Emperor’s Conquest Chapter 67

Chapter 67: Fanwai III: Han Guang

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The beam of light pierced through the darkness, shaking her, thinking she saw daylight.

Only when the light wheel gradually moved closer did I understand that it was wrong. How could there be seen in the dark night cell, a lamp came.

This light is like a moon wheel, and the jailer's wind lanterns are just like ghosts.

She narrowed down to the wet corner, narrowed her eyes, and for a long time the sunlight had weakened, and Yingguang felt only a sting.

The light stopped in front of the cell door, but it was a palace lamp.

The lantern-raising man bowed his head and lowered his head.

There was another person behind him, hidden under the hood, indiscernible.

The jailer stepped forward and opened the chain of the prison door, admiringly, "The prisoner Yingying is here."

"Bring her out"

Under the hood, a woman was speaking, her voice was cold.

The cage door rolled with a musty smell, and the jailer went in, pulling up the female prisoner who was curled up in a pile of scraps.

The female prisoner was light in weight, and she just settled on the ground with only a loose hand.

The palace lantern moved forward, and when she saw the dirt on her body, her puffy hair blocked her face, and she was embarrassed.

The woman under the hood sighed.

Ying Niang crouched on the cold ground, heard the meaning of faintness from this sigh, tried her best to lift up her weak neck, and cast her pleading eyes.

In front of me was the cloak swaying to the ground, exposing a section of palace satin, with a gorgeous and cold luster.

She reached out to catch that corner of the corner that was as beautiful as ever.

The woman in the palace costume took a step back, and Shen Sheng said, "Familiarize her with cleansing."

It was late night outside, cold and white.

Ying Niang only looked up at the moon and was sent into a carriage. The thick felt fell, and the walls of the box were impenetrable.

The wet hair was not yet dry, and the newly-added clean cloth was about for prisoners on the move.

Caressing the skin on the arm, the jail has been roughened, I have never looked in the mirror, I don't know what this dry face looks like.

I was familiar with it for the first time in March, looking at the dirt that rushed from head to toe, wondering whether the skin of the skin was no longer his own.

She dropped down, stroking the soft satin cushions in the car. Compared to Mori cold dungeon, the carriage was already a bliss, and she was content to die here.

The hoof hoarse and the wheels spinning, this journey took longer than she thought.

Finally stopped, the curtain raised, and the night breeze poured in, bringing a familiar sweet fragrance that made her heart stunned.

Holding the car down, her knees were soft when she landed, and Ying Niang looked at the mansion enveloped in the dark mist in front of her eyes, and lost her soul for a moment.

Three months ago, this place was still awesome.

Now the fallen leaves are full of steps, and all eyes are killed, and I can see the moon hanging over the eaves, and the trees are lingering, and there is no sound of half a voice.

Yang Shou forgot the door. Ying Niang fought a chill, remembering the tragic image of Zhumen's blood that day.

At that time, the smoke broke through Ronghua, the capital, and the siege of the army, and Ma Tayujie. She heard the hissing in the room, the child screamed, and the sword and iron armor ran into the inner courtyard of the women's relatives with **** blood. Kneeling on the ground, all kneeling were killed on the spot, dead bodies were crossing the road, bleeding all over the ground ... She was so scared that her soul was lost, and she was escorted to the door with her relatives, and she saw the embargoed soldiers arrayed, and the Under the cold light of the sword, the woman sitting in a carriage, frost-covered.

Princess Yuzhang.

Thinking of this taboo, she was cold again, as if penetrated by the frost and snow-like eyes that day.

I don't want to return in this life, this relative, this inner courtyard, this vast building.

He gave her a place in Nanfu, the inner courtyard of Xiangfu, separated by Qushui, and connected by a small bridge, named Guangzhu.

The years here are different from other places. The streamer doesn't seem to pass by. There is only a long silence in the middle of the day and night, and even the birds passing by are quiet.

Said Guangzhu, it was just a small and elegant courtyard-in the past she asked him where he was wide, and he smiled without answering.

Imprisoned in the stone room of the prison, I thought of it many times, and no longer felt lonely. If I could meet him under Huang Quan, she would tell him that this vast building is the most beautiful place in the world.

She was trapped in a puppet, at her mercy, like a frightened kitten.

The deep-closed door of the former Xiangfu opened, and the inside was lonely and quiet, lighting a palace lantern all the way, following the road to Guangzhu.

The woman who took her out of the prison, wearing a hood covering her face, walked in front of her without saying a word, until she crossed the bridge and reached the brightly lit door of the wide building, and then stopped and brushed the hood. "I need to respect you when you meet the noble person.

The last two sons made Ying Niang's heart warm, raised her eyes, and looked at the palace makeup woman under the hood, her face was old, she still saw the elegant style.

Guangzha Zhongyuehua sheds water, pavilions and flowers help to sparse, and things return to people.

All the candles were on, and the palace man standing under the lamp in the corridor was quietly hidden in the dark.

She dared not have the slightest conjecture, bowed her head deeply, and only walked along the corridor with the palace woman, all the way to the court.

This simple place is his study.

The shadow of the tree in the court was thrown on the ground, and the moonlight rippled, like a ghost coming out of the ground.

She was afraid of ghosts, but at the moment faintly hoped that there would be ghosts and souls to return from under Huang Quan.

"Follow me."

The woman's voice made her come back to her, followed by a few months like the door behind the next generation.

It was empty inside, and the walls were empty.

I wanted to come to his study, which was checked inside and out, and every letter and box of conspiracy evidence was copied. Only the lonely book case under the window still had the piano that had accumulated dust for a long time, and the screen was still there.

She stared at the screen separating the inner room and the railing. There was a begonia tree in the courtyard outside the railing, and the juniper branch protruded under the eaves. The trees were full of shadows on the moonlit night, and they were naturally painted on the silk screen.

He used to love this screen, this begonia shadow.

Favorite to ask her to sit behind the screen, under the shadow of the flowers, to caress him for the piano.

He never thought for himself, said nothing, and listened to the sound of the piano until he was drunk.

Those days are like water flowing, night after night, only the sound of the piano flowing, not many words, he and her often separated by the screen.

He came only at night, rarely staying overnight, mostly sleeping alone.

He was taciturn, only this screen looked at her from afar, and his eyes became foolish.

Windy from the court.

The screen tonight still reflects the shadow of the old moon, but the begonia flowers have already fallen.

On the plain silk, there is a faint shadow.

The shadows of the moon reflected the clouds, and the garments were flying, as if they were heaven.

Court woman Qu Sheng salutes: "Slave has brought Yingniang to"

After the screen, the figure moved slightly, and a low voice came. "You step back."

This sound, like a crimson crimson satin, slipped, shocking Yingniang.

is her.

I heard this voice once, and Yingniang was unforgettable, and the chill was born from the bottom of my heart.

The group dragged across the ground, and the whispering sound came from the screen.

Ying Niang knelt softly towards the figure, her voice trembling, "Prince ..."

"Are you afraid of me?" The person behind the screen asked.

"The convict is afraid."

After the screen was quiet, the voice was soft, "I had ordered someone to put a knife holder on your neck that day, forcing you to recruit Princess Xiaomu to fall ... I was shocked at that time."

Ying Niang's fear seemed to understand, she didn't know who was Princess Xiaomu.

Since going to jail, I have never heard anything from outside, only to know that he lost and died. No one from Song can escape.

The princess behind the screen seemed to know what she was thinking and bewildered, and slowly said, "Princess Xiaomu is the name of Yu Jie's chase. She was martyred with jealousy, she was not implicated, and she is no longer Madam Song."

"Mrs. went too ..." Yingniang was not surprised, thinking of the old Fuzhong, the wife took herself not thin, and her heart was miserable.

"She committed suicide."

The princess sighed in sorrow, unlike the traitor who said you were dead that day.

Ke Yingniang clearly remembered that the soldiers surrounded the government at that time. Princess Yuzhang coldly ordered the Song family to be taken away.

"His Majesty pardoned the death of the Song family in connection with her migrants, and migrated instead." The princess paused, calling her name, "Ying Niang, would you like to migrate west with the Song clan, or return home and resettle yourself?"

Ying Niang couldn't believe what she saw in her ear, and she couldn't answer for a long time when she fell on the ground.

Just listen to the princess and say, "You have nothing to do with the invasion, but you can return your innocence. From then on, you are a sinless person."

After the screen, there was a sound of ring, and the golden red pattern on the skirt skirt reflected Yingying's eyes.

"Thank you, Princess Xie ..."

"Would you like to follow the Song family to the west?"

There was a mess in Yingniang's heart, she was so happy, she didn't dare to answer, she just shook her head.

"Also, you should go elsewhere, and you can't mention the word Song Huaien to anyone in the future."

Ying Niang lay on the ground, the tip of her forehead and nose pressed against the cold brick surface, and there was a trembling in her body.

Song Huayn.

These three words in the ears jumped out of a cold, dead ash pile of a Mars, lit up, and disappeared.

"Remember the prisoner." Ying Niang closed her eyes and choked every word.

"You are not guilty, so you don't have to call a convict anymore." The princess said a little, her voice was lower, "Yingniang, look up."

"Slaves are afraid"

Even if she spared her crimes, Ying Niang was still afraid of this woman who talked and laughed, killing her life and death by taking power.

"look up."

This low euphemism has invisible power.

Ying Niang slowly stood up straight, raised her neck stiffly, and did not dare to lift her eyes at all, but fell flat on the Princess's waist.

Under her arm around her, Princess Suona's waist surprised her. Princess Yuzhang, who was strong enough to lead the army to rebellion, was born so thin.

In front of the Xiangfu gate that day, she did not have the courage to stare directly at the woman on the carriage, just remembering the glare of the cold snowy night under the sword and armor.

She stared deeply, holding her breath with the same gaze.

I don't know how long it has passed, but I just feel that the princess's eyes have been resting on her face, and Yingniang's sweat gradually leaks out of her horns.

`` Where is your home? ''

The question made her breath hold loose, her eyelids trembling slightly. "Back to the princess, the slave was an orphan abandoned by the refugees. Office. "

The princess's eyes seemed to move from her face to her own hand, and she only heard her say, "Extend your hand." Ying Niang slowly raised her hands flat, her sleeves slid down to her elbows, exposing her thin wrists.

It is indeed a pair of hands that have worn out the cocoon, and have worked hard since childhood, although they are beautiful but not soft.

The princess had no words for a long time, and sighed in an inaudible voice, "Where are you going in the future?"

Ying Niang was a little hesitant, and asked timidly: "If you are gracious, slaves want to go ... Huizhou"

`` Huizhou? ''

The princess's voice rose slightly, and there was a coolness in the quiet room at night, forcing Yingniang to sing.

On the screen, the tree shadow was sorrowful, and the leaves were outside the court.

"Why Huizhou?" The Princess asked lightly.

How beautiful Huizhou is.

If these two sons didn't shine into the dark prison cell of Tianyao, as the moon is in the sky, they will support themselves in the suffering every day and wait, Yingniang thought, I am afraid I won't be able to survive today.

Many times I woke up at midnight, woke up hungry, and woke up with rat ants, and thought, "I want to go out alive and go to that fairyland-like place. He said there are mountains and rivers, Xianshan Qiongge, Xinghe within reach. Heaven and man are close at hand ... "

Several times she was holding her on the rails in drunkenness. Only when he woke up like a dream, he was willing to say so many words to her, and she remembered every word.

That moonlight was like water, too, and Huizhou, which he told her, was not as beautiful as the earth.

That night his eyes were like an abyss, with a layer of obsessed fog.

Drunk that night, he clenched her wrist tightly, his eyes burning, "Someday I will re-board the tall building with you, overlooking the mountains and the mountains!"

She had been with him before, and she was talking nonsense.

The mountains and rivers are far away, and Emperor Jing and Huizhou are thousands of miles away. I am afraid that it will be until the day when he resigns and he is old. She is old and he is getting old.

She really thought about that day, but didn't know that it was the ninth heaven that he wanted.

"This is what he said?"

The princess's voice was very light, like a gossamer out of the sky.

"He said so."

Ying Niang looked sullen, and forgot about panic for a while. The only good times in the past came to her heart again, and she never forgot the moment.

The promise under the shadow of the screen Begonia went with the wind.

But she firmly remembered that he said that the most missed place in his life was Huizhou.

Now he is gone, Huizhou is still there.

The princess listened silently, and never said a word or a word until Ying Niang's voice was choked by choking.

A plain silk raised Yingniang's face and wiped her tears.

It was the princess's hand, which was very cold between the fingers, and the wrist under the palace sleeve phoenix bracelet was like frost.

Ying Niang's eyes fluttered up and she really saw the appearance of Princess Yuzhang for the first time.

The green eyebrow trims the eyebrows, and the light is clear. The corners of the eyebrows do not feel strange, as if they have been seen somewhere.

Princess Yuzhang in front of Xiangfu's door did not look like the same person in front of her eyes that day. The frost and snow melted away from the phoenix pupils.

This glance made Yingniang forget about her panic, and she was miserable for half of her life, so she didn't say that all of them were watching, and everyone knew it.

"Aunt Xu."

The princess draped down the heavy brocade, her eyes seemed to return to the clouds.

The palace woman came in silently from the door.

"Send her to Huizhou and find a clean place."


Ying Niang's heart was sore and hot, and she leaned down and touched the ground with her forehead. "Thank the princess for her rebirth."

The princess turned her sleeves away, and her voice was difficult to hide from exhaustion. "Go, live well in the future."

The palace woman approached and lifted up Yingying, who was kneeling down, and Yingying again scratched her head. "The slaves remember the grace of the princess forever in this life."

"It's the queen." The woman whispered beside her.

Yingniang was shocked. It turned out that for several months in prison, the outer rivers and mountains had changed color, King Yuzhang had ascended the throne, and the princess was already the queen.

"Thank you, you shouldn't have fallen into this grudge."

The queen queen did not turn back, her voice was extremely low and extremely cold.

As Aunt Xu walked out of the door, Ying Niang's steps were heavy, and at every step she felt the ground was empty, and she could never look back when she stepped out.

This study, this vast building, this door, one step forward, will never be seen again in this life.

Yingniang restrained her heart tumbling, but could not resist the traction of an invisible force. She looked back at the screen in the end,

Can no longer move.

Her knees softened and she knelt straight.

"Slave courageously, begging the queen ..." On the ground, Yingniang burst into tears, "please ask the queen to be kind, before the prospective slave comes, play another piece of music."

The queen did not respond.

Only Aunt Xu frowned and asked, "What song did you play?"

Yingniang choked, "Han Guang"

The queen turned back, her gaze was deep, "Han Guangzhi?"

"Yes," Ying Niang lowered her head, and her eyes were full of tears. "This song is for the musician to compose the music, and the slaves learn to play, the slaves have rough benzene. Before letting the slaves leave, play this song "Han Guang"

After a long silence, the queen asked, "Do you know the meaning of this poem?"

Yingniang's head dropped even lower. "Slave didn't know much about literacy and didn't know much about writing. Just listen to him. The name here refers to the broad meaning of Han."

"Guangzhu ..." the queen murmured, the draped robe sleeves remained motionless.

"Slave only asked to play this time." Ying Niang raised her face, her eyes filled with tears.

The queen looked down at her for a long time, nodding her head, "Qin is on the case."

Ying Niang forgot Shane, and stood up steadily. Before the case of the book, carefully wiped the dust off the piano with her sleeve.

The harp is a famous harp, and the strings are old strings, but there is no longer the glory of the past. Even it knows that people go to the air, and the listeners are no longer there.

That drunk man who listens to the piano and throws a glass of sword dance, why not come back and not listen to the song "Han Guang"?

Tears fell on the strings.

The stiff fingers struck the cold strings, and the strings moved, as if cut in the heart, a trembling overflowed with a sorrowful throat.

The strings sounded so low, turned low, and turned low again, so low that they were inaudible.

Men have trees, so do nt worry.

Han has a travelling girl, not to think.

The vastness of the Han can't be considered.

Jiang Zhiyong never thought.


Wrongly paid, utterly misleading.

The son of Yugui, Yan Yan its foal.

The vastness of the Han can't be considered.

Jiang Zhiyong never thought.

Yu Yuyin, eventually severed.

The end of the song, the room was clear.

1 "The son will return and talk about his foal.": There is also a solution to "the girl is going to marry, I will feed her horse quickly," or the solution "if the girl is willing to marry me, I will feed the horse Welcome her. "The author prefers the latter interpretation.

2 The meaning of "Han Guang" is:

The palace lantern hanging high like a bright moon can't light up the cold shadow of the trees on the screen.

The hands on the piano were reluctant to leave, stroking the strings with affection, the tears quietly converged in Yingniang's eyes, and she was released with grief and sadness in the end.

He played the song "Han Guang" in the end.

No more old things hold her back.

Ying Niang got up on the piano and saluted the queen deeply, and retreated to the door without saying a word.

"Take the piano."

The queen stood quietly under the screen and no longer turned around.

The harp is a famous harp that is hard to find, and it is now counted among the confiscated things.

Ying Niang looked at the back of the queen in dismay.

Aunt Xu whispered softly, "Give it to you, you take it away."

Ying Niang couldn't make a noise for a while, came forward and hugged the harp, bowed to her knees and thanked Shane.

The queen raised her hand and stopped her from kneeling.

Ying Niang raised her eyes and forgot the number of the ceremony. She looked at the queen and asked, "What is Han Guang?"

The queen did not look indifferent, her gaze drifted away, and slowly said, "This poem says that there is a man who adores a woman who is separated by water and far away.

Aunt Xu knew she couldn't bear to say the rest, so she let the woman know only half the meaning.

Across the water.

Ying Niang looked down, there was a smile on the corner of her lips, and he wanted her to live here, surrounded by curved water, connected by an arch bridge, from the end to the other side, but separated by dozens of steps-Han Zhiguang, but this is the general Thoughts, this feeling.

Yingniang resigned.

After exiting the door, he looked back, and the figure of the queen hiding behind the screen shook.

It was an informed woman, and Aunt Xu, who sent her out, looked silently, handed her over to the palace person waiting, and frowned.

Watching her turn, Suona's figure melted into the shadows of the corridor.

Aunt Xu's gaze was unconscious, and she saw that the slender back quietly stood upright in the night, and when she was gone, she revealed the unknown tenacity.

I never thought it was ridiculous, how could it be similar, a dragon and a phoenix, and a weak slender, nothing more than a slight eyebrow.

However, at this moment, Aunt Xu sighed after all.

Turning back to the room, the room was cold, like the sound of the lingering lingering, and the resentment in the song was still lingering, but she saw the queen standing under the screen and looking at the trees outside the court.

"It's cold at night."

Aunt Xu gently put a big **** on the queen's shoulders.

At the beginning of the serious illness, Grandma saw weight loss again ... In private, Aunt Xu still called this breast name, how many years, she was the little county chief, the queen, and finally the queen, always the young grandma.

Grandma was silent.

"No one has lived here for a long time, and the yang is inadequate, so you are in good shape. You must stay for a long time." Aunt Xu bluntly urged.

"This house is going to be demolished," Grandma whispered.

Aunt Xu was a little hesitant, and thought about it, "Yeah, it's a pity that it will be abandoned for a long time."

"The emperor wanted to keep it, and will give back the children of the Song family in the future ... The hands, feet, and robes, she always reads it." Grandma looked around with a faint look. "I mean this house is demolished. Shu is a place chosen by the emperor. The mountains and waters are very good. The fish and rice are rich. The old people of the tribe move over, cultivate, weave, and live in peace. It is worthy of the old people's old morals. Only brothers and sisters Junwen, I only want them to stand before they can stand. If you leave Shu land, you will not be able to return to Beijing for life. "

"Why stand?" Aunt Xu was puzzled.

"By then, the youngest child also had a family wife. Although the hatred in his heart was not flat, he was free to seduce and comfort him." Grandma's side face was hung under a palace lantern. "It's always different when everyone has a mind."

Aunt Xu was speechless, and her heart was faintly painful. She was so meticulous in thinking that what happened more than ten years later was re-measured, how to not hurt the body and the soul, and how to live a long and healthy life.

"Junwen can already remember that mountains and rivers are easy to change, and hatred is difficult to dissolve. I ca nt protect him for anything else. Gao Zhai Hua Tang ca nt be safe for a lifetime. I ca nt get Yu Yuquan to feel at ease. In my own heart, my grudges are my grudges, and I only hope that after a century, I will leave Cheer a clean country. "

The moonlight was clear in her eyes, and even Aunt Xu couldn't look straight.

"Beijing is the place where their parents are dying, and Ling Ling also moves west with the clan people. When people go to the house, why not stay again, all that is left is regret." Ah Yi slowly walked to the railing and looked up at the court tree. I still remember that when the tree first came, the tree was only as tall as the fence. Yuyu loved it and wanted to transplant it to her courtyard, but Wyan refused. He built a canal outside to divert water and built another courtyard, so people were not allowed to enter easily. Shi Yuzheng talked to me and laughed at his lonely temperament. That year, Huan was born, and the emperor took me to the banquet. After the banquet, the monarch and the two had a drink here ... There is no monarch or minister between each other. "

After a moment's silence, Grandma whispered, "Wayne is dead, and in his eyes, there is no need to divide any monarch."

"The villainous thief almost harmed the queen and her two highnesses. How could she be worthy of His Majesty's forgiveness." Aunt Xu reluctantly expressed her resentment. On the same day, she was protecting a pair of young children in Langzhong and fled, all kinds of shocks still in sight .

"He was a very good man ... he misplaced him, and I mistake him."

Grandma frowned slightly, and her pale fingers stroked the dust railing.

Aunt Xu converged, and thought about it, a lot of people, a lot of "Han Guang", that thief is also crazy.

The shadow of the tree outside the court shook, and the private sigh between heaven and earth.

Grandma flicked her sleeves, and finally she was stunned, "Jiang Zhiyong, don't think about it ... Wyan, you didn't know it."

The breadth of Han and the length of water cannot be crossed.

People in your eyes, heartache, will always be on the other side.

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