Dragon Marked War God Chapter 4744

Chapter 4736: Rhubarb wakes up

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Jiang Chen has been walking for nearly tens of kilometers, and the underground seems to be vast, like a space of its own, and the desert is endless.

Along the way, Jiang Chen did see a lot of huge bones, some resembling human beings, some magnificent and extremely sturdy, just a rib, all bigger than his body.

Jiang Chen couldn't help sighing. It seems that countless ancient monsters have indeed been blocked in this demon refining well. After countless years, these monsters can still preserve the bones of that year. This is enough to explain the horror of this monster. Not waiting.

For hundreds of millions of years, the bones are immortal, this is not what ordinary monsters can do.

The gusts of wind around him have always made Jiang Chen feel uneasy, but he didnt notice any strangeness along the way. He just felt like he was in a crowded desert, like countless pairs of eyes. Staring at him strangely.

Jiang Chen was a little drumming in his heart, and he didn't know if it was he was unreasonably worried, or it was really evil here.

Thousands of years have passed, and the monster beasts that have been sealed here are supposed to have passed away long ago, and it is impossible for them to be alive.

But be careful to sail the ship for ten thousand years, not to mention that Jiang Chen has been searching here for a long time, but he has not found the existence of the stellar core.

"Miss Su, is there really a stellar core here? I have searched for so long, but I haven't found it. It's like a desert, with no gain at all."

Jiang Chen frowned and couldn't help asking Su Moer.

"I don't know. It stands to reason that the stellar core should be here. This is different from billions of years ago. The Demon Refining Well is originally a space connected to the ground, but where is the star hidden? The kernel, I dont know."

Su Moor's words made Jiang Chen very disappointed, so when he went on looking aimlessly, when would he be tall?

It would be nice if the rhubarb was there at this time, Jiang Chen couldn't help but think of it.

"Quack, Xiao Chenzi, did you think about me? This night, I slept well. Ah ooh"

Perhaps it was a communion of hearts. At that moment, the voice of Rhubarb appeared in the Buddha's prison palace.

"Your sister! Rhubarb, you **** finally woke up."

Jiang Chen can't wait to thank his eight generations of ancestors now. It's really time for the rhubarb to wake up. It's all about giving charcoal in the snow. Is this still the rhubarb who only knew trouble?

Rhubarb can finally come in handy.

Rhubarb changed his body and appeared beside Jiang Chen, with golden hair, brilliant light, and a tyrannical aura. Jiang Chen's heart moved, and his face was very solemn. It seems that the current strength of Rhubarb should already be in him. Above.

"Once you wake up from a dream, the python swallows the dragon. It seems that your strength is above me."

Jiang Chen smiled and punched Rhubarb on the dog's head, and Rhubarb was also rude, and directly pounced on Jiang Chen's body.

"Now I am a constant star eighth heaven. It's so cool. The dog master crushes your two heavens. Shake under my crotch, boy."

Rhubarb shook the dog's head and said excitedly.

"Dream, and pretend to force me to blow your dog's head."

Jiang Chen scolded with a smile.

"Come on! Be happy!"

Rhubarb smiled.

"I'm standing here to let you chop, come on Xiaochenzi, and see how hard your dog's head is now."

Rhubarb stalked his neck and said calmly.

"That's what you said."

Jiang Chen eagerly fists, your kid dare to challenge me, I will let you taste the power of the new Heavenly Dragon Sword.

"Master Gou, I will be afraid of you? Come on? I want to convince you."

Rhubarb said dismissively.

"Master Gou, my current strength is no longer at the beginning. I have been suppressed so much by you. This time I must get my face back."

"Okay, get ready, I will slash you today and see if you can hold on."

Jiang Chen's eyes lit up, holding the Heavenly Dragon Sword tightly, eager to try, he was still sure of Rhubarb, so this time he planned to try it too, whether it was Rhubarb's dog head or the Heavenly Dragon Sword that was stronger.

The intersection of the spear and the shield, see who can have the last laugh.

"Hurry up, don't dawdle, you haven't eaten enough, Xiao Chenzi, you look like a silver wax gun no matter how you look at it now, you don't like it, quack."

Rhubarb said with flying brows.

"Hi, you're a fairy! See how I clean you up, I'm ready, I'm going to cut it."

Jiang Chen snorted, holding the Heavenly Dragon Sword in his hand, rising up and down horizontally, and slashing directly on the head of the rhubarb dog.


With a loud noise, Jiang Chen's hands were sorely shaken, as if he had been chopped on an indestructible gem.

Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding!

Rhubarb stepped back more than ten steps, his eyes blackened.

"Fuck! Xiao Chenzi, you are serious, you are too cruel, this sword almost sent me off."

Rhubarb covered his head with his paws, and said with a pained expression on his face.

"My scalp is numb, when did your Heavenly Dragon Sword become so terrifying, shouldn't it?"

Rhubarb was very depressed. He wanted to pretend to be a comparison in front of Jiang Chen, but now it seems that he failed to pretend once again.

"You are very lucky. I just re-forged the Heavenly Dragon Sword. You are the first one. You must taste the power of the Heavenly Dragon Sword."

Jiang Chen shrugged.

"Your sister! You said earlier that my dog's head was almost chopped off, no wonder, no wonder, it was pitted by your kid again."

Rhubarb said dissatisfied.

"I only used 50% of my strength. If it weren't because I was afraid that you could not hold it, and did not use all my strength, you would be a dead dog now."

Jiang Chen patted Rhubarb on his head and said.


"It's so difficult to admit that I'm good at Lord Dog. I can resist the new Heavenly Dragon Sword. You must not be able to beat me, so there is no need to explain.

Rhubarb said unceremoniously.

Jiang Chen couldn't help smiling, and he was very happy. The rhubarb was still the rhubarb, and he didn't even admit that he couldn't do it.

"By the way, what is this place? How gloomy it looks, I don't think it looks like a good place."

Rhubarb looked around, sniffed and said, with his eyes, this place is definitely not a good place.

"You guessed it, this place should already be deep in the heart of the earth, an underground tiankeng, and here is a piece of space under the tiankeng. I don't know whether it really exists or is self-contained.

Jiang Chen groaned.

"Xiao Chenzi, you are too hot. How long have I been away from you, Lord Dog? Why do you drill everywhere? I don't think there is a good place to stay here. I judge with my precise sense of smell, don't leave. If it does, there will be no good fruit to eat."

Da Huang said in a deep voice, it was obvious that he had smelled a bit of crisis, but Jiang Chen did not feel it.

"you sure?"

Jiang Chen asked.

"Of course, can you go or not? I can go if you don't go. I feel as if someone is being watched."

Rhubarb seemed to be more upset, Jiang Chen knew that he didn't seem to be lying.

"That's right, I feel that way too."

Jiang Chen and Rhubarb faced each other, his voice was low, and he looked around.

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