Earth's Greatest Magus Chapter 115

Chapter 115: Battle Report

The battle had finally ended and the knights were pulling the prisoners they had captured via a rope. Emery watched as more slumped prisoners walking behind the knights exited from inside the fort. In fact, some of them didn't look to be marauders, just peasants based on their linen garments, but Emery guessed this was how the world functioned, you'd have to stand by your decision and these people, had been unfortunately driven to desperation and became criminals in the eyes of justice.

He then took a walk beside the well and breathed out again, feeling a bit calmer this time while looking at Morgana standing beside him. He smiled at her, thankful for what she did before.

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In front of them were Sir Bagdemagus listening to Sir Keane who was giving a battle report. Emery heard that among the enemy's forces of two hundred fighters, forty had died in the battle, twenty had been heavily injured, around sixty were captured and the rest managed to run away.

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