Emperor’s Conquest Chapter 66

Chapter 66: Fanwai II: Green Clothes

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"Take it back to the emperor, the old slave can't stand it ..."

The glazed glass was broken, the jade was cracked, and the desolate and weak voice of the old woman came out from the inner hall, accompanied by the sound of a broken cup and the exclaim of the maid.

Several maids withdrew and quit, but turned around but saw a woman quietly turn out a woman after the screen on the palace, with high makeup and gentle eyes.

"Aunt Yue." The waitresses leaned down to salute, and the first person was sincere and horrified. "Mrs. Zhao Guo fell off the salvia lucidum given by the emperor.

Aunt Yue said nothing, and seemed to sigh inaudibly.

She took the medicine bowl tray in the maid's hand, and said lightly, "I have to wait for Mrs. Zhao, please step back."

The waitresses breathed a sigh of relief, and were about to withdraw, and overheard the pass from the doorkeeper, "Princess Chengtai arrived-"

Everyone hurried to their knees, but heard the ring sound, Qiluo Xiluo, a woman in a palace dress rushing into the house, her sleeves fluttered during the walk, leaving the servant behind him far behind.

"What happened to Mrs. Zhao Guo?" Princess Chengtai asked anxiously.

The bright candlelight in the hall shone on her blushing cheeks because of running too fast, trimming her eyebrows and thin lips, and turning her eyes bright. Although not as good as Princess Yanxi, she has a bright and charming wind, and she is not crowded.

Aunt Yue glanced at the inner hall and shook her head sadly.

Princess Chengtai bit her lip and tried to suppress the tears in her eyes.

Aunt Yue waved back and forth, holding the princess gently on her shoulder, and sighed softly, "Aunt Xu is a half-life, and now she can still enjoy her life. The princess does not have to be too sad, so she can reassure her elderly. "

Princess Chengtai closed her eyes and choked, "The mother went early in the morning, and the father and mother are not as good as a year. Now even Aunt Xu has to leave us ... Aunt, I am really afraid ..."

Aunt Yue slowly stroked the princess's hair, and she was speechless for a moment.

"Princess, persuade Aunt Xu to take medicine, she may still listen to you." Aunt Yue held back her tears and smiled at the princess. "As people grow older, they become more stubborn and strong, I'm afraid I can't help her anymore . "

Princess Chengtai nodded silently, took the tray, and slowly stepped into the inner hall.

Looking at her slender back, Aunt Yue's heart fluttered for a while, and she stepped out of the outer hall, leaning back on the corridor corridor to dry out.

I don't know the years ... Fang Ji's young girl was two decades away, and the princess is already twenty-five this year.

On the twenty-fifth, the queen of honor was already the mother of the mother at this age, helping the emperor to practice the Ninth Five-Year Plan, and Jiangshan was in control.

What about my twenty-five? Now, even thirty-five has passed ... Just like a flower, I passed away in this deep palace.

"Aunt Yue."

Princess Chengtai did not know when she came behind her, and there was still no tears in her eyes.

Aunt Yue hurriedly said, "Have Aunt Xu ever taken the medicine?"

"Served, this will just fall asleep." Princess Chengtai bowed her head sadly, and they were relatively speechless for a while.

Half a while, Princess Chengtai said quietly, "Aunt Xu still blame the Emperor."

Aunt Yue silently.

"For so many years, she still hated that she always blamed her father for exhausting her mother." Princess Chengtai concealed her face suddenly.

Aunt Yue turned around, forbearing the sadness in her heart.

Since the death of the queen emperor, Mrs. Xu hated the emperor deeply. If it was not for the emperor's industry, the queen would not have spent all her life in the flourishing years and died forever. Later, the emperor ordered the palace to be closed, and no one was allowed to step in, and took away the seven-year-old prince and princess. He was no longer nurtured by Mrs. Xu, and was given a seal of death by Mrs. Xu, and Mrs. Zhao. Even so, Mrs. Xu was still unwilling to forgive, and sneered at the emperor.

All over the world, only she dared to be so rude to the emperor.

It is only her, no matter how rude, the emperor has always been generous and has left her in the palace to support her for years.

Princess Chengtai choked and said, "Aunt Xu refuses to forgive, Cheer doesn't know anything, neither of them understands the plight of the father ..."

"The death of the first queen prematurely made Aunt Xu sad too much. She had no family and was full of life. She regarded the first queen as her own." Aunt Yue said sternly, "She also cares for the calf and cannot bear to see the first queen being affected. "

"The mother herself is willing!" Princess Chengtai blurted.

Aunt Yue Yue stared at the princess's eyebrows, although she was not similar to Fenghua's unparalleled queen, but her expressions were faintly seen. Yes, she remembered that the empress always looked so unrepentant.

Watching the princess grow from eleven years old to the present, she suddenly couldn't tell whether she should be relieved or should be sorry.

"It is willing, there is always one person in this world, willing to be willing for another ..." After all, Aunt Yue couldn't help but raised her eyes to look at her deeply. "Princess, it has been ten years."

Princess Chengtai froze.

Aunt Yue slowly said, "Chang'an Hou is willing to wait for you for ten years."

Princess Chengtai's complexion gradually faded, and her eyes were filled with deep sadness.

Chang'an Hou, General Zhengxi ... Compared to these prominent names, she only wished to remember the original name, brother Xiaohe.

The teenager in white and silver gun came out of the fire and reached out her hands.

The smiling boy Wen Wen accompanied her to fly a paper kite in the royal garden.

The silent and compassionate teenager shared her grief every day after the great death of her mother.

But since then, everything has changed.

"Everything has changed in the past, it's not the same anymore ..." Princess Chengtai smiled sadly.

"He hasn't changed." Aunt Yue watched her quietly, and she said exactly.

Yes, he hasn't changed, just her.

"A woman doesn't spend too much time in ten years." Aunt Yue lowered her eyes, her voice drifted, and she was endless.

"Ten years ..." Princess Chengtai was a little hesitant.

The original mother had already drafted a decree, and only after she and her ceremonies passed, they would marry her and Xiaohe brother. However, she asked to give up and practice in Ci'an Temple for three years. She prayed for the mother and blessed her parents. That was her first refusal to marry, and since then, Princess Chengtai has spread her name in the world. Father Huang was greatly moved, and Xiaohe's brother respected her wishes. The only mother was so angry that she didn't talk to her for three days, and eventually she could not resist her stubbornness. On the day she left the palace and went to Ci'an Temple, her mother said only one sentence, "Qin Er, if you can't see your heart clearly, you can't escape from the court."

This sentence made her sweat on the spot and made her afraid to face her mother for three years.

She thought no one could see through her secrets, and no one knew the reason for her refusal to marry ... It turned out that the mother's eyes had already seen everything.

Three years later, she still couldn't break away from the demon, but she had no excuses and no way out.

Originally she had died and confessed her life, but unexpectedly, the bell wailed through the sixth house overnight.

The death of the mother changed everything, and the fate of many people turned to another trajectory.

National funeral, mother funeral, and filial piety for another three years.

She once again escaped the good luck of heaven, escaped Xiao He brother waiting silently for her.

Since then, Xiaohe has never asked to marry, and has been alone since then; in the meantime, her father and emperor repeatedly intended to marry him, and she was turned away by refusal.

"On the day of the march in Chang'an, the emperor once again married, but the princess refused." Aunt Yue sighed longly. "I have missed twice ... Princess, I'm a slave, I'm a world of impermanence, we should cherish the place and cherish it."

Princess Chengtai looked down, and remained silent for a long time.

Half a year ago, the Western Xinjiang foreign guerrillas and North Turk secretly colluded, and sometimes committed crimes.

The emperor was furious and deeply hated that he had not been able to exhaust the turmoil in the past, and wanted to lead the army and conquer the western territory.

However, in the past two years, the emperor's father worked hard, worked hard, and gradually became older. In the past years, many old injuries recurred in the battles. The ministers fought hard to discourage the emperor from recruiting. Father Huang was worried about his younger prince, less than fifteen years old. He did not dare to leave the prince's prison country. He thought about it again and again, and finally agreed to Xiao He's elder brother's call for war. He was appointed as the general of the West and led a 200,000 army against the foreign invaders.

On the day of the expedition, Xiao He's brother entered the palace and resigned, and met her at Jingjing Palace.

Instead of being a princess, he called her girlfriend's name, "Qin Zhi, although Xie Xiaohe can't be a hero, he also has his own blood. When he goes to West Xinjiang, he will not return to the world. meet you!"

He said that no matter how long he would wait until she was willing.

He also said, "Qin Zhi, you have a hero in your heart, and Xie Xiaohe is not a mediocre person."


Aunt Yue shook her shoulder lightly, and saw her pale, bit her lip tightly, and hesitated for a long time.

Princess Chengtai came back to her with a smile, "It's okay ... it's cold at night, I'll go and see if Che Erye read the clothes."

Aunt Yue stopped talking and looked at the figure she left suddenly, leaving only a long sigh.

Feelings are injustice, she pityes her, and whoever pities herself.

A line of tears slipped from Aunt Yue's cheeks stained with wind and frost.

In February, Mrs. Zhao Guo died at Shequan Temple.

The spring of April is approaching the death of the queen of honor.

Every year at this time, the palace did not smell silk and bamboo, and no colored clothes.

In March, the West conquered the Great Victory, Chang'an Houping settled the border, raised the four borders, and was about to return to class.

His Royal Highness the Crown Prince hunted on behalf of the heavens, visited the various places in Changqiu Temple to select the talents, and won the praise of the world. The people say that the Highness of the Fourteenth Party will be able to inherit the sages of the past, and then start the glorious glory.

Early next month, Princess Yanxi will return to Beijing from Ningshuo.

In the past few days, the emperor's dragon was very happy and rewarded his subordinates from time to time, and the people in the palace were also rare and lively.

In Jingjing Palace, Princess Chengtai led Aunt Yue and listened to the tune played by the chiefs of the court.

Aunt Yue stood side by side, watching the princess asking one by one, meticulous, and acting inner court affairs became more and more calm, and couldn't help it. In the end, it was brought up by the Empress Honor. In recent years, the court affairs have gradually come under the control of Princess Chengtai, and the complicated affairs have been managed in an orderly manner.

Both sisters, Princess Yanxi was drowned too much by the emperor, and all day in the game, she didn't know what the duties were.

A royal princess went to the desert and desert with King Jiang Xia. After walking for half a year, I heard that I would not return home at Saiwai. I would go hawking all day, bow and shoot, and I did nt know what kind of system I would always think of. Little Princess, Aunt Yue felt headache.

I really don't understand what the emperor thinks. Among the three children, the Prince was severely treated abnormally, but he was treated by Princess Yanxi. He was only kind to the older and non-self-produced Princess Chengtai. And majesty.

The inner court ambassadors finished each one and exited the palace. Then Princess Chengtai unloaded Duansu's expression and smiled at Aunt Yue, naughty like a little girl. "Really, this group of people is always so long and procrastinating."

Aunt Yue gave ginseng tea with a smile and could nt help but cried, "This time, when Princess Yanxi returned to Beijing, she could not be used to her so spoiled by the emperor. The fourteen-year-old girl's house was about to be stunned. What it looks like! The princess has to persuade the emperor! "

Princess Chengtai smiled calmly, "Aunt Yue speaks more and more like an old master! I think Xiao Xiao is very good and unrestrained. She has her own world, so it is not the style of a royal princess."

"That being said, Princess Yanxi will one day marry, so the emperor can't let her live forever ..." Aunt Yue frowned.

Princess Chengtai smiled and looked down, whispered softly, "Aunt Yue, in the emperor's house, there is no need to worry about being at ease. I understand the father's intention, and he hopes that Xiaoxiao can be an exception to the emperor's house and not be burdened by the royal And I look forward to it. "

Suddenly the sadness of the heart surged, making Aunt Yue's eyes red.

Why didn't she understand that the emperor's indulgence to the utmost indulgence to Princess Yanxi was more or less an apology for her dead wife.

The first queen dreamed before her life, but never dreamed of her life, he would give her daughter as much as possible.

"Yongling has already been completed, and the Father Emperor returned from the inspection the day before yesterday, and I am very satisfied." Princess Chengtai turned her head slightly, looking up at the sky outside the palace wall, and if she did not see Yue aunt's tears.

Aunt Yue sighed, "The emperor was thrifty all his life, and he did not build civil palaces. Only Yongling was renovated for seven years."

The mother has been buried in the deepest palace in the earth palace, but the construction of the outer palace and the entire imperial tomb took seven years.

Seven years ... Princess Chengtai smiled suddenly. That was what they had done together in the eternal home for seven years.

I don't know how beautiful and brilliant the Yongling Earth Palace will be.

Except for Father Emperor, supervisors and craftsmen, no one has ever been able to step into the imperial mausoleum.

On April 20th, the wind was swift and rainy.

The palace shroud was covered by wind and rain, and the pure white house lights were hung early in the palaces, and the flying veil in the palace hall has also been replaced with blue yarn.

This has been the case for ten years, every year today.

At night, Hanzhang Dian, Princess Cheng Tai came to suit.

There is no lamp in the hall, only the candle shadow is deep.

The attendant stood far away from the hall, and there was no one in the hall.

Hanzhang Palace is the forbidden area of the Sixth Palace. No one except the emperor can step in.

Princess Chengtai frowned and asked the housekeeper, "Listen to the doctor, did the emperor never take the medicine today?"

The housekeeper shook his head. "The emperor ordered that no one should be disturbed without being summoned, and slaves would not dare to take medicine."

"This medicine can't be stopped for a day." Princess Chengtai said anxiously, staring at the middle of the temple for a long while, still embarrassed, not knowing whether to enter or not.

This chapter hall is opened once a year. Father Huang did not come here on weekdays, and he rarely saw his feelings of sorrow. Even after mentioning his mother, he did not see his joy and sorrow. However, during the year, every time his mother died, he would live alone here, and no one else should be disturbed.

Early this morning, I went to the court, discussed the matter, summoned the prince to ask and answer the national policy, and reviewed the chopsticks until late at night ... She always kept an eye on, but she saw that the father was still calm, diligent in governing the government, and mood was not invisible, except for wearing a black crown. It is not half different from usual, nor is there any special sorrow. She thought that after seven years, it should be faded ...

Princess Chengtai sighed, "It is said that the Taiyi medicine was taken."

Having said that, without waiting for the housekeeper to pass through, she stepped into the palace door.

The waiter stared at her back, sweating from her palms, and trying to stop the princess, but did not dare to speak.

Pushing open the door of the familiar and long-lost temple, Princess Chengtai was hesitant.

The front hall, pillars, drapes, screens ... Time seemed to flow backwards suddenly, and it reappeared yesterday.

Inside the hall, she smelled the fragrance of Yu You, who she couldn't be more familiar with.

Nothing has changed, the unfilled sheet music on the Lianqin case is still there, and it seems that the ink is still dry.

There was no dust on the strings, as if someone had played it a while ago.

She had the illusion of an instant, as if the mother-in-law was still here, just behind that screen, under the beautiful window, leaning leisurely on Jinta to read a book, and when she or Xiaoxiao ran in with a smile, she raised her eyes and took the silk scarf, Gently wipe the sweat from the running for them.

She would accompany the children softly and listen to them quarrel with each other. When she was tired, she would always cough gently.

Every time, the emperor would drive them away, and he would not be entangled in the mother-in-law.

Suddenly, a low cough came from behind the screen.

"Mother!" She exclaimed almost exasperated, but then she realized that it was the voice of his father, that he was coughing.

She approached hurriedly, stopped before the screen, and turned away without courage.

Will the father be angry, she just broke in ... Princess Chengtai was suddenly at a loss, a child who seemed to be doing something wrong.

"You came."

The sound of Father Huang's muffled smile came from behind the screen, showing a slight tenderness.

She was startled, and her face suddenly became hot, and her heart raced.

"Let me see if you hide, but you can't come!" Her father's voice almost made her unbelievable. Where is this usually cold emperor? Suddenly she felt like a deer ramming in her heart.

Princess Chengtai bowed her head and stepped out of the screen.

For a long time, but did not hear the movement.

She lifted her eyes, but saw the embroidery hanging down on the phoenix couch, the cup in front of the couch was half-tilted, and the liquor was overflowing.

The father emperor Xuanyi shed, drunk with a crown and drunken, drunk behind the curtain, seemed awake.

"Father Emperor?" She trembled and tried to call.

He didn't hear the response, but he heard a low laugh, and sang an intermittent song.

"The green clothes are green, the green clothes are yellow. The worries of the heart, I have kept them ..."

She stayed for a while, never heard his father sing, but he didn't know his voice was so deep and lingering that his heart broke.

-"Green" is actually this tragic song to mourn the dead wife.

She couldn't listen anymore, bending her knees stiffly and kneeling heavily on the couch, "Father, please treasure the dragon body."

The chanting behind the curtain stopped, she saw the father emperor half-supported, looked sideways, her face was still clear, her eyes seemed to be faint, her eyes seemed to be faint, and the frost and white magpies were scattered with a little silver, under the candlelight. Shows some turbulence.

"How could it be you?" He saw her, and his thick eyebrows flew deep into his eyes.

She also froze, not knowing how to answer.

Father Huang smiled suddenly, lay down suddenly, and murmured, "Strange, how can you dream of Qin Er ... Ah, are you making a ghost again?"

He chuckled, turned and lay inward, "If you don't come to dream, I will see you."

Princess Chengtai knelt on the spot, turning pale.

"Father Emperor ..." Her thin lips moved, and suddenly she could no longer restrain herself, and tears suddenly fell.

It turned out that he just mistaken her for her, and he didn't even want to see himself in his dreams.

She has been with him for seven years. She is with him, with him, respecting him as a king, serving him as a father, sharing his loneliness and grief ...

When I was young, I only knew awe and looked up to him like a god.

As he grows to adulthood, watching him and his mother hold hands all the way, entangled with each other, knowing that the world fruit is so deep;

In just four years, the good birthday is fleeting, the mother-in-law is long gone, and the high throne has left him alone, only to the heavens, holding the world to kill and win, but can't save the most important person. Ten years of life and death, heaven and man separated forever ... Every day, every year, she went from Cardamom Girl to Shao Nianfanghua, he went from Xiongziyingying to Fangshuang Shuangshuang.

He is the monarch, the father, and the emperor in her name ... he adopted her, gave her honor and affection, and personally taught her and her younger brothers and sisters, who have not received half of their love because of their early death. He will never be in the post, and will not accept the Sixth Palace. Women in the world will never see him again.

She also had a little daughter when her mother was there, and she also had Cheng Chenghuan.

She was the eldest sister after her mother was absent, and she had to stand up and replace the blank left by her mother, take care of her younger siblings, and accompany him.

Father Huang, Cheer and Xiaoxiao are her most important relatives.

I don't know when she would be reluctant to leave them, even Xiaohe's brother can't replace them.

Others don't understand why she insisted on staying in the palace. She missed her marriage and missed her age. She was twenty-five years old.

Some people say that Princess Chengtai is proud and noble, and even Jun Yan, who is Chang'an Hou, refuses to marry. Others say that Princess Chengtai is pure filial piety, and she is willing to stay in the palace for reciprocity ... Yes, she is really willing! Willing to never marry for life, only to be with him for a long time, to accompany him on this long emperor road.

"Father Emperor, you haven't dreamed, I'm Qin'er!" She choked and rushed to the side of the bed, grabbed the hand of Father Emperor desperately.

"Bold!" Xiao Min Huo woke up arrogantly, got up, and flung her sleeves away.

She fell to the ground and looked up at him sadly.

"Qin'er?" Xiao Yanran frowned, still drunk, his anger disappeared, and then he became exhausted. "Who let you in?"

Princess Chengtai smiled suddenly, "Doesn't the father really want to see me?"

He rubbed his forehead and closed his eyes. "A headache ... you step back."

"Qin's guilt!" She finally summoned her courage and trembled and said something deeply buried in her heart for a long time. "Father Emperor's sadness, Qin'er felt the same. Looking at you like this, Qin'er ... Qin'er will feel heartache!"

Xiao Kun raised an eyebrow, looked at her silently, and got up and put on his robe.

It was an old white-washed robe, and she recognized that there were dragons embroidered on it by her mother, and the golden threads had faded.

"You should know what day it is." Xiao Xun said softly, with a sense of indifference and coldness. "You are the most savvy on weekdays, but today you are so ignorant of the importance. Where is the place where You and the Queen live? ? "

She bit her lip tightly and reluctantly returned tears. "Qin Er went into the dorm room just to remind his father to take medicine. The doctor said that the medicine should not stop."

Xiao Yan looked at her silently, his eyes slightly warmed up.

"With this filial piety, I am very pleased." He still lowered his face. "This time, I will not punish you, I will not violate the law. Come on--"

The guard outside the hall did not dare to enter, and promised loudly outside.

"I will be on duty with the staff of the court for twenty." Xiao Yan said coldly.

The guards responded in unison, without even begging for mercy, and dragged them down.

Princess Chengtai knelt on the ground, only feeling cold in her hands and feet, her body trembling slightly.

"Come on." Xiao Yan waved his hand, his expression was completely tired.

Princess Chengtai slowly got up, stepped back to the screen, but turned and stood still.

"Father, I heard you sing green clothes." She put a smile on her lips, her eyes blurred, "Qin'er wanted to listen again."

Xiao Zheng shuddered and looked at her with a frown, and then smiled sadly.

"That's not for you." He looked lonely, looked up at the eldest daughter who behaved abnormally in front of him, wondered slightly, "Qin Er, do you have something to say to you?"

Princess Chengtai smiled, her eyes bright, and her little daughter coquettishly, "Father, please tell me first, what does green clothes mean?"

Xiao Xuan looked at her deeply. Under the candlelight, the appearance of this charming little girl faintly set off a long-deep memory in his heart.

Once upon a time, his grandma would be so coquettish, and she would coquettishly say, Xiao Yan, I will sleep if you tell another story!

At that time, she was only two decades old, younger than today's Qin Er.

She only reveals the infatuation of her little daughter in front of him, and always loves to entangle him in telling stories, listening to his experience of fighting with horses, and listening to the unknown stories of his youth ... she said that she wanted to know more about him.

He turned his head to the side, dared not look at such eyes, and dared not recall the past.

"Lvyi is a ballad in which a man misses his wife." He slowly spoke, touching the embroidery of his old robe, smiling lightly.

"The green clothes are green, the green clothes are yellow. The heart is worried, and they are no more than they are! The green clothes are green, they are green and they are yellow. The heart is worried, they are dead!

Green and silky, female ruled. I think of the ancients. xi, sway it by the wind. I think of the ancients, it really won my heart! "

His voice was low and dumb, with a single sound, every word, like a broken heart.

"The emperor will never forget his mother, and never see anyone else, right?" Princess Chengtai smiled slightly and inquired.

Xiao Yan didn't answer, but for a long time, he murmured, "Qiner, look, everything in Hanzhang Temple is here ... she is still here and never left."

Yes, even if the mother-in-law is gone, her shadow remains in this palace forever, in the heart of her father, everywhere.

Princess Chengtai bowed silently to Xiao Yan, "Please cherish the father, please remember to take medicine."

"I know." Xiao Yan nodded slightly.

"The son-in-law did have one thing, and wanted to ask his father, Emperor Zhunzhen." She said, Yingying worshiped and performed a dignified gift.

Xiao Min laughed, "What's so serious?"

Princess Chengtai said, "The son-in-law is willing to marry Chang'an Hou, and ask the father to marry him."

On April 29th, under the imperial decree, Princess Chengtai married Chang'anhou, and on the day she was a teacher, she would get married.

This happy event caused a sensation in Beijing and Beijing.

The royal family has not been married for many years.

Everyone was amazed by this good gift of heaven, and praised the filial piety of Princess Chengtai.

Father Huang is very pleased, but the happiest person is probably Yue Aunt and Cheer.

Cheer said that Sister Huang was finally married, and no one was going to be married again.

Aunt Yue even shed tears, "Princess Chengtai must meet a beloved, and the Queen will bless you in the spirit of heaven."

West Xinjiang has been set, and Chang'an Hou class teachers return to the DPRK.

On the third day of May, it was sunny and cloudless.

A 300-mile-plus urgent army report was quickly transmitted into the palace.

In the Imperial Study Room, Princess Chengtai, who had been drunk at the beginning, was summoned urgently.

The cloud was slightly loose, Luo Luo was still stained with wine, and Princess Chengtai stepped into the hall blankly.

Xiao Yan stood with his hands under the window, his hair burst into frost, and Xuan Ang's figure seemed a little stiff at this moment.

He slowly turned around and looked to Princess Chengtai.

"What's the matter when the father calls the son?" She smiled lazily and indifferently. She never spoiled her before her marriage.

Xiao Min reached out and embraced her thin shoulders, holding her in her arms without a word.

At this moment, the majestic founding emperor was just a distressed father.

Princess Chengtai froze, letting her father and emperor embrace herself, forgetting what to say and what to do ...

He, for the first time, hugs her.

It has been more than a decade since adopting her as a righteous daughter, and today she embraced her for the first time.

Although he is a loving father, his wish is enough.

Princess Chengtai shivered and closed her eyes, and almost forgot everything, only that the Emperor would always hold herself like this.

"Qin Er, Father Emperor can't hold you back." Father Emperor's voice was so painful, "Xiao He, can't come back."

She was still confused and intoxicated, did not understand the words of the father, and asked, "Where is Xiaohe brother?"

Xiao Yan looked deeply into her eyes and said, "Ma Ge wrapped his body, and Qingshan buried his bones."

There seemed to be a buzz in her ears, she looked at her father and heard the eight words in his mouth.

Suddenly, the sky turns round.

In front of him, the figure of the young boy in white, and his warm smile ...

He said, if you go to the western part of the country, you will not come back to see you if you don't set up all the world.

Brother Xiaohe, you lied to me.

After all, I missed you too.

General Xie Xiaohe, a lone army who entered the enemy in the final battle of the City of Swords, beheaded the enemy s head coach and won the game. He was wounded in nine places and rushed back to Beijing. The injury worsened on the way. He died suddenly in Anxi County three days ago.

As the field shook, Baiguan mourned.

On the day Changling Hou Lingyu entered Beijing, the emperor led his prince to greet him outside the city, he touched the coffin, and sprinkled wine on the outskirts to sacrifice the soul of the hero.

Princess Chengtai served the filial piety to help the spirit to enter the city.


There was no guard of honor, only a mule car came quietly from the morning mist.

Princess Cheng Tai, who was wearing a black dress, slowly got out of the car and drove her head.

"Is this Yongling?" She looked up and stared at the magnificent Royal Tomb in front of her, her eyes frosting.

The little maid behind her exclaimed, "What a magnificent royal tomb!"

The emperor's mausoleum is surrounded by mountains and mountains, with the foot as the body, with a radius of more than tens of miles.

The shrine in front of the mausoleum is several feet wide and leads straight to the magnificent hall above the ground palace. On both sides of the Shinto are huge stone sculptures of spirit beasts, with Tianlu in the east and Kirin in the west. Tianlu's eyes are open, his head is wide and his chest is wide, his wings are scaly and feathered, and he curls like a hook cloud pattern. Qilin is west, opposite Tianlu, which means that the emperor was ordered to heaven, and Tianwei was supreme.

The Royal Tianwei was a deterrent to the Quartet, and it was only in such a place that it deserves to be the resting place of a generation of founding emperors.

Here, after sleeping with her mother, there is a red face that has long been a legend.

Looking up at the magnificent emperor's mausoleum, Princess Chengtai smiled calmly, and her heart was finally calm.

Before marrying, widowed, who loved who, who waited for who ... but fate will not make people.

The palace was hurt everywhere, and it wasn't my house anymore.

She was tired, and there was no place to rely on.

When she was sad, when she was alone, there was always a mother after her, and she always knew.

Maybe come to the Emperor's Mausoleum and accompany the mother-in-law to get a little peace.

The father allowed her to go to the tomb to serve the empress, and made an exception to allow her to enter the palace.

She had imagined many times how brilliant the golden wall of the mother's underground palace should be.

When she stepped into the palace door which was closed deep underground, the 981 long bright lights were on, but she couldn't believe her eyes.

In the middle of the main palace hall, there is no gorgeous palace room as she imagined.

There is only one exquisite house with a flower garden, a winding path and a small bridge in front of it. It is actually a folk house.

The emerald carved a bamboo repair, agate inlaid as a paeonia, and the dewdrops on the leaves of the silk grass were rolled, but it was a pearl chrysanthemum.

Ingenious, spooky, beautiful flowers bloom here, just like the respected queen in the dormant, the red face is not old, the flowers and trees are not withered, let it live forever, and the situation changes, only to wait for him a hundred years later, go back together.

There is no dispute, no loneliness, no separation, only eternity and tranquility that belong to them alone.


Green clothes, green clothes yellow. Worrying about the heart, I have done it!

Green clothes, green clothes and yellow clothes. Heart worries, I will die!

Green and silky, female ruled. I think of the ancients.

xi, sway it by the wind. I think of the ancients, it really won my heart!

The ancients: the deceased, refers to the dead wife.


Green dress with yellow lining. Take the clothes made by the dead wife and look at them. The scene when the wife is alive can never be forgotten, and sadness can never stop. Looking at the stitches on the clothes carefully, each stitch is the deep love of his wife. My wife's previous counsel prevented me from negligence. With this in mind, sadness can no longer stop. When it's cold, you still wear summer clothes. When the wife was alive, changing clothes in the four seasons was all about worrying about the wife. After the death of the wife, I have not developed the habit of caring about myself. The invasion of Xiao Seqiu's wind even evoked the infinite sorrow of my loss of a good wife. Only the wife agrees with her own mind, which no one else can replace. Sadness for my wife will be endless.

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