Dragon Marked War God Chapter 4743

Chapter 4735: Tianlong Qitian

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Jiang Chen held the Storm Hammer in his hand, and worked day after day, for ninety-nine and eighty-one days!

The sword embryo was finally forged by Jiang Chen into the original appearance of the Heavenly Dragon Sword.

At that moment, Jiang Chen's eyes were also full of fiery light. In the end, he went back to the furnace and remade, and then used the five elements to burn for three days and three nights!

In the qi cauldron of the mother of all things, constantly oscillating, the more and more dense aura diffused, even Jiang Chen felt an unimaginable terror pressure, which burst out from the qi cauldron of the mother of all things The terrifying energy, like a breath that soars to the sky, is about to burst out.

Unbeatable and mighty as a tiger!

Jiang Chen's heart was incomparably shocked, and he was quite looking forward to the new Heavenly Dragon Sword. This Heavenly Dragon Sword already had its own soul, and the Heavenly Dragon Sword was recast, but the sword soul was still the original soul of the sword.

This time, the rank of the Heavenly Dragon Sword will definitely be improved again, better than before.

This is Jiang Chen's experience and expectations for the new Heavenly Dragon Sword.

I spent such a long time in order to build a peerless war sword, and the Heavenly Dragon Sword has spent countless years with me, and has long been integrated. It is his family, his brother, and Rhubarb. Long Shisan and they are the same, they are all an indispensable part of Jiang Chen's side.



The aura in the Cauldron of the Mother of All Things is getting stronger and stronger, and even the mother of All Things can't suppress the violent aura in it.

"Tianlong Sword, burst out! My little universe!"

Jiang Chen's eyes burned, and in the next second, he opened the cauldron of the mother of all things, and a burst of air soaring from the cauldron flew out from the cauldron, like a peerless giant dragon in the sky, and the roar of pride was deafening.

Jiang Chen stared at a golden dragon shadow and flew out from the cauldron of the mother of all things. The heavens and the earth were in front of him, eclipsed.

The golden dragon shadow is constantly changing, flying in the midair, twisting its huge body, and finally freezes in the void.

At that moment, even Su Moor under the golden laurel tree was not calm. She never thought that Jiang Chen, a powerhouse less than the Nebula level, could make such a big movement and forged such a terrifying peerless battle. Bing!

"The soul of the soldier is indeed a ninth-level soldier!"

Su Moor said in amazement that his soldiers back then were nothing more than a ninth-level soldier, and this ninth-level soldier was in the hands of Jiang Chen, and it was definitely a supreme soldier who scorned all the heroes.

With such a soldier, his strength will definitely increase accordingly, and the tide will rise.

"Master... I truly have my own sword soul... I can speak."

The green and tender voice came out of the golden dragon's mouth, which looked a little funny.

Even Jiang Chen didnt expect this soldier to be so terrifying. He uttered words and the sword soul was always there, but it was not that easy to turn into a real creature. Only when he reached the ninth level could he have his own battle. The soul of soldiers, that is, the current Heavenly Dragon Sword Soul!

"You are the sword soul of the Heavenly Dragon Sword."

Jiang Chen said with a smile.

The huge golden dragon head nodded silently, Jiang Chen's mouth raised a bright smile, and his efforts were not in vain.

"I have fought with my master for countless years, ignorant, and today I can finally become one with the master."

The Heavenly Dragon Sword Soul whispered, and Jiang Chen couldn't help but laugh with his timid appearance.

"From now on, you will be a part of my Jiang Chen's body! Sword is here"

Jiang Chen's fighting spirit was like a rainbow. He stretched out his hand and grabbed it. The golden dragon roared and rushed towards Jiang Chen. It circled Jiang Chen's body nine times. In the end, the golden dragon turned into A golden long sword fell into Jiang Chen's hands.

Jiang Chen was extremely excited, holding the Heavenly Dragon Sword tightly. At this moment, the Heavenly Dragon Sword seemed to grow on his body, becoming his hand, his sword, and one with him.

The golden long sword is dazzling and extremely bright.

"It turns out to be completely integrated with you. Even if someone else has mastered this sword, it definitely won't work. The center of his eyebrows is completely your mark. This sword is not simple."

Su Moore said solemnly.

"Moreover, he hasn't opened the front yet!"

"What do you mean?"

Jiang Chen said in surprise.

"That's it. This is not an ordinary ninth-level soldier. This is a ninth-level soldier that can be upgraded. His current rank determines whether he can become a peak soldier in the future, because the current Heavenly Dragon Sword is yours. After being recast, it is like a piece of uncut jade. It has lost its original edge and is restrained in it. When you have the ability to open its front, you will know that the Heavenly Dragon Sword will rise to the next level. After opening the front, its too dazzling, you hold it in your hand, Im afraid it will attract endless power to chase you. A gentleman is innocent, he is guilty of his crimes, and you cant control things at all. Dont miss it well. In the future, he will Become your good fortune."

Su Moore said solemnly.

"Thanks for letting me know."

Jiang Chen nodded, with infinite fighting spirit in his heart, holding the Heavenly Dragon Sword tightly, and now his combat power is already at the peak.

Between waving, it is natural, and the fit with oneself is even more unspeakable, you have me in you, and you in me.

Now he has not opened the front, once opened, the light will shine on the earth, even Su Moor said that he will become the light of the eternal world.

The edge is gradually rising, and the dragon is all over the sky!

Jiang Chen's chest was full of gutters, and this time he entered the demon refining well, and he felt a little more sure in his heart.

Looking at the terrifying well head, with an extremely strange sealing power, Jiang Chen took a deep breath and jumped into the demon refining well.

This place was sealed by the Nine Dragon Sealing Demon Formation, but it was very easy for Jiang Chen to get in. The formation was laid by him, wouldn't it be possible to capture it?

After Jiang Chen entered the demon refining well, his mind moved slightly. This place was almost self-contained, falling from the sky, under the well, extending in all directions, very large.

There is no one inhabited here, there are no plants, there are no rocks and water pools, there is only a desert, dark gray world, gloomy and gloomy, giving Jiang Chen a very uncomfortable feeling, as if his body is about to be affected by this. The yin qi swallows the same.

"What a **** evil."

Jiang Chen frowned and was cautious, because the stellar core was under the demon refining well, so he had to come, even facing some powerful demon beasts, he should be almost dead.

Courageously, Jiang Chen looked for the energy source of the stellar core as he walked. After all, he was not here to play a monster battle, but to find the source of the stellar core.

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