Dragon Prince Yuan Chapter 1152

Chapter 1147 Sacred Sealing Ar

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Though Zhou Yuans and Ji Mos battle was intensifying, the other two key fights were still drawing a lot of attention.

First, was the most attention-grabbing battle between Guan Qinglong and Mi Shi. Both fighters favored direct, head-on clashes, using the raw might of their Genesis Qi to overwhelm the opponent. However, since their Genesis Qi foundations were roughly equal, the fight was quite literally earth-shaking, each clash causing reverberations that could be felt throughout the battlefield.

From the current situation, it seemed that Guan Qinglong had the initiative. After all, his Genesis Qi foundation was a little stronger than Mi Shis.

Hence, the allied races side were not overly worried about this battle.

Although things were looking pretty good for them on this side, Jiang Jinlins situation was not as optimistic.


Jiang Jinlin roared at the sky as his body began to swell. Numerous scales grew on his skin as his hands turned into dragon claws. His nails became as sharp as knives, capable of cutting the fabric of space with the faintest twitch.

He looked like a humanoid dragon, possessing near god-like physical abilities that allowed him to release devastating power with each swing or kick.

Moreover, the Genesis Qi undulations from Jiang Jinlins body had reached the 3.6 billion level!

Evidently, he had also activated a Genesis Qi boosting secret art.

Despite this, he was unable to gain the upper hand.

Jiang Jinlins golden pupils stared hard at Mi Shan, standing in the air in front of him. Strange, mystical glowing runes covered Mi Shans entire body. The runes seemed to form some kind of mysterious tattoo which boosted Mi Shans Genesis Qi foundation to the 3.8 billion level!

A slit wiggled between his brows, as if something frightening was hiding within. It gave off an extremely dangerous sensation.

"What an ugly look. However, you seem to be much weaker than Guan Qinglong." Mi Shan smiled faintly as he gazed at the dragonoid Jiang Jinlin. "I originally thought he would be my opponent. Instead, I get to humiliate you."

"We dont know who will be humiliating who yet!" A fierce light rose in Jiang Jinlins eyes. He cast a glance at a certain spot below, before his mouth abruptly ballooned. With a tiny plop sound, a ball of golden dragon blood was spat out.

Golden dragon blood sprayed across the sky like rain, filling their surroundings.

Mi Shan raised his brows slightly, Genesis Qi surging around him to form a screen that blocked the golden dragon blood.

"Oh? So anxious that youre vomiting blood?" However, his mocking fell on deaf ears. Instead, an icy smile rose from the corners of Jiang Jinlins mouth. "Mi Shan, do you really believe Ive come unprepared?

"You may be the strongest expert of Shengwang Heaven, but your life is mine today!

"Golden Blood Dragon Domain!" With a growl from Jiang Jinlin, the area enveloped by golden rain slowly began to shimmer. From a distance, it looked as if there was a golden dome around Jiang Jinlin and Mi Shan.

Mi Shan frowned slightly. He waved his sleeve, sending out torrents of Genesis Qi to blast the golden dome.

However, the golden dome was expectedly solid. The attacks could only cause ripples and were unable to destroy it.

"Is this the coffin youve prepared for yourself?" Mi Shan smiled.

Jiang Jinlin was expressionless. With a deep breath, he suddenly thrust a dragon claw forward. Golden blood converged towards his palm, slowly turning into an ancient glowing rune. He turned the claw towards Mi Shan, and a split second later, Jiang Jinlins body rapidly began to wither, as if all his flesh, blood and lifeforce was being poured into the ancient glowing rune.

"Mi Shan, have a taste of this wonderful gift Ive prepared especially for you.

"Sacred Sealing Art!"


The glowing rune in Jiang Jinlins claw turned into a beam of light. The beam pierced through the air and appeared in front of Mi Shan before bursting into rays of light.

Mi Shans expression changed slightly. He could see countless tiny glowing runes within the light rays. The runes gave off a peculiar power that began sealing any Genesis Qi they came into contact with. They were clearly very effective against Genesis Qi.

If he allowed the runes to enter his body, his power would be greatly restricted, causing his strength to fall.

"A sealing technique? So thats what you were planning!" Mi Shan sneered as the slit between his brows began to wiggle. It slowly cracked open, revealing a Sacred Pupil. Three stars revolved in the pupil, giving off a mysterious power.

"Sacred Pupil Barrier!"


Sacred light spewed from the Sacred Pupil, gathering above Mi Shans head like a cloud. Tendrils of light descended from the cloud, enveloping Mi Shans body. Jiang Jinlins sealing runes could not achieve the same unstoppable effect against the sacred light. The runes were gradually stopped, no longer able to advance.

"Jiang Jinlin, youre too naive. Your strange sealing runes arent strong enough to penetrate my Sacred Pupils light barrier." Mi Shan chuckled.

However, there was no sign of defeat in Jiang Jinlins eyes. Instead, a strange smile rose from the corners of his mouth. "Isnt it a little too early to celebrate?"

Mi Shans eyes narrowed as a faint sense of unease rose within him.


He suddenly heard the clear cry of a phoenix. Mi Shan jerked his head downwards and saw a glowing phoenix rise into the sky and charge into the golden dragon domain.

Mi Shans pupils abruptly shrank as he stared at the glowing phoenix, because he had seen countless glowing runes within the phoenix. Though they were somewhat different from Jiang Jinlins, they clearly possessed the same ability: sealing power!

Mi Shan's eyes turned icier as he locked onto a certain spot within the phoenix, where a pretty figure raised her head to meet his gaze.

It was the Spirit Phoenix Clans Ai Qing.

The glowing phoenix slammed into the sacred light around him and swiftly merged with Jiang Jinlins light of sealing.

A tremendous change occurred when the two forces touched. Light condensed into the shapes of a dragon and a phoenix, which began circling around the sacred light at high speed, creating a circle of light.

Mi Shans sacred barrier rapidly began to thin, causing his expression to darken.

"Mi Shan, this sealing technique was created by the Saint experts of Wanshou Heavens Mystic Dragon Clan and Spirit Phoenix Clan. It requires the fusion of dragon and phoenix to achieve its maximum power. Once the dragon phoenix light circle is formed, youll be unable to escape no matter how capable you are." An icy smile emerged on Jiang Jinlins face. "Mi Shan, if you want to blame someone, blame yourself for being too stupid and allowing yourself to fall into my Golden Blood Dragon Domain."

Jiang Jinlin clenched his claw. The dragon phoenix light circle finally shattered the sacred light and shrank towards Jin Shans body.

Once bound by the circle, Mi Shans power would be sealed away.

Deafening cheers erupted from the many fighters that were keeping an eye on the battle. The scales would certainly begin to tip once Mi Shan was dealt with.

However, there was surprisingly no panic on Mi Shans face as he watched the circle shrink towards him. Instead, the corners of his mouth curled slightly. "Jiang Jinlin, I should return your earlier words...its a little too early to celebrate.

"While you were scheming against me, I was also scheming against you! Do you believe your sealing technique is a secret? I already knew about it long ago!" Mi Shan displayed a strange smile as light suddenly blossomed from his Sacred Pupil. The dragon phoenix light circle was swiftly sucked into the Sacred Pupil.

"What?!" Jiang Jinlins expression changed drastically.

"You sucked in the dragon phoenix light circle?!" Jiang Jinlin was in a state of disbelief. Given the sealing power of the circle, Mi Shan should not dare suck it in no matter how powerful his Sacred Pupil was!

"Who said I sucked it in?" The strangeness of Mi Shans smile intensified. "I merely helped you change its target."

Jiang Jinlins pupils abruptly shrank as if finally realizing something. He immediately jerked his head in Guan Qinglongs direction and shouted, "Careful!"

The instant his shout rang out, a strange expression emerged on Mi Shis face as he grinned, "Too late."

The Sacred Pupil between his brows suddenly opened.


A circle of light shot out. It was the dragon phoenix light circled that had been sucked away by Mi Shan.

The circle zipped straight towards Guan Qinglong at an astonishing speed.

The sudden attack alarmed Guan Qinglong, but it was already too late for him to avoid it. A ruthless light flashed in his eyes as he swung the azure dragon blade. Azure light pulsing with terrifying Genesis Qi hacked into Mi Shis chest.


A sinister, bloody wound appeared on Mi Shans body, nearly cutting him into two.

However, he did not seem to care, because the circle had already shot into Guan Qinglongs body.

Countless gazes could only watch, horrified, as the powerful Genesis Qi surging around Guan Qinglong began to weaken at an alarming rate...
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