Entertainment: I Can Upgrade Infinitely Chapter 1047

Chapter 1049: After The Gods

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"That... Senior War, my beast..."

Lu Chen stood in the attic, looking at the black lines on the back and face in front of him, and couldn't help touching his forehead.

It took a long time before Zhan Cangqiang turned around. His eyes were as calm as water. Compared with the domineering appearance during the fight, it was a world of difference.

"Do you know what a Desolate Beast is?" Zhan Cangqiong didn't answer Lu Chen's words, but turned around and asked.

Lu Chen was taken aback for a moment, thinking for a while, looking up at the person in front of him, his face couldn't help showing a look of confusion.

Although he was the owner of the desolate beast, he didn't know much about the desolate beast. According to Lu Chen's understanding, the desolate beast was a more powerful monster.

"Junior don't know, please ask senior for advice..." After thinking for a moment, Lu Chen raised his hand to the person in front of him.

Zhan Cangqiong turned his head, took a deep look at Lu Chen, and then a chuckling across his face.

"In ancient times, the first creatures that appeared between heaven and earth were wild beasts. At that time, they ruled the entire sky. At that time, there were no us, no monks, no fairy beasts..."

Zhan Cangqiong's eyes were far away, and his voice was slightly low, with an irresistible infectious power.

When Lu Chen heard his eyes flickering, he had already guessed how powerful the Wild Beast was.

Su Ru once said that the power of the desolate beast is unlimited. With continuous growth, the power will become stronger and stronger, but it will also be accompanied by the advent of heaven.

"Dare to ask Senior, why are there so few wild beasts in this world?" Lu Chen instantly realized the key to it, and asked directly.

"That's because the growth of the desolate beast in the ancient times does not need to go through the catastrophe." Zhan Cangqiang turned around and looked at the distant horizon again.

Lu Chen was shocked. If it were as the person in front of him said, it would not be unimaginable that the desolate beast became the ruler of the heavens and the earth.

Without the threat of the catastrophe, coupled with unrestricted growth, the horror can be imagined.

Just as Lu Chen wanted to continue to ask, he suddenly heard the deep voice of Zhan Cangqiong again.

"When you have enough strength, you will naturally know that, as for the wild beast in your body, after a catastrophe, it has truly taken shape, and you can't control it with your cultivation base."

When Lu Chen heard this, thoughtful in his heart, he couldn't help but remember the scene when he was restrained in his consciousness and Sirius fell into a violent rage. Although the power was strong, his body was not dominated by his own consciousness.

"Then when can the seal in my body be lifted?" Lu Chen asked immediately.

"When you are strong enough to be able to unlock the seal yourself, it proves that you have the power to control the desolate beast." Zhan Cangqiong did not hide it, and answered directly.

Lu Chen nodded slightly, his heart was also a lot more balanced, just as Xiaohong fell into a deep sleep, and would wake up in the future, and his cultivation base increased sharply, this matter is not considered a loss.

When the time comes, the cultivation base is enough, and when the seal is unlocked, he has the power of the wild beast. At that time, his power will reach a peak.

"If you want to unlock my seal, if you only have the cultivation base of the transformation stage, you don't need to think about it." Zhan Cangqiong said again, his voice still silent.

"What?" Lu Chen's eyes widened, staring at the back of the person in front of him, gritting his teeth.

This Nima suffered a big loss, and finally her cultivation base increased sharply, and she entered the middle stage of transforming gods. Listening to the meaning of the words of the person in front of him, even in the latter stage of transforming gods, he could not unlock the seal.

"Well...Standing senior, I don't understand the realm after the transformation stage, can you tell me something?" At this point, Lu Chen was too lazy to think, and then asked in a low voice.

When Zhan Cangqiong heard Lu Chen's words, he seemed to be taken aback, turning around and looking at him with a strange color.

"Has Yuelongsha told you?" The expression on Zhan Cangqiong's face was slightly strange.

Lu Chen gave a wry smile and shook his head slightly. Apart from screaming that he was okay to kill himself, his cheap teacher seldom explained to him about cultivation matters.

Zhan Cangqiang smiled faintly, and after hesitated a little, he said: "You should know the Mahayana realm. After the **** transformation stage, you will be the Mahayana realm. But if you want to step into the Mahayana realm, you have to go through the heavens. This stage is called the catastrophe by the monks. territory."

"The robbery realm? Is it the realm with the power of forbidden air..." Lu Chen whispered softly with a thoughtful expression on his face.

"Exactly, it seems that you have a deep feeling for the power of Forbidden Sky." Zhan Cangqiong glanced at the person in front of him with a smile on his face.

Lu Chen also smiled shyly. He really felt the power of forbidden air deeply. With this power, facing a monk in the transformation stage, it can be said that he can decide his life and death between raising his hands and feet.

"These are too far away from you. If you kill Xue Ling, it will cause a large-scale snow beast siege. Tomorrow will be the last battle. Go back to your barracks and prepare."

Regarding Jie Jing Zhan Cang Qiong, he did not raise his head, but waved his hand to Lu Chen, indicating that he could leave.

When Lu Chen heard it, he immediately reacted. He killed Xue Ling and his cultivation level was completely restored. Why did this first-level trial seem to have not ended yet.

"Senior Zhan, I have completed the first level trial task, and I hope you can tell me how to enter the second level." Lu Chen once again held his fist at the person in front of him.

The Snow Beast attacked the city and led the war, but he had no interest, and there was no much point in staying on the first floor.

As for the identity of the Zhan Cangqiang in front of him, in Lu Chen's view, he must have a lot of weight in the Academy. The first level of this trial land seemed to be the final word.

Zhan Cangqiong turned his head and took a deep look at Lu Chen, as if he had also seen his thoughts.

"As a member of the academy, the war you will face in the future is unavoidable. Those snow beasts are also a kind of catastrophe. After the first battle tomorrow, you will know how to enter the second level."

The expression on Zhan Cangqiong's face was a bit serious, staring at the person in front of him and speaking word by word.

Obviously, this battle of the sky was extremely important to the Xue Beast's siege, which made Lu Chen a little difficult to understand for a while.

"Are you sure, after the First World War tomorrow, I will be able to know the way to enter the second floor?" Lu Chen's focus is obviously the way to enter the second floor.

As for Zhan Cangqiong's words, he felt a little unreliable from the bottom of his heart. This person once said that as long as he completed the trial, he would know how to enter the second level.

And now that the trial task had been completed, he was actually talking about the catastrophe of the world, which reminded him of Xiao Yun, the unreliable old man from Xuegong Chi Yunfeng.

"You kid, can you take a little bit of responsibility? As a member of the Academy, it is your responsibility to prevent the catastrophe of the heavens and the earth." Zhan Cangqiang said with heart and soul, staring at Lu Chen. Entertainment, I can upgrade unlimitedly, the latest chapter address: https://wuxiaworld.online/book/111738.htmlEntertainment I can upgrade unlimitedly. Read the full text address: https://wuxiaworld.online/read/111738/Entertainment I can upgrade unlimited txt download address: https://wuxiaworld.online/down/111738.htmlEntertainment, I can upgrade my phone infinitely to read: https://m.Wuxiaworld/read/111738/In order to facilitate the next reading, you can click "Favorites" below to record this reading (after Chapter 1049), and you can see it next time you open the bookshelf! If you like "Entertainment I Can Unlimited Upgrade", please recommend this book to your friends (QQ, blog, WeChat, etc.), Thank you for your support! (wuxiaworld.online)

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