Dragon Marked War God Chapter 4745

Chapter 4737: Rhubarb incarnate as a love dog

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"Go to his grandma, I just woke up, Lord Gou, even if I'm the King of Heaven, I'm not afraid!"

Rhubarb said cursingly, but it is undeniable that his eyes were turning gurglingly, and he seemed to be vigilant about the movements around him.

"This is a sinkhole of Tianchenxing. I originally planned to find materials for recasting the Tianlong Sword, but I didn't expect to fall into this sinkhole and could no longer get out. However, I discovered the existence of the stellar core. I dont plan to leave either, I have to find the core of this star."

Jiang Chen said firmly.

"In that case, I can help you a lot when I wake up now. I'm really sending you a charcoal boy in the snow. Quack."

Rhubarb shook his head and said, although there are dangers around him, as long as he is with Xiao Chenzi, there is nothing terrifying.

"Why don't you say that you are my blessed general, this time the important task of finding the stellar core is left to you, haha."

Jiang Chen smiled.

"Your sister! I just woke up, you asked me to be a coolie for you, change to someone else, the dog master, I just clicked him."

Rhubarb said with a proud face, but did not refuse Jiang Chen. He immediately began to look around. The dog's nose was constantly twitching. He was the best at things like Tiancai Dibao. Natural beauty is hard to abandon, no Way!

"Hey, who makes me work harder."

Rhubarb shook his body constantly, swaying from side to side, Jiang Chen followed closely, and the two people continued to shuttle through this uninhabited desert.

With the help of rhubarb, Jiang Chen felt very confident in his heart.

The two people walked for more than an hour, and the rhubarb was bright.

"Over there, go!"

"Are you sure? I've walked over there before?"

Jiang Chen was taken aback. It was obviously the place he had walked before, and he hadn't noticed anything at all.

"Believe the dog, let's go, make sure you fly happily and have a blistering nose."

Da Huang said confidently, taking the lead in the charge, and once again walked past the place Jiang Chen had walked before.

In an uneven hilly desert area, the rhubarb slowly stopped.

"right here!"

Standing on the hills, Da Huang pointed to a shallow sand pit below and said.

Jiang Chen frowned. This is an ordinary sandpit. What's the difference? There are thousands of bunkers like this around, and Jiang Chen didn't care about it at all.


Rhubarb whispered, picking up a big rock and smashing it down at the bunker. At this time, the surrounding sand began to sink into the bunker.

Gradually, the bunker became bigger and deeper and deeper and deeper. Jiang Chen and Rhubarb continued to move back. The bunker had expanded from its original five or six meters square to thousands of meters square, and a huge black hole appeared in it. In front of two people.

Jiang Chen took a breath of air, but fortunately there was rhubarb, otherwise, how could he find such a place? You can't find it for a lifetime.

Sure enough, the bunkers were getting bigger and bigger. With the decommissioning of time, a huge black hole appeared in front of them. Finally, a faint star power made Jiang Chen alive!

This is it!

Jiang Chen can be extremely sure that this is definitely a place where the stellar core is hidden, but the sunken sand here blocks the stellar core, and no energy is emitted at all, so Jiang Chen will pass by without knowing it.

"Rhubarb, your nose is really **** good."

Jiang Chen said sincerely, this is not acceptable, rhubarb is a natural nose.

"That's natural."

Rhubarb shook his head and tail, very happy.

But at this moment, when Jiang Chen's heart was full of joy, a rush of breath emanated from the black hole.


Whoosh whoosh!

Several black shadows, exuding blue-black light, appeared on Jiang Chen's head. Jiang Chen took a closer look. They were the shadows of several monsters. In the illusion, there was a black mist and **** eyes. With shocking anger.

These ghost shadows completely surrounded Jiang Chen and Rhubarb. The soaring monster air made Jiang Chen very uncomfortable. These monsters were probably suppressed by Su Moor's father under the refining well. Even though so many years have passed, their spirit power is still very terrifying and powerful!

Jiang Chen felt that his head seemed to bear five thousand catties, which made him breathless. These guys are by no means simple.

And from the look in their eyes, Jiang Chen could tell that they had absolutely no kindness towards themselves and Rhubarb, and some were just incomparable murderous intent, and it seemed that in their eyes, there was only killing.

Jiang Chen wasn't sure if these soul shadows had lost consciousness, even if they had lost consciousness, they only knew about the attack, and there would be no stagnation at all.

The strength of these soul shadows is probably all around the eighth heaven of constant star level, and it is by no means easy to match them.

"Fuck it! What is this place, Xiao Chenzi, you have hurt me badly, you didn't say that there are so many monsters here."

Rhubarb took a breath of air, and these soul shadows stared at them, as if they wanted to be like their blood.

This is not a good sign, these guys are not fuel-efficient lamps, and the feeling of being stared at by them is very uncomfortable.

Rhubarb also saw the extraordinary of these guys, and it was not so easy to kill them.

"How to do?"

Rhubarb looked at Jiang Chen.


"Run your sister! I worked so hard to find the core of the stellar, and I definitely can't run."

Jiang Chen said dumbly.

"After you wake up this time, how come you have become more and more constrained? It's not like you."

Jiang Chen looked at Rhubarb and said with a look of disdain.

"Because I dreamed of some things, some things back then, dreamed of her."

Rhubarb murmured.

"What do you mean?"

Jiang Chen was taken aback.

"You don't understand people like you, I am dedicated to love."

Rhubarb curled his lips and said.

"I am fraternity, more than you."

Jiang Chen said, but the look in Rhubarb's eyes was indeed different this time. In his eyes, Jiang Chen saw a trace of care, a trace of longing, and a trace of yearning for the future, just like being in love.

Rhubarb really changed. Jiang Chen knew that his mood had changed drastically. This time he fell asleep, perhaps for him, the last time his life was sublimated.

Strength is important, but his heart seems to have become softer.

But at this moment, it was obviously not the time to talk about love, the five soul shadows directly aimed at Jiang Chen and Rhubarb, and madly impacted.

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