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Douluo: Opening Sign In To Ancestral Dragon Spirit summary:

Young Yao Xuan, traveled through the Douluo Continent, awakened the Super God System, signed to the Ancestral Dragon Martial Soul at the beginning, and embarked on the road of legend:Encounter Na’er by chance, capture the heart of Gu Yue, in the spirit tower, apprentice Tianfeng;Studying in Shrek, going to Star Luo Continent, Soul Master Competition, bravely competing for the first place;Dragon Valley seizes good fortune, the Sea God Fate Convention, and the sentient people will eventually become family members;Repeatedly town the abyss, break the conspiracy of the Holy Spirit, the sage of the abyss, the ashes disappear;Untie Gu Yuena’s heart knot, hold a grand marriage, break the shackles of the gods, reestablish a new order, and create an invincible myth!p.s. Don’t enter the Tang Sect, don’t lick Tang San, no tragedy, Dzogchen plot- Description from MTL

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