Dragon Prince Yuan Chapter 1151

Chapter 1146 Battling Ji Mo Again

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Ji Mo stood in the air, his dark and cold gaze watching Zhou Yuan rise into the sky. Malicious hatred overflowed from his eyes, as if he could not wait to tear Zhou Yuan to pieces.

He could feel that Zhou Yuan had grown stronger, clearly because of the high grade ancestral qi branch channel.

This bastard had stolen the rewards that originally belonged to him!

"We meet again." In contrast to Ji Mos hateful gaze, Zhou Yuan was all smiles. "The high grade branch channel you found for me previously was excellent. I should thank you again."

Zhou Yuan had intentionally mentioned the matter to rile up Ji Mo in an attempt to make him lose his rationality to rage.

Veins popped on Ji Mos forehead, but he understood Zhou Yuan was trying to anger him. He sneered and said, "Dont be so happy, I was merely careless previously. This time, Im going to kill you and make a batch of Blood Genesis Pills from your flesh and blood!"

Zhou Yuan nonchalantly asked, "But can you? If you could, you wouldnt have fled like a dog with its tail between its legs the last time."

Ji Mo icily said, "If not for my carelessness, you wouldnt have any chance previously!"

In their previous clash, Ji Mos Genesis Qi foundation was far greater than Zhou Yuans. If he had taken the steady approach, there would have been no opportunity for Zhou Yuan to pull off such a risky maneuver.

Zhou Yuan chuckled. Just as he was about to speak, his expression suddenly changed. He immediately waved his sleeve, sending out a torrent of snow-white brush hairs. The hairs twisted into a white shield behind him that cackled with white-gold Genesis Qi.

Clang clang!

The white shield had barely formed when the nearby space suddenly shattered and several extremely sharp strings of light shot out. They headed straight for Zhou Yuans vital points, but were ultimately stopped by countless brush hairs.

"Youre still as treacherous as ever," remarked Zhou Yuan.

The sneak attack had clearly originated from Ji Mo.

Ji Mos expression darkened. He had hoped to catch Zhou Yuan off-guard and did not expect his senses to be so sharp.

"Since that didnt work out, I shall crush you directly!

"Do you believe your temporary 3.1 billion Genesis Qi foundation gives you the qualifications to fight me? Thats too naive!"

Ji Mo stook a step forward and made a seal with one hand. Glowing runes emerged and spread on his face, forming some kind of mysterious tattoo.


Ji Mos Genesis Qi abruptly rose, jumping from 3.1 billion to 3.4 billion in the blink of an eye!

Terrifying Genesis Qi surged behind him like an ocean, violently shaking the surrounding space.

The suffocating pressure caused Zhou Yuans eyes to widen a little. Ji Mo was pretty incredible. After activating his secret art, his Genesis Qi had soared to the 3.4 billion level.


Ji Mos Genesis Qi exploded as his figure shot forth like a lightning bolt, leaving numerous afterimages behind him.

Zhou Yuans figure hurriedly retreated.

"Trying to run? Its too late!" However, Ji Mo appeared in front of Zhou Yuan the moment he began to move and threw a punch. Destructive Genesis Qi pulsed from Ji Mos fist, shattering even the surrounding space as muffled thunder vibrated through the air.

Zhou Yuans expression did not change, no hint of fear on his face. Two suns emerged behind him as he also pushed his Genesis Qi to the limit.


His Genesis Qi swept out as he also threw a full-power punch.

He also wanted to test how strong his opponents 3.4 billion Genesis Qi foundation was.


Two fists slammed into each other as a Genesis Qi shockwave unfurled. Ripples spread in the sky, accompanied by a loud boom.


However, Ji Mo had definitely gained the upper hand in the exchange. His figure only jerked back slightly, while Zhou Yuans was sent hurtling downwards, crashing into a mountain.

"My Genesis Qi foundation is stronger than yours by 300 million, and yet you dare to face me head-on? Stupid fool!" Ji Mos face was filled with mockery. "You will definitely die today!"

A bronze spear appeared in Ji Mos hand. Boundless Genesis Qi poured in, causing it to buzz excitedly and cut the surrounding space.


His figure descended like a lightning bolt, heading straight towards the mountain Zhou Yuan had crashed into. The terrifying force was so great that the mountain began to crumble even before the attack landed. From this, one could see Ji Mos unrelenting ruthlessness.

In the distance, Jin Lingers face changed slightly. She could not help but stamp her feet in worry and frustration. "He cant have been acting earlier, right?"

However, it was already too late for her to save him. Moreover, even someone as strong as her would not be able last for long in the face of Ji Mos frightening Genesis Qi foundation of 3.4 billion.

The only thing she could do now was pray that Zhou Yuan could survive a while longer.

While these thoughts were racing through Jin Lingers head, Ji Mo arrived, slamming heavily into a certain silhouette amidst the dust.


An extremely loud clang rang out.


A shockwave that could be seen with the naked eye swept outwards, blowing away the nearby Heavenly Sun experts.


A figure was sent flying from the destroyed mountain, smashing into another nearby peak.

However, the figure quickly rose back into the air. Numerous gazes were shocked to see who it was.

The one who had been sent flying was Ji Mo, who had the clear upper hand earlier.

Ji Mos expression changed indeterminately as he stared at the destroyed remains of the mountain.

A figure slowly walked out from the dust. He stopped on a boulder and a voice rang out, "Ji Mo, are you really in such a hurry to die?"

Countless gazes looked over.

They saw a figure wielding a mottled black brush, frightening undulations pulsing from his body. Hot scarlet-red runes spread across his skin, causing the surrounding air to distort a little.

The most shocking discovery, however, was that the Genesis Qi undulations from Zhou Yuan had also reached the 3.4 billion level!

Countless people involuntarily cried out, "How can this be?"

An intermediate Heavenly Sun expert with a Genesis Qi foundation of 3.4 billion. This was extremely rare even in the Sacred Race!

In the distance, Jin Linger could not help but swallow. She was truly unable to understand how Zhou Yuan had boosted his Genesis Qi to such a level. Does he have no limit?

It was common knowledge that even secret arts could not raise ones Genesis Qi foundation without limit due to the cultivation boundary restriction. From what she knew, even the most elite intermediate glass Heavenly Sun experts limits were at the 3 billion range. And yet, Zhou Yuan had somehow pushed his all the way to 3.4 billion!

Will his Heavenly Sun implode due to giving over his limits?

Zhou Yuan ignored the shocked gazes as he felt the boiling Genesis Qi in his body. The boost this time had come from pulling out the maximum power of the Earth Saint Rune. However, Earth Genesis Qi was extremely condensed and heavy, and even he was only able to bear the additional 3 billion boost with the Great Flame Devils strengthened body and the Taiyi Green Wood Mark continuously mending his wounds.

Zhou Yuan grimaced a little as he felt the faint piercing pain in his body. The Earth Genesis Qi absorbed by the Earth Saint Rune was no joke. He had not expected to feel pain even with the Great Flame Devil. If an ordinary person was to try this, his body would likely disintegrate from the power.

He lifted his head and stared at Ji Mo as cold murder flashed in his eyes.

Since even these cards have been brought out...wont it be somewhat inexcusable if you dont die today?
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