Douluo: Opening Sign In To Ancestral Dragon Spirit Chapter 391

Chapter 387: Yao Xuan's Determination Opening Ceremony First Battle

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After a long journey, everyone came to the Xingluo Empire Stadium, which is also the location where the opening ceremony and subsequent games will be held.

As he stepped out of the bus, Yao Xuan also recalled the strength of himself and the players around him.

After a small half-year journey on the ship, everyone's strength has not stagnated, but has increased.

First of all, it was Yao Xuan himself. After three months of cultivation, his spirit power had already exceeded level 68, successfully condensing the kidney soul core of the kidney, and further enhancing the degree of solidification of the soul power.

With the condensation of the kidney soul core, Yao Xuan's qi and blood power has also been further increased.

At the same time, Yao Xuan also acquired a very interesting soul core ability-"perpetual motion machine".

Among them, there are two effects of this ability,

One of them is to boost Yao Xuans qi and blood,

The other is to make Yao Xuan become more brave when playing with Gu Yue and Naer, and never stop.

Well, very useful skill.

Yao Xuan was also quite satisfied with this soul core ability.

As for the next soul core of the kidney soul core, it no longer belongs to the dirty soul core, but the body soul core, which is the waist soul core located at the waist.

However, because Yao Xuan hasn't broken through the soul sage, and there is no follow-up exercises, so this process of cohesion has not started temporarily.

In addition to spirit power, Yao Xuan's mental power has increased by 400 points to 7,800 points, and the Ancestral Dragon bloodline has also increased from 72.2% to 73.2%.

However, when the Ancestral Dragon bloodline in his body rose to such a high level, Yao Xuan also discovered a problem. Up to now, it is difficult to improve his bloodline if it is just playing with Gu Yue and Naer.

In this way, if Yao Xuan wants to continue to break through the bloodline, he must either collect the chance of Dragon Valley, or play with Gu Yuena after the fusion of Gu Yue and Naer.

In addition, it was the change of Yao Xuan's ancestral dragon soul.

Although he did not go to the Ascension Platform, the Ancestral Dragon's soul is growing rapidly every day under the influence of the Ancestral Dragon's bloodline and the nourishment of Gu Yue and Naer's holy water.

By now, Yao Xuan's ancestral dragon soul cultivation has grown to 72,000 years, which is one step closer to breaking through one hundred thousand years of soul soul.

Because of the particularity of the Ancestral Dragon Soul Spirit, once it exceeds one hundred thousand years, it can increase all Yao Xuan's spirit rings to one hundred thousand years, thereby greatly improving Yao Xuan's strength. The one hundred thousand year spirit ability is absolutely relative to the ten thousand year spirit ability. A breakthrough in qualitative change

In addition to Yao Xuan himself, his partners have also grown:

Gu Yue, Level 66 Soul Emperor;

Na'er, the 66th-level soul emperor;

Ye Xinglan, Level 57 Soul King;

Wu Si Duo, Level 55 Soul King;

Xu Xiaoyan, Level 54 Soul King;

Xie Xie, Level 52 Soul King;

Tang Wulin, Level 51 Soul King;

Yuanen Yehui, Level 51 Soul King.

Yes, the other eight members of Yao Xuan's team all have a cultivation base above the Soul King, which is a lot higher than the original historical line.

The key to this is naturally Yao Xuan. It is precisely because of the appearance of Yao Xuan that the strength of this team has changed so much, even the players have changed, removing the two Xu Lizhi and Le Zhengyu. Unpleasant guy.

As the saying goes, a butterfly **** its wings and it will set off a storm across the ocean, and Yao Xuan, who has a super-shen system, is more than a butterfly comparable to it?

Undoubtedly, the appearance of Yao Xuan will greatly change the wheel of fortune in Douluo Continent. In the past, Yao Xuan's strength was relatively weak. Such changes may be limited to his side, but with Yao Xuan's strength Ascension, such changes will intensify, until it sweeps across the entire continent.

Hello everyone, our official account will find gold and red envelopes every day, as long as you pay attention to it, you can receive the last benefit at the end of the year. Please seize the opportunity.

As far as Yao Xuan is concerned, once the Dragon God core in Dragon Valley is collected, Yao Xuan's strength is bound to leap again. Then, Yao Xuan decided to go to the Blood God Legion and use the abyss creatures for further development.

After the development, Yao Xuan's vision was to first eradicate the eternal family and obtain the power of the Spirit Spreading Pagoda, and then further conquer the Sun and Moon Federation, the Star Luo Empire, and the Dou Ling Empire to form his own Douluo Empire.

At that time, he could become the lord of the Douluo Continent, and further fulfilled his promise to Gu Yuena, realizing the peaceful coexistence between humans and soul beasts.

As for the abyss, Yao Xuan would definitely destroy it with his own hands, and would never allow the God Realm and Tang San to plunder the results of their battle, and would personally crush the God Realm's slavery and Tang San's conspiracy to reach the sky for thousands of years.

For the time being, lets not mention the future road. Together with my friends, Yao Xuan and others entered the Xingluo Empire Stadium from the VIP channel as the Shrek Academy delegation.

This is a super huge stadium with a diameter of more than one kilometer and can accommodate hundreds of thousands of spectators, but even so, all tickets have been sold out before the start of the competition.

Walking into the big stadium, Yao Xuan also felt the enthusiasm of the audience. Along the way, the enthusiastic cheers of the audience were like a wave, one after another, in an endless stream.

An hour after Yao Xuan and others entered, the opening ceremony of the competition finally began. After a series of ceremonies such as lighting the torch, the emperor of the Star Luo Empire Dai Tianling and the dean of the Monster Academy Enci took the stage to give a speech. , Announcing the start of the contest, followed by a draw.

Because there are too many people who signed up for the competition, a preliminary elimination round has been held before the official start of the competition. Now it is the draw of the main competition. As for everyone in Shrek Academy, they do not need to participate in the elimination round according to the agreement. They can directly Participate in the race.

Among them, including Yao Xuan and others, there are not many soul masters eligible to enter the competition. There are a total of 135 one-on-one contestants, and a total of 67 pairs of two-on-two contestants. There are thirty-three teams in the seven-on-seven game.

Actually, the three numbers were 128, 64, and 32. However, due to the participation of Yao Xuan and others, the numbers have changed a little. In this regard, the organizers of the event also fine-tuned the competition system in time to adapt to the new Number of participants.

After a lot of draws, the number of matches is officially determined. The first one will be one-on-one matches, followed by two-on-two matches, and finally seven-on-seven matches and mecha matches.

After completing the opening ceremony, the opening ceremony of the first day will officially end, and from the second day, the competition will officially begin.

The next day.

After waiting for a period of time, it was finally Yao Xuan's turn to play. Accompanied by cheers like the stormy waves, Yao Xuan and his opponent walked into the arena in the center of the stadium.

Opposite Yao Xuan, it is Yao Xuans opponent. This is a young man who looks at the age of seventeen or eight. He is tall and well-proportioned, giving people a very calm feeling. His strength is very impressive. Not bad.

Accompanied by the referees start of the game, the soul guide screen next to the ring rose, and Yao Xuans opponent waved his right hand, his eyes flashed, two yellow, two purple and one black five soul rings rose from behind, this young man He is a soul master of the Soul King level.

As for the name of this young man, it is called Ling Wuxie. He was born in a sect with a long heritage. As early as three years ago, he had entered the top 32 in the competition, and this time he wanted to Going further, sprinting to the top four or even runner-up.

With the appearance of the spirit ring, Ling Wuxie's aura became stronger, and at the same time, a bright light suddenly lit up on Ling Wuxie's right hand and fell into Ling Wuxie's palm.

If you look closely, this is a big sword about 1.5 meters long. The body of the sword has nine silver-white metal rings of the same color as the blade, shining with bright light, it is very dazzling, and it is Ling Wuxie's martial soul. -Nine-ring silver knife.

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