Douluo: Opening Sign In To Ancestral Dragon Spirit Chapter 422

Chapter 418: Break through Titled Douluo, Divine Origin Realm, fully unlock Dragon God's slab, promoted to Divine Artisan, four-character battle armor

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Of course, Yao Xuan did not rush to Tang Sect. After all, Tang Sects headquarters was Tang Sans old lair. It was very likely that there would be Tang Sans backs, like a wolfs lair, and it was very dangerous!

In order to ensure that the whole process is foolproof, Yao Xuan is going to break through Titled Douluo first, and merge the Dragon God stone slab, then go to Tang Sect, and start the third step of the world!

At the time of Dragon Valley, Yao Xuan's cultivation base had already broken through the Contra. After more than half a year of running-in, Yao Xuan had exhausted his lead and could make the next breakthrough, and he did exactly that now.

With a movement of his mind, Yao Xuan summoned the ancestral dragon soul and the ancestral dragon martial soul, and condensed the ancestral dragon soul into the ninth soul ring for the opposite ancestral dragon martial soul to absorb and refine.

For ordinary spirit masters, it is extremely difficult to break through the Titled Douluo realm, but for Yao Xuan, this process is really smooth and without any thrills.

Smooth sailing, Yao Xuan successfully integrated his ninth spirit ring, and finally caused a qualitative change in his spirit power and cultivation base, and he was promoted to the titled Douluo realm.

After breaking through Titled Douluo, Yao Xuan also successfully obtained his ninth spirit ability-Wanlong Pilgrimage. The effect of this spirit ability is to use the power of the ancestor dragon to summon up to tens of thousands of dragons, all against the enemy. The most powerful attack is powerful enough to destroy the world.

In addition, with this breakthrough, Yao Xuan also completed the last main task of the Super God System, and obtained massive task rewards from the task:

Super God evolution point x1000,

All subsequent exercises of the Soul Forging Technique,

Superb system capability, system intelligence,

The system's ability is superb,

Small world of system capabilities,

System ability small world will.

First of all, after breaking through Title Douluo, Yao Xuan's prototype world finally undergoes a final transformation, evolving into a small world, and the area has expanded again by a thousand times from 50 million cubic meters to 50 billion cubic meters.

After being promoted to a small world, this space that belonged exclusively to Yao Xuan finally completed the law, possessed the laws of reincarnation, and at the same time gave birth to his own world will, which can fully serve Yao Xuan.

Secondly, it is the supernatural divine body with superb system capabilities. It is an upgraded version of superb warfare, which can further enhance Yao Xuan's strength, allowing Yao Xuan to gain stronger combat experience, combat instinct and actual combat ability.

Finally, there is extraordinary system intelligence. It is an upgraded version of enhanced system intelligence. It is a super artificial intelligence born with the will of the world. Its analytical capabilities have increased thousands of times. At the same time, it can assist the will of the world in managing Yao Xuans small world. Its scientific growth.

Not only that, after breaking through Title Douluo, Yao Xuan's mental power also broke through again, and finally broke through 50,000 points, and was promoted to the Divine Origin Realm, which can be said to be very powerful.

With so many breakthroughs, Yao Xuan's strength has naturally increased. He has been promoted from an ordinary mid-level mid-level **** to a strong peak mid-level god, and he will soon be able to touch the threshold of the upper level god's combat power.

In summary, after the breakthrough, Yao Xuan's attributes were updated to:

Name: Yao Xuan

[Age: 17 years old]

[System Ability: Insightful Eye, Charm of Leadership, Extraordinary Understanding, Extraordinary Meditation, Extraordinary Cohesion, Simulated Battle Space, Small World (50 billion m3) (Time Flow Control, World Will), Tower of Refining God, Extraordinary System Intelligence, Great Enslavement Art, Extraordinary God Body]

[Wuhun: Zulong]

[Strength: Ordinary mid-term upper god]

[Soul Power: Level 91 (0.00%) (Title Douluo) (Soul Power Solidified)]

Gong Method: Forging Soul Artifice (Level 9)

[Unlocking degree of Ancestral Dragon Bloodline: 94.7%]

[Mental power: 51000 (0.0%) (initial stage of the realm of God)]

[Soul: Zulong (820000)]

[Soul Skills: Ancestral Dragon Splitting Sky Strike, Ancestral Dragon Overlord Body, Ancestral Dragon Jade Spear/Ancestral Dragon Heavenly Protection Spear, Ancestral Dragon Ten Thousand Blades Kill, Ancestral Prison Prison, Ancestral Dragon Bloodline Clone, Ancestral Dragon True Body, Ancestor Dragon Demise Shiguang, Wanlong Pilgrimage

[Bloodline ability (being): Complete Ancestral Dragon Body, Whole Ancestral Dragon Transformation, Complete Ancestral Dragon Domain, Ancestral Dragon Awakening, Ancestral Dragon Wings, Ancestral Dragon Heart, Ancestral Dragon Origin, Ancestral Dragon Soul]

[Bloodline Abilities (Main): Ancestral Dragon Smashing Air Step, Ancestral Dragon Chaos Gang, Ancestral Dragon Element Control, Ancestral Dragon Nine Color Breath, Ancestral Dragon Power, Ancestral Dragon Heavenly Armor, Ancestral Dragon Transformation, Ancestral Dragon Time and Space Slash, Ancestral Dragon Dragon Fate Control]

[Dou Armor: Three-character Fight Armor Zu Longyue]

[Super God evolution point: 1030]

[Skills: Forging (level 8), mecha design (level 7), mecha manufacturing (level 7), mecha repair (level 7)]

"Then, let me begin to inherit the last layer of the Dragon God Stone Slab! I look forward to the power of the main artifact!"

With a thought, Yao Xuan opened the last layer of the Dragon God's slate, and began to enjoy the final inheritance!


Three days later!

"Finally succeeded! Is this the inheritance of the Divine King Realm? It really is extraordinary! In addition, the cultivation base of my Ancestral Dragon Soul Spirit has also broken through one million years. It is really great to have a million years soul ability!"

After the inheritance was over, Yao Xuan stood up with scorching eyes, and said excitedly.

"Then, let's see how strong I am after possessing the main divine tool and the million-year spirit ability!"

With a move of his mind, Yao Xuan entered the simulated battle space and began the test.

"Ordinary mid-term high-ranking god! It seems that even if I have master divine weapon, million-year spirit ability, and divine king level combat experience, because my personal cultivation base is too low, I can't exert the strongest strength! In Tang Sanhe Before the arrival of the gods, I must continue to work hard!"

"However, after breaking through Title Douluo and Divine Origin Realm, I feel that I can already break through Divine Artisan! Then, let me start my first Heavenly Forging!"

With a thought, Yao Xuan took out the nine raw materials of Jiucai Zaohua Alloy and started forging!


After half a day!

"Success! Hahahaha! I am a master craftsman!"

Helping the Jiucai Good Fortune Alloy in his hand survived the catastrophe, Yao Xuan laughed loudly before looking at the spiritual, independent soul, and power to control the law, and then received the task reward.

At this point, all the tasks of the forging series provided by the Super God System have been completed, and Yao Xuan's diamond evolution point has reached 2030, and all four professional skills have broken through to level 9, and at the same time he has obtained a large amount of Jiucai alloy raw materials.

After that, Yao Xuan began to build the four-character battle armor. Of course, while building the battle armor, Yao Xuan did not forget to combine work and rest to play daily games with Gu Yue and Naer.







It's another month!

"Four-character battle armor! Finally succeeded! However, for Jiucai Zaohua alloy, the four-character battle armor is far from the limit. It can also be used to create the five-character battle armor and the six-character battle armor! This is my future. The direction to study!"

Equipped with his own four-character battle armor-Zu Longyuena, Yao Xuan nodded with satisfaction, and immediately felt the various attributes after being augmented by the four-character battle armor.

Because the material is made of nine-color good-for-nothing alloy, although the battle armor on Yao Xuan's body is four-character, the actual effect is completely comparable to that of the five-character battle armor. It also makes Yao Xuan's strength break from the ordinary mid-stage upper **** to the ordinary late stage The upper god, is further away from Gu Yue Na's strength.

"Then, let me use up my super **** evolution points and improve my Ancestral Dragon bloodline, and then formally set out to conquer Tang Sect!"

With a movement of his mind, Yao Xuan opened the system panel of the Super God System and tapped it lightly.


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