Dragon Prince Yuan Chapter 1150

Chapter 1145 Apex Face Off

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Countless Genesis Qi collisions erupted in the mountain forest, causing unprecedented destruction in the ancient woods. The endless sea of trees was torn apart as deep gorges stretched across the land. From above, one would see innumerable explosions of Genesis Qi as fighters clashed repeatedly.

It was magnificent, yet also filled with bitterness and desperation.

Guan Qinglong was the first to move. He did not enter the chaotic battlefield, but instead appeared in the sky above. His expression was deadly serious, because Mi Shis Genesis Qi had been locked on him since the beginning.

The space in front of Guan Qinglong rippled as a figure emerged.

"Guan Qinglong, are you the strongest Heavenly Sun of this generation in the five lower Heavens?" Mi Shi sized-up Guan Qinglong. "Ill admit that youre pretty strong, but if youre only at this level, the Sacred Race will end up as the biggest winner again.

"When you guys finally meet Shengzu Heaven, you will learn the true meaning of despair."

Mi Shis intent was malicious. He had said these words to shake Guan Qinglong and make him reveal an opening.

Fortunately, Guan Qinglong was unfazed. He indifferently said, "We will naturally pay Shengzu Heaven a proper visit after this, but Ill have to first prepare a gift for them: your head on a pike."


Three glass Heavenly Suns rose behind him as an astonishing storm of Genesis Qi unfurled. The nearby space violently rippled as a heart-palpitating pressure spread.

Seeral shocked gazes looked up from the battlefield below.

Guan Qinglongs Genesis Qi foundation had reached the terrifying level of 3.3 billion.

In the face of such power, even Mi Shis expression changed a little. He slowly said, "Hunyuan Heaven does live up to its name as the leader of the five lower Heavens."

Boundless Genesis Qi surged out from behind him as three Heavenly Suns also emerged. All the Genesis Qi in his body erupted without reservation.

3.2 billion!

Although it was 100 million less than Guan Qingling, Mi Shis aura was equally imposing, not losing to Guan Qinglong in the slightest.

"Im interested to find out how capable Hunyuan Heavens strongest Heavenly Sun is. I hope you dont disappoint." Mi Shi grinned, revealing an eerie set of white, beast-like teeth.

In the next instant, he lifted his palm.


Genesis Qi surged out from behind him, transforming into a ten-thousand-feet-tall wave. The tidal wave rushed towards Guan Qinglong, shattering space as it crashed towards him.

Guan Qinglong extended his arm, formed a knife-hand and chopped downwards.

"Azure Underworld Light."


A string of azure light was released. Though it was merely a thin thread, the light easily cut through the wave that could crush an entire mountain range to dust. With a loud boom, the wave burst into specks of light that filled the sky.

A figure suddenly shot out from the drifting light dots, thrusting the spear in his hands. The spear turned into countless afterimages, each pulsing with extremely deadly Genesis Qi as they attacked Guan Qinglong from every direction.

Genesis Qi gathered towards Guan Qinglong's hand, turning into an azure dragon blade.


The blade danced in the air, sending out flickering blades of azure light. The light blades sprung forth, cutting through the fabric of space.

Clang clang clang!

Two figures exchanged a series of lightning-quick blows in the sky. Each collision was followed by a loud clang and the thunderous rumble of Genesis Qi.

The intense duel had erupted in full force!


"I did not expect you to voluntarily single me out." At another area in the sky, Mi Shan gazed indifferently at Jiang Jinlin. "Is this some kind of tactic? Using an inferior specimen to try and beat a superior being?"

Jiang Jinlins golden pupils gave off a piercing pressure as he stared at Mi Shan and smiled icily, "Theres no need for you to worry about such things because youll soon be a dead specimen."

Mi Shan chuckled and shook his head. "What a sharp-tongued worm. Fine, Ill slay you first and then go help Mi Shi capture Guan Qinglong. You guys can finally rest forever after today."

As he shook his head, vast Genesis Qi flooded out from his body like a storm, so powerful that the surrounding space trembled under its might.

A Genesis Qi foundation of 3.3 billion. This was not the least bit inferior to Guan Qinglongs!

Jiang Jinlins eyes narrowed slightly, before he stealthily cast his gaze towards a certain spot on the battlefield below.

Upon sensing Jiang Jinlins gaze, the concealed Ai Qing nodded as a faint Spirit Phoenix began to appear behind her.

Jiang Jinlin withdrew his gaze, iciness flickering in his eyes as he stared at Mi Shan. Golden dragon scales began to grow on his face as the roar of a dragon echoed from his body. His Genesis Qi erupted, revealing a Genesis Qi foundation of 3.2 billion.

The strongest Wanshou Heaven Heavenly Sun was clearly no pushover either.

The two fighters gazes clashed in the air, chilling killing intent spilling into the surrounding air.


They shot forth a split second later, accompanied by a storm of Genesis Qi as they collided in the air with overwhelming force.


The battlefield stretched across the vast mountain range, new battles constantly starting all over.

Despite the chaos on the battlefield, several gazes were keeping an eye on the few heavyweight fights, where any change would sway the morale of the fighters on both sides.

To be more precise, there were a total of three key battles.

Guan Qinglong and Mi Shi.

Jiang Jinlin and Mi Shan.

The third was naturally Shengling Heavens Ji Mo and his opponent, Zhou Yuan from the alliance army side.

"Zhou Yuan, how should I help?" Jin Linger followed closely behind Zhou Yuan, her explosively sexy body an imaginable sight as usual. Her eyes were currently filled with wariness as she stared at a certain arm-crossed figure standing in the air. Who else could it be but Ji Mo?

Moreover, Ji Mo had already displayed his 3.1 billion Genesis Qi foundation.

There was no doubt that he was an existence second only to four powerhouses, Mi Shan, Mi Shi, Guan Qinglong and Jiang Jinlin.

Jin Lingers Genesis Qi foundation was only at the 2.7 billion level. Though this was already top-tier, she was clearly weaker than Ji Mo.

Zhou Yuan stared at Ji Mo, before he grinned and said, "The best help you can provide is to stand here and cheer for me. If youre bored, you can go ahead and help the others."

Jin Linger frowned. "No way! Youre only at the intermediate Heavenly Sun stage, and his Genesis Qi foundation is too strong!"

Although Zhou Yuan had seriously injured Ji Mo previously, Jin Linger knew nothing about how it had transpired. Hence, she could not verify its validity. If Zhou Yuan was killed by Ji Mo, it would be a huge loss for their side and would definitely affect their morale.

"How about I go first to try and tire him!" Jin Linger gritted her teeth as her long golden hair scattered around her. Her golden tail unwrapped from her waist and lightly whipped the air, emitting a sonic boom.

Zhou Yuan ignored her and calmly took a step forward.


Genesis Qi whizzed out of his body, a torrent of white and gold soaring in the sky.

A Genesis Qi foundation of 2.4 billion was clearly displayed.

After cultivating the high grade ancestral qi branch channel, Zhou Yuans Genesis Qi foundation had grown to 2.4 billion!

"Promotion!" A low voice rang out.


His Genesis Qi foundation frantically increased, climbing till it reached the 3.1 billion level.

Jin Lingers eyes widened in astonishment, her mouth falling agape as she felt the pressure spreading from Zhou Yuan. What kind of monster was he to raise his Genesis Qi foundation to this level at the intermediate Heavenly Sun stage!

How terrifying would he be when he stepped into the advanced Heavenly Sun stage?!

"You" Jin Linger could not say anything else. Only now did she finally understand why Little Ancestor always told them they could not compare to a single strand of hair on Zhou Yuan.

"Go help the others, and leave Ji Mo to me. Dont worry, since I managed to seal his Sacred Pupil previously, Ill make sure to take his life today." Zhou Yuan grinned at Jin Linger. She did not know why but there was now a never seen before confidence and swag in his smile.

When the final word landed, Zhou Yuans figure had already disappeared from the spot like a phantom.

Jin Lingers eyes flickered as she watched Zhou Yuan rise into the sky, before cupping her now slightly hot face as she mumbled, "That look just now, hes really beginning to resemble my type"

"But youd better not be pretending, otherwise, I wont be able to save you in time."
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