Dragon Prince Yuan Chapter 1204

Chapter 1199 Zhou Yuans Nascent Source

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The Genesis Qi between heaven and earth wreaked havoc as it roared, and the terrifying oppressive pressure contained in that earth-shattering form made everyone from the five heavens pale-faced.

The pressure brought about by Zhou Yuans breakthrough alone was more terrifying than Bai Xiaolus and the others.

Countless gazes of awe were fixed on the figure in the black hole, which seemed to have become the center of universe Genesis Qi.

As he breathed in with his mouth like a whale sucking in water, some people even felt the nine main ancestral qi swaying slightly. That subtle movement shouldnt be underestimated because the ancestral qi contained in the main veins was unimaginably vast. After all, they could provide for an entire heaven.

Since Zhou Yuan could cause the veins to sway, he must have inhaled very fiercely.

As they thought, Zhou Yuans body suddenly swelled as he swallowed that mouthful of vast Genesis Qi. The glass light around his body surged frantically and his powerful bodily strength bound the ancestral qi to his body.

His control of the vast Genesis Qi made many peoples scalp numb.

This was because there could be a disastrous outcome from playing with such strong Genesis Qi like that if his body wasnt strong enoughhis body would self-explode.

But Zhou Yuan simply relied on his Saint Glass Body to receive the vast Genesis Qi. A high-skilled one was indeed fearless and bold.

His body heaved up and down several times before the swelling gradually weakened and his body returned to normal.

Such an abnormal physical body. Some people thought.

As Zhou Yuans body gradually calmed down, two light beams shot out from his eyes.

The two beams blasted apart a lofty mountain in the distance.

But no one paid any attention to this because their eyes were on the three Heavenly Suns emerging behind Zhou Yuan.

The three Heavenly Suns that appeared and the dragon-claw runes on them were much clearer than before.


This drew exclamations from the audience once again, especially those who recognized the Dragon-Claw Heavenly Suns, and then they counted the dragon claws.

"One, two, five, sevennine?!

When they reached nine, many rubbed their eyes in disbelief and fell silent.

The silence lasted several seconds before gasps of surprise rang out in rapid succession, "Nine-Claw Heavenly Sun!?"

Dragon-Claw Heavenly Sun was incredibly rare and was superior to the Glass Heavenly Sun. Additionally, the Nine-Claw Heavenly Sun was the top stage of the Dragon-Claw Heavenly Sun and only very few had been recorded in ancient books. However, they saw one with their very own eyes.

With complicated gazes, Bai Xiaolu, Guan Qinglong and the others stared at the three Heavenly Suns, which represented ones foundation and potential.

Zhou Yuan could be said to have reached the most extreme level of the Heavenly Sun stage.


The three Nine-Claw Heavenly Suns slowly quivered and then gradually moved closer together until the three became one.

A terrifying wave of Genesis Qi slowly rippled out.

Huge changes were similarly happening within Zhou Yuans Divine Dwellings. The three Heavily Suns merged together and became a gigantic dazzling sun. Flames blazed around the huge sun. They were of the extreme yang qi.

But when the extreme yang flames burned to a certain extent, another change happened.

A stream of extreme yin qi was born in the suns depths.

The yin and yang qi met, causing the giant Heavenly Sun to vibrate violently and the pure extreme yang qi gradually merged with yin qi to become a harmonious aura of yin and yang.

The two were in perfect balance.

As yin and yang merged, the Heavenly Sun that accumulated all Zhou Yuans cultivation over the years began to compress.

The Heavenly Sun resisted violently, but was suppressed by Zhou Yuan.

This was the path one must take to refine a Nascent Source.

If he couldnt control the rebounding force from the Heavenly Sun, it would be difficult to make the refining pure, and the Nascent Source would be born with flaws.

However, such a situation was generally only seen with people with weaker Genesis Qi and foundation. Zhou Yuan surely wasnt under that group.

Thus, the Heavenly Sun was suppressed without any resistance in the end.

The Heavenly Sun eventually formed a crystal ball of around half a foot.

Starlight flowed around the crystal balls surface, and mysteriously, there seemed to be the sound of a beating heart coming from the inside of the crystal ball.


Cracks suddenly appeared on the surface and rapidly spread across the crystal ball.

Rays of light shot out from the cracks.


In the end, the crystal ball erupted in a blaze of mysterious light. The light rays triggered changes within the Divine Dwellings as they shone on the Divine Dwellings. The Divine Dwellings became much more spacious and at the same time, the light rays entwined with each other to form an ancient pattern that covered the entire Divine Dwellings.

This was the Nascent Source Boundary.

Once a Nascent Source was born, it would transform the Divine Dwellings and allow them to house even more Genesis Qi. Additionally, it was an extremely powerful defense. Any Genesis Qi that attempted to invade ones Divine Dwelling to cause destruction would be obstructed by the Nascent Source Boundary.

Moreover, if one encountered critical danger, the Nascent Source Boundary would act as a final defense while the Nascent Source could take advantage of the chance to escape.

The greatest benefit for Nascent Source experts was that the situation could change even if ones body was destroyed as long as the Nascent Source remained.

This alone was more mysterious than the Heavenly Sun stage.

As the Nascent Source Boundary took shape, a small figure emerged in the depths of the light rays.

Zhou Yuan opened his eyes. Following the dramatic changes within his Divine Dwellings, his bearing also changed.

The mighty waves of Genesis Qi had vanished as he stood silently in space without any extraordinary Genesis Qi around him and appeared as if he had never cultivated Genesis Qi.

This was the Nascent Source stages reserved nature.

All power was thoroughly controlled.

It could split the world with one thought and could also act ordinary with one thought.

A satisfied smile curved the corners of Zhou Yuans mouth. He had put in a lot of work and effort and he finally achieved what he wanted.

Now that he had reached the Nascent Source stage, he was a top-tier cultivator wherever he went.

He was even strong enough to become a peak master in the Cangxuan Sect.

He lowered his head and ran his eyes over the countless people staring at him with hopeful gazes. He didnt try to hide anything and with one thought, a divine light bloomed from the top of his skull and a little shadow sprang up and sat like a buddha on a lotus.

Looking at the Nascent Source above Zhou Yuans head, everyone could immediately determine its size.

The world fell into a long period of silence.

This was because the Nascent Source was 6.3 inches.
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