Emperor’s Conquest Chapter 68

Chapter 68: Fanwai 4: Jinghao

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Tianqi prayed for three years and Chujun hunted on behalf of Tianbei and returned to Beijing in April.

The southern foot of the suburb of Beijing, the Zichuan Ferry, was the only way to go south of Beijing. After more than a hundred years of noisy time, since the southern foot has been opened seven years ago, there is an official road linking north and south. Fewer people go to the south. The original inn along the river is like a forest, and now it has been depressed, with only a few old shops remaining.

Zhong Xiang, the shopkeeper of Wangxiang Restaurant, grew up in this ferry village from an early age. He always stayed at the old wine shop when he was old. He occasionally had several guests. Whenever he came in and sat down, he wanted a bowl of wine. The origin of the name of Zichuan Ferry.

When people get old, they love to remember the old. In the same words, they don't get tired of saying it a hundred times.

The most rare thing is that someone will listen to you repeat the same thing over and over and over and over and over again.

For more than ten years, Zhong Rong has been used to waiting for a guest in late spring each year.

When he entered the shop, he pushed down the window to see the bridge head, and called for a bowl of wine.

Zhong Yan would squint his old eyes, and came with a stick to ask him if he knew this Zichuandu was not called Zichuandu.

Guests always smile, "Lao Zhang talks to me."

Zhong Yan stroked his long beard and sat down to speak.

It was originally called Changningdu.

That year Wang Lang left Beijing to go to the south of the Yangtze River.

The relatives from Beijing, the female relatives in the middle of the city, the oil wall, the carriage, and the horse and the house servant came together to form a splendid scene, which attracted far and near.

In the past, Princess Yuzhang of Yuzhang, who later became the sister of Wang Lang, who worshiped the queen, kissed him on the bridge.

The morning breeze blows down the princess's arm-wrapped purple leno, falling on the water, and the deep purple and pale pink rattan flowers on the shore are thrown into the sky, one after another, and a stream of water is reflected in purple.

This ferry was also slowly called Zichuandu.

"That's a fairy-like person."

Every time I recalled this scene, Zhong Rong's face was wrinkled with walnuts, and there was a proud red light, not to mention that the mountains and countryside in the country, even the officials of the official family, had seen some such people.

Wang Lang left Beijing, and the story of Yichuan dyeing purple, the old man told a dozen years, everyone was tired of listening.

Only this guest still loves to listen back.

As long as Zhong Yan said, he listened for years.

The guest never said a word, took the wine bowl after listening, drank it, smirked at Zhong Yan, and got up and left.

The attendant who stood waiting under the eaves took the horse for him, and he would put the money into the pottery at the door.

Once upon a time, the new pottery was still mottled.

Every time he pays for alcohol, he can drink here for a whole year, but only once a year.

Zhong Yan's back was getting more and more embarrassed.

The guests' frosty whites also gradually increased, and the lines between the eyebrows were as deep as a knife engraving.

Zhong Rong occasionally remembered that he still laughed at the people of the mountain and saw few people in the world. The first time he served this guest with wine, he trembled his hands and spilled half a bowl.

At first, he was afraid of this guest.

This person has an extraordinary popularity and looks handsome. He is dressed in a simple plain clothes, under the wood claws of the savages, never smiles, and drinks like water.

His mount was as lacquered as ink all over him, and he was so strong that he took it to the place of Xiema, and did not look at the hay on the ground. The farmer was tied to the nearby horses, and he ran away when he saw him.

His attendant, clothed with a sword, was respectful and solemn, and barely made a sound when walking.

Zhong Yan never dared to talk to him.

But once, Zhong Xie leaned on his staff at the door and talked about the old events of Zichuan to the guests who had just arrived in the capital. The listeners were all envious.

The guest was listening in the shop.

Drinking and going out, he went to Zhong Rong, "Lao Zhang, at this time next year, I will still tell you about the old events in Zichuan, shall I?"

In the late spring of the following year, he came as promised and waited every year.

For more than a decade, Zhong Xun has been used to it, and it is not surprising.

This year is somewhat different from previous years.

The guests did not leave after drinking, but stood under the eaves in front of the door, taking a leisurely ride, even looking at the south, as if waiting for someone.

Zhong Yan approached with a trembling staff. "A guest officer is waiting for someone?"

The guest smiled.

"Wait for your family?"

"How does the old man know?"

The guest bowed his head, his eyebrows raised slightly, showing a bit of shock.

Zhong Xuan caressed the sparse long beard and laughed, "Every month when the child comes back, my wife and I are standing in the village early and looking forward to it."

The guest froze and shook his head and smiled.

Zhong Kui wondered, "Why shake your head objectively?"

"It doesn't matter." The guest waved his hands, seemingly reluctant to say, raised his eyes to see Zhong Yan's smiling loving face, paused, and said slowly, "I welcomed him home for the first time."

"Oh, oh." Zhong Yan stroked his beard and thought to himself that the family had different courtesies. When he was a father, he naturally did not welcome his son.

"He has been away from home for half a year. He is back today, just passing through the ferry. I came to welcome him." The tone of the guest sounded the same as the loving father of ordinary people. Mouth, "Your family is very promising."

"Lao Zhang has a prize." The customer smiled and asked, "Well, Lang is not at home. Who serves the second elder?"

"His wife is at home." Zhong Xuan sighed. "My wife and I are very blessed. I have only had such a son since I was old. I haven't added a grandson ... is your grandson able to enter school?"

The guest said lightly, "Children have not married."

Zhong Xunqi was so embarrassed that he wanted to ask, but did not dare to ask him. The son of this noble guest was either ugly or ill, and he could not justify his delay in marrying a wife.

The guest didn't care about his shock. He slowly walked up the bridge with his negative hand and looked at a stream of water. His clothes turned slightly in the wind. In the afternoon, the sun and the gold were sprinkled with broken gold, but he couldn't open the black clothes deeply. , Cast a shadow like ink on the bridge.

The still water flows deep under the bridge, flows to the end of the forest, and looks back.

The station, two miles away, has been left out for a long time. Today, there are four people and four horses riding, and they are waiting at the intersection early.

The first one covered his face with bamboo quilts, and the three were clothed without crowns. They were usually dressed with swords and horses.

At noon, the carriage came southward, and the sound of horseshoes broke through the forest.

The four riders greeted each other. The first person led the crowd to dismount and kicked his knees.

The carriage stopped slowly in the road.

The commoner Han removed the bamboo dipper, and after a long time, the blade marks that had faded into light brown slanted across his face, and he bowed his head, "Chen Weihan, for His Highness to return to Beijing."

The curtain was lifted, the white veil, and the youngster with a small crown of purple husk calmly stepped out of the car.

"General Lao welcomes you, please rise up." The young Chu Jun has a long body and stands up, shaking his sleeves and offering help.

The sun shone across the forest, the birds startled, and three or two leaves fell, passing over his dark hair.

He looked at Lin Shui and smiled slightly. "It's a good season in Beijing. It's no wonder that my father told me to go to Beijing from here and look at spring and summer all the way."

Wei Han stood up and looked at the juvenile Chu Jun's smile as clear as jade. He felt that time was easy to pass away. In the past, people who had such a similar appearance had been dormant for the emperor's tomb, and the young master who had been guarded in the blood and fire turned away from the child. Grow into a heavenly son with a smile and a hidden vision.

"Yes, it's great here, and the emperor loves the scenery of Zichuan too." Wei Han, who was unsmiling, showed a smile and paused. "The emperor is waiting for His Royal Highness at the ferry ahead."

Chu Jun froze for a long time, just asking, "Is the father the emperor?"

Wei Han saw that the juvenile Chu Jun was trying to hide his enthusiasm and excitement.

"Returning to Your Royal Highness, the Emperor arrived early in the morning and has been waiting at the ferry for a long time." Wei Han never said a word, seeing the joy of Chu Jun, could not help but add a sentence, "The Emperor Suai went to Zichuan Bridge to wear a micro-suit, it is rare for His Royal Highness to return to Beijing today. Extraordinary Weichen came here to drive. "

It turned out that the father came out of the palace every year, and the youngster Chu was slightly surprised.

Although the scenery here is beautiful, it is nothing special. He knows that his father, who had fought in the north and south in the past, has already seen mountains and rivers.

Everyone in the world knows that the Chu monarch hunted in the north and visited the frontiers, but he didn't know that more than a month ago, he was ordered to quietly turn from Huizhou to Jiangnan. Today, he just returned from the dust.

Yijun is also a father, and also strict and kind, but in the eyes of the prince Xiao Yunshuo, I only envy my sister Yunning to enjoy the pampering under his father's knees. As a prince of Chu, he has been disciplined since childhood. Joy is luxury. After the last autumn, I was ordered by the emperor to go north to spend the coldest winter of his life in the extremely cold north. He knew that his father had not easily made northern expeditions in northern expeditions, and that his father had sharpened his painstaking efforts. In the spring of northern Xinjiang, the snow melted grass was long, the mountains and rivers were strange, and Yunning came again. Dignified princess in a man's clothing, she deliberately travels in the northern wilderness. She is unconstrained as a daughter and is far from being governed by her father. She is the favorite of her father Jiang Xia. Seeing her sister happy and happy, she had to go south again, and she had to return to Beijing in late spring. Outside the city, he passed the order to the palace people, abandoned the official way, and returned to the palace from Jiujiu. The prince Xiao Yunshuo only said that his father and emperor meant to be simple and obedient, without having to enter the city to disturb the people.

I never imagined that the Emperor would come to meet him in person.

Xiao Yunshuo immediately abandoned the car for a horse, jumped on a horse, and urged the horse to go towards the ferry.

In the sound of horseshoes, a ride came from the dust, and the sleeves of the robes rose in the wind.

Zhong Yan, who was leaning against the door, rubbed his eyes tremblingly, and for a moment looked dumb, except that Wang Lang returned.

It turns out that there are still such people in the world, and the current is not bad.

The boy jumped on the other side, jumped down, and walked on the bridge with a wide sleeve.

The guest in black standing at the bridgehead stared and stared, until the teenager approached, and then nodded and smiled.

The boy knelt on his clothes and cried, "Father Wanan."

There is a sound of flowing water under the bridge, and the sun is gentle, shining on the shoulders of the father, such as Pi Jinhui.

I haven't looked up, I have seen the familiar black-colored robes, even the wooden claws, and I have been living for years.

"No need to be polite outside."

Father Emperor reached out and couldn't resist it.

This hand in charge of Qiankun is strong and powerful, and the warmth of his palm is faint.

Xiao Yunshuo gathered his sleeves and felt that his father emperor's eyes stopped on his face for a long time, and he looked up, and was stabbed by the newly added silver wire beside him.

The white-haired man with a cane staggered from the wine shop to his father, grinning his missing mouth: "Finally, I'm waiting, my son is really a good man!"

"The old man is ridiculous." Is the father emperor kind and stubborn, "Trouble old man has another good wine. It is rare to have free time today. My father and son haven't been drinking together for a long time."

"Okay." The old man gladly promised, staggered and turned, but turned his staff back again. "Yes, there is a pot of old wine hidden in my cellar. For example, the two nobles didn't despise the mountains, and went down to open the altar. drink?"

Father Huang Lang laughed, "No wonder the visitor, this wine was originally stored in my early years, and I will drink it behind closed doors when the wine shop is closed. In the end, I m not forgiving. I m afraid I wo nt be able to talk about old things in Zichuan next year I have listened to you, come and go over the years, and only you love to listen to ... When people are old, they will forget everything, and only the wine is still fragrant. "

After all, the old man sighed.

The father emperor was silent for a long while, and sighed, murmured, "How could I forget."

After years of deceased, there is a difference between the ferry and the wine, and there is no one to talk about the old things in Zichuan.

"Okay, this altar wine, my father and son will drink it today." Father Huang smiled with a smile, "Cheer, you are bringing horses for the old husband."

The attendant prepared the horses early.

According to Xiao Yunshuo, Father Huang personally helped the old man to get on the horse, and he stroked his horse's mane and said, "Lao, tell the young people about the old things in Zichuan."

Zhong Yan answered with a smile.

So on the way to the farmhouse in the mountains, the old man shouted, and told the princess Xiao Yunshuo, the princess of the former Yu Zhang and the king of Jiang Xia, who had walked past this ancient bridge.

And that Xuanyi lone ride, has walked to the front.

A ray of cooking smoke in the distance, a bamboo fence covering the ancient well, three cottages, mixed with flowers, Shiba Inu barked at the door.

Zhong Rong's home is under a green bamboo forest at the foot of the mountain.

I heard the dog barking in the distance, and a village woman came out to open the door, and when she saw a foreigner coming, she hurriedly lowered her head to avoid the door.

Zhong Xuan instructed her daughter-in-law to quickly cook and treat the guests.

This farmhouse courtyard looks to Xiao Yunshuo in the eyes of Xiao Yunshuo, but it is also rough, but I do nt know why the father and emperor stepped into the courtyard. I've seen the plough carefully, and it's hard to hide envy.

A generation of founding heroes, who are fighting in the DPRK, are so afraid that no one has ever seen it before, and even Sister has no chance to see it ... Xiao Yunshuo's heart flickered, thinking of his mother who died early, I wonder if she has ever seen such a father.

"Wei Han, where is Wei Han?" Exclaimed Father Huang with his hand standing under the eaves.

Wei Han, who was out attending, responded, "Master, his subordinates are here."

"You pick this roof." Father Huang raised his finger on a thatched roof, and it seemed that the overlying thatched roof was leaking.

"Master ..." Wei Han froze, his face sullen, and he was extremely uncomfortable.

Dignified General Wei, with outstanding performance and martial arts, did not pick up the roof.

Father Huang glared at him, "Why, I want to teach you?"

Xiao Yunshuo smiled and coughed, reminding his father of his claim and saying that he had missed his mouth.

Zhong Yan didn't hear it, only stopped: "No trouble, no obstacles, wait for my children to come back and pick again."

Wei Han didn't dare to protest, he ordered himself to go, and said that he would call the forbidden master who accompanied the **** to repair the roof.

Zhong stunned his stick and went to help.

Father Huang lost his hand and frowned.

Xiao Yunshuo whispered, "Does the father really know?"

"What?" Father Huang seemed unknown.

Xiao Yunshuo glanced at the roof, meaning that he just glared at Wei Han and said, "I want to teach you."

The emperor snorted, snorted, and turned his head away.

Sure enough, he wouldn't do it, sweeping thousands of troops, Ma Tatian's father emperor could not repair a small hut.

Xiao Yunshuo laughed, and put his lips into a meniscus arc.

"If you laugh, laugh." Father Huang said without looking back.

Without waiting for the habit of saying "Children know what is wrong", Xiao Yunshuo was surprised that his laughter had been seized first.

The smile couldn't stop, and when he saw his father Huang Yan's grimace, he also had a mild smile.

How long haven't I laughed so loudly in front of my father-in-law, since I became an adult, I gradually became Chu Yun Xiao Yunshuo in front of my father-in-law, not the soft "Cheer" in my mother's mouth.

"You laugh the most like her." Father Huang said slowly.

Xiao Yunshuo lowered his eyes, "Listening to my uncle, although my appearance is after Xiao's mother, my temperament is more like that of Auntie."

Father Huang laughed, "That's nature."

Speaking of Aunt Yunning, Xiao Yunshuo could not help but flew obliquely. "That day, A sister was dressed in red and raced with the prince of He Lan's. My uncle laughed. My mother-in-law had whipped two of her ancestors in front of her queen when she was young. "

"Good fight, the barbarians of He Lan's family are still trying to ask for a kiss." Father Huang Lengheng, "What's the point of hitting a few whip?

The words were unfinished, and the voice had faded, the second half of the sentence was never spoken by the father and the emperor, and he was silent.

The mother's name is rarely taboo.

Xiao Yunshuo couldn't bear it, and smiled and said aloud, "Sister A misses his father and asks me to say hello to him."

"What she misses is that the sky is wide and you are free to travel, how can you miss a boring old man." Father Huang's tone was like an ordinary old man who was angry with his children. Xiao Yunshuo listened to him, but he heard him pause, as if Asked without incident, "How is Jiang Xia Wang?"

The question was about King Jiang Xia, not his uncle, which made Xiao Yunshuo's mind condensed.

"King Jiangxia and Queen Kundu are all fine. The northern Xinjiang is calm and the army is solid." Xiao Yunshuo responded. "Just that the king of Jiangxia felt a bit cold in the winter, and the north was very cold. It was quite unbearable."

"Can he mean to return home?" Father Huang asked meaningfully.

Xiao Yunshuo pondered his thoughts and did not dare to make rash remarks. He only considered and said, "I haven't heard from my uncle ... Although Jiang Nan often has letters and messengers, his uncle never answers."

Father Huang smiled casually.

"Uncle doesn't ask foreign affairs. He thanked guests behind closed doors all the year round. It's rare even for relatives." Xiao Yunshuo used words very carefully.

"He is a very intelligent person, and Wang always has no shortage of wise men." Father Huang smiled and sighed, "The three dynasties have continued to change, and there is no reason."

Xiao Yunshuo thought about this, and turned his eyes to Wei Han in the distance, falling on his sword.

Thinking of the emperor once said that the closest to the imperial power is the most dangerous.

However, the fool is dangerous, the brave is dangerous, and the wise are safe. For centuries, the Wang family has always been the closest to the imperial power.

The change of dynasties is as if the sword front is blunt and new, new and blunt. The scabbard is always in hand, no matter who the sword holder is, the scabbard must be protected.

Wang's is the scabbard.

However, in the heart of the young Chu Jun, there is a confusion that has not been explained for a long time.

With such operations, why not own the world?

The father emperor himself was afraid of his wife's clan, so he only released his uncle to northern Xinjiang for a long time. But why was he entrusted with heavy soldiers?

This confusion looked in the eyes of Father Huang, who only smiled sparsely, "You are still young, and after a hundred years, you can sit in Longting and understand."

"Children panic"

\ "What are you afraid of? I am also a human. How can I live forever? \" Father Huang laughed, "What is a widow, I am a widow, and you are a widow, a master of the world, the most solitary and the most solitary. There will never be a retreat, and all future generations will be on this lonely road. "

Xiao Yunshuo lifted his eyes and looked at the Emperor's Emperor tremblingly, and his heart shook, as if an eternal cold rose quietly from the ground.

"Only those who have no other way out will be able to ascend to the Supreme." Father Emperor's face was sinking like water, silent. "The Wang family is not the same. They will always have a retreat. The reason why the family is a family family is that they do not have a high weight. It is because they are not stigmatized. They are the most intelligent. Your mother and uncle were the most intelligent. Leaving Beijing to the north does not involve the administration of the DPRK, but Xi is entrusted with heavy soldiers. This is the agreement between Xi and Wang.

Xiao Yunshuo listened, his mind boiled like a tide.

With his uncle Zai Fucai, the father emperor released him to the north, and Mingli let him hold heavy soldiers, trusting him like a humerus. In fact, the six army's loyalty to the father emperor can hardly shake anyone.

Over the years, the father and the emperor have promoted the Han family and degraded the children of the family. However, the honor of the descendants of the Wang family has to be respected and kept secret, which is not the case.

The family must bear the brunt of the stigma and the disadvantages of the door.

If the Wang family is in the dynasty, it will inevitably be the pain of being a forward.

After the emperor's treatment of the emperor was so affectionate, he could not help but calculate the balance. Xiao Yunshuo silently passed by a young girl Mingjing Xiao in his heart. The daughter of the family was like a drop of water in front of him.

If she enters the East Palace and becomes a princess, how many clear smiles can she have in the future?

"This time I will let you visit Beijiang on your behalf. Your father understands."

The words of Father Emperor pulled him back.

Father Huang looked at him slowly and said, "In his lifetime, Wang is still the highest gate in the world. After you are up to your mother, King Jiang Xia will not lose you in the future."

Juvenile Chu Jun lifted his eyes slightly, and Qinghui flickered in his eyes.

The voice of the father and the emperor was a little heavy, and a thin, sharp lips had an unpredictable smile. "Future things, we know that human power is immeasurable. The conflict between the Tianjia family and foreign relatives has been inevitable for generations. You may have peace in your hands for decades. In your hands and future generations, there will be no family without Wang. This dispute will never end. A family name cannot be separated from the marriage alliance, and the lonely widow can't sit still. The delay in registering the princess is to fight against each other. You must first let the gatekeepers of the arrogant and proud family be defeated first, and then regain glory under your grace, and you will submit to Xinjun in the future. "

This is where the uncle's good intentions end.

Staring at the silver wire of his father, Xiao Yunshuo suppressed the shock in his heart, and pinched the corners of his lips.

The father and son looked exactly the same.

"Cheer, you have to remember what you said today--" Father Huang looked at himself, calling the name of the breast, and the softness in his eyes flashed away, turning to solitude, "Wang is the head of the family and stands on the side of the emperor. Even if it s you, you still do nt want to make three points. Even so, you still believe in it. Just because the general is in front of you and you meet the enemy to kill the enemy, the one who defeats me is a means of warrior. For the monarch, watch the world from the top, who is not If you do nt dare to kill, you ca nt finish killing. If you have a bad dog in front of you, you just need to kill it. If you have a screaming tiger, you will tame it. You need to remember that emperor art is a manipulative technique, not a killing technique. "

Xiao Yunshuo held his breath and held his breath. If there was a cloud of anger in front of him, the mountains and rivers followed the words of his father, and spread silently.

For a long time, he bowed his head suddenly, "Keeping in mind."

Xiping Qiping is only a few words of father and son.

Thatch roof has been renovated over there. The daughter-in-law of the Zhong family cooked the dried venison and brought it to the stone table to serve the guests.

The old wine jars stored in the old cellars were opened with mud seals, and the fragrant fragrance was so drunk that the garden flowers and plants were drunk.

Xiao Yunshuo, who has always been bad wine, couldn't help but take a deep breath of the fragrance of the wine floating in the mountain breeze.

Father Huang grabbed an earthenware bowl and threw it at Wei Han. "Come, drink with wine!"

Wei Han bowed to catch it, and did not give up, came over to raise the wine jar, and poured wine one by one.

"I'm coming." Xiao Yunshuo reached out to take over the wine, filling his father's hands with his own hands.

The four wine bowls were lifted, and the splashing hops were clear and clear in the setting sun.

The father emperor poured out, and even sang good wine.

Zhong Xuan sighed to Xiao Yunshuo's palm, "You can't even see the boy's wine!"

But seeing the trickle at the bottom of his bowl, the old wine was drunk straight down, but Guanyu's face was as calm as ever.

Xiao Yunshuo just smiled, and realized that his father Huang glanced at the glorious approbation, his heart was full of happiness.

"Shanye people have nothing good to treat the guests, and the venison was tasted, and it was made by the children themselves." Zhong Xie raised his sigh cheerfully, but saw that the venison had not yet been cut, so he called her daughter-in-law, and blamed her for neglecting the guests.

"Anyway, Lao Zhang, wait for me to cut it." Father Huang Lang laughed, and pulled out the short sword that never left him. The cold chilled the muscles and bones, and the venison was thin and thin.

Directly called Zhong Kui to see his eyes.

Father Huang Rao took the sword in his hand with interest, and sighed, "It's the second time to use this thing as a puppet."

This was originally a mother's carry, and now stays with the father and emperor. Xiao Yunshuo laughed and said, "Dare to ask my father, when was the first time?"

Father Huang's eyes were not raised, "Don't say it!"

Zhong Jiaer's concubine stood on his side, and then he returned to his senses, embarrassedly apologized to Jia Weng Guike, and said, "The medicine that fried the mother on the stove was boiling, and I was too busy to take care of it ..."

Father Huang thickened his eyebrows slightly. "Lao Zhang, Madam is also at home?"

Zhong Kui nodded and sighed, "Yes, she has eye problems, and she came out to treat her guests, just to make the guests laugh."

The father put down the wine bowl. "Where does the old man say, with the wine and meat, how can he lack the master, please come out to his wife."

Zhong Kui was a little hesitant, and told her daughter-in-law, "Go, give your mother a piece of clothing and come out again, and the wind is blowing."

A jingle, as usual, sounded a little in Xiao Yunshuo's ears, his eyes slanted, but he saw his father empathize silently.

Zhong Yan's wife stumbled with her daughter-in-law's help.

The old woman with white hair and puffy hair was wrinkled, her eyes were white, her eyesight was weak, and she groped at the table.

The village woman didn't know the etiquette, and there was no speech beside Mu Nei.

The daughter-in-law took meat for her and fed her. She tilted her head and chewed slowly, with foam in her mouth.

Zhong Yan turned to his side, raised his sleeves tremblingly, wiped the scum from his wife's mouth, and smiled slowly. "I worked hard in the early years, and she delivered food. Now I'm old, I will come back."

Father Huang Duan wine was in his hand. He remained motionless for a long time and only whispered, "Lao Zhang is so blessed."

Xiao Yunshuo heard the sound of his father's voice faint.

"What blessing, young couples come to accompany them all the time." Zhong Yan shook his head and smiled.

"It's better to drink, to be old with your son, and Qin Se to be in control, isn't it quiet?" Father Huang murmured, reading "Lady Calling the Chicken", looking straight at a pair of white-haired old men, lonely and lost.

Before drinking halfway, Zhong Rong was drunk.

The emperor drew the empty bowl and ordered Wei Han to rethink.

The full text of "Women's Chicken" is as follows:

The girl said that the chicken was mingling, and the scholar said that she was dandy.

Zixing sees the night, stars are bad.

, and goose.

In addition to the words, and the child should be.

It is appropriate to drink alcohol and grow old with children.

Qin Se is in the royal guard.

Zhizi came, and miscellaneous gifts.

Zhizi followed suit, Zapei asked.

Zhizi's good, miscellaneous admiration.

Wei Han hesitated slightly, and the wine jar was taken away by his father.

"Cheer, you accompany me to drink." Father Huang Ji wine got up, headed to the house without turning his head back, no one was allowed to follow.

I walked straight along the mountain path for a long time, until there was no road ahead, and I had to fill a half pond, floating with duckweed leaves.

There were no traces around him, and the forest bird was frightened.

The emperor sat down on a large stone, said nothing, raised his head and drank a few sips, raised his hand and threw the wine jar.

Xiao Yunshuo took it and took a big sip from the wine jar. For the first time in his life, he drank half-wet.

The only way to solve the problem is Du Kang.

The wine was full of people, Lin Tao sue.

"Zichuandu's wine, I won't drink it again." Father Huang Yang threw the empty wine jar out, fell into a pond, splashed with splashes, and duckweed scattered. "This old man, I'm so envious!"

Saying that the father emperor laughed, the laughter shook the forest far away, and there was a faint surprise.

Xiao Yunshuo also laughed. "If the father wants to drink alcohol, he will be accompanied by his sons and daughters."

Father Emperor looked at himself side by side, his eyes narrowed for a moment.

"The north of the South China Sea ... the vastness of the East China Sea, the steepness of Xishu, and the south of Yunnan ... Yeah, and I am accompanied by Cheer." He muttered, thinking what Xiao Yunshuo couldn't understand. Drunk, lay on the top of the rock and fell asleep.

"It's cool here, it's getting late, and it's time for my father to return to the palace."

He waved his hand. "Tired, no noise."

The words fell to the ground, he really fell asleep, he was breathless for a moment.

Xiao Yunshuo looked at his father's sleeping face, took off his robe and gently covered him, and lay down next to him.

The most familiar and distant breath, his father's breath, enveloped himself.

The wind in the forest also warmed, and the clouds stopped. Nowhere is more stable than here, and no moment is more peaceful than this.

In his ears he listened to his father's long breath, and occasionally slang, knowing that he was already in a dream.

Xiao Yunshuo closed his eyes and wanted to know what kind of dream his father was having.

The evening light and shadow in the mountains slowly closed in the eyes, the gold was blurred, and the halo was green.

In the dimness, the evening wind blows on the face, if there is singing.

Whose voice came from afar, softening the world through the layers of time.

Looking around, the man groaning familiar with the ballad seemed to be at the end of the path, in the farmhouse.

"Father, listen ..."

Want to awaken Father Emperor, but raise his eyes and see the front, big sleeves fluttering, who is the tall figure who walks fast is not Father Emperor?

He chased after him, followed his father all the way, and returned to the courtyard of the bamboo fence in Zhongjia.

Father Huang pushed in the door, stood in the court, and smiled, "Ama, Ama!"

In response to this call, Chaimen started lightly, and the models walked out of the dust-free mother.

She smiled like silk, her face was not old, but her two wives were as snowy as her father.

The emperor stepped forward and took her hand.

She raised her sleeves and brushed a leaf on her shoulder for her father.

The two figures gradually overlapped one another in the eyes of Xiao Yunshuo in their dreams. They could not tell whether they were the emperor or the empress. They seemed to be like dragons and shocked.

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