Douluo: My Teacher Is The Pope Chapter 371

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Ahem, now that it's all here, the rabbit will just say a few words.

The book's grades are still a little bit, but later, it is estimated that it was reported, and the book was sealed. Old readers know this...

Fortunately, the book sealing was not particularly serious. It came out within seven days, but the grades have been very poor since it came out, and I almost couldn't write, but it ended in a hurry.

Of course, another reason for the hurried ending is that if I am afraid, I dare not write, and then I am afraid to continue in.

Many readers regrets, I know, the goddess of life, Brigitte, Tang Yuehua...

In the end, it was all taken in one stroke. If you write it seriously, it is estimated that the number of words in this book is about 1.2 million. After all, you all know how rabbits write emotional dramas.

However, I am really afraid of Feng. If I continue to do it, it is estimated that the author's name will be blacklisted. I am afraid...

However, during the closure of the book, I opened a new book. As you all know, and the advertisement for the new book is divided into ads, the whole book is free. I also hope that all the old prostitutes will show their faces, look at the original version, and give more support...

You are all for nothing, so don't look at pirated copies, right?


The new book is in, QQ browser, starting point, QQ dynamic reading column, in the future, it will be synchronized in MiRead, and the whole book is free!

The new book will follow the daily flow, occasionally pretending to be cool and cool. It is also a mentor and apprentice exile. After the editor knows the name "My Apprentice of Douluo is the Pope", he will directly say that your next book is "My friend of Douluo is the Pope". , Come to a trilogy.


But who will be accurate in the future?

The new book will not be too turbulent, you know everything, but it will make up for the regrets you want! All women... well, I know everything.

Goodbye, shy sister Mu Xi, goodbye, my teacher is the pope, goodbye, goddaughter Meng still, goodbye, my dear readers.

Not surprisingly, the rabbit will write books for a lifetime. I hope you dont like my work, but like me as an author. Although my writing is immature and not cool enough, I will work hard to improve. You should see the new book.

After all, it's a college student, it's time to prepare for the textual research, and the subject has also graduated, so I can only say, try my best to update!

Finally, thank all the readers who support me, you have too many names, although I will not remember them all. But seeing it will definitely feel familiar.

Thank you for editing, thank you for reading the article, thank our motherland, and thank you all!

Wish my readers be handsome men and beautiful women (w)!

Happy Lantern Festival...!

New book, let us continue the front line!

Rabbit selling radish, join!

The new book "My Apprentice in Douluo is the Pope" has been launched, please support!

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