Eternal Holy Emperor Chapter 4469

Chapter 4484: The tribulation certificate is too true, the aftermath is too attacking, the sky overlord...

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Young Master Mitian looked at the blood pond and said, "Brother Ye, this is the Heavenly Venerable Blood Pool. Dont look at the Tianzuns blood pond being so small, it's actually a matter of internal affairs. Of course, you need to experience it yourself. And this time, Brother Ye There is no limit to the time you can enter the Heavenly Sovereign Blood Pool. As long as you can persevere, it is an era, or even an era of chaos, that will not be restricted."

"Thank you, Brother Mitian, for your advice."

"Okay, I'm leaving, you can just find me directly after you come out."

Mitian Shao Zun left, and once again closed the cosmic starry sky, isolated from the world, leaving only Ye Chen alone.

Ye Chen raised his head, looked at the Heavenly Sovereign Blood Pool, and immediately rose into the sky.

The Heavenly Sovereign Blood Pool is located in the center of the cosmic starry sky. It seems to be very close, but in fact it is not known how many trillions of miles away.

Of course, for Ye Chen, the Supreme Venerable Supreme, it is not very far away. His body penetrates the void and tears through the universe, and soon appears in the position of the Heavenly Venerables blood pond.

Tianzuns blood pool is three feet long and not big, and the water in the pool looks red, as if it were ordinary.

Ye Chen came to the edge of the Heavenly Sovereigns blood pool. Immediately, he saw the Heavenly Sovereigns blood pool that was supposed to be calm as a mirror, and it boiled inexplicably.

On the surface of the pool, drops of blood splashed.

However, he clearly saw that every drop of blood bloomed into the terrifying blood that flooded the starry sky of the universe, causing the heavens and stars to tremble, as if they were about to explode, which was unbelievable.

The entire cosmic starry sky was shaking, and it was unbearable to explode.

Nearly in front of the Heavenly Venerables blood pool, Ye Chen felt the terrifying aura looming over his face. Even though he is now the Supreme Void, he can even fight against the half-step overlord of the Supreme Realm, but in front of the Heavenly Venerables blood pool, he still feels it. How small and fragile he is, and his extremely powerful flesh has a sense of explosion.

This is the Heavenly Sovereigns Blood Pool, a pool of water that contains the true Heavenly Sovereigns true blood.

Rumors, the Supreme Heavenly Sovereign, a drop of true blood would be enough to kill the overlord of the Supreme Realm.

They are all true supreme ways of heaven, possessing supreme power.

The Heavenly Sovereigns blood pool contains the Heavenly Sovereigns true blood, and it also has the power to make the supreme realm overlord despair.

But, soon, even though Ye Chen felt the blood in his body boil, his body was about to crack, and he seemed to be crushed to pieces, but his soul was surprisingly calm, as if the Tianzun blood pool in front of him was no matter how violent he was, he could not be threatened.

He didn't understand why this was, and at this time, he took the initiative to step into the Heavenly Sovereign's blood pool.


In an instant, he was submerged in the Heavenly Sovereigns blood pond.

The Heavenly Sovereign Blood Pool seems to be three feet long and wide, but in fact it is above it. Under the pool, it is vast and endless, as if it were another piece of starry sky in the universe.

is even more equipped with unparalleled power, instantly coming from all directions.

Just in a blink of an eye, he directly tore Ye Chen's body like the strongest body that Wan Sheng couldn't do anything to do with King Taixu, and then completely shattered his body to pieces.

However, Ye Chen did not die.

His spirit has escaped from the flesh, and it is in the Heavenly Venerable Blood Pool. Even if the Heavenly Venerable Power contained in the blood pool is extremely violent, it is even enough to make an overlord of the Supreme Realm directly crush his body, but he can't affect his spirit.

Divine Soul calmly looked at the vast and endless blood pool water, Ye Chen only felt that in the depths of Divine Soul, there is a mysterious and unpredictable but supreme mysterious force emerging, and the power in the Heavenly Venerable Blood Pond to annihilate his body very similar.

"Tianzun Weili..."

Ye Chen subconsciously thought that his life experience was suspected to be related to the Supreme Heavenly Sovereign.

At the beginning, it was not the weak period of the supreme time, and the giants of the heavenly realm couldn't bear him bowing for a while.

In Zhentianque, he was able to fight in the same realm with the Zhentian God of War and crush it.

fills up the temple, making time flow faster and absorbing the traces of the highest heaven in the temple.

A variety of circumstances all show that he himself must have a great relationship with the Supreme Heavenly Venerable.

Perhaps, he is really a son of Heaven.

Ye Chen thought so, but he couldn't open the deepest memory in his mind, and he couldn't know the truth.

"You finally came"

Suddenly, Ye Chen heard a vague voice. Not far in front of his soul, a mysterious and infinite figure appeared. He looked at him calmly, as if he was not surprised at his arrival.

Ye Chen looked at him, showing a startled look: "Men Tianzun!"

After staying in the Mending Clan for so long, there are a lot of Mending God's statues and murals standing in the Mending Clan, which is exactly the same as the stalwart figure in front of him. It is the Mending Heaven.

But, hasn't Patched the Heavens fallen?

How can appear here.

"I didn't expect that person would be you..." Mian Tianzun's figure looked at Ye Chen complicatedly, which shocked the latter. The Supreme Tianzun could deduce everything and everything in the world, but couldn't he deduce his arrival?

But he quickly understood that Tianzun couldn't deduct Tianzun either.

And he is very likely to be the heir of the Supreme Heavenly Lord, with traces of the Supreme Heavenly Lord, so Heavenly Lord can't deduce everything about him.

However, Bu Tianzun seemed to be waiting for his arrival specially.

"Welcome to Senior Butianzun..." Ye Chen was about to bow to Butianzun, but was stopped by Butianzun and sighed, "You don't need to bow to me."

Ye Chen was shocked, what did these words mean?

Mending Tianzun said: "You come with me, I have been waiting for you for a long time."

Before Ye Chen could react, an irresistible force acted on him, and immediately led him into the deepest part of the Heavenly Sovereigns blood pool.

Tianzuns blood pool is infinite, but there is still an end.

Under the leadership of Bu Tianzun, Ye Chen came to the end.

In front of him, there is a ball of blood the size of a baby's fist. When facing this ball of blood, it suddenly gives birth to a sense of irresistibility as if facing the whole heaven.

is supreme and cannot be surpassed!

Tianzun true blood!

This group is all true blood of Tianzun!

Ye Chen was shocked!

It is rumored that a drop of Tianzuns true blood is enough to kill the overlord of the Supreme Realm.

With such a ball of Tianzun's true blood, how many drops of Tianzun's true blood should be?

"Go, fuse this group of Tianzun's true blood, you can make your physical body surpass the invincibility faster!" Under the control of Bu Tianzun, this group of Tianzun's true blood rushed towards Ye Chen's soul.

At the same time, the body of Taixu Supreme, which had been exploded, was completely reorganized at this moment.


The moment his body merged with Tianzun's true blood, suddenly, Tianzun's true blood turned into an endless stream of blood, rushing to his limbs.

After a pause, a burst of infinite power that Ye Chen could not imagine suddenly exploded.

Almost in the blink of an eye, Ye Chen's body exploded again.

Moreover, his spirits couldn't bear it either, and he fell into a coma directly.

However, the moment it exploded, the physical body began to reorganize, and it also contained the spirit again.


reorganized the complete moment, and exploded again.

After exploded, it regrouped in an instant.

Reorganize, explode, reorganize, explode...

This process is going on again and again, with perseverance, and I dont know how long it will take to end.

It's just that every time you regroup, you can feel that Ye Chen's physical body has been upgraded once, and Tianzun's true blood has lost a trace.

There is no doubt that this is a process of Ye Chen's fusion of Tianzun's true blood.

Tianzun's true blood is too powerful, even if it is just a drop, it is enough to kill the overlord of the upper realm, not to mention such a lump of heavenly power, which is unimaginable.

Bu Tianzun looked at Ye Chen who was in a coma in the repeated explosion and recombination cycle, and said: "I have been dead for a long time. Most of the back players are prepared to give my reincarnation body, but at the beginning, it was in the penetration of the Great God Pangu. Throughout the ages, many people know that you have inherited the will of the Great God Pangu and will be the key figure in resisting the calamity in the future. Each will prepare you a corresponding follow-up in the future time and space."

"This is the back hand I prepared for you, which contains a ray of my heavenly origin, and the eternal heavenly way of replenishing the sky that I have realized."

"In this life, your physical body has witnessed the eternal way of the Tao. The idea is open to all rivers, tolerance is great, which is consistent with the chaotic heavenly realm you practice. In the future, you are destined to hit the king of heaven with the double eternal Tao fruit."

"I hope these can help you, and I hope you can find other Daoists, so that you can greatly reduce the eternal time of your body to prove the Dao."

"As of today, there are only less than three epochs left."

"I can only say that if I can help you. The rest is on your own, Chaos..."


Ye Chen is trapped in a repeated cycle of fragmentation and reorganization.

The same is true whether it is the body or the soul.

Every time he is broken and reorganized, his physical body will be strengthened once, and the spirit is also being strengthened.

More importantly, the physical body and the soul are more compatible, as if the two originally have nothing to do with each other, in the process of such a fragmentation and reorganization, they gradually become inseparable.

No one knows what happened in the Heavenly Lords blood pond.

Patch up the universe, although the appearance of the Supreme Venerable Ye Chen once caused quite a stir.

Many of the kings on the Taixu list have been shocked, and they all want to know how strong this Taixu Supreme is.

Whether it's too imaginary and invincible as the Ten Thousand Profound Sky Clan said, it is called the Supreme.

Yes, Ye Chen's retreat was not born, so many Taixu kings who came here were helpless.

About Taixu Supreme, it also spread to Chaos Tianfu.

is not because of the power of Taixu Supreme, after all, even if it is Taixu Supreme, it only slightly surprised the Chaos Tianfu, which is now in the sky, and it is not possible because of the shock.

Chaos Tianfu, but there is a real surviving Tianzun, even if it is Hun Wuji's Supreme Supreme, in front of the real Supreme Tianzun, there is still no capital to challenge.

If you can't become the Heavenly Lord, you can't compete with the Supreme Heavenly Lord.

This is true even if it is the ancient great deity who is said to be lacking in heaven.

It's just that the name of the Supreme Venerable Tai Xu, also known as Ye Chen, is similar to the real name of the Emperor Chaos, and he is a purely physical body. This made some attention in the Chaos Tianfu.

The high level of Chaos Tianfu knows that although the Chaos Tiandi has proved eternal and has become the supreme heavenly deity of the world, he is not satisfied. He is eager to go further and can keep pace with the two legendary kings of Tianzun. He has visited Huang Tianzun and so on. The supreme heavenly deity who has attained eternity in the flesh, after understanding the eternal path of attaining the Tao in the flesh, has been in retreat ever since he returned.

Therefore, I feel that this inexperienced Taixu Supreme is somewhat similar to Chaos Emperor.

Of course, no one will link the two together.

Because Ye Chen, the Supreme Venerable Tai Xu, purely cultivated his body, but he was not like the Chaos Emperor at all, nor was he a way of cultivating the Chaos Emperor, so he didn't think the two were related.

is just a coincidence.

After all, there are so many creatures in the world, countless, and the name Ye Chen is relatively ordinary, with the same name, nothing more ordinary.

Moreover, it is not surprising that the Supreme Heavenly Lord of Chaos Tiandi retreats for tens of millions of years at every turn, even the last era.

"This Supreme Venerable Taixu has a good aptitude, purely cultivating his body, but he is pushing the Taixu invincible hand horizontally. Even the Taixu King of the Ten Thousand Profound Celestial Clan, Wansheng, was beaten by force. If his father was not in retreat, he would not be willing to do so. Hi, I accept it as a direct disciple."

try{mad1('gad2');}catch(ex){} Inside the Chaos Temple, Ye Junlin spoke.

On the other side, a stunning beauty who looks very cold and refined, is the daughter of Emperor Chaos, Ye Jing, smiled Yingying and said: "You can definitely be accepted as a direct disciple. To my father, he is also regarded as an apprentice."

Ye Junlin shook his head, and said: "Now I don't want to be distracted, I just want to sweep the list as soon as possible and become the supreme!"

In the past so many years, he has become more and more unfathomable, and he has inherited the inheritance of the two supreme heavenly beings, Emperor Chaos and Emperor Haotian. In this era when Tianzun's descendants and direct disciples of Tianzun are born one after another, he is still shining brightly.

Even, in the world, many people think that Ye Junlin is the second emperor of Chaos and has the potential to prove eternal.

How many years have he entered the Taishang list, Ye Junlin has already entered the current Taishang list strongly, becoming a terrifying Chaos Taishang King.

Ye Junlins long-term goal is naturally to be like a father, eternal proving, while the short-term goal is to become the Supreme Supreme, sweep the invincible hand of Taishang on the list, and then complete accumulation and hit the highest position.

"The Ten Thousand Profound Celestial Clan is not dead, and wants to suppress the Mending Celestial Clan, thereby suppressing my Chaos Tianfu!"

The God of War Emperor Qianxun snorted abruptly, and understood the challenge that the Ten Thousand Profound Celestial Clan had initiated in Patch Sky City. For the Ten Thousand Profound Celestial Clan, would they not see through.

At the beginning, the Chaos Heavenly Emperor was angry and directly caused the top powerhouse of the Ten Thousand Profound Sky Clan to be defeated directly. Even the great disciple of the Ten Thousand Profound Heavenly Sovereign, Qingtian Great Sovereign, directly beheaded, let this overlook the endless world. The eternal Celestial Clan of the years fell directly into the valley.

If the Ten Thousand Profound Heavenly Sovereign hadn't been alive, the Ten Thousand Profound Heaven Clan would be among the weakest, and would not be much stronger than the Mending Heaven Clan.

For a long time, the Ten Thousand Profound Sky Clan has been extremely angry with the Chaos Tianfu, but even if the strongest Tianzun son Wanzhan is born, he still dare not openly challenge the Chaos Tianfu, and can only pick up the soft persimmons and start from the Tianzun Clan side.

The grievances between the Ten Thousand Profound Sky Clan and the Patching Sky Clan have long existed in the dusk of the heavens.

Therefore, I want to use the name of challenge to suppress the mending sky clan.

The Mending Clan is closely related to the Chaos Tianfu, and even many people believe that the Mending Clan is almost a vassal of the Chaos Tianfu. If it can suppress the prestige of the Mending Clan, it can also suppress the prestige of the Chaos Tianfu to a certain extent. .

Unfortunately, it failed in the end.

Of course, the Chaos Tianfu was too lazy to bother about the Wanxuan Heavenly Clan. He really wanted to provoke the Chaos Tianfu. The Chaos Tianfu would come directly to teach the Wanxuan Heavenly Clan how to behave.

Instructions, the Chaos Heavenly Emperor has always been very strong, and even directly killed the Ten Thousand Profound Heaven Realm, and moved out a magnificent Heavenly Palace in front of the Ten Thousand Profound Heavens.

As the Tianfu ruled by the Chaos Emperor, how could he be afraid of the Ten Thousand Profound Celestial Clan?

Moreover, they believe that if they are really suppressed, the Chaos Heavenly Emperor who has been watching will definitely make a move and make a strong entrance to the Ten Thousand Profound Heaven Clan.

However, there was something that made the Chaos Tianfu high-level officials notice.

Robbery organization, robbers!

As the people around the Supreme Heavenly Venerable, the several Tianfu mistresses and young palace masters who are in charge of the Chaos Tianfu power in the current generation of Emperor Chaos Tianfu naturally know the existence of this type of people. appear.

Therefore, he immediately contacted the eternal heavenly clan and the Celestial-level forces that he knew well, such as the Heavenly Court and the Ten Tribulations Emperor Clan.

This is to inform that before the arrival of the mitigation, the robbery organization is also robbing, and want to eradicate all the people or things that the mitigation obstructs.

"Has this mysterious organization finally been robbed?"

In the Chaos Tianfu, a supreme giant is talking. As a Tianzun-level force, they are well aware of the terrifying organization of the robbery. Behind them, there are many high-level robbers.

Now, the robbers of that level have not really set out yet, and no one knows who is in the robber organization.

Because, the Emperor Chaos mentioned earlier that it is suspected that there is a supreme heavenly being who is also a member of the robber organization. By means of the heavenly sovereign, all the information of the robbers was obscured, so that the highest heavenly being could not push the performance.

But I learned from Patchian Clan that some of the kings on the origin list have participated in it.

It is conceivable that the hijacking organization has a deep penetration into the place of origin.

Therefore, it is necessary to be very cautious about the hijacking organization.

However, the hijacking organization hides too deeply, it just made a shot in the Heaven Filling Realm, and even after the sound was silenced, it was looking for a trace.

"When will father be back?"

Suddenly, Chihiro spoke.

There was silence in the Chaos Temple.

In fact, everyone at the highest level of Chaos Tianfu knows that the Chaos Tiandi was born many years ago to experience and enlighten Dao.

Many people know that Emperor Chaos wants to go further and become stronger.

Ke, he is already the supreme deity of the world. If he wants to become stronger, then there is only one way to go, and that is to become the king of deity.

However, according to the unconfirmed and unreliable news circulating in the world, if you want to become the king of heaven, you must reach the eternal level of two avenues, of which the most secure is the Taoism and the flesh.

The chaotic emperor is already proving the eternity of the chaos, so according to guess, it is the path of the eternal proving of the physical body.

And they all knew that the Emperor Chaos had visited Huang Tianzun before he retired and left, and he had confirmed this idea more and more.

Its just that, although he knows that the Emperor Chaos is walking in the world and wants to prove eternal in his body, no one knows where he is, even the closest family members like Yi Wu, Zhao Jingruo, and Qianxun have never known.

The goddess has always been a recognized sister among several major mistresses. Not only because of her cultivation level, but also because of her personality, she is faintly known as a queen. At this moment, she said: "He wants to go on the road to eternity in the flesh, and it will inevitably consume endless years. , Now on the road, dont worry about him."

Naturally, in Chaos Tianfu, everyone is not worried about Ye Chen's safety.

The world is vast, he is the Supreme Heaven, who can kill him?

Even if Ye Chen is not there, as long as he is still alive, it is the greatest shock to the heavens.

The golden age is still continuing. In this unprecedented flourishing age under the joint promotion of all the gods, there have been many supreme figures born in the past hundreds of thousands of years, but the years are still short, and as time goes by, a blowout will inevitably occur. sign.

Unconsciously, 300,000 years have passed since the world.

Three hundred thousand years, saying that it is not long or short is not short.

During this period of time, a group of Gedai Tianjiao has actually emerged, and even the origin six lists have changed their names from time to time.

Like in the Wild Heaven Clan, a generation of peerless heavenly arrogances walked out of the Wild Heavens, broke through the borders, stepped into the Tongtian realm, and in just one hundred thousand years, reached the Tongtian list and became a Heavenly King.

According to reports, this Huangtian has been accepted as a named disciple by Huang Tianzun. He personally pointed him out and became a hot figure in the Huangtian clan. He is known as Huang Tianzun's most promising eternal seed of the heavenly preaching in the next three epochs.

Like the Qianwentian of Chaos Tianfu, the grandson of Chaos Tiandi has already ascended to the Taixu realm and became the king of the Taixu list.

The fast cultivation speed and the terrifying combat power are shocking, and they are also amazed at the terrible line of Chaos Tianfu.

Moreover, Qian Wentian is just one of the epitome of it. The other descendants of the Chaos Emperor have all entered the origin list early.

Among them, the most outstanding are Qianxun, Ye Junlin, and Ya Ya. The three descendants of the Chaos Emperor are all too on the list, and the rankings are not bad.

Tianjiao changes, the origin list is constantly competing, and the big world is competing for the top, becoming more and more fierce.

There is only one thing, and it is silent, shrouded in everyone's hearts.

The mysterious organization of the Tribulation Organization has not been hidden for a long time. It has entered the WTO for the past 300,000 years and spread information about the amount of Tribulation. It has caused unprecedented panic to the monks in the world.

And, persuaded a large number of peerless powerhouses to join the robber organization and become robbers.

Although, the major eternal Celestial Clan and Celestial-level forces have also taken action and killed a group of robbers.

But still can't stop the panic.

These robbers are too mysterious, their identities are unknown, and the Supreme Heavenly Venerate took action to obscure their aura.

Even if the Supreme Heavenly Sovereign spoke in person and declared to the world that he was fearless, he had blocked it once before endless years, and the seal has been thirty-three days away, unable to come.

But the panic is still there. Because of the rumors of the robbery organization, it is no longer the era of the past, with 33 Supreme Heavens.

The amount of calamity is coming, and no one is immune.

When one day, Hun Wuji made a move to forcefully slay a looter from the Supreme Realm, and shocked the world with absolute strength. He was not afraid of calamity for foreigners. Master Yuanshi Tianzun is the king of Tianzun, and he has repeatedly cut several places. A robber of the heavenly rank.

Now the gods are promoting the golden age and motivating the cultivators of the world, just to fight against the calamity.

In the future, the calamity will come, and his own Supreme Heaven will be in the forefront.

Moreover, this is an unprecedented and great era. Ten thousand ways are prosperous, no longer lofty, and there is a chance to preach to the Supreme Heaven in the next three epochs.

There is no doubt that the Supreme Heavenly Venerable is the ultimate dream of countless cultivators throughout the ages. Under Hun Wuji's rhetoric, it has greatly suppressed the world's panic about the calamity and gave birth to new hope.


fill up the heavens.

Tianzun Mountain.

Since Ye Chen entered the Heavenly Sovereign Blood Pond, the gate of the palace has been closed for 300,000 years.


No one has ever been able to cultivate in the Heavenly Sovereign Blood Pool for 300,000 years, even 10,000 years are numbered.

Therefore, many people in the Patching Sky Clan were worried about whether something happened to Ye Chen, and of course they were even more worried about something wrong with the Heavenly Sovereign Blood Pool.

But, if someone is practicing in the Heavenly Sovereigns blood pond for one day, the inner universe where the Heavenly Sovereigns blood pond is located cannot be opened.

Even the Sky Patching City Lord, who is expensive as the contemporary patch sky patriarch, can't open it.


This day.

The gate of the Heavenly Sovereign Blood Pond opened, and a terrifying blood abruptly soared into the sky, flooding the vast expanse of the Heavenly Boundary Realm that did not know how many billions of miles away.

Shock and make up the heavens!

The two Heaven-Mending Clan half-step overlord elders of the Taizhen Realm who guarded the Heavenly Venerable Blood Pool were shocked at the same time, and even sensed the incomparable terror pressure spreading slowly and overwhelming the world.

A tall and strong heroic figure walked out from the inside, with scattered black hair, sword eyebrows and star eyes, heroic and prosperous, looking very young.

But the gaze is extremely deep, as if it contains eternal years.

He strode out, and his body was naturally filled with the horrible blood energy that flooded the small half of the sky, and even shocked the sky patching city master, the sky patching clan too. Looking at this direction, a shocked expression: "This kind of blood energy..."

The City Lord of Patching Heaven was shocked, so vigorous, it was even more terrifying than his supreme overlord.

His figure flickered before disappearing.

The next moment, I came to the gate of the Heavenly Venerable Blood Pond, and looked at the pure-cultivation of the flesh from the Southern Wilderness, who was once called the Supreme Void Supreme. I felt that he was the overlord of the Supreme Realm. An invisible sense of oppression.

Generally speaking, only other gedai figures who are also the supreme overlords can give him such a sense of oppression.

The Taixu Supreme in front of him has been in the Heavenly Sovereigns blood pool for 300,000 years, and it seems that an unprecedented breakthrough has taken place.

"Ye Chen!" City Lord Patching Sky said.

"City Lord!" Ye Chen thought, and the endless blood energy that had spread was immediately restrained, and there was no more terror wave that would overwhelm the heavens, as if all this had never happened before.

try{mad1('gad2');}catch(ex){} Heaven Patch City Lord grinned, feeling Ye Chen's breakthrough in the Heavenly Venerable Blood Pool this time, which seemed a bit outrageous.

Although he was Taixu Supreme, he still has a huge gap with him, otherwise in the Heavenly Splitting Abyss, the looters of the Supreme Realm of the robbery organization would not threaten Ye Chen's life or death.

But now, City Lord Patching Sky actually felt like facing his peers.

Vaguely, Ye Chen's strength seemed to be no less than the overlord of the Supreme Realm.

"Did you break through?" City Master Patching Sky asked.

Ye Chen nodded, and thanked him earnestly: "Thank you Mending Clan for giving me this opportunity, I feel that now, it should be too real."

The City Lord of Patching Heaven suddenly had no idea what to say.

Because he had heard from the youngest son Mi Tian Shao Zun, after coming out of the Mending Temple, this Ye Chen broke through from the Heaven-passing Realm to the Taixu Realm, and became the Taixu Supreme in one fell swoop.

Now that he came out of the Heavenly Blood Pond after 300,000 years of cultivation, he actually broke through again and became the Supreme Realm.

Moreover, with the intelligence ability of the Patch Sky Clan, I have learned that this Ye Chen was only a quasi-king before the Patch Sky Domain, but in just ten thousand years, he was in the secret realm of the relic left by the God of Zhentian. In one fell swoop, he reached the world-wide realm.

Thinking about it, what a speed of cultivation that is against the sky, this Ye Chen has cultivated for less than 400,000 years, from the general generation, suddenly became the half-step overlord of the Supreme Realm.

Even when the Supreme Heavenly Venerate was young, he was not so against the sky.

abruptly, City Lord Patching Sky changed his expression and looked up.

Because he felt a sense of depression, as if the world extinction was about to come, making him, the overlord of the supreme realm, like a big enemy.

Ye Chen raised his head, already sensing the imminent calamity of the physical body too real, and said: "City Lord, I will leave the heavens for a while and go to the outside world to cross the calamity."

The City Lord of Patching the Sky naturally knew that the Heavenly Tribulation of the Supreme Realm of the Heaven-defying generation was bound to be terrifying, so he opened a heavenly gate leading to the outside world in front of his hands, and said: "Go."

"Thank you!"

Ye Chen was not surprised that City Lord Patching Heaven was able to open the channel between Patching Heaven Realm and the outside world with his hands. After all, he was also the patriarch, so he thanked him and left the heaven gate.

stepped out in one step, it has already disappeared, and the speed is so fast that the supreme overlord of the sky patching city master can't react a little.

Soon, he sensed that there was a wave of celestial calamity volatility that made him feel extremely depressed in the sky above Butian Domain.

fill the universe.

The outer starry sky.

The vastness is endless.

I dont know how many tens of thousands of miles from the ground. In the extreme depths of the starry sky, with the appearance of Ye Chen's figure, in an instant, there was an unprecedented terrible catastrophe, which suddenly appeared.

is so abrupt, so without warning.

The horror of the heavenly calamity directly overwhelmed the vast expanses of star domains, and even directly turned thousands of star domains in a radius into dust and disappeared in smoke.

In the patch of heaven, there are naturally many people who can feel the fluctuations of the heavens in the extreme depths of the starry sky, because it is too terrifying, which is unprecedented, causing the world to panic.

Every strong man raised his head and looked into the depths of the starry sky, with endless depression shrouded in his heart, unable to stop it.

Who is crossing the catastrophe?

It is very likely that someone has broken through the upper boundary and is breaking through.

Heavenly Tribulation is boundless, just like the Taixu Heavenly Tribulation 300,000 years ago, there appeared Huang Tianzun and two figures of the Supreme Heavenly Lords who witnessed the eternal physical body.

They appeared in the tribulation, as if they were real bodies, they were all too real, extremely real, and they killed Ye Chen.

Ye Chen is fighting fiercely in the same realm with the three physical manifestations of the eternal heavenly figure.

Its just that this time the Heavenly Tribulation is far more terrifying than the Taixu Heavenly Tribulation. In addition to the three, there are other Supreme Heavenly Venerable figures that have emerged one after another, killing to Ye Chen.

Rao is that Ye Chen has invincible and undefeated confidence, and at this moment there is a state of almost despair.

The Tribulation of Heaven is too cruel. Ten of the thirty-four Supreme Heavenly Sovereigns from ancient and modern times emerged all at once.

Ten is the number of perfection, transcendence at the extreme number of nine.

Ten Supreme Heavenly Sovereigns descended, and they all killed Ye Chen together.

Stronger than Ye Chen, in the past 300,000 years, he has inherited a real body of Tianzun and a trace of Tianzun's origin left by Bu Tianzun. The cycle of continuous fragmentation and reorganization lasted for 300,000 years. Strengthened, far better than Taixu Realm for unknown reasons.

Even, he is confident that he can fight the supreme overlord at the top.

But in the face of the siege of the ten highest heavenly figures in the Taizhen stage, they also despair.

The Supreme Heavenly Sovereign is the strongest existence absolutely invincible in the same realm. Throughout the ages, no one can surpass it.

Even if the two kings of the Heavenly Lord were under the Heavenly Lord, they were not much stronger.

Ye Chen really didn't understand why he had crossed the Tribulation, why he would provoke the figure of the Supreme Heavenly Sovereign from ancient and modern times to appear in the Tribulation, and come to encircle and kill.

For anyone, it is despair.

But Ye Chen's will is immortal, and he fights strongly with it, and is also looking for a chance to survive the catastrophe.


Three Supreme Heavenly Sovereigns came to attack and kill, and under the strong collision, the immortal body, which was as strong as his, also exploded.

However, Ye Chen also used the terrifying power exploded by his body to severely inflict the three Supreme Heavenly Sovereigns who came to attack and kill them, leaving them all covered with blood and coughing up blood at the corners of their mouths.

But this is far from enough.

Ye Chen sighed deeply, and immediately shot frantically. In his mind, he recalled all the inheritances he had gained in his life. There were great emperors, giants, kings of the Taixu list of the heavens, and Tianzun..., all kinds of things. The Xeon Method recalls that it also has its own concept of eternity in the physical body,'inclusive of all rivers, tolerance is great'.

Gradually, he became more and more unpredictable, and wisps of chaotic glow emerged from his body. He had never practiced any Dao or Dharma in this life, but he was able to display similar powers mysteriously.


Huang Tianzun's figure attacked, and Ye Chen shook him hard.

At the same time, the figures of three other Supreme Heavenly Sovereigns attacked and killed them at the same time.

Ye Chen yelled and fought at the same time. In the end, he threw himself away. His tyrannical body was penetrated through multiple blood holes, and blood flowed out shamelessly.

But he concentrates on fighting Huang Tianzun, close and strong.

Naturally, because he was attacked and killed by the other three supreme heavenly beings, he suffered heavy injuries and was pierced in the chest by Huang Tianzun. He also replaced his wounds with his wounds, causing Huang Tianzun's figure to see blood.

The point is that Ye Chen has multiple fist marks of Huang Tianzun on his body, and each fist mark contains a special supreme Taoist rhyme, meaning of immortality.

"Huang Tianzun's physical body proves to be eternal, is it'immortal'?"

Ye Chen muttered to himself, his physical manifestation of eternity is open to all rivers, tolerance is great, he actively bears Huang Tianzuns fist marks, absorbs the immortality of the fist marks, and then digests them.

Unknowingly, his body was repaired, and he added a hint of immortality.

Although the other Supreme Heavenly Sovereigns still injured him when they attacked, their injuries were slightly lighter.

That's right, this is the place where Ye Chen's eternal concept of proving the Dao in the flesh is against the sky. Even the power of the Dao demonstrating from the Supreme Heavenly Venerable can be resolved and integrated into oneself and become his own.

Of course, Ye Chen couldn't completely grasp the power of Huang Tianzun's immortal way. He could only figure out a few points reluctantly, but it was enough.

Immortal power added to his body, flowing around his body surface, causing Ye Chen's defensive power to increase greatly. When facing the attacks of other Supreme Heavenly Venerates, even his injuries were not as serious.

Naturally, in the tribulation of the Taizhen realm, there are the manifestations of the supreme heavenly venerables from ancient and modern times. Ye Chen took this opportunity to imprint the next highest heavenly venerable with the speciality of his own concept of'inclusive of all rivers, tolerance is great'. The eternal power of Tao.

Of course, this process is extremely painful, even if the immortal meaning of Huang Tianzun is parsed and branded, and his body is more powerful and immortal, he is still beaten up by the heavens again and again, and he is reorganized again and again.

Fortunately, he purely cultivated his physical body, and his vitality was even stronger than that of other Supreme Heavenly Sovereigns who practiced Taoism at the same time. Therefore, in the tribulation of the Supreme Realm, which is extremely desperate for anyone, he was stunned. Down.

During , he was painful and happy, and he gained a lot.

Unknowingly, in the long and fierce battle between the peerless heavenly tribulation and the ancient and modern heavens, Ye Chen's body captured one after another eternal power of heaven, although each of them is not many, just a tiny bit, let He is excited.

The eternal heavenly power of the Supreme Heavenly Venerables flows around the body surface, allowing Ye Chen to evolve, sublimate, and break through in all aspects.

also allowed him to gradually reduce the number of blows when fighting against so many ancient and modern figures of the highest heavenly.


In the end, after a terrible catastrophe that lasted ten days and nights, everything was finally over.

fill the sky city.

The City Lord Patching Heaven, who had been watching closely, let out a long sigh, and finally the robbery was over.

The calamity of that waiting was too terrifying. Although it was as strong as he was unable to fully understand everything in the calamity of that waiting, he felt a sense of crisis that made him creepy.

If he hadn't seen Ye Chen go through the tribulation with his own eyes, otherwise, he would think that Ye Chen would have a great chance of falling into the tribulation.

"Okay, the catastrophe dissipates." City Lord Patching the sky was about to move, and returned to pick up Ye Chen.

After the robbery, he must be seriously injured and needs healing.


Suddenly, a majestic force appeared, and the entire Sky Patching City was overwhelmed, and the Sky Patching City Lords expression was condensed.

He looked up at the sky, UU reading www.uukanshu.com was distorted in the void, and a burly and tall majestic figure appeared as he walked along, with his black hair scattered at random, majestic and sturdy, standing there as if to represent the entire world.

A pair of purple monster eyes possessed a terrifying deterrent, making people afraid to face it.

Inside the City of Patching the Heavens, countless powerful men are on the verge of an enemy, and even many giants feel the terrifying and oppressive sense of Mount Tai.

The appearance of this person smiled at City Lord Patching the sky, but it contained a special domineering aura, saying: "City Lord Patching the sky, long time no see."

City Lord Patching Heaven looked surprisingly solemn, and said: "Heaven Overlord, I didn't expect you to come."

"Heaven Overlord!"

"It's actually him, the peerless Taishang on the list today!"

"One of the strongest kings in the world, why did the Heavenly Overlord come?"

There was a cry of exclamation in the city.

Heavenly Overlord, prestigious, is among the kings on the list today, and is known as the Heavenly Overlord, which is evident.

Its just that, no one knows, why the most supreme king under the great prince came to Patch Sky City.

Cangtian Overlord said: "I haven't seen him for many years. I came here this time and came to visit the city lord specially."

"Sorry, wait a minute, this city lord needs to pick up a friend to return." The city lord patched the sky, and when he was about to pass by the sky overlord, the latter suddenly stopped in front of him, saying: "City lord, don't walk in such a hurry. , He has someone else brought it back, its not a question

question. "

The pupils of the Lord of Patching Sky suddenly condensed, and he looked at the Lord of Heaven...

PS: I wish you all a happy May Day in advance, hahaha!

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