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  • Eternal First Immortal Sect

  • Genres : Action -  Adventure -  Fantasy -  Xuanhuan -  Master-Disciple Relationship -  System -  Sect Development -  Comedic Undertone -  Harem-seeking Protagonist -  Anal
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Eternal First Immortal Sect summary:

This is an invincible sect, this is the strongest sect in the ages!Chen Xi, the strongest cudgel, travels across another continent and obtains the Heaven-defying System.You said you are the Profound Sage? Be a casual disciple.Emperor Huangquan? Make a living, you will be responsible for cleaning the pit in the future.The first empress of the nine days? The strongest demon god in the wild?Sorry, there are many people like our sect.- Description from MTL

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Eternal First Immortal Sect Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 1058:4 months ago
Chapter 1039:4 months ago
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