Douluo: Opening Sign In To Ancestral Dragon Spirit Chapter 423

Chapter 419: Break through the bloodline, control the Tang Sect, conquer the three empires, and destroy the Holy Spirit

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Accompanied by Yao Xuan's thoughts, the 2010 super **** evolution point disappeared, and Yao Xuan's Ancestral Dragon bloodline flourished at a speed visible to the naked eye, becoming more and more pure, and containing frightening power.

Finally, after the baptism of the super **** evolution point, Yao Xuan's Ancestral Dragon bloodline increased by 3% overall, reaching a level of horror of 97.7%, and the distance reached 100% further.

Immediately afterwards, Yao Xuan chose to continue to condense the blood circulation, and initially condense the ninth blood circulation very smoothly, which also increased his strength from the normal late-stage upper **** to a stronger late-stage upper god.

"Now, you can go to take over Tang Sect!"

With a thought in his heart, Yao Xuan urged the Ancestral Dragon to break through the empty steps, walk through the void, and rushed to the Tangmen headquarters in Tiandou City!


In a few minutes!

In Tangmen headquarters!

Entering the Tangmen headquarters, Yao Xuan also met a series of Tangmen masters, such as Long Yeyue and Zang Xin, and shot them one after another, easily suppressing them all!

For the Tang Sect members, although they all believed in Tang San, it was not entirely their fault, but because they were deceived by the illusion created by Tang San and mistakenly thought that Tang San was a good person!

Because of this, Yao Xuan also showed great kindness to these Tang Sect members, and did not kill them, but only enslaved them so that they would not affect their future plans!

Immediately afterwards, Yao Xuan rushed to the Tang Sect Second Headquarters in Shrek City, and once again enslaved all the soul masters in it that had the strength of Title Douluo. At this point, the entire Tang Sect fell under Yao Xuan's control.

As for later, Yao Xuan began to prepare for the Douluo Federation. Because the three major forces of the Sun and Moon Federation, Tang Sect, and Spirit Chuan Pagoda all pushed the Douluo Federation, Shrek Academy did not oppose the establishment of the Douluo Federation. The preparation and establishment work can be described as very smooth.

After the formation of the Douluo Federation, Gu Yuena and her spirit beast clan also won seats under the benefit of Yao Xuan. At the same time, under the benefit of Yao Xuan, the Douluo Federation also issued many laws.

The most important one is naturally to prohibit all culling of spirit beasts. Of course, in return, the spirit beast clan will regularly contribute enough essence and blood to help mankind make spirits.

In addition, under the promotion of Yao Xuan, the entire Douluo Federation will also put on the agenda a series of projects such as research on artificial souls, research on soul recovery technology, restoration of the ecology, and construction of a coexistence of human souls and beasts. .

Although the contradiction between humans and spirit beasts has not yet been resolved, after such coordination, the spirit beasts can also begin to recuperate and no longer have life concerns.

Not only that, after Yao Xuan refines the abyss, Douluo Xing will also evolve and expand. By then, the soul beast will also gain a larger territory to further solve the existing problems.

Now, since the Douluo Federation has been initially established, Yao Xuan naturally wants to conquer the remaining three empires, that is, far away from the Douluo Continent where the Douluo Federation is located, and the Star Luo Empire, Douling Empire, and Heaven Dou on other subcontinents. The three empires of empire.

As for the first stop for Yao Xuan to conquer the three empires, it was the Xingluo Empire. With the terrifying power of the first-level god, Yao Xuan directly shuttled through the space, and after more than ten minutes, he crossed the ocean and reached the kingdom of the Xingluo Empire Xingluo City.

Here, Yao Xuan directly enslaved all spirit masters in the kingdom whose strength had reached Title Douluo or higher. However, in order to make the citizens of the Star Luo Empire willingly join the Douluo Federation, Yao Xuan launched five attempts in accordance with the ancient etiquette of the Star Luo Empire. God's decision, and live broadcast throughout the Star Luo Empire!

The first battle, the battle of mecha!

The second battle, the battle of souls!

The third game, the battle of Wuhun!

The fourth game, the battle of weapons!

The fifth game, a comprehensive battle!

Undoubtedly, in the five battles, Yao Xuan defeated the enemy with one move, and taking advantage of the victory, Dai Tianling announced the decision of the Star Luo Empire to join the Douluo Federation.

After conquering the Star Luo Empire, Yao Xuan's next goal was the Dou Ling Empire, a small country split from the Heaven Dou Empire, located on the smallest subcontinent.

In the entire Douling Empire, there were no more than ten soul masters who had reached the level of Title Douluo, and they were all enslaved by Yao Xuan and became a new member of the Douluo Federation.

Finally, it was the Heaven Dou Empire. The strength of this empire was similar to that of the Star Luo Empire. It naturally couldn't make any waves on Yao Xuan's face. Yao Xuan easily enslaved all the high-level officials and joined the Douluo Federation.

At this point, with the exception of Shrek Academy and the Blood God Legion, the entire Douluo World has been under Yao Xuan's control, and Yao Xuan has also become the President of the Douluo Federation, Gu Yuena, Yali, Chen Xinjie, and Cao Dezhi. Five people, including Dai Tianling, served as vice presidents.

After the preparations for the entire Douluo Federation were completed, Yao Xuan also opened the next stop-to destroy the Holy Spirit Cult, the evil spirit master organization of the Douluo Continent, and it was also the cancer of the entire Douluo Continent.

In the future, Yao Xuan is going to personally enter the abyss and slay the sage of the abyss. However, considering that a great man on earth once said, "You must settle down before you go abroad." Yao Xuan naturally wants to ensure that the Douluo world is native. Of stability.

Of course, it is not difficult for Yao Xuan, who possesses the spiritual power of the Divine Origin Realm, to find a stronghold of the Holy Spirit Sect. Under Yao Xuans investigation, he found that less than 90% of the Holy Spirit Sect members are located in the Holy Spirit Realm. ", and the entrance of the "Holy Spirit Realm" is located on a small island in the deep sea.

As for why the Holy Spirit Realm is located on the sea, the reason is very simple. The leader of the Holy Spirit Cult, the Demon Emperor, is the second million-year-old soul beast on the Douluo Continent, and it was also the deep sea that was killed by Tang San millions of years ago. The wife of the Devil Whale King, the sea is her realm.

In addition to the Devil Emperor, there are two emperors, four heavenly kings, and many church elders in the Holy Spirit Cult.

Among them, every elder of the Holy Spirit Sect is a powerful person with the strength of the Title Douluo rank, and the two emperors and the four heavenly kings are respectively:

Ghost Emperor Karthus, Ghost King Douluo, Level 99 Ultimate Douluo, the quasi-god powerhouse!

Underworld Emperor Hallosa, Underworld King Douluo, level ninety-nine limit Douluo, quasi-god powerhouse!

Dark Gorefiend Aatokes, Gorefiend Douluo, level ninety-nine limit Douluo, a demigod powerhouse!

Dark Hummingbird Dragon Aotian, Hummingbird Douluo, Level 98 Super Douluo!

Dark Bell Nanali, Dark Bell Douluo, Level 98 Super Douluo!

Dark Phoenix Leng Yulai, Dark Phoenix Douluo, Level 97 Super Douluo!

In the face of these high-level and other members of the Holy Spirit Church, Yao Xuan did not kill them across the board, but adopted a more lenient policy:

First, Yao Xuan defeated and enslaved the Demon Emperor, Lan Fuzi, Nanali, Leng Yulai and others, and allowed them to continue to control the Holy Spirit Cult as the future dark power;

Secondly, Yao Xuan killed about 95% of the Holy Spirit Sect members above the "messenger" level in the Holy Spirit Sect, and gave them all to the Refining Tower for refining. As for some members whose souls did not fall into the Demon Dao, they were handed over to their own slaves. Management and training of the Devil Emperor and others;

As for the dark hummingbird Long Aotian, it was handed over to Wu Changkong for revenge. Finally, Wu Zhangkong also cut Long Aotian's heart by laparotomy and sent it to Long Bing's tomb to comfort her heroic spirit;

As for Wu Zhangkongs wife Long Bing, Yao Xuan has no ability to resurrect for the time being, but after becoming the world lord of the Douluo Continent, Yao Xuan can resurrect him, fulfilling Wu Zhangkongs wish;

In the end, there were the evil head ghost Emperor Karthus, Underworld Emperor Harosha, and the dark blood demon Atrox. Yao Xuan did not directly kill them, but sent them to the public trial meeting!

At the public trial meeting, Yao Xuan also declared the crimes of the three people within the entire Douluo Federation, and beheaded them. While gaining a large number of super **** evolution points, it also greatly harvested a wave of worship from the masses. degree.

Now, even if Yao Xuan doesnt do anything every day, just by harvesting the power of the peoples faith, he can get 20 super **** evolution points. In addition to the super **** evolution points accumulated in previous battles, Yao Xuan is away from the ancestor. The dragon bloodline is getting closer and closer to 100%!


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