Eternal Holy Emperor Chapter 4470

Chapter 4485: Too true and supreme! (16,000 is super big

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The broken and boundless starry sky is absolutely nothingness.

Countless star fields have disappeared. Not only were they shattered, but they were completely annihilated. No powder was left behind. There was only a human-shaped figure, lying horizontally in the imaginary starry sky.

There is still this terrifying aura of Heavenly Tribulation remaining, lightning and thunder, containing the aura of Dao Destruction, so that the half-step overlord of the Taizhen Realm will be frightened, and I don't know how many thousands of years it will take to completely dissipate.

Suddenly, there is a majestic breath appearing in this void of starry sky.

That was an overlord of the Supreme Realm, he had already noticed the aura of the Tribulation here, because the Tribulation was so terrifying that he didn't dare to come near.

Now, after the robbery disappeared, he dared to gradually approach.

When I saw the figure that lay across the starry sky of absolute emptiness, the powerful Supreme Realm Divine Sense swept over and sensed whether it was still alive.

The air machine is very weak.

Seeing this overlord of the Supreme Realm, he was overjoyed, he didn't hesitate much, and immediately shot.

Because he knows that the robbers are extremely powerful, and I am afraid that they are also the newly promoted overlords of the supreme realm. Now they are mostly dying, and their flesh and blood contain unimaginable divine energy. It has an immeasurable use.

abruptly, the human figure stood up, his **** face, a pair of eyes looked at the supreme overlord indifferently, **** fists full of wounds and bones slammed at him.


The overlord of the supreme realm only felt the endless threat. In an instant, his figure was struck by lightning, and it flew back hundreds of thousands of miles away with a punch, coughing up blood.

He couldn't believe it, like him, the overlord of the supreme realm, looking at the entire 33 heavens, he can be called a hegemon in all directions. In the old days when the gods were invisible and the big gods were hidden, they were even more heavens. The overlord ranks of the pyramids were now hit hard.

How terrifying is this robber?

Is really just the overlord of the Supreme Realm who just crossed the catastrophe?

Unfortunately, he misunderstood Ye Chen.

Ye Chen stood up slowly, and now he is very weak just after the catastrophe, but even so, the tiger is not dead.

He looked at the overlord of the Supreme Realm coldly, his body was broken, bloody, and seriously injured, but the whole person still showed a terrifying power that overwhelmed the heavens.

"A tiger does not lose its prestige, but from my perspective, most of it is strong."

This supreme overlord is very sensible. Even if he was injured by Ye Chen's punch, he didn't immediately retreat. On the contrary, he can see that the latter is very weak and stubborn.

After all, the horror of the tribulation made him feel desperate.

This peerlessly strong man in front of him, no matter how strong he is, after ten days and ten nights of peerless tribulation, he will inevitably be extremely weak.

If you can take this opportunity to kill this peerless powerhouse, it is very likely that you will be able to obtain the endless gods.

This overlord of the supreme realm has cultivated endless years. Although he wants to hit the highest heaven, he feels too difficult. Without the corresponding accumulation, he rushes to the highest heaven, he will die, and he has no possibility of becoming a great exalted. .

But if you kill other strong people of the same level, swallow their vitality and all kinds of cultivation resources, there may not be no hope of getting closer.

"Does this treat me as a prey?" Ye Chen looked at the overlord of the supreme realm, naturally seeing the other's purpose, and couldn't help but look cold.

Even if he was seriously injured and extremely weak after crossing the catastrophe, would he really treat him as a bully?

He forced a breath of energy, rumbling, and suddenly, all the injuries on his body healed instantly.

The whole person has returned to the stalwart appearance of adulthood and strong strength, his eyes are like the sun of heaven, unfathomable, staring at the overlord of the supreme realm, screaming suddenly, raising his fist is just blasting past.


After exhausting 300,000 years of painstaking cultivation and breakthrough in the Heavenly Venerable Blood Pool, the Taizhen Realm cultivation base broke out completely at this moment.

This punch is unprecedented.

The endless starry sky directly collapsed and annihilated.

The overlord of the supreme realm only felt an endless sense of crisis. This overlord of the supreme realm, who has been in the world for endless years, showed such a panic for the first time after he dominated the world for many years.


He couldn't resist it at all, his head was blown to death.

The soul of the supreme was torn apart.

directly hit hard.

Of course, it is impossible for the Supreme Realm Overlord to be killed at this point. He was directly hit hard. After a rapid reorganization, he did not dare to watch any more, and turned and left for the first time.

escape as fast as possible.

Because he has a special feeling in the dark, once the other party fights at all costs, the other party may be seriously injured and die, but he will undoubtedly die.

fill the sky city.

In the Temple of Patching Heaven, the City Lord of Patching Heaven is sitting and laughing with the Heaven Overlord.

Both talk and laugh, and talk about interesting things from time to time.

It's just that the Sky Patching City Lord looked out of the domain from time to time, and he had never cut off his sense of being outside of the domain. He also sensed that Ye Chen was in a crisis, and that the overlord of the Supreme Realm had attacked and killed him.

was still condensing his eyebrows at first, but when he sensed who the overlord of the Supreme Realm was, he quietly breathed a sigh of relief.

Hopeless too, indeed, is the overlord generation of the 33 horizons.

can be said to be such a powerful overlord, with Ye Chen's ability, the City Lord of Patching Heaven believes that it is not a problem to avoid a catastrophe.

In fact, it was true, Ye Chenhu was not deterred from death, and he frightened the opponent back, which made him breathe a sigh of relief.

Looking at the Heavenly Overlord, but seeing the other person's expression unchanged, the Heaven-Mending City Lord couldn't help but sink in his heart.

He can be sure that the appearance of the Heavenly Overlord is mostly because of Ye Chen, but what is the ultimate goal?

The City Lord of Patching Heaven does not believe that the Heavenly Overlord will deal with Ye Chen for no reason.

The sky overlord suddenly smiled and said: "This is not necessarily..."

The Lord of Patching Heaven suddenly felt horrified and looked at the starry sky again.

Although Ye Chen frightened the opponent back, he was seriously injured, so it was naturally not suitable for the chase at the current stage. Just now, he just forced a breath of energy and did his best.

Now that the enemy retreats, his aura dissipated, and he coughed up a lot of blood. The seemingly healed flesh was suddenly torn apart, with countless porcelain-like cracks intertwined all over his body.

If it weren't for Ye Chen to maintain it with a strong will, otherwise, after the blow just now, no matter how strong the physical body is, he will have to explode.

"The injury is too serious, and the most important thing is to recover immediately."

Ye Chen sat in the starry sky and began to swallow.


There was a loud noise, and after a short time, the entire starry sky, the power of countless stars was drawn to, turned into a river of bright lights, and completely submerged him.

Ye Chen is consuming the power of the sky full of stars, recovering from his injuries.

His injuries were too serious. For ten days and ten nights, he fought life and death with many supreme heavenly venerables from ancient and modern times. Even after becoming Taizhen, his vitality surged countlessly, and now he feels severely deprived.

Now, it is in the most weak state.


Abruptly, in the depths of the starry sky, there is an extremely terrifying power appearing.

Supreme overlord!

Another Supreme Overlord appeared, and he attacked and killed Ye Chen.

is too fast, I can't avoid it!

Ye Chen bleeds, blood stains the starry sky.

Today, he has no power to resist.

Besides, the opponent's speed is too fast!

was attacked by the overlord of the Supreme Realm, and immediately penetrated the body, and a blood hole appeared through the front and back, and a piece of blood was spilled.

City Lord Mending Heaven changed his expression and he was about to grow up, but the Heaven Overlord's figure moved slightly, but it just blocked his way, and said with a light smile: "City Lord, why not play chess together."

"What if I don't?"

City Lord Patching Heaven stared at him sternly.

"It's just right, I have always wanted to discuss with you the city lord. I heard that you have to inherit the Butianzun inheritance. I really want to know how strong the city lord is today." The sky overlord still smiles, but he reveals a sigh of heaven. Domineering.

The two supreme realm overlords confronted each other in the ancient palace of the heavenly clan, and for a while, there was a colorful storm of terrifying avenues, spreading away, shaking the entire city of patching the sky, and alarming the vast expanse of tens of billions of miles.

Mending the heavens and shaking the city, what happened in the Mending Heaven Hall, there was such a terrible turbulence.

Is it possible that Mending City is mainly going to fight with the overlord of the sky?


"who is it?"

Ye Chen rarely showed a look of anger, but he was helpless. He is really too weak now.

Especially at the beginning, the overlord of the Supreme Realm attacked and killed him. After being forced to repel with a full blow, he did not expect to come second.

It is too difficult for him now to make such a blow again.

"Sure enough, you are in a period of extreme weakness, and there is no hope that this guy is timid, so you are scared back." The second supreme realm overlord sneered and saw through Ye Chen's weakness.

Ye Chen saw the figure of the supreme realm overlord, hiding in the extreme depths of the starry sky.

is at that level, second only to the Heavenly Sovereign and the Great Sovereign, in the daytime, it is the overlord level existence of the origin of the Sovereign.

He didn't expect that his situation would be so miserable, and finally succeeded in crossing the catastrophe, he was repeatedly targeted by the overlord of the upper realm, and he wanted to attack and kill him.

This is simply desperate.

Ye Chen stared coldly at the overlord of the Supreme Realm, and branded that figure on his heart. Once he passed this difficulty directly, he would find his trouble and avenge the revenge of today's attack.

"I still want to remember this seat, will you have revenge in the future?" The overlord of the upper realm sneered, "You think too much, today you will undoubtedly die, your body is very strong, this seat will take it!"

The mysterious overlord of the Supreme Realm swiftly attacked and killed him, and the terrifying attack crazily destroyed the unknowingly tens of millions of miles of the starry sky, and continued to bombard Ye Chen, without giving him a chance to escape. .

However, he underestimated Ye Chen's vitality after all. When he was bombarded again with blood and almost exploded, Ye Chen's vitality was very tenacious, and after all, he hardened it, tearing the starry sky, and rushing to the endless distance. At the place, the force of the stars that drew the sky was blessed on the body, and it was swallowed frantically.

Every cell in the body is like a hungry man who has been hungry for a long time, devouring the power of Xinghui frantically.

However, there is not much time for Ye Chen at all.

The next moment, the sky full of stars was cut off, and the supreme realm overlord caught up, cut off strongly, attacked Ye Chen, and made him vomit blood again, and a lot of blood was spilled.

Ye Chen turned and fled without looking back.

The overlord of the Supreme Realm is chasing and killing.

So, after more than a dozen times, Ye Chen has never been able to escape the pursuit of the mysterious overlord.

During , although Ye Chen had two head-to-head encounters with the mysterious overlord of the Supreme Realm, and smashed with absolute fists, and slightly blocked it, he also paid a huge price. Blood splashed and exploded for a while.

Because this mysterious overlord of the upper realm is far stronger than the first overlord of the upper realm.

And he was too weak. If he hadn't stepped into the level of the real world, he would have greatly improved in all aspects, and he would have died as he was 300,000 years ago.

The overlord of the upper realm who chased him was not inferior to the robber of the upper realm who shot in the cracking abyss.

However, Ye Chen finally escaped smoothly into other places outside the eternal universe.

This time, he entered the desert world.

The wilderness of the universe is more vast than the complement of the universe, and no matter where the earth or the star area is occupied, the rules of the heaven and earth avenue must be more vigorous and active.

Especially, Huang Tianyu is very special, and it actually gives Ye Chen a sense of innocence.

Yes, it is innocent.

To expel the ten thousand rules, only the pure power of heaven and earth is left.

Ye Chen looked overjoyed. It is rumored that Huang Tianzun is the eternal supreme Tianzun who has attained the Dao in the flesh. He has cultivated his fleshly body like this, and has reached the most extreme, becoming a flesh Tianzun.

Perhaps it is precisely because of this that Huang Tianyu is a paradise for cultivators who are purely cultivating the flesh, and it has a large degree of suppression for other cultivators who practice ten thousand magic powers.

The mysterious overlord of the Supreme Realm chased in, frowning as soon as he entered, "I actually came to the Wild World, this is a little troublesome, the Wild World has no way of forbidden."

Immediately, he looked at Ye Chen, his body continued to bloom with terrifying power, and he sneered: "Although the bans in the wild world have no way, but I am waiting too, I have long been self-cultivating the origin avenue and own the origin universe, even if the wilderness is only a little bit Suppress it for a while, it won't have much influence."


He struck across again.

Ye Chen's figure shook, and the tearing void disappeared.

Indeed, no matter how forbidden in the wild world, no way, it will not have much impact on the strong above the supreme realm, because the supreme has already proven the way of his own origin, and the inherent power is endless, and the forbidden method in the wild world can only be at best. Influencing them to borrow the power of heaven and earth, they still have endless power.

But for Ye Chen, it was enough.

As long as the supreme realm overlord can't borrow the power of the universe from the outside world, he will lose a portion of his power, and the threat to him will be greatly reduced.


The edge of the starry sky in the wilderness.

silently, a few horrible figures appeared, wearing black robes, surrounded by mysterious and unfathomable auras, isolating the sense of heaven from the outside world.

They stared at the figure of Ye Chen who didn't know how many miles away, and frowned deeply.

"You can't set foot in the Huangtian Territory. Once you set foot, Huang Tianzun will definitely find it the first time."

"In this deserted heaven, even if there is a **** behind me waiting for the heaven to take the initiative to shield the secret, it will dissipate here and expose my traces."

"It can only be seen whether this fellow Juechen can kill this Ye Chen. If it is the best to kill nature, it can't kill. It can only be said that Juechen is too wasteful, but in any case, we must not let this Ye Chen grow up. Most of him now has become the Supreme Supreme Realm, and his combat power is no less than the Supreme Realm, and even stronger than the ordinary Supreme."

"If he goes a step further, stepping into Taishang, he will probably be too supreme, not inferior to that Hun Wuji. One Hun Wuji is already troublesome enough, and there can be no more Hun Wuji!"


"I have entered the deserted world."

The City Lord of Patching the Sky saw the location where Ye Chen had disappeared, which blocked the perception of his supreme realm overlord.

The Desolate Heaven Territory is a very special eternal Heaven Territory, which also weakens the divine consciousness to a large extent.

But he was quietly relieved.

Because of the influence of the forbidden law of the Wild Heaven Territory, it was more favorable to Ye Chen.

The City Lord of Patching the Sky looked at the Heaven Overlord with blazing lightning, and said: "Who made you come?"

The expression of the overlord of the heavens did not change, he did not answer, but looked towards the direction of the wilderness.

He hoped that Ye Chen could escape this disaster.


With the help of Huangtianyu's forbidden law and innocent influence, Ye Chen suddenly extended the opponent's chasing distance a lot.


abruptly, a special river of light was drawn from the distant starry sky.

After Ye Chen swallowed it, his injuries healed a lot in a short time, and there were faint meanings of immortality on his body.

He looked over and saw an incomparable huge sun, lying in the depths of the starry sky, incredibly huge, containing the endless mighty power of heaven.

Even if they are infinitely far apart, they still look so huge.

Ye Chen knows, this is Huang Tianzuns Heavenly Sun.

Every Tianzun who lives in this world has the sun of Tianzun manifested in the world.

He didn't expect that the power of the Sun of Heavenly Sovereign that he could swallow, containing the mighty power of Heavenly Sovereign, would undoubtedly have a great effect on his own recovery.

With the power of Huang Tianzun's Tianzun Sun, Ye Chen's injuries immediately recovered at an astonishing speed.

So, after sitting cross-legged for a long time, he recovered a lot from his injuries.

At this time, his eyes moved and he looked at the stars in the far sky.


The overlord of the supreme realm chased and killed again, tore out from the starry sky, looked at Ye Chen, and said: "Friends, you don't have to run away, just stay obediently, just take the physical body Give the body to this seat, and this seat promises to find a brand new body for you, how about?"

"No, it's your physical body, I miss it."

Ye Chen had recovered a lot, and stopped fleeing. Tiger Eyes stared at the overlord of the Supreme Realm, saw an extraordinary figure shrouded in the mist of endless law, and took the initiative to move forward.

"Don't run away anymore?" The mysterious overlord of the superior realm was also happy. He was not worried about Ye Chen's recovery. In such a short period of time, how he could recover, the time he used to swallow was longer.


Ye Chen took the initiative to take the initiative, and the physical body of the Supreme Realm erupted. Suddenly, an unprecedented power of the world surged from the deepest part of the body, and then accompanied by his fists, blasted towards the mysterious overlord of the Supreme Realm.

In an instant, the sky collapsed and the earth cracked, and the starry sky collapsed.

The blood is blooming, there is Ye Chen's, and there is also the mysterious overlord of the Supreme Realm.

The latter was stepping back, step by step with **** footprints, looking at Ye Chen in shock, seemingly unbelievable, how could he recover so much in just half a day.

Moreover, what is even more shocking is how can Ye Chen's power be so strong, even if it is a purely physical body, it is impossible to reach the real state, it is impossible to be terrifying.

This is totally unreasonable.

However, how could he know that Ye Chen was said to be invincible in the Supreme Void Realm, and then he received a bundle of true blood the size of a baby's fist and a trace of Tianzuns origin for 300,000 years of continuous tempering. , Strengthen, how is that chance against the sky.

Even if it is a pig, under such an opportunity, it will become a peerless powerhouse, let alone Ye Chen.

Now his physical body, I am afraid that it can be too real and supreme directly.

How strong is a Taizhen Supreme, especially the physical Taizhen Supreme, who crosses a large realm, and peaks against the overlord of the Supreme Realm. It is definitely not a problem.

To a certain extent, Ye Chen's body is the strongest combat soldier. In a head-to-head situation, the body of the Supreme Realm Overlord could not be Ye Chen's opponent.

This is still when Ye Chen was seriously injured after the Tribulation, otherwise it would be even more terrifying.

Ye Chen also saw blood, but to him, it was not a serious injury, but looking at the overlord of the Supreme Realm in front of him, his eyes were full of killing intent.

actually forced him to come to this point and almost died, how could he let it go.

Moreover, he is now suffering from severe injuries, lack of origin, and ordinary recuperation. I don't know how many years it will take to fully recover.

try{mad1('gad2');}catch(ex){} If you refine an overlord of the upper realm, it will undoubtedly reduce the recovery time drastically.

Just in time, this supreme realm overlord took the initiative to deliver it to the door, and Ye Chen accepted it directly.


Ye Chens eyes flashed with cold electricity, and against the supreme realm overlord, he shot strongly.

is simple and straightforward, just shake a fist.

punch after punch, each punch is a full blow of a Taizhen Supreme, crushing the starry sky, destroying the eternal time and space, and it is incredibly terrifying.

is as strong as the supreme realm overlord is bleeding, and now he looks at Ye Chen in horror.

The Supreme Armor that has bred endless years has deep fist marks, and even some parts have been penetrated, and terrible blood holes have appeared.

The overlord of the upper realm was vomiting blood and couldn't bear such a heavy blow.

But he can become the overlord of the Supreme Realm, and he is naturally an extraordinary person. He has reached the extreme in all aspects, so he has no fear at all, and directly wields the Supreme Realm warrior against Ye Chen head-on.

The starry sky of the universe is collapsing, a peak duel at the upper realm level, which explodes in the outer starry sky, terrifying infinitely, and countless stars exploded, heading for absolute silence.

In the world, there is nothing that can withstand the fight between the two.

Such a large-scale battle at the upper realm level naturally shocked countless cultivators in the Huangtian Territory, and they looked at the outside world one by one.

There are the most purely cultivators in the land of origin in the desolate universe, and there are no lack of flesh-enhanced sages such as the great emperor of the desert, and even flesh-body giants. At this moment, they raised their heads to look out of the domain and witnessed the earth-shattering. Too high level war.

Out of the starry sky, there is an extremely terrifying colorful road, the storm swept across the radius, and the endless stars exploded.

The battle of the supreme overlord is naturally shocking and rare in the world.

But especially, many purely cultivating physical powers have seen it. On the other side, the person who is fighting for the superior is a purely cultivating strong body. The flesh is unparalleled. He crushes hundreds of thousands of rules of the sacred body, crushes the vacuum, and talks with him. The overlord of the supreme realm was inextricably killed, how passionate this was.

Desolate Heaven Realm.

The Wild Sky Clan was naturally shocked, and powerful figures appeared one after another, looking at the earth-shattering battle that erupted in the depths of the starry sky.

Too high-level battle, it is impossible for this eternal Celestial Clan to sit idly by.

Even if it is the Eternal Heavenly Sovereign, there are only a handful of the strongest at this level.

Several huangtian clan Taishang walked out and looked at the outer starry sky.

There are also other strong people of the Huangtian clan, among them are Huang Shenzun, Huangtian father and son, looking at the starry sky, shocked.

"That's Ye Chen!?"

Huang Shenzun, Huang Tian father and son were shocked, and they recognized the identity of the strongest person who was fighting against the overlord of the Supreme Realm, and they were taken aback.

I haven't heard the slightest news in 300,000 years. I didn't expect Hajime to appear, it would be like this.

Especially when they saw it, Ye Chen, who was only overpowering the Ten Void King of Ten Thousand Profound Celestial Clan at the time, was now able to kill the supreme realm overlord inextricably and inextricably, and broke out in an extraterritorial starry sky.

Huangtian clenched his fists hard.

In the past 300,000 years, he has continued to cultivate and make breakthroughs, and finally broke the shackles and became a giant in the universe. He has been received by the ancient ancestors of Huangtianzun, personally accepted as a named disciple, and guided his practice. These years can also be described as leaps and bounds. A famous king of heaven on the list.

And his physical body and Dao Fa are practised, Huang Tianzun specially invited an ancient great deity to serve as his Dao Fa master, and instruct him on his Dao Fa practice.

It can be said that Huangtian's cultivation conditions are unique, unparalleled in the world, and dual cultivation of form and spirit. There is great hope that he will go further in the Tongtian realm and become the invincible Tongtian Supreme.

On this basis, Huang Tian is also full of confidence, thinking that one day he can catch up with Ye Chen, and defeat Ye Chen in the realm of Taixu, becoming a well-deserved supreme Taixu.

But when I look at it now, it is endlessly bleak.

Because of 300,000 years, he has been improving, and the opponent is also constantly advancing by leaps and bounds. The well-matched opponent back then has now stepped into a brand new field, and is now enough to compete with the overlord of the Supreme Realm.

In just 300,000 years later, Ye Chen has also become too great?

Huang Shenzun, the veteran Taizhen half-step overlord, also sighed: "This Ye Chen is really against the sky. Throughout the ages, even the former Supreme Tianzun can't compare with it in his youth. It is hard to imagine that it is only 300,000. In the past few years, he has been able to face the enemy's overlord of the Supreme Realm. I don't know how long it will take him to achieve the status of the eternal heavenly. Half an era? Or an era?"

There is no doubt that Ye Chen's cultivation speed, which can be described as an enchanting evildoer, stunned everyone.

As for the twelve war gods under the Huangtian seat, they are now also cultivating in the Huangtian clan, and they have also stepped into the supreme realm and become the supreme master of the sky. Even the first three war gods have reached the level of the sky-filling realm. Giant.

But compared with Huangtian, there is still a world of difference, let alone Ye Chen, who is already beyond reach.

The Huangtian tribe has several physical bodies that are extremely terrifying. They looked at Ye Chen, the overlord of the Supreme Realm who fought outside the territories, and they also showed a look of wonder: "The flesh is so powerful, it is the God of the flesh, no, the flesh is too real. , Its just that this kind of physical body is really ridiculously strong..."

Throughout the many epochs in which the Huangtian Clan has existed, from the epochs of the heavens and even through the most terrifying twilight period of the heavens, I have never seen a few people who can cultivate their bodies to such a level in the Taizhen realm.

The son of Huangtianzun inherited the bloodline of Huangtianzun's absolute physical body, and he never reached this step in the realm of Taizhen. Only Huangtianzun and the ruins of Tianzun's teacher were absolutely invincible in the body of Huangtianzun.

Who is this Ye Chen?

Moreover, it is said that this persons name is the same as the real name of the Heavenly Emperor of Chaos Tianfu, is there any connection...


The battle armor exploded, and the powerful battle armor on the supreme realm overlord finally couldn't bear it, and was bombarded by Ye Chensheng into fragments and turned into countless flames.

Many of them crashed into the main body of the Supreme Realm Tyrant, splashing blood.

also slammed into Ye Chen's body, but the inlay was not deep, all on the body surface, unable to penetrate deeply.

Ye Chen's body is terrifying after all, even if it is not as good as the peak period, it is still immortal and indestructible.

In the end, I dont know how many fights.

Accompanied by a long and stern roar, the overlord of the upper realm could no longer bear it. Ye Chen's defenses were blown up one by one by Ye Chen, and eventually exploded, the blood was endless, and the star field was flooded.

Ye Chen swallowed frantically, the vitality of the supreme realm overlord can be said to be beyond the current world, and the unparalleled vitality is contained in the blood.

He swallowed the immeasurable blood energy of the supreme overlord, and he recovered a lot at once.

On the contrary, the Overlord of the Supreme Realm was a little weaker, and looked at Ye Chen in anger. He didn't expect this guy to be so immoral.

But also helpless, because the winner is the winner.

At this point, the balance began to be broken.

Ye Chen, who had swallowed a lot of the blood of the supreme overlord, immediately recovered a lot of vitality. On the contrary, the supreme overlord who lacked a lot of blood was caught in a weak downwind.

In the ensuing fierce battle, Ye Chen once again blasted the overlord of the Supreme Realm, and once again swallowed his blood madly.

This number of times appears again and again.

In this way, after twelve cycles of cycles, the overlord of the supreme realm became weak and didnt know how much, and finally couldnt stand it. He proactively begged for mercy, saying: "Friends, I am willing to pay all the price, please let me go. Take a horse."

"I do not want to."

The corner of Ye Chens mouth was stained with blood, but it was not his, but the opponents blood qi, many of which were essence and blood, which made him recover a lot. At this moment, staring at the other party is like looking at a delicious prey, with endless killing intent. .

If it hadnt been for him to escape to the deserted area, he was irrigated by Huangtianzuns Tianzuns sun power, and he recovered better, and with the help of the forbidden law of the deserted area, he would reverse it to a certain extent, otherwise it is very likely now. It will be yourself who will face death.

How could Ye Chen let this person go.

"Friends of Daoist, don't force this seat, otherwise this seat will explode and will drag you to death." The overlord of the upper realm changed his expression and threatened.

However, Ye Chen remained unmoved and said indifferently: "If this is the case, you should explode quickly."

He didn't believe that the other party would blew himself up. If he wanted to blew himself up, he would have blew himself up a long time ago.

What's more, being able to become the supreme realm overlord has lived for endless years, and is also the great master of the Origin. Enjoying endless power, generally speaking, he is very pitiful, how can he easily blew himself up?

Ye Chen was betting that this supreme overlord would not dare to explode.

In fact, just as he thought, in the next battle, although the overlord of the upper realm threatened to explode many times, he never blew himself up.

Finally, after being blown up for the thirty-fourth time, the supreme realm overlord was already weak to the extreme. He could not feel the slightest hope of surviving. He looked desperately at Ye Chen, who was striding closer, in his heart. There are endless memories.

I regret very much, why did you come to chase Ye Chen in the first place.

It's all right now, the chase cannot be achieved, but the other party succeeded in chasing and killing himself.

Now, he has nowhere to live.

"AhI, the overlord of Juechen dominated the world for endless years, but today it has fallen to such a point" The overlord of the Supreme Realm who claimed to be the overlord of the Juechen screamed with grief, watching as if the king of the world strode and harvested his own life. Ye Chen was completely desperate, and there was an endless sense of decisiveness in his heart, he wanted to die with this person.


However, it was too late. Ye Chen, who had devoured enough of his blood, had recovered most of it, and the Vietnam War became stronger.

He blasted out with a punch, with a strong will to overwhelm the ancient, modern and future, so that the Jue Chen overlords desire to explode himself was suppressed, and he could not explode successfully.

The next moment, Juechen Overlord completely exploded.

After this time, he was never able to regroup anymore, the origin of the Supreme Realm and a large amount of the essence and blood of the Supreme, and the fragments of the Soul of the Supreme were all swallowed directly by Ye Chen's mouth.

Ye Chen who swallowed everything in a supreme realm overlord, sat down and began to refine.

He knew that the overlord of Juechen hadn't completely fallen, and it would take a long time for refining.

His physical body immediately burned the raging chaotic flames in his body, burning all the soul fragments of the overlord of the dust.

The majestic soul power is surging out, nourishing Ye Chen's own soul, and it has been greatly increased.

The continuous refining of Taishang essence and blood and Taishang origin has greatly recovered Ye Chen's injuries.

At the same time, the power of other rounds of Tianzun Sun was also drawn and drowned him.

In this way, it quickly accelerated his recovery from injury.

"The power of the Sun of Heavenly Venerable is very familiar, and it is very similar to my concept of proving Dao, it should be the Supreme Heavenly Venerable of Chaos Tianfu..." Ye Chen muttered to himself, he knew that the chaotic emperor used Chaos to prove Dao. Eternity, the power of chaos is unparalleled, chaos is the origin of everything in the world, all-encompassing.

Therefore, it is very similar to the eternal concept of his physical manifestation,'Inclusive of all rivers, tolerance is great'.

The power of the sun of all heavens was added together, and Ye Chen's injury quickly recovered, his muscles and bones were crackling, and the Qi machine was rising up steadily.

The edge of the starry sky in the wilderness.

A few strong men in black robes and the illusion of the sky watched Ye Chen kill the overlord of Juechen, and fell silent.

After a long time, one person said: "Although Juechen is not a robber like me, but he is also a superior, he can't kill Ye Chen, this physical body is too real, I am afraid this person is really too real, supreme and invincible. And 300,000 Years ago, when I waited for the robber to sneak into the Heaven Filling Realm, he was just a Supreme Void, and one of them was too proficient, and almost killed him. I didnt expect that in just 300,000 years, he actually went a step further and became It's so invincible."

"Although, according to information, nine out of ten of this Ye Chen has entered the Tianzuns blood pool left by Bu Tianzun, and may have obtained an unknown opportunity for Tianzun, but in just 300,000 years he has become Taizhen Supreme. , This level of cultivation speed is too amazing, unprecedented. Maybe there is no era, no, maybe half an era does not need, he can also be too supreme and invincible, like that mixed infinity."

"This son has clearly stated that he will not join our organization. If so, he must be killed as soon as possible. It is difficult for the Taishang to kill this son, so please invite a great master to take action."

"The great master shot, he is bound to die, even the Sky Patching Clan can't even think of sheltering this child!"

As he spoke, the decision was made for the first time, and a secret message disappeared.

Ye Chen was recuperating.

swallowed the Overlord of Juechen, and his injury immediately recovered a lot.

abruptly, the sky is shaking, the endless starry sky is trembling.

However, this time, Ye Chen felt shocked.

Because of the big shock of the starry sky, an endless horror aura that even surpassed the overlord of Juechen spread, and the entire starry sky of Desolate Heaven was vast.

An indescribable and terrifying figure appeared in the starry sky, and a ray of light that could divide the endless starry sky of the desolate universe suddenly appeared, slashing towards Ye Chen.

Even Ye Chen, who was able to kill the overlord of Juechen, felt a huge gap in the world at this moment, just like when he faced the looters of the Supreme Realm in the Supreme Void Realm during the Supreme Void Realm period, but even more Frightened.

The Great Lord of the Ancients!

is said to be superior to the Supreme Realm in the legend, and is known as the great existence of lack of heaven.

It is rumored that although such existences are not the real Supreme Heavenly Sovereign, they have already condensed the Sun of the Void Heavenly Sovereign, possessing part of the Supreme Heavenly Sovereign's mighty power, far surpassing the supreme realm overlord.

Moreover, Ye Chen felt a similar breath.

is the breath of robbers.

Among the robbers, there is an ancient great-sovereign existence who personally takes action, wanting to kill himself.

Ye Chen wanted to move laterally to avoid this blow, even if the coercion of the robber great entrapped him, but he was too real and invincible, his flesh was radiant, and forcibly broke the absolute imprisonment of the great majesty. Can move barely.

This made the robber great a little shocked, but he didn't take it to heart. Even if he did this step, the great master would only be praise, just that, there is still no power to resist.

Even if it is the Supreme King who is too on the list, he still has no power to contend in front of the Great Lord of the Ancients. If the Great Lord wants to kill, he can still kill!

abruptly, the robber's eyes changed, and he looked at the desolate world.

"Robbers, are you mice with their heads and tails hidden, can you finally give up?"

An incredibly huge hammer, smashed out of the wild world, spinning continuously in the air, smashed the majesty of the great majesty, and hit the blow that split the entire sky starry sky.


It was a collision of the Great Senior Class, extremely terrifying.

This collision caused an unprecedented storm, shaking the entire heavenly sky, and also blowing Ye Chen away.

After the giant hammer shattered the powerful blow that shook the starry sky of the wild world, it never stopped, still carrying a terrifying destructive power, and it swiftly rotated and blasted towards the robber.

The Great Sovereign of the Robber displayed his supreme magical powers, gathering his endless power, slapped a palm print of the sky, and resisted the great hammer that shattered everything.

He didn't look at Ye Chen who was blown away, and then at the majestic figure that walked out of the desolate world. Under the black robe, his expression was slightly sinking: "The ruins!"

Huangxu, the teacher of Huang Tianzun, is also known as the supreme and invincible existence.

I didn't expect this old guy to appear in person.

A strange figure strode past Ye Chen who was blown away, and then entered the starry sky. Facing the great robber, he was extremely excited, grabbed the intact sledgehammer, and moved towards the robber. The great master just smashed in frantically and laughed: "Hahaha, good come, the old man wanted to kill a great old man, especially the robbers, no one would say the old man if you kill you!"

Although the ruins are only in the upper realm, the robber dare not care at all, because this old guy is a supreme supreme, possessing the terrifying power absolutely above the upper realm, and his body is terrifying.

So with a soft drink, the sun of Xu Tianzun appeared behind him, conveying endless divine power, breaking the influence of the barren world forbidden law and innocence, horrifying the blow, colliding with the giant hammer, and indifferently voicing: "Originally I just wanted to kill that junior, but it just so happened that you also came to the ruins, and killed you together."

The ruins, the supreme supreme, very hopeful to become the fourth supreme supreme in the heaven and earth who proves the Tao forever.

His threat is even greater than Ye Chen.

The collision between the two was far more terrifying than the confrontation between Ye Chen and Juechen Overlord.

The entire outer starry sky of the eternal universe has been severely affected by the terror, and even spread to other starry skies of the eternal universe.

One can imagine how strong they are at this level.

But all these fluctuations are sealed off in the outer starry sky of the Wild Heaven Territory, as if there is an invisible and monstrous force blocking it.

Tianzun Mountain.

Huangtian looked suspiciously at the Huangtian clan too, and said: "Can't the master make a move?"

One of the Huangtian tribe, Taishang, is the son of Huang Tianzun. He is also tall and towering, like a giant, looking at the fierce battle in the outer starry sky, and said: "The heavenly father is not incapable of making a move, but the Jie Tianzun in the robbery organization is holding it down. He, otherwise, how could the master too make a move? Heavenly Father's slap is enough to kill the great robber."

The Great Sovereign of the Robber dared to enter the Desolate World, how could he not have complete preparations, his own Tianzun-level robbers would take control, and this type of Tianzun-level robbers was also called the Jietianzun.

The Supreme Heavenly Sovereign who robbed the sky, Jietianzun!

The level of confrontation is even more amazing, and it has reached a point where they can't see it.

Ye Chen fell from the outer starry sky to the heaven and earth under the starry sky, and immediately searched for an empty place to heal his injuries.

The battle outside the starry sky, that level, he can't participate in it yet.

But it can be seen that it is extremely fierce, and it destroys the endless sea of stars at every turn, far surpassing itself and the overlord of Juechen.

At this moment, he knew that in the Supreme Realm, there was such an invincible existence that could compete with the ancient great elders.


After a whole month has passed, Ye Chen will completely recover. Standing in the barren heaven and earth again, the whole person blooms with an infinite power that can make the heavens and stars tremble.

At this moment, he could feel that he was detached from the endless power of the past, and he could almost raise his hand to kill the half-step overlord of the Supreme Realm, even when facing the overlord of the Supreme Realm, he was absolutely confident to suppress it, and even Town kill.

does not need to be as difficult as before.

"Is this the power of my physical body to achieve Taizhen? Now I, perhaps at least have the power of Taizhen and supreme..."

try{mad1('gad2');}catch(ex){} Ye Chen doesn't know much about his own power, and he doesn't know where the limit is.

But after crossing the Tribulation, even in a severely injured state, a forced full blow can still damage the Overlord of the Supreme Realm.

Even, during the flight, he killed an overlord of the Supreme Realm.

And that, it's not the peak state of his heyday.

Now, it is!

After fully recovering, Ye Chen looked at the location of the Wild Heaven Realm, which was the Wild Heaven Clan.

Ye Chen's figure flickered, and suddenly tore the void, already disappeared.

reappeared, it was already in front of the wild world.

After a while, the Wild Heaven Realm opened, and a Huangtian Clan Taishang appeared, tall and towering, like a savage, and the exposed muscles were as prominent as a horned dragon, but it was extremely terrifying, and it gave Ye Chen the feeling of no less than his own Taizhen Supreme body. .

"So strong!"

Ye Chen exclaimed, as he deserves to be the Huangtian Clan, and he walked out of a body that was already so terrifying.

It must be known that his physical body has gone through the Tianzun's true blood and a strand of Tianzun's original source for 300,000 years before reaching this point.

Huang Tian Clan Taishang, named Huang Qiu, with long hair, grinned at Ye Chen, and said: "Friend Dao, Huangxu Master said, you dont need to care, his purpose is only to kill those of the Jie Organization Robber, whether you are purely cultivating your body or not, he will take action."

"Because of your fellow daoist, a great robber and a number of robbers Taishang were beheaded, which is regarded as heavy casualties."

Ye Chen was startled and suspicious: "The predecessors of the ruins are worthy of being the supreme supreme. They have killed so many powerful robbers, and the ancient masters have been beheaded."

Huang Qiu shook his head: "Although Shizu is strong, he is still under Heaven. It is very strong to be able to compete with the ancient Great Lord. It is too difficult to kill an ancient Great Lord. It was the Tianzun's ancestor who shot and killed it. ."

Ye Chen sighed in a daze.

The Supreme Heavenly Sovereign, worthy of being named the Supreme, when confronting Jietian Sovereign, he can also kill a great robber and several robbing Taishang.

"Nevertheless, I would like to thank Senior Huangxu for taking the initiative." Ye Chen said, and was about to bow his body to thank him, but Huang Qiu Lian supported him and said: "You are welcome, Master said, he doesn't need to thank you. He can't afford it."

Ye Chen was taken aback for a moment, he was a little puzzled, if it was the Emperor Scarlet Heaven's ancestor that could not afford it. The ruins were too supreme and supreme than the ancient one, so why couldn't it afford it.

But Huang Qiu didn't say much, and invited Ye Chen to enter the Wild Heaven Realm to visit the Wild Heaven Clan, but Ye Chen declined, saying that after a while, he needs to go back to the Heaven Clan.

After sending Ye Chen away, Huang Qiu said to himself in a weird manner: "Why does Shizu say that he can't afford it? He is the teacher of Tianzun..."

Ye Chen kept shattering the void, traversing the sky, and after many time and space jumps, he finally returned to the patching sky domain.

The next moment, he came to Patch Sky City.

When Ye Chen came to a temple in Butian Xinggong, Mi Tian Shao Zun was in it. Seeing Ye Chen's appearance, he was shocked and immediately surprised: "Brother Ye, have you already left?"

Although Ye Chen had already left the customs more than a month ago, the City Lord Patching Heaven and the two elders who guarded the Tianzuns blood pool did not tell others about this. Therefore, Young Master Mitian did not know that Ye Chen had already left the customs. thing.

Ye Chen nodded, and said with a smile: "I had already left the customs more than a month ago, but I was injured too badly in Crossing Tribulation, so I was healed in the deserted world for more than a month before I came back."

"Crossing the Tribulation? Are you really breaking the realm?" Shao Zun Mitian was stunned. He didn't know where he heard these words. Ye Chen probably broke the realm again.

Ye Chen nodded and said with a smile: "In the retreat of the Heavenly Sovereign Blood Pool for 300,000 years, I was lucky enough to break the border."

"..." At this time, the Mitian Young Master had no idea what to say.

He also retreats in the Heavenly Venerable Blood Pool for thousands of years before he breaks through the Heavenly Boundary Realm, but it didnt take long for Ye Chen to become too vacant, and then he retreats in the Heavenly Venerables blood pool for 300,000 years before breaking through the realm. , Step into the real world.

Is that human being?

This kind of cultivation speed against the sky has given him a sense of despair, which is known as one of the best cultivating geniuses of the Sky Patching Clan, who has been endowed with the seeds of high hope.

Mitian Shao Zun sighed, shook his head and said: "Sometimes, I really don't want to talk to you, a monster."

Ye Chen laughed and patted him on the shoulder.

abruptly, his expression condensed, and he looked in the direction of Mending Heaven Hall.

Because he clearly sensed that there are two supreme auras facing each other.

One of them is the City Lord of Patching the Sky, and the other is not familiar, but it feels really strong, much stronger than the Overlord Juechen that he has worked so hard to kill.

Mitian Shao Zun said solemnly: "A month ago, the Heavenly Overlord came to the City Lord of Patching Heaven, and then his father was in the Temple of Patching Heaven. He never left, and once confronted him."

A month ago, isn't this the time when he just finished the robbery?

At that time, the City Lord of Patching Heaven might have the intention to save him who was dying, but there was a peerless existence who came to City Patching Heaven and prevented the City Lord of Patching Heaven from staying.

How Ye Chen exists, his thoughts are psychic, and he guessed a lot of things.

"Brother Mitian, you are here, I'll go to Patch Heaven Hall."

Ye Chen said, Shao Zun Mitian was a little anxious, and hurriedly said: "Brother Ye, the overlord of the sky is too on the list..."

The words were not finished, Ye Chen had already disappeared.

Make up the Temple of Heaven.

The City Lord of Patching Heaven and the Heaven Overlord are still confronting each other, but the arrows are not as drawn as they were at the beginning.

The two are playing chess.

Its just that, every next move will give rise to a world, with its own Tao and Dharma fighting and confronting in the world.

is not just playing chess, it's a kind of competition!

It's just that this kind of competition is more terrifying.

The Heavenly Overlord played a move, and immediately developed a terrifying magical power. In the deduced world, he penetrated the magic mystery displayed by the City Lord Patching the Sky. He said: "City Lord, you said that the junior is in the current situation. how is it?"

A month ago, Ye Chen fled, left the Butian realm, and entered the mysterious and unpredictable wild world. The Overlord of Juechen chased and killed him, and there was no trace.

The two overlords in the Mending Heaven Hall had never understood the situation.

But the Lord of Heaven Patching had a gloomy look. Although Ye Chen was strong, he suffered heavy losses during the Tribulation, and the Overlord of the Great Dust was a veteran overlord of the Supreme Realm, and his cultivation was better than that of the Hopeless Supreme.

Therefore, even though Ye Chen fled out of Butianyu, it is also very likely that there will be less fortunes.

As for the various happenings in the land of the starry sky in the deserted heaven, the great robber appeared in person, and the attack on Ye Chen was unknown to other eternal heavens.

At the beginning, Jie Tianzun took action to seal off the wilderness and isolate the outside world from detection.

Cangtian overlord said: "City Lord, it's your turn."

On the chessboard, the White Chess held by City Lord Patching Sky also fell into the dead end of a lore. Does it end like Ye Chen?


abruptly, in the Temple of Patching Heaven, a slender and strong heroic figure appeared silently, with black hair like a waterfall, and came to the side of City Lord of Patching Heaven, who showed a hint of surprise.

Ye Chen looked at the dead end of the chessboard, smiled faintly, and said: "City Lord, there is no so-called dead end in the world. As long as the strength is enough, the dead end cannot be restrained."


Ye Chen slapped down, and the chessboard made from the chaotic immortal gold sacrifice suddenly fell apart. The black chess made from the abyss black gold sacrifice fell to the ground. Only the white chess refined by the sacred platinum sacrifice remained suspended in mid-air. .

He raised his head to look at the opponent's Heavenly Overlord, smiled slightly, and said, "Friends, don't you think?"

The sky overlord's expression finally became solemn. He looked at Ye Chen deeply and said: "I didn't expect that you actually brought the dead to life."

Ye Chen said calmly: "Because I have absolute strength."

This sentence, if you change what Ye Chen said before, the Heavenly Overlord would definitely not listen to it, but now, under the pursuit of Juechen Overlord, he actually survived.

This cultivation base is really not strong enough.

After the Heavenly Overlord was silent for a while, he stood up and sighed slightly: "I believe you."

Immediately, turned and left.

But, Ye Chen, like a shadow, stood in front of the Temple of Mending Heaven, blocking his way, and said, "Who did you think that fellow Daoist blocked the city lord from saving me?"

Now that he has returned from the tribulation, he is the supreme position of the overlord of killing the dust, and is returning at the peak, this account will naturally be calculated.

The overlord of the heavens looked at Ye Chen with the almost monster purple eyes, and there was an extremely terrifying power flowing in his body, and he uttered: "Now you are not qualified to know, go aside, don't mess with this seat. ."

Although Ye Chen was able to escape from the overlord of Juechen, it was only that. In front of his superior king, he could barely get into the eyes of the law at best, and he could still suppress it at his fingertips.

Ye Chen smiled. Facing the monstrous and endless power, he remained motionless and said indifferently: "You are not yet qualified to let me go away."

The same words, return the heavenly overlord.

The eyes of the overlord of the sky condensed suddenly, and the power skyrocketed a lot in an instant. The entire Temple of Patching Heaven was spontaneously appearing endless visions, and the opponent said, "In this case, I have to see if you have a junior. What qualifications dare to stand against this seat."

He strode forward, pinching the seal of the law, a kunpeng flapping its wings and nine heavens, terrifying, and carrying the power of the endless universe across the past, it was enough to kill the half-step overlord of the ordinary too real realm.

Here, the overlord of the sky knows that it is difficult to kill Ye Chen, so he just wants to teach him a lesson.

Mending Tiancheng Chase didn't stop him, he knew it would be difficult to kill Ye Chen like this.

Ye Chen smashed the Kunpeng seal with a fist, and said with a sneer: "If you are too supernatural, you want to repel me. You might have underestimated me, Ye."


His figure moved horizontally, instantly like a great old man who had come out of the cage, he swung his fist and blasted past, and a terrifying physical force broke out in an instant, blasting towards the face of the heavenly overlord.

The sky overlord's expression changed, and he immediately clapped his palms solemnly, greeted that fist.


Making the Temple of Heaven quake, the remaining Tianzun's secret pattern appeared, resisting the collision of the two peerless powers, without spreading and destroying.

Ye Chen kicked horizontally, swept across the thousands of troops with his thighs, and slammed the heavenly overlord.

The sky overlord's expression has long since become solemn, this junior is so enchanting, that fist made him feel a little awkward, and he kicked it right away.


The two kicked each other horizontally, and their legs exploded with peerless power at the same time.

Ye Chen's figure stepped backwards for several steps. The Heavenly Overlord did not step back, but there was a wound on his leg, which was bloody.

It seemed that Ye Chen was at a disadvantage, but in reality, it didn't hurt at all. On the contrary, the Heavenly Overlord suffered a dark loss.

His absolutely tyrannical physical power, if he is not careful, it is the Heavenly Overlord who will suffer a dark loss.

Ye Chen took advantage of the victory and pursued, and used the physical supreme attacking holy technique to attack and kill the heaven overlord. The heaven overlord is not a weak person. After all, he is the peerless supreme king who is on the list. After knowing Ye Chen's physical horror, he showed his best magical spells. Strongly bombarded the past.

In the blink of an eye, the two sides fought hundreds of moves.

Every move was enough to sink the endless earth, but it was suppressed in the Mending Heaven Hall.

In the end, both were tied, and neither had much upper hand.

The sky overlord looked at the Ye Chen in front of him with extremely solemn expression. It was only 300,000 years that had passed. He has actually come to the point where he can face up to the top of his own, possessing a world warfare no less than the one on the list. force.

He spit out: "The flesh is too real, or too real and supreme, you really made me look at me in a different light!"

On the other side, City Lord Patching Sky was also taken aback.

He knew that for 300,000 years, Ye Chen had used the Heavenly Venerable Blood Pond to break through. Once he stepped into the Supreme Realm, his cultivation level would surely advance by leaps and bounds, but he only expected to reach the top king level in the Supreme Realm. The dust overlord, the overlord of the supreme realm, escaped, but never expected to be so strong. With the body of the real realm, the supreme king and the overlord of the sky, who have been on the list for many years, will fight to this step. .

What a shocking power this is, it shocked him greatly.

"However, you should know that with you, you can't kill me." The sky overlord said, "You should go aside."

"I really can't kill you, but stopping you, or even suppressing you, is not a problem." Ye Chen walked across the gate of the palace, looked at the City Lord of Patching the Sky, and said: "City Lord, please help me."

City Lord Patching the Sky smiled: "It should be so!"

Not to mention Ye Chens position in the Heaven-Mending Clan, its these days when the Heavenly Overlord came to Patch the Sky City, intercepted him, unable to leave, and went to rescue Ye Chen, so that he, the patriarch of the dignified Heaven-Mending Clan, was really suffocated. Suffocated.

Seeing that the City Lord of Patching the Sky was communicating with the Temple of Patching the Heavens, radiating the power of replenishing the Heavenly Venerables remaining Heavenly Venerable, his expression changed suddenly, and he said in a deep voice, "Friends, how can you expose this?"

"Tell me the master behind the scenes, and give me a hundred drops of your original essence blood." Ye Chen said, this sky overlord is a special sky overlord body, it is said that there was an ancient great Zun, this is the supreme physique.

Even after stepping into the Supreme Realm, this physique continues to exert a powerful effect.

Back then, the great heavenly tyrant almost attained the highest heaven position and became the highest heavenly deity. Although he failed in the end, his physique was extremely domineering, similar to the heavenly path, and even attracted some of the power of the heavenly path, which was more powerful than other ancient great lords. Near-space attributes, master more power of heaven, and extremely powerful combat power.

What Ye Chen walked was the eternal path of the physical body to prove the Dao of benefiting all rivers, tolerance is great. The essence and blood of the heavenly hegemonic body will have a lot to do with his future proofs.

The expression of the Heaven Overlord changed, even if it was his level of Heaven Overlord Bodys original essence and blood, one hundred drops would definitely cause a lot of vitality damage, and it also contained some of the ultimate secrets of the Heaven Overlords body. Leak out.

He immediately refused: "No!"

Ye Chen didn't talk nonsense, and said to the City Lord of Patching Heaven: "City Lord, close the Temple of Patching Heaven and suppress him!"

"it is good!"

The Temple of Patching Heaven was closed, and the City Lord of Patching Heaven even drew the power of the Temple of Patching to bless him.

Ye Chen approached strongly.

The two blocked the passage of the Heavenly Overlord.

The sky overlord has an ugly look. He is a generation of overlord kings, and he has endless years of origin in the land of origin. Even when all the eternal heavenly tribes and the heavenly powers are all guests, they are now facing such a situation.

He had the intention to kill, but he saw Ye Chen who was like a wolf and a tiger, and the endless blood that covered the sun, the moon and the stars appeared. When he saw the City Lord who resonated and replenish the heaven, his heart suddenly sank.

Half an hour later, the Heavenly Overlord walked out of the Temple of Patching Heaven, with an ugly expression, and said, "This account book is written down."


the figure disappeared.

Inside the Temple of Heaven, Ye Chen snorted: "What about it? When I reach the Supreme Realm, I will raise my hand to suppress it."

He has absolute self-confidence about this, and now he is too true and supreme, no less than the heavenly overlord, once he breaks through, he must be too supreme, suppressing the heavenly overlord is not a problem.

"Of course, there is also the Ten Thousand Profound Celestial Clan, who unexpectedly invited the Supreme King and the Overlord of Juechen to attack and kill me, but it is a very big hand."

Ye Chen's eyes were full of killing intent. This Ten Thousand Profound Sky Clan was quite aimed at him. This time he broke the realm and crossed the Tribulation without death, but almost died because of Ten Thousand Profound Sky Clan.

This account naturally requires revenge.

Immediately, he lowered his eyes and looked at the full 100 drops of blood in his hands that were fascinating and purple, and every drop of purple blood revealed the power of horror that shakes the world and the earth.

This is the essence of the heavenly overlord's blood, and he got it after all.

The City Lord of Patching the Sky looked at the shadow of the sky overlord leaving, and looked at Ye Chen deeply, with some surprises, and he had to say, "Congratulations."

Ye Chen clasped his fist and said: "Thank you, the city lord, for letting me enter the Heavenly Venerable Blood Pool for 300,000 years of cultivation, so that I can successfully break through."

Sky Patch City Lord shook his head and said, "No, this is your chance. Although the Heavenly Sovereign Blood Pool is very useful, it is the first time it is so against the sky."

Moreover, he can feel that Ye Chen possesses a Qi that is similar to that of the Tianzun Clan. It should be the refining of a lot of Tianzun's blood in the Tianzun's blood pool. Although it is the Tianzun's true blood that has been diluted countless times, it is still Very precious.

But letting a Supreme Venerable Tai Xu break through into the Taizhen Realm would be too defying.

City Lord Filling Heaven frowned, saying that after Ye Chen practiced this time, the Heavenly Venerable Blood Pool might become ordinary.

Suddenly, he remembered that a month ago, Ye Chen had finished his robbery, but the overlord of the dust blocked him and chased him down.

Earlier, he only thought that Ye Chen had escaped, but now, I am afraid it is not that simple, so he asked: "Daoist, how about the overlord of the dust?"

"Kill. UU reading www.uukanshu.com" Ye Chenfeng replied lightly.

City Lord Patching Sky looked at him, his eyes widened.

But thinking of his terrible fighting power with the Heavenly Overlord, the Supreme King Peak, there is nothing to say.

After a long while, he sighed: "You Daoyou Ye, you are truly invincible!"

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Well, Taizhen is invincible, and the next step is to be too supreme.

To be honest, the length of this eternal chapter of the physical testimony was originally planned to be within tens of thousands of words, but it was written, and it had some previous feelings, especially this kind of high-level return to the low-level pretending to be forced to slap the face, and it is still written It's pretty cool, I just added a little bit of other plots without knowing it, and it's so long. But in general, the realm has always soared like a rocket, and everyone is not surprised at this point, hahaha.

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