End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1264

Chapter 1264 Earth And Steel

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Chapter 1264 Earth and steel

Earth Elemental Spirit Incarnation! It was a powerful spell reinforcing the power of earth elemental spells. Moreover, the user was immune to all low tier earth spells. If the casters Earth Laws comprehension was a lot worse than Lin Yun, none of their spells would be effective.

As Lin Yun started chanting his spell, perfect basic law runes appeared one after another. The citrine-like law runes permeated the surroundings and formed a hundred-meter-big circular array in the air.

The wheel shadow behind Lin Yun also emitted an earthen-colored radiance which enveloped the array. As he chanted, Lin Yun threw a pitch-black lump of earth in the center of the array.

This was Elemental Earth Essence, it could be used to reinforce the power of earth spells. It was very precious and could only be produced in earth elemental planes. It would only condense in the depths of environments rich in earth elements in other types of planes.

In a small village in the distance, a sinister middle-aged man wearing a dark golden robe noticed Lin Yuns movements through a window. His expression suddenly changed when he saw the huge dazzling array appear and he then unhesitantly rushed out and flew towards Lin Yun.

"Damned b*stard, you dare?! Everyone related to you will die, just wait for our Death Sickles retaliation!"

The middle-aged man flew to the sky, brandishing his magic staff. Dense earth elements condensed into a thirty-meter-big earthen hand in the air and fiercely swatted towards Lin Yun.

Lin Yun faintly glanced at that middle-aged man before ignoring him and continuing his casting.

The power of the rock-like hand sharply plummeted when it reached the ten-meter-radius around Lin Yun. By the time this earthen hand fiercely swatted Lin Yuns Fusion Shield, the shields mana, law runes, and elemental power simultaneously burst out and thoroughly warded off that earthen hand. Lin Yuns Fusion Shield slightly shook, but Lin Yun remained motionless and the incantation wasnt interrupted.

The middle-aged man was livid, his sudden attack hadnt interrupted Lin Yuns incantation. Earth magic was most proficient in impact power, if an earth spell hit, it would definitely display the strongest physical power.

But even so, Lin Yuns spellcasting wasnt interrupted. It looked like Lin Yuns incantation was about to end. That earthen spell had already dissipated and the earth elements already merged into that spell.

The middle-aged man was somewhat worried.

Sh*t, how could that guy have such a strong control over his spell? I cant even interrupt him!

If this goes on and the spell is released, the Death Sickle bandit group would be thoroughly destroyed. Who knows how much time and effort would be needed to rebuild it

Counterspell, Rockfall, Summon Meteorite, Gravity

A series of spells was released, but not a single spell could interrupt Lin Yuns casting. Both Enderfa and Syudos were watching the show from Lin Yuns sides.

"What an idiot, a 2nd Rank Rock Mage thinks he can interrupt Merlins casting? Truly too naive. Merlins mana control and spell control have already reached an unfathomable level. Moreover, he just came from that terrifying old mans place.

"Under the suppression of that old man, Merlins control of Laws already exceeded its limits. That idiots comprehension of Earth isnt as good as Merlins, yet he still dares to use earth spells against Merlin, what a stupid and pathetic guy"

Enderfas three faces were ridiculing the middle-aged man while floating next to Lin Yun. He didnt even need to stop that guy, because with the Earth Elemental Spirit Incarnation, those spells were no different from tickles.

After trying to interrupt him for a dozen seconds without any effect, the middle-aged man could only stare blankly as the dazzling array spreading over four hundred meters condensed into an earthen yellow dazzling sphere which fell on the fort.

A dozen Sword Saints and four Archmages were rushing through a three-meter-tall winding passage inside the belly of one of the mountains. They had been the fastest to escape and only suffered damage from the first Four Element Bomb, they managed to escape the following attacks.

"Its definitely the Gilded Rose, those idiots dared to attack our fort. Hmpf, just you wait, after this, none of the convoys of the Gilded Rose will be let off No, none of the forces cooperating with the Gilded Rose will be able to escape.

"In any case, our public name is the Death Sickle bandit group, it has nothing to do with the family. Remember to let the family step in, the Gilded Rose privately dispatched people into the familys territory, this is a provocation to our Rodney Family"

"Right, the Gilded Rose must be eliminated. Their items are really good, there would be no market left for our Rodney Family if they keep growing.

"All the idiots who thought they could challenge our Rodney Family have already been taken care of, this Gilded Rose is the same, its just that they have to suffer the bloody revenge of the Death Sickle bandit group"

The few Archmages gritted their teeth with calm expressions as they swore to retaliate. Those Sword Saints all had dark expressions filled with rage and hatred, they were all waiting to retaliate once they got out of there.

One of the Archmages suddenly came to a halt, shock visible in his eyes.

"Earth Tremor?"

The entire mountain started shivering, rocks kept falling down within the tunnels. The tunnels kept shaking and the tremors became stronger and stronger.

"Sh*t, hurry up and protect yourself! Its an Earth Tremor Spell! That damned Heaven Mage can actually use an Earth Tremor! Support the tunnel, we definitely cant allow our place to collapse."

Aura and mana simultaneously appeared inside the narrow tunnel, supporting the ceiling within a dozen meters and preventing the tunnel from caving in.

As long as they could support this area, they would have no lack of methods to escape once the Earth Tremor was over. The Sword Saints could forcibly dig out a passage while the earth mages could keep splitting the earth open and create a way out. There were a lot of methods, as long they managed to survive their current ordeal.

The mountain shook increasingly more violently, and the pressure kept increasing. After a few seconds, the side supported by a 3rd Rank Sword Saint collapsed and rocks loudly fell down, instantly crushing the Sword Saints Aura Defense and reducing the Sword Saint into mincemeat.

All the bandits were stunned. The next second, the area covered by another Sword Saint collapsed and that Sword Saint ended up buried under rocks and soil. Blood dyed the earth red, and it looked like blood was forcibly squeezed out of the soil.

They didnt need to think to know that the Sword Saint had been flattened by the earth, crushed to death.

"Its not an Earth Tremor Spell, its an Earthquake and an Extreme Heavy Spell! Thats a hybrid Extraordinary Spell!" One of the Archmages shrieked.

The rock and soil above his head loudly collapsed, crushing his shield in an instant. The tunnel loudly collapsed in less than five seconds, crushing all of them.

It was like the several-hundred-meter-tall mountain above their head thoroughly pressured their bodies. Let alone a Sword Saint or an Archmage, even a Low Rank Heaven powerhouse would have been pressed to death.

That wasnt just a few dozen tons or a few hundred tons, it was at least a few hundred thousands tons forcibly pushing down.

Looking at it from the sky, the three mountains surrounding the fort fiercely shook and an invisible and terrifying power forcibly pressured that U-shaped mountain range. The Earthquake loosened the structure of the mountains while the Extreme Heavy pressed down with several dozen times the power of gravity, leaving only one outcome.

All the cracks within the mountains were squeezed and the tunnels caved in until not a single crack was left within the mountains. The earth was even compressed until it was as hard as rock, only then did the mountains return to normal.

Anyone below the 3rd Rank of the Heaven realm, even earth mages, could only end up crushed to death.

After finishing his cast, Lin Yun no longer paid attention to the fort below. If someone managed to survive that, it could only be said that fate was on their side.

Lin Yun turned towards the 2nd Rank Heaven Earth Mage and sneered, "The Odin Kingdom is truly worthy of being the strongest in Noscent, even a group of bandits can have a 2nd Rank Heaven Mage. It seems that being a bandit is really promising."

Lin Yuns mockery made the middle-aged mages expression turn unsightly. If not for the fact that Lin Yun had been casting a 9th Tier hybrid spell, he would have never appeared. It didnt matter how many cannon fodders of the Death Sickle bandit group died, after all, a lot of them would die while pillaging and they would only need to replenish the numbers from other places. That kind of low rank bandits were never lacking.

But Sword Saints and Archmages were all members of the Rodney Family, even those first-rate Archmages were highly valued in the family, many of them were descendants of the familys Heaven Rank powerhouses dispatched to the Death Sickle bandit group to gain experience.

Knowing about the Death Sickle or even entering the Death Sickle bandit group meant that they were valued by the family. After gaining experience in the Death Sickle bandit group, they would inevitably become important members of the family. It wasnt surprising that new powerhouses would suddenly appear in the Rodney Family, they were used to it.

The middle-aged mages expression suddenly turned unsightly. He couldnt just leave immediately after coming out, but he could feel that he had no chance in a direct confrontation.

Unfortunately, Lin Yun had already made his move before the middle-aged mage could even think about it. Rock Spikes as sharp as Wind Blades encircled him, leaving no room to escape within several hundred meters. The tip of every rock had a wisp of Extraordinary Power, making these Rock Spikes surpass their own tier.

Forced to fight, the middle-aged mage put his thought aside and raised a Fusion Shield before casting spells with his staff.

Unfortunately his rank wasnt comparable to Lin Yuns and his Law comprehension was even worse than Lin Yun by a wide margin. After all, Lin Yuns law comprehension was a lot higher than mage on the same rank.

After fully using Earth Elemental Spirit Incarnation to its fullest, the other sides earth spells would sharply weaken when coming within ten meters of Lin Yun. The condensed earth elements would go out of control, and the closer they were, the more earth elements would "defect" to Lin Yuns side. By the time the spells reached Lin Yuns Fusion Shield, they would be half as powerful as they should be.

And that was because the other side used Extraordinary Power, if he had used ordinary earth spells, the spells would have already turned into ordinary earth elements by the time they reached his shield.

And Lin Yun didnt rush to kill that guy, he in fact kept his strength under control in fear that he would carelessly kill that guy

A living "Heaven Rank Bandit" had the greatest value. Using this living bandit as a bargaining chip when negotiating with the Rodney Family would be a trump card.

Lin Yun and the middle-aged mage fought in the sky while many people fled the villages in fear, apparently very confused. Although the hybrid spell Lin Yun had released only targeted the three mountains forming a U-shape, it affected everything within a dozen kilometers.

Unfortunately, aside from the fort, there were only villages attached to the Death Sickle bandits within ten kilometers, and most of the people within these villages were either reserve bandits or dealt with logistics.

In that chaos, most people fled to open fields. Afraid that their houses would collapse and crush them to death because of the earthquake.

But in the chaos, there were still two people hiding inside a house and watching the battle from a window.

After observing the battle for a while, one of the first-rate Archmages worryingly said, "What should we do now, that idiot John actually rushed out He definitely isnt that mans opponent. The other side is a 3rd Rank Heaven Mage who seem to be a bit stronger than other 3rd Rank Heaven Mages.

"That idiot John is going to die sooner or later"

The other Archmage shook his head with a sinister expression, "Im not worried about John dying. How did that idiot even advance to the Heaven Rank?.

"Our Rodney Family can use a unique kind of magic after advancing to the Heaven Rank. Im more worried that John would use the steel spells of the Family, at that time, the familys control of the Death Sickle bandit group would be completely exposed.

"The family would be in big trouble if that happens. Apart from our Familys Heaven Rank powerhouses, no outsider can comprehend steel magic. The Death Sickle bandit group made great contributions to our family over the years, but I dont know how many people were offended.

"Even if others know that the Death Sickle bandit group is controlled by our Rodney Family, no one will dare to trouble our family without concrete evidence. But if John is exposed, that Mafa Merlin would blow it up"

Just as the two were worried, the battle situation in the sky changed. John Rodney was completely suppressed without Lin Yun even making a move. He couldnt even raise his head under the pressure and would fall at any time.

At this time, John took out a silver chunk of metal and started chanting a coarse incantation similar to the sound produced by two pieces of metal rubbing against one another.

Hearing this incantation and seeing the silver metal chunk in Johns hands, the two Archmages expressions suddenly changed.

"Damnit, John is really an idiot. He actually dares to take out a medium and cast a steel spell, he will thoroughly expose the familys secret!

"Everyone will know he was a direct member of the Rodney Family!"

"What should we do now? We cant let him cast that spell or we will be in huge trouble!"

The two Rodney Archmages were originally only dispatched here to observe, after all, the Death Sickles hideout had already been exposed and the Gilded Rose could dispatch troops at any time.

At that time, John and them were supposed to intercept them and use the pretext that the Gilded Rose invaded the Rodney Familys territory to drive the Gilded Rose away.

But they hadnt expected the Gilded Rose to not send forces and that only a 3rd Rank Heaven Mage would show up, eradicating the entire Death Sickle bandit nest and burying both wealth and bandits under the earth.

Now, it was even being revealed that the Death Sickle was controlled by the Rodney Family, and not just controlled, but rather than they had members of the Rodney Family among them!

Speculations had only been speculations before, there had been no evidence. The Death Sickle bandit group was only a repulsive parasite living inside their territory and even the low ranked personnel of the Rodney Family hated the Death Sickle bandit group

But if it was publicly revealed, there might be chaos in the family.

The two were pale, worried and angry, but they couldnt do anything, because John had already started the incantation.

At that time, Lin Yun slightly frowned and crossed several hundred meters in an instant, appearing ten meters away from John.

At the same time, countless perfect basic law runes condensed at the tip of Lin Yuns staff and transformed into a two-meter-long pitch-black Wind Blade.

Lin Yun softly waved his magic staff and that pitch-black Wind Blade instantly disappeared. It was like a shadow instantly flying out and crossing over a kilometer before disappearing in the horizon.

Johns chant instantly stopped, his pupils dilated and the radiance flashing within his eyes instantly disappeared.

A second later, a crack appeared on the top half of Johns Fusion Shield before it turned into a flood of light and dissipated. And on Johns face, a small bloody thread spread from his forehead to his chin as his head was directly cut in two.

Its just that the Wind Blade was so fast that Johns body couldnt react. Although he was cut in two, the two halves didnt separate and only a thin bloody thread could be seen.

If one were to analyze his head, they would find that his brain was still intact. With the vitality of a Heaven Rank powerhouse, that kind of sudden wound could instantly heal due to the strong vitality. Even with his head cut in half, he wouldnt die and the slight damage to his head could be healed.

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