Earth's Greatest Magus Chapter 113

Chapter 113: Advance

The thudding armors of the twenty knights ten stayed behind with Sir Bagdemagus who had chosen not to advance with them entered Emery's ear as the two battle lines advanced. He and some other people were standing in between the first and second line. They moved at a walking pace but Emery felt every gap and flank were fully covered by everyone, assuring the safety of almost everyone.

On the left and the right of Emery were knights with full armor and large shields. The knights seemed intimidating as if they were unmovable rocks.

Kastan and Morgana walk just behind him. Emery of course made sure to remind Morgana not to transform into the feywolf if she wanted to join, she came along using a sword and a knife.

As they drew nearer at the ruined fort, about fifty meters, it meant that they were in the effective range of the arrows, one of the Silver Knights with brown hair shouted, "Arrows! Incoming!"

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