Douluo: Opening Sign In To Ancestral Dragon Spirit Chapter 424

Chapter 420: The first stage of the bloodline is complete, breaking through the Super Douluo, counterattacking, piercing through the abyss, and the abyss sage appears

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of course,

The Ancestral Dragons bloodline increased to 100%,

It doesnt mean that Yao Xuans blood is comparable to the real Zulong.

It just means that the first stage of Yao Xuans Ancestral Dragon bloodline is complete,

And after the first stage,

There is also the second stage of the Ancestral Dragon bloodline waiting for Yao Xuan to evolve.

of course,

Even if its just the first stage of the Ancestral Dragon bloodline,

Yao Xuans increase is also very scary.


Once the blood of the first stage is complete,

Yao Xuan's strength will take a further leap!

As for what Yao Xuan has to do now, is to accumulate enough super-god evolution points until he raises the Ancestral Dragon bloodline to the first stage of Consummation, then heads to the abyss, slays the abyss holy monarch, and finally smashes Tang San's conspiracy!


time flies.

Ten days later!

"The number of super **** evolution points is finally enough! So, let's start! I really look forward to it! Once the first stage of the Ancestral Dragon bloodline is successfully gathered, my strength will surely skyrocket!"

Sitting cross-legged, Yao Xuan thought, opened the super **** system, and added all the super **** evolution points to the Ancestral Dragon bloodline.

With the influx of massive super **** evolution points,

Yao Xuans Ancestral Dragons bloodline took another leap,

And finally broke the 100% mark.

After the bloodline reaches 100%,

Yao Xuan also did two things,

first of all,

Yao Xuan completed the circulation of the last tenth Ancestral Dragon in his body;


Yao Xuan merged the tenfold blood circulation in his body, and his blood successfully broke through the first stage and reached the second stage.

After condensing the tenth blood circulation, Yao Xuan also acquired two brand-new abilities as it should be:

The active ability Ancestral Dragon descends and the passive ability Ancestral Dragon reappears.

The effects of these two abilities can be said to be complementary. After use, they can summon a trace of real ancestral dragon's will to attack the enemy, even the enemy of the **** king level can be easily killed.

In addition to two new capabilities,

With the completion of the first stage of the Ancestral Dragons bloodline,

Yao Xuan's physical fitness has also been greatly improved:

The spirit power directly broke through from the original level 91 to level 97, making Yao Xuan a direct breakthrough as a Super Douluo;

Mental power broke through to 110,000 points, more than twice the previous level;

The ancestral dragon soul spirit has evolved to three million years, close to three times the past, and has promoted all Yao Xuan's soul abilities to three million year soul abilities.


As for Yao Xuan's strength, he also leapt directly from the original strong late-stage upper **** to the top mid-stage lower-rank main god, reaching the realm of the main god, that is, the **** king.

Finally, Yao Xuan's current property panel is as follows:

Name: Yao Xuan

[Age: 17 years old]

System Capability:......

[Wuhun: Zulong]

[Strength: top mid-level lower main god]

[Soul Power: Level 97 (Super Douluo)]

Gong Method: Forging Soul Artifice (Level 9)

[Ancestral Dragon Bloodline: 100% (Phase 1)/0% (Phase 2)]

[Mental power: 110000 (0.0%) (initial stage of the gods realm)]

[Soul: Zulong (300w years)]

[Soul Skill:...]

[Bloodline Ability (Main):......]

[Bloodline ability (being):......]

[Fight armor: four-character fighting armor Zu Longyuena]

[Super God evolution point: 61]

[Skills: Forging (level 9), mecha design (level 9), mecha manufacturing (level 9), mecha maintenance (level 9)]

"Awesome! Divine King-level combat power! I finally broke through! Is this the strength of Divine King? It's so powerful!!"

Feeling the power of blood in his body, Yao Xuan said in ecstasy.

The battle power of the **** king level meant that Yao Xuan's strength had stood at the pinnacle of the Douluo Continent, and even Gu Yuena was not his opponent.

Unless Tang San's body descended, there was no way to stop Yao Xuan with Tang San's clone and backhands. It could be said that Yao Xuan had sufficient strength to protect herself and Gu Yuena.

"So, now is the time to counterattack the abyss!"

Determined, Yao Xuan led Gu Yuena, Gu Yue and Na'er to the abyss.

Although Yao Xuan can annihilate the abyss alone, Yao Xuan still brought Gu Yuena with him. This kind of behavior against foreign enemies can be helped by the will of the world, and it will be helpful to Gu Yuena, Gu Yue, Na'er and even the soul beast clan. all good.

By the way, because they obtained part of the dragon god's core energy, after getting their bodies, Gu Yue and Na'er had no less potential than Gu Yuena, but their strength was slightly weaker, only the strength of the top peak second-level god.

Upon reaching the abyss, Yao Xuan also continued to enter the abyss passage and entered the abyss world.

Unlike the Douluo Continent, the Abyssal World is an energy-type world, with a total of 108 layers. Each layer has an Abyss race and an emperor as the core of the layer. The emperor on the last layer is The prince of the abyss is also the king of the entire abyss.

The abyss emperor has a very tricky characteristic, immortality, even if killed, will be resurrected in the abyss within a period of time, but once an abyss emperor is truly obliterated, the abyss will collapse.

For ordinary soul masters, it is obviously impossible to completely obliterate the abyss emperor, but for Yao Xuan, Gu Yuena, Gu Yue, and Na'er, it is naturally not the case.

"let's start!"

Looking at the abyss in front of him, Yao Xuan's eyes flashed with cold light, urging his soul power.

"Zulong Possession!"

"Zulong's true body!"

"Ancestral Dragon Tyrant Body!"

"Ancestral Dragon Realm!"

"Ancestral Dragon Transformation!"

"Ancestral Dragon!"

"Battle armor possessed!"

"Ancestral Dragon Heavenly Armor!"

"Dragon Slate!"

The nine states were all opened, Yao Xuan's thoughts moved, and he entered the strongest state, exuding a terrifying power that would shatter space, time break, stars, and all saints.

"Ancestral Dragon destroys the world!"

Immediately afterwards.

Yao Xuan urged his soul power,

The ninth circle of golden spirit ring suddenly flashed behind him,


The endless strength of the Nine-Colored Ancestral Dragon gathered in front of him!

In front of this majestic and mighty ancestral dragon power,

Everything seems so small,

The space is torn apart,

The earth is shaking,

Even the entire abyss plane is trembling!

"Destroy it!"

Reach out,

The power of the ancestral dragon in front of Yao Xuan burst forward,

Turned into a terrifying torrent of destruction,

Go to the abyss plane!





Accompanied by a violent explosion,

The entire abyss trembled crazily.

The nine-layered abyss at the top level instantly collapsed and shattered,

Immediately after being refined by Yao Xuan in the refining tower of the small plane,

Provide Yao Xuan with massive super **** evolution points.

"Damn guy, dare to enter the abyss himself, go to hell!"

at this time,

From the depths of the abyss,

Ten figures suddenly appeared,

And came crazy to Yao Xuan,

It is the Ten Great Abyss Kings who are in charge of the first to tenth levels of the abyss,

And the one headed is the Abyss Sovereign,

And roaring frantically!


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