin martial soul.Li Changan: I love my teacher…- Description from Unknown

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Douluo: My Teacher Is The Pope Chapters

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