Douluo: My Teacher Is The Pope Chapter 370

Chapter 332: The Finale The End Of The Whole Play

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With the appearance of the Abyss Sovereign, the invasion of the abyss reached its climax, and the human defense line retreated and then retreated. If it hadn't been for the Soul Guidance Device, it would have collapsed long ago.

But this is not the most important thing, the most important thing is that the strength of the abyss sage himself is at the level of quasi-god, plus the super divine weapon in his hand, the sky sacred cracked abyss, it is already unstoppable!

"Here, it's very good, the rules are complete, and those guys in the God Realm are tired of dealing with foreign enemies and have no time to take care of me. Within three days, I will become a god. With the addition of super artifacts, even a first-level **** will be Don't be afraid!" Shengjun said to himself, and then began to kill.

Qian Daoliu, Bibi Dongs two peerless Douluo, as the main combat force, started fighting with the holy monarch. If Bibi Dong had Raksha inheritance, Qian Daoliu had things left behind by angel gods, I am afraid they would not be holy together. Jun's enemy of one!

But even so, the two of them were pressed and beaten by the sage, and they didn't even dare to hold more than ten rounds in his hands. Although their battle was at an altitude of 10,000 meters, it still caused great damage to the environment.

"go to hell!"

After fighting for a hundred rounds, Shengjun finally seized the opportunity to kill with one blow and slashed towards Bibi Dong with one blow!

"Shengjun, long time no see, what's the deal with you bullying my wife?" Li Changan suddenly hugged Bibi Dong from behind, and on the other hand, a blood-red long sword was thrown out by him to face the Heavenly Sacred Rift. .

A super magical weapon, the Shura sword that was originally obtained in Tang Chen's hands!

"It's you!" Of course, Shengjun remembers Li Changan: "Your breath is no more than ninety-fifth level, how can you challenge the mighty power?"

Li Changan didn't panic at all, first pointed to the ground and said, "Holy Monarch, look."

On the ground, Li Chang'an's women were taking the 108 dark guards he had trained to counterattack, and there were some soul beast masters among them.

Such as the giant Xiongjun, the healing emerald swan.

With a little bit of perspective, with the addition of Li Chang'an, a group of new forces, the situation began to slowly change.

"So what? If you get it done, they can be choked to death with one hand!" Shengjun said disdainfully.

"Hehe, what a big tone!" A low male voice sounded behind the sage, and a black robe man appeared behind him at some unknown time, with a terrifying breath.

Beast God, Di Tian!

"No wonder, it turns out that you still have a helper!" Although Shengjun finds it a bit tricky, it's nothing more than that. He is a quasi-god, plus a super artifact, and his strength is comparable to that of a god. How can the ant be shaken?

However, Li Changan moved!

Nine spirit rings slowly appeared behind him, and the sky of Wanli instantly changed color!

"Gold, gold, gold, gold, gold, gold, gold, gold, gold!"

Nine million-year-old spirit rings appeared behind him, holding the plain Pangu axe in his hand.

"Ditian, go down and help, don't worry about me!" Li Changan unquestionedly ordered. Ditian took a deep look at Li Changan, then took a pitying look at the holy monarch, and then flew down.

"It's a big tone!" The Heavenly Sage Rift in the hands of Shengjun was cut out by him, and the space almost began to shatter with this.

"Pangu opens the world, Nuwa replenishes the sky stone!"

"Pangu Axe, the first style of Kaitian (extremely weakened)!"

"Speak out and follow the law: within a minute, I have the power to use the Pangu Axe to open the sky the first way!"


The golden light was slashed out by the Pan Gu axe, and the entire sky seemed to pass a golden light, including Bibi Dong and others, everyone in Douluo Continent felt this golden light!

God, it's going to be split!

That's right, this is what Li Changan has been studying for the past two months. Although it was only an extremely weakened version of the trick, it took him a full two months to touch the fur before he rushed over.

There is no too much force, no too much fancy, coming up is a trick!


"Do not"

"my body!"

All the abyss monsters turned into black smoke at this moment and disappeared into the heavens and the earth, even the holy monarch!

The first type of Pangu opens the world, the energy value originally needed was Li Changan to start at level ninety-nine, but after all his points were upgraded to his spirit ring, it was no longer enough for him to continue to upgrade his spirit power. The standard of the first style.

Therefore, in desperation, Li Changan could only say the law again and brag once again.

"I declare that the Abyssal Plane will feed back to the Douluo Continent from now on. In my Douluo Continent, a ninety-nine level spirit master can break through a hundred levels and become a god. year!"

Li Chang'an's solemn voice resounded throughout the Douluo Continent, so majestic that people subconsciously chose to believe it.

"Ding, you succeeded in showing your sage in front of all Douluo mainlanders, and your points increased by 5 billion!"

Five billion points. This is the most points Li Changan has received so far. Even in the past few years, the total amount cannot be compared. With these five billion points, he can even create dozens of gods in line with the energy of the abyss domain. !

But at this time, Li Changan stood motionless in the air. Three hundred small holes appeared on his body, and he began to bleed non-stop, and his face instantly paled...

Backlash, here comes!

"Changan!" Bibi Dong cried into tears in an instant, and caught Li Changan for the first time.

"Ding, detect the current status and future situation of the host, and specially present the exercise "Heaven and Earth Shuangjue!"

""Heaven and Earth Shuangjue!" If you need to practice together with the opposite sex, you can ignore the bottleneck, so that all personnel can break through the strength of the king within three years, and the master can obtain even more terrifying power!"

"Note, "Heaven and Earth Shuangjue!" Because of its overbearing power, it needs to practice with 21 women at the same time!

Li Changan:...

Ask if you have a method for breaking through the gods, as long as the yin and yang are coordinated, just ask if you use it?

But is my confidante enough?

Bibi Dong, Hu Liena, Qian Renxue, Xiao Wu, Ning Rongrong, Zhu Zhuqing, Mu Xi, Liu Erlong, Dark Night, Bai Xue, Shui Binger, Huo Wu, Gu Yuena, Ye Lingling, Meng Yi...

There are only fourteen, and the system requirements are 21 from the start!

Plus kittens at most...A Yin, A Rou and the others...

Forget it, add Tang Yuehua, a **** woman who has never met before, and then add the goddess of life, Brigitte, the emerald swan.

When I watched anime in my previous life, I said that when I came to Douluo and didn't accept a girl, it would be a fool. Anyway, I'm an old scumbag again, and I've been looking forward to the prime minister's reputation for a long time.

Just as it was to save the Douluo Continent, I had no choice but to hesitate...!

The big deal, the others can be in love for a long time...

Although Li Changan had many thoughts, he was still in a coma, and it would take at least a month for this backlash to recover.

Therefore, during the period of his weakness, he talked about the practice and explained the situation. Now, in this situation, without the strength of dozens of gods, it is impossible to break the game.

And he also added a little concealedly. Without this method of reconciliation, he would not be able to recover from his injury.

Everyone was lost in thought...

At the same time, three first-level gods in the gods, one **** king, fell!

Shocked the world!

Shuang Xiu can only start, Brigitte, Tang Yuehua, the goddess of life were found, and then voluntarily succumbed to Li Changan, for the sake of Douluo!

For world peace, the three-year practice life has officially begun!

Li Changan is suffering and happy!

After all, there are a lot of girls...

At first everyone couldn't let go, but then they discovered that their strength was really improving!

Bibi Dongs empress fan, Hu Lienas charm, Meng Yis god-daughter, Mu Xis shyness, Qian Renxues nobility, Zhu Zhuqings glamour, Xiao Wus legs and A Rous mother-daughter plot, Baixues young woman, the goddess of life The endless life of Ning Rongrong, the respect of Brigitte, the dragon knight of Gu Yuena, the respect of the dark night, the cat slave of the kitten...

Anyway, the time is long, the carts and horses are slow...

"Rongrong, release your martial soul to me and use the Nine Treasure Glazed Glass Tower to accelerate me!"

Li Changan held Ning Rongrong in his arms and suddenly thought of this gameplay.

"Okay~ Jiubao is famous, secondly, Su!" Ning Rongrong replied shyly. A white lotus-like arm embraced Li Changan and released the martial spirit with one hand!

Li Changan used 5 billion points to redeem all the fruits and distributed them to all soul masters above the soul sage. With the energy blessing of the abyss, he became a **** in three years!

Three years later, the God Realm was broken, and countless foreign gods descended on the Douluo Continent. Although they also suffered heavy losses, they didn't think Douluo Continent would stop them.

Then, they discovered that on the Douluo Continent, nearly a thousand god-level strengths were waiting for them. Although they had just stepped into the god-level, they were gods after all.

In addition, there are 21 unfathomable **** kings, and peerless handsome guys like ordinary people!


The foreign gods started a desperate run!

I thought Douluo Continent had bronze strength, but who the **** would have thought that this place was a king!

It is a pity that the Douluo Continent has been sealed by the Eastern Emperor Bell!

There is nowhere to escape!

The war lasted for one day~wuxiaworld.online~ or the killing only lasted for one day...

Li Changan used his own power to reconstruct the God Realm, and the God Realm has expanded a hundred times, and the number of gods that can be accommodated is even more!

Set up a supervisory committee!

People and soul beasts have equal opportunities to become gods!

The mainland is led by Wuhundian to form the United Nations, and all countries draw parliamentarians to participate in affairs...

Then, it was a grand wedding.

Marry 21 women at the same time!

The costumes are all Hanfu, red, phoenix crown and xiamen, red costume for 3000 miles!

In the nearby God's Domain, everyone dare not come to celebrate!

(At the end of the whole play, there will be a speech later, and there may be a small theater.)

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