Douluo: Opening Sign In To Ancestral Dragon Spirit Chapter 389

Chapter 385: Dai Yuner: Would You Like To Be My Boyfriend? Long Yue's Provocation

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"This son, you dance really well, and your temperament is so charming! Excuse me, would you like to dance with Yuner?"

Just after Yao Xuan finished his dance with Wu Si Duo, Dai Yun'er also walked over from one side, and walked to the side of Yao Xuan with lotus steps, smiled, and immediately extended her hand to invite.

Following Dai Yun'er's words, many young soul masters of the Star Luo Empire cast their eyes on Yao Xuan. Many of them were envious or even jealous, but many of them were full of faint hostility.

As the little princess of the Star Luo Empire, she also has a beautiful face. Dai Yun'er can be described as the dream lover of countless young soul masters in the Star Luo Empire. Seeing that Dai Yuner took the initiative to invite Yao Xuan to dance, these stars of the Star Luo Empire It is very normal for young soul masters to have such emotions in their hearts.

Among the young soul masters of the Star Luo Empire, there was another soul master who was particularly unkind to Yao Xuan. This was a burly bald man with dark red eyes and knotted muscles all over his body. The limbs are sturdy, the palms are as big as a fan, and they reveal an aura of no anger and prestige.

Although he did not use the [Eyes of Insight] for detection, Yao Xuan also recognized at a glance that this brawny man was Long Yue, the chief of the "Monster Academy" of the Xingluo Empire, and Dai Yuner's number one suitor.

In the original historical line, Long Yue was jealous because of Dai Yuners problem, and even deliberately severely injured Tang Wulin in the game. If it werent for Tang Wulins life to be tougher than Xiaoqiang, Im afraid Tang Wulin would have died. Long Yue was in his hands.

Although his personality must be reported, and he has a small belly, but Long Yue's talent is still first-class. He has the top martial arts "Mountain Dragon King". He studied under the Star Luo Empire State Master and Extreme Fighting Luo Enci. He was only 18 years old. He has reached the cultivation base of the Soul Emperor, and is still a two-character battle armor master.

As for Long Yues strength, he is also very strong, reaching the level of Quasi-Title Douluo. It can be said that he is proud of his peers. If it is not for freaks like Yao Xuan, Gu Yue, and Na'er, even Wu Si Duo. After He Ye Xinglan advanced the Soul Emperor, it was impossible to defeat Long Yue.

Of course, compared to Yao Xuan, Long Yues strength is just a little insignificant. Even if there is no first game with Gu Yue and Na'er, the Ancestral Dragons bloodline has not made a big breakthrough, Yao Xuan has 200%. His confidence can crush Long Yue.

As for now, after playing with Gu Yue and Na'er, Yao Xuan has already broken through the soul emperor, and his bloodline has broken through the seventh limit, and his strength has surged dozens of times to reach the level of Peak Douluo, even if he only spends ten of it. With the strength of one, Yao Xuan could easily kill Long Yue in seconds.

It can be said that in front of Yao Xuan, Long Yue is just a jumping clown, a stepping stone, and a tool man who can learn the evolution of diamonds. Yao Xuan can't bring any attention to it.

Because of this, even though he felt Long Yue's gaze, Yao Xuan didn't care at all. He just smiled indifferently, stretched out his slender, white, beautiful jade-like right hand, and immediately replied:

"Extremely happy! Shrek Academy first-year chief Yao Xuan is willing to dance with Princess Yuner."

Immediately afterwards, Yao Xuan took up Dai Yuner's Qianqianyu hand and danced with her. Dancing with the object of love in her heart, Dai Yun'er was also very excited, and sniffing Yao Xuan's body up close, Dai Yun'er was also attracted by Yao Xuan, and at the same time she thought to herself:

What a charismatic boy! This is the husband I should have Dai Yuner! Compared to Yao Xuan, that Long Yue is not only not handsome at all, but also has a bad personality. He always pesters me, so I don't like him!

At the end of the song, Dai Yuner let go of Yao Xuan's hand reluctantly, and then she paused, finally made up her mind, and whispered to Yao Xuan:

"Yao Xuan, I think you are very handsome, attractive, and certainly very capable. I will soon hire a son-in-law. Would you like to be my boyfriend and become the son of our Star Luo Empire?"

Hearing Dai Yuner's words, even if he was as calm as Yao Xuan, he couldn't help but stunned for a moment, and secretly sighed in his heart that the folk customs of the Star Luo Empire were really a bit too direct and sturdy.

"Huh! This vixen, the first time I saw my Yao Xuan, he wanted to seduce him, really a bad woman!"

After listening to Dai Yun'er's words, Gu Yue's face showed a touch of displeasure, staring at Dai Yun'er vigilantly, and thinking secretly in her heart, he was a bit hostile to Dai Yun'er in her life.

As for Na'er next to Gu Yue, although her character is much more intimate than Gu Yue, at this moment, her eyes looked at Dai Yun'er different from before.

For the girls like Xu Xiaoyan, Wu Siduo, and Ye Xinglan who get along with her day and night, Na'er recognizes them as Yao Xuan's women, but for a strange girl like Dai Yun'er, even Na'er cant accept her to Yao Xuan. Xuan's act of courtship directly.

Regardless of Gu Yue and Na'er's reaction, after hearing Dai Yun'er's words, Star Luo Empire Emperor Dai Tianling, his wife, all the nobles present, and the members of the Douluo mainland mission all turned their heads in an instant, turning their eyes all the way. Gathered on Yao Xuan alone.

In an instant, Yao Xuan became the focus of the entire dance, especially the young aristocrats of the Star Luo Empire who were present. After listening to Dai Yun'er, their gazes at Yao Xuan instantly changed from envy and jealousy to hatred, if their gazes allowed. If killing someone, Yao Xuan might have been killed hundreds of times.

"This...Princess Yun'er, I take your thoughts, but I'm afraid I can't agree to your proposal because I already have two wives."

At this moment, Yao Xuan finally reacted and immediately explained. After listening to Yao Xuan's words, Gu Yue and Na'er also took a step forward, standing beside Yao Xuan, holding Yao Xuan's hand from left to right, like a guard, while looking at Dai Yun'er with vigilant eyes.

"I don't mind! You already have two wives, no problem with another one! I just like you. It doesn't matter how many wives you have by your side, it doesn't matter to me!"

At this moment, Dai Yun'er spoke again, with a desperate tone in her tone. She didn't want to be married to a disliked boy like her sister, since she met the boy she likes. , She must go after it boldly.

"What a nonsense! I'm not strict with the little girl, so everyone laughs! Let's get out of here for a while!"

After hearing Dai Yun'er's second sentence, Dai Tianling finally couldn't stretch herself, stretched out her hand, urging her soul power to pull Dai Yun'er next to her, and with a gloomy expression, she took Dai Yun'er away from the scene.

Although Yao Xuan has said so, the hatred in the eyes of the young nobles of the Star Luo Empire towards Yao Xuan has not diminished at all. Miss selected?

"Boy from the Sun and Moon Federation, you are quite acquainted! Tell you, Dai Yun'er can only have one husband, and that is my Long Yue! Here I will give you another suggestion. In the days to come, you are the best Stay away from my Yun'er, otherwise, don't blame my fist for not recognizing you as a guest of the Sun Moon Federation!"

Seeing Dai Tianling leaving, Long Yue also separated from the crowd at this time, strode to Yao Xuan's front, and then said proudly.

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